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Can Dogs Eat Human Food, Fruits, & Vegetables As Treat? 45 Options Discussed

Can Dogs Eat Human Food

Human food for dogs, or what human food can dogs eat can be the trickier thing a pet owner would ever come across.

We know, dogs are always drool over our food, no matter if we are eating salads, meat, or breads; but are they really and actually dog safe foods?

With many such queries, you have reached at The good thing is, we are updating you about ___ different ideas and listings on what foods are safe for dogs. 

So, let us help you! and find what fruits or vegetables can dogs eat?

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

Here is the list of fruits dogs can eat, safely without disturbing their stomach:

1. Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Dogs? watermelon? Moderately yes!

can dogs eat watermelon

Make sure to note that watermelons are food items but can be served only as treats to the dogs. What does that mean?

It means, just a moderate amount is safe for dogs when it comes to having watermelons. 

Watermelons offer fiber and nutrition to your dog however a heavier amount might be problematic. 

You will be removing the rind, seeds, and other peels; make small slices of the fruit and give some of them to your lovely pet. 


Can dogs eat watermelon seed? 

No! remove them.

Can dogs eat watermelon rind?

Never! It is must to remove. 

Can dogs eat watermelon Ice Cream?

Make sure to check the ingredients before you offer ice cream to your dog. Such as, it contains artificial sweeteners that are no-go for your pup.

In this case, you can freeze the lemon slices removed with crust and black or white seed and offer to your dog as watermelon ice cream treats. 

Note: Click here to find if it is safe for your cat to each watermelon?

2. Can Dogs Eat Zucchini?

Yes! It is safe (but don’t feed too much)

can dogs eat zucchini
Image Sources reddit

Vegetables for dogs isn’t a great idea as we have insights on garlic and onions toxicity for dogs. However, zucchini can quite be a health treat for your dogs. 

Some experts consider zucchini to be the best ever vegetables to feed canines with. But wait, offer only a middling amount to your canine. 

Can dogs eat zucchini raw?

Yes! Plain raw, steamed, or cooked zucchini is safe for dogs to eat,

Can dogs eat zucchini bread?

Umm… No! When it comes preparing zucchini bread; it contains ingredients like oils, salts, and seasonings. Dogs must never eat food items prepared with such elements. These are toxic.  

Can dogs eat zucchini peel?

Zucchini peels have the highest concentration of antioxidants that helps keep pups’ stomach in order. 

Can dogs eat zucchini plant?

Yes, the flowers and leaves, everything is safe to feed to your dogs.

Pro-Tip: To keep their health in check, measure the quantity of food you are serving to your dog.

3. Can Dogs Eat Mango:

Yes! They can.

can dogs eat mango

Mangoes are rich in vitamins and your dog can enjoy biting on them. However, do not let the quantity go over the moderate amount. Besides, rind and the pit got to be removed. 

Can dogs eat mango skin?

Skin is not easily digestible to pups’ stomachs. So, it is better to remove the peels or skin when offering mango treat to your canine champ.

Can dogs eat mango seeds?

No! Never! Not at all! Mango seeds can cause chocking and may stuck in the digestive tract of your doggie. The list hazards is huge, do not feed mango seeds or pits to your doggie. 

Can dogs eat mango ice cream?

Ice creams with artificial sugar is harmful for your dog in any flavor. You might have to take your dog to the vet if they nibble on regular ice cream treats. 

Freeze mango slices without adding anything to give your dog frozen dessert treats. 

Can dogs eat mango slices?

Yes! Dogs can chew on mango slices when the peels and pits is entirely removed. 

 Can dogs eat mango sorbet? 

Made at home with no artificial additives, yes! Made in the market with all the artificial sweeteners, never. 

4. Can Dogs Eat Rice?


can dogs eat rice
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Rice is an important ingredient to use in dedicated yet commercial dog foods. It means, rice is a complete safe meal for your dog and even a sick pup can bite on some tasty rice in your plate.

White rice is a great thing to feed your dog with as these can easily be digested, and the low fiber amount makes it an even healthier treat. 

Can dogs eat rice cakes / rice puddings?

Anything made with artificial ingredients is not good for dogs. Rice cakes or puddings made at home are okay to feed to your dog but too much sugar can make him overweight. One bite is enough. 

Can dogs eat rice pudding?

Rice pudding is not toxic to dogs, that eating it accidently will not hurt your dog. However, intentionally feeding it to your dog is not a good idea. 

The low protein amount makes it a no, no for your pup. 

Can dogs eat rice noodles?

Cooked paste or rice are okay for your dog to eat. However, if your dog is having an upset stomach make sure to offer him just boiled rice with no chicken or meat added, not even boiled. 

5. Can Dogs Eat Berries?

Yes! Berries are not toxic but risky.

can dogs eat blackberries
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You can feed your dog strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, juniper berries, holly berries, bane berries, and poke berries without pits. 

Can dogs eat berries in the wild?

No! berries in the wild have pits that can cause chocking and digestive issues in the puppies. Hence, whenever you take your dogs on a walk, make sure they do not chew on any of such stuff. 

6. Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes! These are healthy alternative snacks for your doggies.

can dogs eat bell peppers
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Bell peppers have good nutritional value for the young pups and if you are eating bell pepper meal, don’t mind it sharing with your sweet pet. 

Cooked bell peppers are safe for dogs to eat and easily digestible. However, do not add onions or garlic in the ingredients when cooking. 

Can dogs eat bell peppers raw?

Indeed! Yes, your dogs can enjoy bell peppers, uncooked or raw without any issue. However, digesting them might be an issue. 

Can dogs eat bell peppers seeds?

No! seeds and stem or the pedicel on you the bell peppers got to be removed before offering it over to your canine companion. 

7. Can Dogs Have Pineapple?

Yes, dogs can have pineapples as snacks.

can dogs eat pineapple
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Sometimes, dogs do not like nipping on the pineapples. That’s okay! It is not necessary to feed your dogs with such fruits that they don’t like. 

Can dogs eat pineapple core?

Pineapple core is very tough that it will be very hard for you to digest and can cause issues in the tract. It has the potential to cause obstructions hence it is recommended to remove the core before feeding.

Can dogs eat pineapple rinds?

Core or crown of the pineapple is harmful hence don’t let your dog eat the rind. Remove it entirely before offering your dog with pineapple treats. 

Besides this, popsicles, pizza, juices, cakes, or ice creams made of artificial stuff even if they have pineapple flavor should not be offered to the pets. 

8. Can Dogs Eat Papaya?


can dogs eat papaya
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Papaya is another healthy treat for dogs. But once again, seeds, ring, or other peels should be removed to keep from intestinal blockage as they have cyanide in them. 

Chop papaya and give it to your dog. 

AKC recommends people to feed a handsome but moderate amount of papaya to their canines. 

Papaya contains special enzymes including carbohydrates, fats, and fiber that help dogs with energy and helps them be high on the oomph.

Therefore, experts recommend to feed older dogs with papaya slices.

9. Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

Yes! Cabbage is safe vegetable for dogs. 

can dogs eat cabbage

Cabbage is a healthy human food your dog can eat. However, it might have some gassy warnings and your dog ma walk around passing gas. LOL!

Therefore, introduce slowly, and feed little chunks at start for example, you can sprinkle cabbage chops at your dog’s meal. 

Besides, it is cheap, easy to prepare, and has a punch of nutrition and vitamins.

Can dogs eat cabbage core?

Purple and savoy, all cabbage is antioxidant-rich and safe for dogs to eat and even beneficial. It aids in digestion, is good for the skin, and is cancer-fighting.

Raw, chopped, rolled, or mixed with other vegetables like kale, broccoli, or carrots it is  safe dog food. 

10. Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

Yes! It is safe.

can dogs eat chickpeas
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Thoroughly cooked and softened chickpeas are safe for dogs to eat. Never offer them raw chickpeas as pets are less intended to chew on their food. 

Can dogs eat chickpeas canned? 

Canned chickpeas aren’t that safe for your pups because they are rich in sodium. 

Make sure to clean them completely and rinse off excessive salt before cooking and offering to your sweet little canine buddy. 

Raw chickpeas are no, no for your dog. But in cooked form, all legumes are safe for dogs to eat including lentils, beans, or dry gains like pasta. 

11. Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?


can dogs eat yogurt
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Can dogs have yogurt? Yes, it is enriched with protein, calcium, and flavors.

But as it is a dairy product, it should not be consumed largely. Plus, make sure to feed plain and non-fat yogurt free of all the preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Or, your dog might have to suffer a digestive problem.

Can dogs eat yogurt every day?

Depends on the breed, dogs can handle a small meal with Greek yogurt every day. 

Cab dogs eat yogurt raisins?

No! Chocolate or yogurt-covered raisins are not for dogs to eat and enjoy. 

Can dogs with diarrhea eat yogurt? 

Yes, it might help in digestion.

12. Can Dogs Eat Black Beans?


can dogs eat black beans
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Black beans have a high content of manganese, vitamin C, K, fiber, and protein.

They are healthy for dogs as they strengthen their immune system, help them in fat burning, and regulate their sugar level.

Note: As black beans have a high nutritious value, they can be a good treat for mix-breed dogs like Golden mountainpomeranian huskyblack German shepherdAzurian husky, and many others.

13. Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal?


Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal

A plain variety of oatmeal cooked properly with water instead of milk can be a healthy alternative to add to your pup’s daily meals.

Don’t feed your dog uncooked oatmeal. Also, start with a lesser amount and increase gradually to build the dog’s tolerance.

14. Can dogs eat sugar

Limited and a small amount yes; too much, no!

Can dogs eat sugar

Sugar might lead your dog to catch diabetes, tooth problem, and make them gain weight. Artificial sugar is even dangerous.

This is the reason ice creams, puddings, muffins, and cupcakes made of artificial additives including sugar are not recommended as dog food.

Can dogs eat sugar cane?

Yes! Fresh and raw sugar cane is safe for dogs to eat. However, they should eat a moderate amount.  

Can dogs eat sugar cubes?

No! It is unhealthy.

Can dogs eat sugar cookies?

One bite is okay, too much is harmful.

15. Can Dogs Eat Nectarines?


Can Dogs Eat Nectarines

Nectarines are flavorful fruits full of potassium, vitamin C, A, dietary fiber, and magnesium. If given in a moderate quantity, nectarines can be a safe treat for your dog.

16. Can Dogs Eat Spinach?


Can Dogs Eat Spinach
Image Sources pinterest

Dogs can consume spinach as long as they are not eating these vegetables in a large quantity daily.

Or, you should entirely skip spinach as it has high oxalic acid (can block calcium absorption in the body), which can cause kidney damage.

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17. Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe?


can dogs eat cantaloupe
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If given in a moderate and limited amount, cantaloupe can be a healthy alternative snack to usual food treats, especially for overweight dogs.

Although cantaloupe seeds are not toxic, you should be careful while feeding them to your canine as they can choke on it, which can be deadly.

Note: Click to read a detailed guide on different types of melon and find similar melon varieties you can substitute for usual dog treats.

18. Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower?


can dogs eat cauliflower
Image Sources pinterest

Raw or cooked (plain) cauliflower without leaves and stems can be served to dogs in small pieces as a healthy treat.

Cauliflower is packed with fibers that aids in digestion, antioxidants, vitamins that lowers inflammation and help elder animals with arthritis.

Be aware. Its high quantity may cause an upset stomach.

Note: Its high nutrients can boost the digestive system of dogs prone to obesity like pitbull puppies.

19. Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?


can dogs eat popcorn

You can feed your puppy air-popped (oil-free) or plain popcorn in a small amount, but popcorns popped with butter, artificial flavors, or other toppings are not healthy for dogs to eat daily.

So, is popcorn bad for dogs? No, as long as it’s not flavored and is served plain.

20. Can Dogs Eat Pears?


can dogs eat pears
Image Sources pinterest

Can dogs have pears? Of course, pets can eat pears for a healthy snack. It can be a great treat as it is packed with Vitamin K, C, fiber, and copper.

Cut in small bites and remove seeds (contains hints of cyanide) and pit.

21. Can Dogs Eat Apples?


can dogs eat apples
Image Sources pinterest

Dogs can consume apples, but it should only conclude 10% of their daily food diet.

It can be a great fruit alternative to your traditional puppy’s snacks as it is enriched with carbohydrates, Vitamin C, and fiber.


According to a nutritionist, dogs meal should follow a balanced diet.

22. Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?


Can Dogs Eat Applesauce

There is nothing wrong with adding applesauce to your canine food diet. However, you should find an organic brand or prefer to make homemade applesauce that is free of extra sugar or fillers.

Packaged products usually have artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners that can be toxic for your pup’s health.

23. Can Dogs Eat Bread?


can dogs eat bread
Image Sources twitter

Your pet dog can safely eat wheat or plain bread, but it should only conclude 5% of their daily food diet.

Giving bread sometimes as a treat won’t upset their stomach, but they should have balanced meals regularly with lots of exercise time.

Skip this meal entirely from your pup’s feed if they have any allergies.

24. Can Dogs Eat Cheese?


can dogs eat cheese
Image Sources pinterest

Cheese is a safe and tasty human food treat for most pups except those that are lactose intolerant. Although most canines enjoy cheese, it is best to feed it in moderate and limited quantities.

Note: Click to read 15 unique types of cheese and find the best snack for your doggo!

25. Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?


can dogs eat cucumbers
Image Sources imgur

Vegetables like cucumbers, zucchini, carrot, green beans, sweet potato or even baked potato (plain) can be considered as safe and healthy human snacks on which your dog can munch on.

However, raw and cooked potatoes are not healthy for dogs.

25. Can Dogs Eat Dates?


can dogs eat dates

If given in a moderate amount, dates (unlike raisins; toxic) can be a healthy and safe snack substitute to the traditional dog treats.

However, make sure to remove the date pit before serving your pup, as it may be a possible choke hazard for them.

27. Can Dogs Eat Turkey?


can dogs eat turkey
Image Sources pinterest

Cooked, plain, and unseasoned turkey is safe to consume for canines. It is sometimes also used as an ingredient in packaged dog foods in the market.

Turkey has high phosphorus, protein, riboflavin, and nutritious value, which is helpful for dogs.

To include in the homemade dog meal, make sure to remove the fat.

Note: It can be a healthful addition to the meals of playful and active husky-type dog breeds.

28. Can Dogs Eat Peaches?


can dogs eat peaches
Image Sources pinterest

Can dogs have peaches? Yes, they can enjoy this fresh summer treat in small slices without leaves, stems, and stone.

These fruits are jam-packed with vitamin C, A, fiber, and sugar compared to other sweet berries and fruits. So, it should only be 10% of their food diet.

29. Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?


can dogs eat green beans

All types of cooked, uncooked, plain, and unseasoned green beans, whether canned, chopped, or steamed, are safe to eat for your doggy.

It is sometimes even recommended as a healthy snack treat by veterinarians.

30. Can Dogs Eat Corn?


can dogs eat corn
Image Sources pinterest

Corn is healthy and nutritious treat for dogs as it has fiber, protein, and antioxidants. It is not toxic or a filler, a dog food ingredient with minimum to no nutritional value.

Note: Click to find if you can include corn treats in daily meals of dogs notorious for health problems like Dogo Argentino and Red Nose Pitbulls.

31. Can Dogs Eat Lemons?


can dogs eat lemons
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Dogs can eat lemon zest or flesh as they are not toxic if feed in limited quantity. A large amount may upset their stomach, and whether they should eat them or not is another debate.

32. Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?


can dogs eat Broccoli
Image Sources pinterest

Can dogs have broccoli? Yes, it is a nutritious vegetable treat. So, is broccoli good for dogs? Yes! But, start with a small amount to avoid digestion problems.

33. Can Dogs Eat Peas?


can dogs eat peas
Image Sources pinterest

Dogs can eat frozen or fresh green peas as a healthful treat here and there.

They are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, fiber, and potassium that can support your canine’s kidney, muscles, and nerves. Make sure not to serve them canned peas.

Note: it can be a low-calorie treat for the rare red Boston terrier.

34. Can Dogs Eat Pork?


Can Dogs Eat Pork

Cooked and unseasoned pork is a good source of amino acids and protein for dogs.

However, underdone or raw pork can have Trichinella spiralis or pork worm parasite, which can cause Trichinosis infection in canines.

It usually happens when puppies consume infected and contaminated pork meat. Symptoms are inflammation, vomiting, etc.

Note: Protein-rich foods are a major part of poochon pup’s meals until they reach 12. They follow a dry kibble diet which is based on serving meals with high protein value.

35. Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?


Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter
Image Sources pinterest

If given in a limited quantity, dogs can enjoy the nutty, savory, and flavorful peanut butter taste. The only precaution is to make sure it is free of xylitol.

Pro-Tip: Add peanut butter to an anxiety soothing lick mat and double the health benefits for your dog.

36. Can Dogs Eat Radishes?


Can Dogs Eat Radishes

If given in a moderate quantity, radishes can be non-toxic and healthy for dogs.

They are packed with potassium, fiber, and vitamin C to strengthen their digestive and immune system. It balances energy levels and helps in removing plaque from the pup’s teeth.

Pro-Tip: Get an enjoyable dog toothbrush toy and let your dog makes its teeth clean and germ-free.

37. Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

Yes! Dogs can eat ripened tomatoes!

can dogs eat tomatoes
Image Sources pinterest

As long as the green part and solanine are removed from these vegetables, your pup can safely eat the ripened tomatoes. However, it is best not to serve them in daily meals.

38. Can Dogs Eat Peanuts?


Can Dogs Eat Peanuts

Can dogs have peanuts? Yes, your pup can consume peanuts as long as they are unsalted, raw, or dry-roasted.

However, keep the quantity to a minimum as they are enriched with fats. Salted peanuts are also fine for your dogs but not too often.

39. Can Dogs Eat Beets?


Can Dogs Eat Beet
Image Sources twitter

Beets, beet extract or even juice are not toxic for dogs if consumed in small amounts.

40. Can Dogs Eat Cashews?


Can Dogs Eat Cashews

Can dogs have cashews? Of course, cashews nuts (unlike macadamia; toxic) are considered a safe treat substitute for usual dog treats.

41. Can Dogs Eat Banana?


can dogs eat banana
Image Sources pinterest

Your dog can have a banana treat with peel or without the peel. Yes, it is not toxic for canines, but it may also not serve them with high nutritious value.

However, it is best to ask their vet for calories and serving.

42. Can Dogs Eat Chicken?


can dogs eat chicken
Image Sources pinterest

Cooked chicken and raw chicken bones are a great source of protein for your pet canines. It is also a major feeding ingredient in most commercial dog foods.

However, it is best to avoid serving your dog cooked chicken bones as they may splinter and cause a choking hazard for them.

Note: Lycan shepherd breed follows a food diet based on raw feeding, i.e., uncooked meat and bones.

43. Can Dogs Eat Oranges?


can dogs eat oranges
Image Sources pinterest

Your dog can eat orange flesh but not the pit, seeds, or peels as they might be toxic.

However, be aware they are highly rich in sugar which can cause problems for overweight canines.

44. Can Dogs Eat Carrots?


can dogs eat carrots
Image Sources pinterest

Carrots are flavorful vegetables that can be a natural treat for your dog. You can serve the carrot along with the green leaves as they are not toxic for your pup.

What Can Dogs Not Eat?

45. Can dogs eat salami?

No! It has so many risks associated.

Can dogs eat salami

For your info: Salami itself isn’t toxic but some contaminants like sodium and fat are harmful for pets to eat.

Fat and salt can cause salt poisoning in canines that can further create damage like kidney damage, or pancreatitis.

Seasoned salami is even more toxic for dogs to eat. Therefore, it is recommended not to feed your dog with so much salami.

One or two pieces might be okay, on an on-and-off basis.

Can dogs eat salami sausages?

Salami sausages with seasoning and sodium should not be given to dogs.

Can dogs eat salami sticks?

Salami sticks made of seasoning like garlic and onion powder are least appropriate food your dog should fed on.

Can dogs eat uncured salami?

No! the uncured salami has even bitter number of salts and even more harmful for your dogs’ stomach.


Vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and other human foods can be added safely to your dog’s daily treats by following some necessary health precautions.

Yes, these flavorful snacks won’t harm your dog if they are on a balanced and nutritious diet and are not completely relying on these food treats for nutrients.

Make sure to check the toxicity and quantity of 45 meals we have mentioned above before serving any of them to your canine.

Surely, we still haven’t included all the edible natural treats your pup can enjoy in our ‘can dogs eat human foods’ guide.

Share with us what did we miss or what more you want to know about!

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