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Pomeranian Husky Little Pom-Pom Of Your Family – Care Guide

Are you thinking of bringing a Pomeranian Husky to your home but don’t know how to take care of him?

Don’t worry! We have you covered.

This article throws light on the complete Pomsky pet guide starting from the info of the breed to its health guide, things your pup will need, and common questions regarding its care.

So, let’s start:

Siberian Husky Pomeranian:

Pomeranian husky is a mutt or hybrid between two entirely different purebreds, Pomeranians from Poland and the Huskies of Siberia. Their parents have a long history of playfulness, loyalty, confidence, and valor, and you can see all these qualities in a Pomsky when brought home. The thing that makes husky Pomeranian mix full grow extremely different, so rare, and expensive breed from all other dogs, is the unusual breeding.

Q: How to breed a pom pom?

Ans: Well, the Kennel Club of America has set no clear-patterns of breeding for Siberian Pomeranian Mix. However, while breeding, the male sperms are taken from Pomeranians, and Husky plays the role of the dam (mother).

It is a rare breed hound with no recognition from Kennel Club, but still, they are so loving, and extremely friendly that makes husky pomeranian the perfect family-pups.

Here is a detailed discussion like what, why, and how you should assume when getting a pom-pom home.

Pomeranian Husky

What is a Pomsky?

Well, Pomsky is a crossbreed between two purebred domestic animals, Pomeranian Dog and Siberian Husky. Due to having characteristics of both parents, he is called as Pom (Pomeranian) and Sky (Husky).

Pom dog belongs to a designer breed of dog, extremely famous and demanded in the USA.

What Does A Pomeranian Look Like?

The face of the Pomsky is more like their Siberian parent, and the fluffiness and smoothness of coat are more like Pomeranian parent, so the pooch has inherited almost everything from his parents.

You will find:

little husky

Beautiful Looks:

He will look like a mix of a wolf and fox, on the part of his ancestors who were either “cunning” foxes or “senseful” wolves.

“My cute appearance is super deceiving – my farts are potent enough to clear a room of 30+ people.”- Pomsky

Very sharp in looks but extremely friendly in behavior, the Pomeranian Husky is the perfect breed for people who want to get a playful wolf in their homes. Tiniest in size and fluffiest in coat, the Pomsky mutt is a bundle of joy that lets you carry himself in the laps for a long time and rub their furry coat as long as you wish – you will not feel lonely around them.


These dogs are so protective towards their family, thanks to the devotion engrained from Parent Husky. Despite being tiniest in size, their barking is so loud, and they would yelp at any single danger they feel, for family or them. They are too loyal and devoted, and love being the center of attention.

Hugs and Kisses:

You cannot resist taking them in your laps and loving them because they are ready to do every single cuter thing to get your attention, once again, due to their Pomeranian Parent. Also, they won’t mind it because sitting in the laps, playing around you, and follow you around the apartment, are there favorite to-dos.

“Along with being a loving parent, you will have to be a little strict when it comes to training your Pomeranian Husky some manners.”

Pomeranian Husky temperament:

Siberian Husky Pomeranian Mix or Pomsky is sharing ancestors with mixed temperament where one is protective, hardworking, and been a hunter for their owners till an epoch; the other one, known for being intelligent, sharp, playful, and lap-dog.

Luckily, when bred in the right manners with perfect methodologies, you can find the sum-of-qualities in husky Pomeranian Mix Full Grown or the hybrids of Huskies and Pomeranians. They are sharper and stronger than their mama and papa.

Pomsky Training:

Pomsky Dog Training
Image Source

The half husky half Pomeranian dog is a descendant of two very human-loving breeds, so they are loving, friendly, energetic, and playful. As a puppy, in his childhood, this dog can show a little embarrassment towards noises and in mingling with other humans.

However, if well-trained, they can control their fears and end-up being civilized and social towards others.  As an adult, your little Pom-Pom is loving.

Along with being a loving parent

Tip: Training requires some serious efforts.

Wise and Consistent Training:

Pomeranians are somehow clever like foxes while the Huskies are wittier, so the mutt ends up having intelligence and confidence from both.

Therefore, when you are training them, you need to put some extremely serious efforts from day one, or else, your pet will take advantage and show up as more stubborn towards not doing things he doesn’t like.

“You need to be very patient and consistent in training, to make this wise-creature believe that learning is the only escape.”

Praise and Appreciate the Pup:

Also, when you see that your dog is learning, showing off the results of your efforts, treat them with their favorite food, a new dog T-shirt, or a walk to their favorite area of the garden. Tap their back, caress them, love them, and show your happiness so that they would feel eager to learn new things.

Love him and get ready to receive a thousand times more love from them; Gabriel Zevin has already said:

“There are over 300 words for love in Canine. Did you know?”

Pomeranian Exercise:

Sharing a hunting parent, Pomskies are a very proactive breed of dogs. They want you to play with them, take them for a walk, and let them use their paws and bodies as much as required.

Try to use dog booties or paw covers before taking them to walk as the small doggie would go anywhere he can while on foot and end up having smelly and stinky paws, that can bring dirt and health-issues.

If your active partner doesn’t like wearing shoes and wants you to set him free on grass all naked, make sure to bring home a Paw Cleaner to get the cleaning done deeply.  He feels like shaking hands with you and doesn’t get irritated.

If you do not do so, your Pomsky will end up showing moods and tantrums, for example, the sharper yapping in their squeaky voice.

Husky Pomeranian Grooming:

Pomeranian Husky Grooming and Health Care

These small pooches are so showy as they are a cross between two extremely good-looking breeds. Not just they have received the beauty, but they are well-aware of this as well. They want to look different, cute, and appealing to others, whenever walking past the road or meeting guests in the family.

Dog grooming and health go side by side because both things are inter-related to each other.

“If your dog is not healthy, he cannot be well-groomed and vice versa.”

Keeping Clean:

Your dog’s cleanliness is everything you need to take care of when it comes to canines and family-health, and this is how you get it done:


Though Pomskies are a neat and clean breed, and there are no issues of smell and stinkiness like pugs; however, their active lifestyle can get them dirty on a regular basis. Henceforth, you need to clean them consistently. Cleaning includes:

  • Once a month during summers
  • Once after every three months in winters

Make sure to dry him well in winters after each wash; otherwise, he can catch diseases like coughing and breathing issues. Click to find how to dry up your heavy pup fur instantly.

Pomeranian Husky Bathing Schedule

Cutting the Nails

Pomskies are cuter little dogs on earth with all the energy of love inside them. However, sharing ancestor-hood from Huskies, their nails are so sharp and require cutting every month, sometimes twice a month, depending upon the nail-growth speed.  Your little friend is already from a breed that is prone to using their nails while hunting, hence he can give you a hard time in cutting nails.

  • If you don’t use proper nail cutters of pets, one of you can get scratches during the process that can result in painful days. So beware of this thing.

Eyes and Ears Cleaning

While bathing your Pomeranian Husky, do not forget to clean their eyes and ears because all dogs are too-prone in getting wax inside the ears and in the eyes. If not cleaned properly, the eyes related-diseases of Pomskies like Entropion and infections related to ears can erupt.

  • Try to use cotton balls to not to hurt the eyes and ears of your doggies while cleaning.
  • Apply olive or mineral oils after that to keep it from drying, especially during winters.

When you do so, make sure to use cleaned and new cotton balls and oil from a proper and well-reputed brand, and all with this, keep a check over quality.


Grooming is different than cleaning; cleaning is all about removing the dirt from the body of your dog while grooming includes keeping him up-to-date and ready for living at home in a civilized manner. For example, if you will just do cleaning, your pet will show up sparkling, however by grooming him, you will be getting his hairs and attire ready.

Brushing the Fur every day:

The coat of your Pomeranian x Husky is thicker and fluffier. However, due to having a 2X fur coat, it requires brushing after each day. There is a special sort of natural oil in the Pomsky body that spreads throughout when the coat is brushed.

It also gets very shiny when you brush it regularly as all dead hairs shed off.

How often should I trim the hairs of my Pomeranian Husky mix??

Usually, all dogs require to go to a barber twice a year or after several months, but the hair of your Pomsky is not trimmed. Their hair plays a role that helps them keep up with the temperature of their body.

How to get rid of Promanian Husky Dog Shedding?

If your pet has a problem with shedding, do not worry as it is quite common in the canines. Simply, get an easy pet hair cleaner or gloves; it will let you get rid of the shed hairs without spreading them in the air.

Is dog hair shedding harmful?

dog hair shedding
Image Source

It is not harmful to dogs but can be disastrous for people living along. Even if your dog is vaccinated, his hairs on the couch, sofa, and even on your body will look yucky and make cause discomfort in the nose and throat allergies, Therefore, you must not let the hair wandering everywhere in the home. Use a puppy hair vacuum or a similar thing like that.

Poo and Pee Training:

When you are making this pom-pom, a part of your family, so he must be as civilized as your kids are. Do you like your kids pooping and peeing everywhere they want? Of course not! The same case is here. You need to put some serious efforts to potty train your Husky and Pomeranian mix.

Keeping Trendy Attires and Accessories

Keeping Trendy Attires and Accessories

These days, a dog is not just a pet but a part of the family who shares equal status with your children and wants to get treated the same. Moreover, Pomeranian Husky is a breed that’s too intelligent and too sensitive towards you, so as he is giving you all his devotion, he is expecting the same from you.

Tip: Keep it funky

Pomsky Health:

The health of your pet is dependent upon all factors; however, it is directly correlated with food training and regular vet checkups. Pet doctors are called veterinaries or vets, and they specifically give you bits and bobs about how your pet is doing.

Regular Meet-Ups With Vets:

pomsky with vet

A Husky and Pomeranian mutt is though a healthy pet, still has inherited so many diseases and issues from its ancestors. The breed is prone to some allergies like hair shedding, if not taken care of properly, for example, brushing the fur recurrently. They are also prone to eye-related issues, can develop heart diseases, hip dysplasia, and collapsing trachea.

  • To confirm your Pomsky is doing great, you need to pay regular vet visits.

Regular Dental Supervision

Pomskies are also known for developing dental health issues such as a weaker tooth, or building plaque. The plaque is not a disease but a poor cleaning symptom that can be addressed by brushing the teeth of Pomskies regularly.  A Pomsky is a too-chewy breed and would even eat the brush, so you need to get a special tooth cleaner for your husky-imp to keep up with tooth cleaning.

Food Training:

The Pomeranian and Husky cross have inbred stubbornness from their ancestors. One of his parents shares a very vast and wide history of hunting. Therefore, their eating style is more like a wild-animal then domestic pet, naturally. Therefore, to make it civilized, you will have to put some serious efforts into food training.

  • Teach how to keep him from entering into eating everything on the table.
  • Find out the foods you must not feed to your dogs, for example, canned food.
  • Understand how to train your Pomsky for civilized eating.


  • Keep a check for meals per day for your Pomsky as it will be ½ to one cup a day, depending on the pounds. The whole meal should be divided into small portions.
  • Do not over-feed or under-feed your pets.

Keep from Small Dog Syndrome:

Due to wrong parenting techniques and routine, almost all small canines end up having Small Dog Syndrome. Small dog syndrome is an attitude problem and behavioral issue in canines that often occurs in less-socializing dogs. For example, if you do not mingle your small pooch with other animals, humans, and children, he will not be used to this practice.

How long a Pomeranian Husky Lives, his life span, and how can I make him live longer?

The basic life span of a purebred dog is almost nine years, while mix-breeds show a little longer life expectancy. When talking about a Pomsky lifecycle, it is exactly 12 years to 14 years. To increase it, you need to decrease the probability of diseases. You can do this by taking good care of the pup’s food and regular checkups with the vet.

Bringing Pomsky home – Welcome you pet

Pomsky is a highly intelligent and extremely sensitive breed that’s going to love you with all his hearts. However, if he found out flaws and problems in your overall behavior, he would end-up as moody, stubborn, and someone who will not follow your instructions.

Therefore, you need to get your home and all the members ready to give a warm welcome. Some instructions for you are:

Gathering all the essentials:

Essentials include all the pet accessories your Pomsky would need, including a leash, water bottle, eating pot, and grooming essentials, etc. It is necessary because your dog will have to know his routine from day one, or he will not know it ever.

Marking Territory:

Huskies love sitting around you on the couch, on the bed, and everywhere they can. However, as a good pup, he must know the places he can enter and understand where his area finishes. These are some early startups that will bring relief for you and the till long.

For example, use a safety gate to keep this little angel from going on the roofs and dirting his paws, making up his sleeping place, and teaching him not to sit on the couch.

Changing Your Lifestyle:

You will have to make some serious efforts here because the pooch requires to be socialized and active from primary age. Hence, if you are not a so-active-soul, change it and take your bud to a walk, make him meet other pets, and let him socialize with society.

Why is Pomeranian crossed Husky dog, not socializing and adjusting in the family?

This mutt is utterly friendly and loves socializing. However, they show uncertain behaviors towards strangers and other animals due to two reasons.

  1. He has spent a lot of time, without socializing and meeting new people. He is habitual of seeing some certain faces around him. Therefore, he has maybe developed Small Puppy Syndrome.
  2. Another reason could be the abusive behavior he faced in the puppy mills. In Puppy mills, every day, several animals are brooded and crossed but without taking good care of their health and training.

Before ending the discussion, I would like to add some answers to the questions that occur in your mind regarding Pomeranian Husky Crossbred:


Here are some FAQs to give you a good idea about the breed.

1. Why buying a Pomeranian Husky Crossbred is too Expensive?

Basically, we don’t have any specific and generalized standards of crossbreeding between a Pomeranian dog and Siberian husky; hence, breeding a mutt is too difficult. Due to the rareness, you find Pomskies as an expensive breed of dogs.

2. What are the normal height and weight of an Adult Pomsky Pup?

The normal weight and height of this pet are 20 to 30 Lbs, and 10 to 15 inches, respectively. This thing makes him a perfect and playful lapdog. Take note that you can find differences in the heights and weights of these pooches due to the complicated breeding process. Therefore, it is advised that if you are searching for a perfect sized lap-pup, consult a breeding expert.

3. What To Expect When Breeding Pomskies; Litter rate?

When you let the natural process happen between a Pomsky couple, you can expect to have 5 to 7 littermates; however, the litter rate can vary even in the same breed because of some unknown reasons.

Litter Rate

Bottom Line

Pomeranian husky dog
Image Source

In the end, here is a must-to-consider thing about adopting this hybrid pooch. Well, you must not get them from a pet-mill. The rumors about pet mills are not wrong. Pomsky, if bred in a pet mill, there are chances that he will be having diseases and issues that can be a life-danger for him, other pets, and other family members.

Always buy, purchase, or adopt a mix-bred from a reliable cross-breeder.

Let’s end the discussion with Mark Twain’s Quote:

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man!”

Do not forget to share this blog with other people in your circle, bringing a Pomeranian husky home. Also, give us your feedback by commenting below because You Are Important.

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