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Can Cats Eat Cherries? Learn Before You Play with The Health of Your Pet

Can Cats Eat Cherries

You may have gone through many blogs talking about Can Cats Eat Cherries and its hazardous effects.

However, if we dive deep into the scientific research and find out truths relating to cat cherry for being toxic, the results are a bit different than you find in general online cat food guides.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Profound research is necessary before giving your pets anything to eat.
  2. Also, you must not stop giving nutrition-rich human food to your cat just because an online page said it is lethal.

In that case, you are impartially playing with the health of your darling-kitty.

And, of course, you don’t want to do that.

So, what should you do in this case?

No, you don’t need to see a vet every time feeding your cat.

Here is a well-referenced guide form expert, that can help you.

This is an authoritative and factual guide, letting you know about whether your cats can have cherries or not, followed by all the things you need to know about cherry toxicity versus Help.

an authoritative and factual guide

Carnivores eating behaviors – Cherry Cat:

Carnivores eating behaviors and Cherries

Cats are carnivores like dogs. these animals are only fed on meats.

But cherry is not meat. Cherry is a fruit, grown on a plant from the Rosaceae family, and has genus Prunus.

Still, cats and even dogs love eating it.

For your information,

The fruit comes in different tastes distinguished by taste, color, and size, with names as:

Domestic Cherry, Black Cherry, Choke Cherry, Harry laurel, Wild Cherry, Prunus, and Ground Cherry.

Maybe the easy availability and abundance in growth, cherries are easy to be found in America as well as other parts of the world, so humans and cats have developed their taste-buds to like them.

The reason also could be that they have an appealing-astringent taste and a very fresh red look due to which families in the USA love have and give them to their pets.

Moreover, cats and dogs, due to living with humans, adopt many of their habits.

For example, Cats and dogs go in toilets for the call of nature rather than scrubbing the ground and patting holes in the soil.

Due to this, their eating behaviors change too, and they start eating things that are alien to carnivores.

Cats, sharing homes with humans as pets, love eating human food, including salads, fruits, veggies, persimmons, plums, biscuits, and everything their owners eat.

These are some reasons; kitties show interest in eating cherries.


Are cherries poisonous to cats?

Is it Good to Feed Cherries to Cats

To understand the correct and actual answer to this question, you should know about each bit of information about the Cherry Fruit.

Cherry comes from a simple plant has many parts, including leaves, seeds, shrubs, roots, branches, flowers, and fruits.

Talking specifically about cherries:

A seed that’s sowed in earth, seeding starts and soon turns into a shoot on which small little flowers begin to appear that later grow bigger into fruits of Cherry.

According to experts,

Feeding cats with cherries is not wrong.

Cherry contains some essential nutrients that play a vital role in keeping your animal healthy.

But they also tell us:

The place and the plant where Cherries grow are toxic for felines.

Therefore, feeding other parts of cherry plant (pits, seeds, leaves, stem) to the kitties is merely playing with their health.

A journal about Pet Healthy snacks published says that:

It is better not to feed fruits with pits to the cats.

Now, as cherries along with peaches, and plums are pit fruits, therefore, a person should be cautious before feeding their pets on fruits.

Are Cherries Bad for Cats?

Why is Cherry Toxic to Cats

Cats have an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase in their bodies that helps in cellular oxygen transport in the body.

In any case, if it gets blocked, the deficiency of oxygen can occur in their bodies or specific organs.

Fruits with pits have certain elements that can block cytochrome oxidase and prevent oxygen transportation.

Difficulty in breathing,
Image Source Pinterest

Though fruits like cherries, avocados, persimmons, and plums have pulpy pods, their other components of the plants are toxic, not for humans but animals.


Talking about cherry toxic content for cats and dogs, the plant of this berry has cyanide in it.

Cyanide can block cytochrome oxidase.

When Trying to find benefits of feeding cherries to your cats, actually there are none and guides, discussing benefits of cherries for cats are displaying mere hypothesis without proofs.

If the house-kitties are overeating this fruit, in most of their meals and snacks, many chronic and severe issues can occur.

Besides, the problem can get even worse if pets are eating other parts of the cherry fruit-like seeds, blossoms, stems, leaves, and cherry pits,

Because these are more intoxicating than the fruit itself.

When a cat feels sick due to eating cherries, symptoms start to occur. This condition is called Cherry Poisoning, or cherry toxicity.

While you are here, you might want to read whether your cat can eat fish or not.

Toxic Cherry Symptoms:

Cherry Poisoning show mild to harsh symptoms.

Symptoms base on:

  1. The continuity of feeding cherry to cat
  2. The quantity per meal

There is no exact time for Symptoms and signs to occur.

However, if they are not addressed, it can result even in the death of your pets.

Here are some mild to worse symptoms of cherry toxicity in your house animals like cats and dogs:

CAt Hypoxemia
Image Source Pinterest

1. Change in gums:

Color of gums deviates from shiny pink to pale, yellow, white, and purple.

2. Brain Injury:

Hypoxemia, due to severe lack of oxygen the brain cells can result in brain injury.

3. Breathing issue:

A cat may feel Difficulty in breathing

4. Digestion problem:

Cat may take a hard time in food digestion and feel pained when pooping.

5. Sudden death:

Shocking Sudden Death can occur however only and only if you don’t address the mild symptoms.

How to Feed Cats with Cherries?

How Can Cats Eat Cherries Without Harm

Here are some occasions where you can feed cats with cherries:

1. As a Prize:

Whenever your cat shows good behavior, offer them a prize in shape of cherries without pits.

2. As a Treat:

Whenever your clingy cats show less disrupt behavior, give them cherry without pit, treat.

3. Seldom as Snacks:

Offer your cats with Sundaes with Cherry on the top, cherry yogurt, or Cherry Limeade as occasional snacks.

One thing to remember is that:

Feeding cherries to a small extent is not wrong; however, you must keep an eye on the symptoms.

Another thing to remember is,

Whenever feeding your cat with cherries even in a slight amount, still take some precautionary steps before designing a meal with cherries for your cat.

Here are some tips:

Can cats eat cherries? How many meals?

Here is what you need to know

  1. Do not include cherries in each meal
  2. Give cherries as treats to your cat and only offer them with cherries once in a week.
  3. Also, avoid eating cherries in front of cats to avoid temptations.
Cats love treats not just in the form of food but also as pats on the back, rub in hair and toys.

1. How many cherries in quantity?

There is no hard and fast rule; however, keep the quantity as low as you can.

As a rough estimate, feed two to three cherries at one time occasionally.

2. Which Part of Cherry to Feed?

Feed only fruit and must remove the pit, pedicel, stalk, and leaves whenever giving to your felines.

3. Which Part of Cherry to Avoid?

All parts other than the pod and pulp should be avoided and mustn’t be fed to your cats.

Cleaning the cherries and other fruits is a must before feeding to your cats.

Regular Vet Checks for the Diagnosis of Cherry Poisoning:

Regular Vet Checks for the Diagnosis of Cherry Poisoning

If your cat loves eating cherries, there are more chances of developing destructive health issues than the other cats.

Therefore, you must see a doctor on-and-off for the sake of better health and to diagnose any health symptoms in them.


From the points mentioned above, we have retrieved result that:

Yes, cats can eat cherries, however not as regular meals but just as occasional treats.

Along with this,

Regular vet checks and certain precautions are necessary to take before feeding fruits to your feline pets.

In the end,

Comment with your questions, queries, and suggestions or Write to us, and we will make your queries part of our blog as well as discuss them in detail.

Have a happy pet day :).

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