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Red Nose Pitbull As Your Next Pet – Why or Why Not

Red Nose Pitbull
Image Source Flickr

Looking for a Pitbull that can be your next pet?

Red Nose Pitbull could just be the breed for you.

It is gentle-tempered, strong, extremely loyal, and requires low coat maintenance.

But no breed is perfect.

We will discuss point-wise details of why you should or shouldn’t keep it as your pet.

Disclaimer: Pros would surely outweigh the cons.

So let’s “bark in” the article together.

1. Their charming color and appearance will earn you a lot of likes on photos (00:40)

red nose pitbull picture
Image Sources Flickr

Well, to be honest, the beauty and the color are among the first things that a normal person sees in a pooch while purchasing.

And this is what your guests would see too.

The good thing is that you are in luck with this dog on this.

Most of them have copper, cream, brown and rust color with white patterns on the shoulder and chest region.

That combines majestically with the red nose that earns them their name. Other than that, they have brown, amber, grey, yellow or black eyes, are muscular, have small ears, and a whip-like tail.

Many will also have a white or brown lightning bolt running from their nose to the top of the head.

Red Nose Pitbull puppies are extremely cute but they take up a stern demeanor as they reach their maturity. That being said, they are very lovable.

After all, you can’t change the shape of their mouth and eyes (that earns them the reputation of serious-looking); nature should be respected.

We just can’t stress this enough that their adorable coat makes them one of the most photogenic dog breeds of the world. It looks so refined under the camera.

So, with this dog, you are bound to get hundreds of likes on your photos and Instagram posts.

2. They are large dogs and not meant for apartments (2:10)

They are large dogs and not meant for apartments
Image Sources Pinterest, Flickr

You might want to look for another dog if you want an apartment pooch. These dogs need ample space to run, rest and interact.

A full-grown Red Nose Pitbull will be anywhere between 17-20 inches (43-51 cm) with females younger than the males. Their normal weight range is 30-65 pounds.

As they are medium-to-large-sized dogs, they won’t fit well at all in a small apartment. They need plenty of daily exercises so where will you take them for a walk?

Yes, they need a large house with a lawn on the side. Even if your house doesn’t have a lawn, you can always take him out for a daily walk and practice “catch the ball” in the garage.

Also, because they are muscular, they have more power with them so a small house will soon feel cramped for your dog.

The world’s largest pitbull is “Hulk” who weighs 174 lbs

3. They carry a reputation for being aggressive (2:55)

aggressive red nose pitbull
Image Sources Flickr

Because they are highly trainable; thus bad people or owners train them to be fight dogs rather than to be sweet pets.

Also, their ancestors were used for blood-stained battles in the 19th and 20th centuries so any connection with aggressiveness is not entirely neglectable.

There is a myth about these dogs that they can lock their jaws when they bite. This is scarcely true since they have incredible jaws with great grip and power.

Unfortunately, people have used this quality to bad effect which has even resulted in the banning of this breed in countries like UK and some parts of Australia.

Here’s the deal.

Breed-specific legislation disallows certain dangerous dog breeds to be kept by owners; red nose Pitbulls are among them along with Tan & Black German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers in some areas.

But the American Society of Veterinary Animal Behaviour (AVSAB), along with many other platforms, have publicly announced that breeds have nothing to do with dog bites.

It’s the training that causes them to be dangerous. Thus, it is safe to say that this breed is completely safe and depends highly on the type of training it receives.

In fact, countries like Italy and the Netherlands have reversed their Breed-specific legislation.

4. They are extremely intelligent and can be taught many tricks (04:05)

You and your kids will have a blast with this pooch because it can respond immediately to the commands. He is a quick learner and masters the commands speedily.

Make sure to start with basic commands like sit and stay and then advance to the jump, speak and catch commands.

The important thing in teaching is to be the dominant one. You have to be the alpha in the relationship and make the dog understand the commands by speaking rather than yelling.

Make eye contact while teaching them the commands and treat them with their favorite food after they have obliged.

Here is the video which will show you what we are talking about. See how brainy he is.

5. Kids would love them to take them outdoors and play Frisbee With Them (06:25)

You look for a friend in a dog and when he/she can enjoy in sports with you, just like humans, it’s a great feeling.

Red Nose Pitbulls are that kind.

nose red pitbull playing
Image Sources Flickr

They can swim unlike French Bulldogs who have heavy chests and catch balls and Frisbee, no less than Micheal Jordan.

One of their other master traits is to follow you perfectly while walking. So when you are going out for groceries, taking them alongside is a good idea.

It wouldn’t only suffice for the daily exercise but they can have an opportunity to interact with people outside as well.

6. They love to be around you at all times (07:10)

Pro for some, con for the other!

These dogs love to be around people. They are more than happy to spend their whole day cuddling with you, jumping around you, and running to get the objects you throw for them.

Even if they are not very sociable with other pets, they would be for sure with the family members, especially the kids.

Kids should be taught, however, about how to interact and play with them.

One of their most noticeable traits is always being ready to get praise from his owners. They can obediently react to commands and intelligently solve mysteries you have for them.

7. Early socialization is imperative for them (07:52)

Early socialization is imperative for them
Image Sources Flickr

It’s true that these dogs have long escaped from the fighting and aggression bloodline but socialization from a young age is still crucial.

Have them interact with the dogs of the neighborhood early on as well as the people around you.

Teach them to be obedient and generous after they have turned eight weeks. Whenever your guests come over, ask them to play and treat the pitbull so he can learn positive interaction with everyone.

Keeping him clutched to your own self will make him loyal towards you for sure, but he will be aggressive once he is around other people and animals.

8. One hour of daily exercise is required for them (09:03)

training a red pitbull
Image Sources Flickr

Similar to the affectionate Golden Mountain Dog, this is a high energy dog breed and requires two daily walks (one is absolutely essential).

Alongside this, they need regular movement and that is why small apartments are not for them. You can leave them in the park with something to chew on but pay attention to them so they don’t chew on anything else.

If you are not providing them enough exercise, they will develop behavioral problems like mischievousness and aggressiveness.

And we have talked earlier how their jaws are! They can then easily nibble at your couches, carpets or rugs.

Some people even train their Pitbulls to run over the treadmills to compensate for the daily exercise and the dogs gladly respond. Here is an example

Red Nose Pitbulls would love to go on hikes with you and enjoy a day at the beach. Here are some other things do:

  • Make a swing made with a tire
  • Construct a jumping sequence in the lawn as they are great jumpers
  • Play tug with them as it releases their energy. But have them learn commands like “drop” or “hold” so that they leave it whenever you tell them to.

9. They are prone to retinal degradation (11:21)

Although there are no specific Red Nose Pitbull diseases, Pitbulls are likely to incur issues with their eyes generally. Retinal degradation is the harm to the retina which can make them confused when going near walls or obstructions.

If you experience these types of symptoms, take him to the vet and get him diagnosed.

Other than that, it’s the skin allergies that they most commonly come across. Pollen allergies can cause their skin to irritate and create rashes.

If you are not a fan of dog medicines and antiseptic solutions, you can cure them with extra virgin coconut oil.

Simply rub the affected area 2-3 times a day. Another method is the fish oil capsule. Open the capsule and mix the oil in them in the dog food.

10. Servings 2-3 times a day is the best way to feed them (12:05)

Servings 2-3 times a day is the best way to feed them
Image Sources Picuki

Remember to keep the diet in check for your Pitbull.

If they get obese, they can incur joint problems and complications like hip dysplasia and knee cap dislocation.

Now the rule of thumb is to feed them 30 calories per pound of their weight.

For example, if he weighs 40 pounds, you need to give him 30×40=1200 calories worth of food per day.

This should be distributed in 2-3 servings.

And remember that they are carnivores so they need a specific amount of protein daily. Include the dog food which contains 15-20% protein.

Or give them chicken, brown rice, or beef.

An ideal Pitbull should have a tummy line that tucks upwards when viewed from the side. Also, you should be able to feel the ribs if you caress your hand gently over the body.

The spine shouldn’t be visible (only talking about short-haired dogs) but you should feel it when you run you hand over it.

11. They are prone to food allergies (13:48)

Now what about the food that Pitbulls shouldn’t eat?

It’s wheat, potatoes, soy and corn because they are allergic to it. They can develop skin irritation and allergies if overfed with them.

Top signs of an allergy are ear inflammation, vomiting, constant licking of paws, excessive scratching and sneezing.

When finding dog food for them, look up meat as the top ingredient.

12. They are not for first-time dog owners (14:35)

They are not for first-time dog owners

Because this breed is strong but stubborn, it is not suitable for first-time owners.

Red Nose Pitbulls require comprehensive training in their early years so that they can become interactive, gentle and good-natured.

First-time owners won’t have that sort of experience behind them to develop an effective training relationship with these canines.

They won’t be able to do the necessary steps when they growl, nor will they know what to do if they are not eating to their full potential.

You should look for other breeds as your first pet. One incredible option is that of a Poochon who are highly trainable and great for apartment living.

13. They would remain with you for quite long (15:57)

The average lifespan of this dog is 12-14 years, some can even live up to 20 years as well.

So, they would remain your family member for quite some time.

That being said, diet and healthy interaction are crucial to achieving this life span. After all, you can’t expect them to live longer if you feed them with allergen foods.

Or give them little exercise per day.

14. Deep below, they know they are lap dogs (16:25)

Deep below, they know they are lap dogs
Image Sources Flickr

Large size doesn’t stop them from cuddling. They love children and are ready to cuddle with them at any time of the day.

They also don’t have a thick coat to keep them warm so they crave rubbing and stroking often.

15. They are not a specific breed so no need to pay a lot from them (16:45)

Many people think that this is a specific breed however it is a variety of the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT).

Some breeders use this myth to their advantage and sell them at a very high price.

Be wary of them!

You can get a good red nose pitbull for $500-$2000 but many of the sly breeders overcharge them for $5000-$10000 even.

Because of their rarity, they are more expensive than general Pitbulls, and it is safe to keep a starting range of $800 in your mind when you go for their purchase.

We don’t need to remind you to always buy from reputable breeders and contact your friends, neighbors and family members who have got this or some other breed from the breeder you are thinking of going to, before.

FAQs (18:04)

1. Do Pitbulls attack their owners?

Because pitbulls have bloody ancestors, hence they have a likelihood of biting and attacking people more than other breeds. There is no proper data as to how many attacks were there in the U.S., but this attitude depends on the training. They can be trained to be loving, gentle pets.

2. Are Red Nose Pitbulls good family dogs?

They are if you are an experienced dog owner. They love to cuddle, are very intelligent and can swim and play as well. If you are ready to train them and give them proper exercise, they could be the perfect family dogs. They are large dogs so wouldn’t like much in a small apartment.

3. How do you train a red nose pitbull to be a guard dog?

Attach a short leash to your pitbull and walk him around the space you want him to guard, each morning. Also, give them appreciation when they bark or growl at a stranger. You can even give them treats. This teaches them the act of protecting a place.

That’s it from our side

Now, it is your turn. We surely must have missed something so tell us what it is in the comment section. Keep visiting our Pet Stories for more information.


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  1. I love them dogs to many think that they’re the wrong dog but they’re not I owned a pit before they are so friendly lovable and it’s the way you treat them you’re going to be mean to them and they going to be a mean dog i am looking for 1 a puppy.

    • Yes, this is a common misconception which we have tried to remove from the society through our blog.
      Pitbulls are lovable and highly intelligent dogs. You need to give them the love and care they deserve.

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