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59 Cool, Unique & Inexpensive Employee Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Employee Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are searching for Employee Christmas gift ideas and have no clue about gift ideas for office staff, this is the right place to land.

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We understand employees love inviting their bosses and fellows to Christmas parties and saying no can be rude.

Buying gifts at the end of the year can be unbearable stress on your pockets.

But, Not if you are a wise shopper and you know how and where to find the best seasonal sales and how to generate inexpensive gift ideas for employees

So, keep the spirit as Christmas is all about sharing love through kind gestures, paying visits to fellas, and of course, exchanging lots and lots of gifts in white elephant Christmas parties and other holiday get-togethers.

Here we have Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget that you can avail without breaking your bank.

These are gifts for staff that you can buy for your friends, colleagues, co-workers-best-friends, or anyone without dissatisfaction with your budget.

Employee Christmas Gift Ideas:

Gifts for employees should be something useful and that they can enjoy not just while working but also during their leisure time.

Hence, the following Gift ideas for employees for Christmas will boost their morale, help them make working fun, and their leisure time more relaxing and comfy.

1. This Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand becomes inexpensive Christmas gifts for employees:

Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand For Desks & Home Office

Keeping laptops on laps can be harsh for the skin because the hot rims can itch and damage dermis.

Gift your office staff Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand and let them work with ease at office and home.

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2. Alt + Ctrl + Del mug is a perfect present for office to give on any occasion.

Keyboard Inspired Ctrl Alt Del Cups

These cups are deep enough and can tolerate both hot and cold food and fluids. Use them as teacups, soap dishes, or pencil holders.

If you are searching for something multifunctional for gifts for employees, these cups are what you should get.

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3. Pillow phone & tablet stands are unique employee Xmas gift ideas.

Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand

For easy work at home, there can never be a gift better than Pillow Phone & Tablet Stand. It lets workers keep phone and laptop together on a soft fluffy pillow and enjoy work.

Don’t forget this pillow while buying cozy Christmas gifts for her

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4. Rainbow fidget toys are employee Christmas gift ideas on a budget.

Rainbow Pop It Fidget Toy

This fidget toy is also one of the helpful gift ideas for staff because it is not used to ward-off anxiety and tension but can also be used as a cup coaster.

Besides, the popping of bubbles can be done as many times as one needs to satisfy the anxiety or the child they still have inside them.

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5. These mugs are quoted-customized gifts for office staff who love caffeine.

Caffeine Lover Mug

A mug that has a complete customized caffeine prescription quoted in a funny way on it, is a present for your employee who cannot survive without tea and coffee, and first thing they do after coming to office is make tea.

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6. Crab pencil holders are funny Christmas gifts for employees who lose their stationary more often.

Cute Crab Pen Holder For Desk

We all have that one staff member who lost their stationary and then looks for it everywhere. So to never let it happen a

A gag gift yet very useful and will also look fabulous on the work desk. 3-in-1 Inexpensive Christmas gift for employees!

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7. Digital alarm clock with a message board is present for employees who are always late to office.

Alarm Clock and Reminder

When there are so many things-to-do in line, it is common to forget some tasks. Help your employees remember their jobs by gifting this Digital Alarm Clock with Message Board.

It pops messages along with the alarm. Wow!

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8. LED jellyfish lava lamp for office desk offers lighting gifts ideas for office staff:

LED Jellyfish Lava Lamp & Aquarium For Kids & Adults

One glance at the lava lamp can refresh your employees up. So, this Christmas, gift it to your employees and let them decorate their office desk.

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9. Electric heated scarves are winter gifts ideas for office staff.

Electric Heated Scarf

Christmas is all about cold and frost.

Electric Heated Scarf gift will keep your favorite employee cozy and enhance their comfort at work.

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10. Presenting tech-heated vest Presents can be incredible Holiday gift ideas for employees.

Tech Heated Vest

For males, they don’t like wearing tons of clothes underneath just to block cold. For your male workers, here is a suitable present.

At the cost of less than $50, you can buy forever-relief for your workers who work so efficiently for the betterment of your company.

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11. Waterproof touch screen winter gloves are Christmas gift ideas for work staff who work outdoor during cold.

Unisex Waterproof Touch Screen Winter Gloves

They will not have to remove their gloves at work to use touch screens.  Sorted life!

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12. Toasty USB hand warmers are Christmas gifts for staff members who are always cold.

Toasty USB Hand Warmers

Winter has come. Handwarmer gifts will warm the heart of your employees.

Get the Toasty USB Hand Warmers and gift to your favorite employee.

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13. Adhesive pocket laptop storage makes one of the best Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget:

Adhesive Pocket Laptop Storage for External Hard Drives & Pens

Clean all the mess of pens, pencils, ballpoints, and tiny belonging of your staff on this big day.

Gift Adhesive Pocket for Laptop and let them store everything conveniently.

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14. Foldable metal desktop phone stand holder present for staff:

Foldable Metal Desktop Phone Stand Holder

Here is a gift of a Foldable Metal Desktop and phone holder that lets them rest their smart devices effortlessly and cleans the mess. It also helps you in keeping an eye on your employees’ smart devices while working. 

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15. For holiday gift ideas for employees, let them have their all devices charged with wooden multi charging station & organizer.

Wooden charging dock

Messy tables decrease the productivity of the employees, and it also slows down the work speed. Clean the mess this season with Multi-device Wooden Charging Station & Organizer.

It helps in two ways – keeps everything organized and also charges devices.

Mess-free life, the better life.

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16. Acupressure massage rings are Christmas gifts for employees with anxiety issues.

Acupressure Massage Ring

during meetings, we have seen conscious employees keep on ticking ball pen buttons or squeeze their fingers in order to keep a hold on their anxiety.
However, it might embarrass them to look anxiously conscious.

So this ring will do the chore that they can run in their finger without notice and have acupuncture massage along with coping with introvert bubble. 

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Pro-Tip: Add this to the gifts basket for writers and impress them with your gesture of care.  

17. Beer Foam Maker Mugs Are Boozing Christmas gift ideas for office staff.

Beer Foam Maker

Enjoy a boozing session with your favorite employee and let them make creamy foam on their favorite beer using his gift.

It’s a bottle-shaped gear with a button that stirs liquid to make excellent foam for drinks.

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18. This windproof led inverted umbrella with reflective stripe & reverse folding is enlisted in the employee Christmas gifts list.

Windproof LED Inverted Umbrella with Reflective Stripe & Reverse Folding

Offering your employees umbrellas is a healthy way to keep them regular at work even in the rains. What can be a better gift than an umbrella that lights and can be inverted? 

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19. This tech gadget gives portable gravity acupressure massage anywhere thanks to this pillow present for staff.

Portable Gravity Acupressure Massage Pillow

It is common and okay to take work stress; however, its continuous session can lessen your employees’ productivity. This massager will help them have a sound sleep and come to work fresh. Wow!

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20. 12 OZ skinny can coolers can be excellent employee gift ideas when fulfilling water intake.

12 oz Skinny Can Cooler

Let your employees eat and drink in their personal containers through this pandemic to reduce human interaction and germs dispersion. 

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21. Spread happiness among staff by offering merry Christmas trees to everyone – awesome Gifts ideas for office staff.

Merry Christmas Trees Shirt

T-shirts embedded with Christmas trees are great gifts for employees to wear at the company’s official Christmas party.

Gift it and let your employee wear it with any pair of jeans, leggings, or pajamas.

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22. Blue light blocking glasses are Christmas gift ideas for employees on a budget.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Rays of computers are harmful, we all know. However, we don’t do much about it. This Christmas, help your employees with a clear vision and offer them Blue Light Blocking Glasses present.

The glasses are lightweight, easy to fit, and blocks harmful computer rays from reaching the eyes.

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Cool Employee Christmas Gift Ideas 2022:

For the most fabulous employees of your office, here are some Cool Employee Christmas Gift Ideas 2022.

These are medium-range gifts but if you need to have some super cool discount, check Cyber Monday deals at Inspire Uplift.

23. LED beanie hats are gift ideas for employees for Christmas.

Christmas LED Beanie Hats

Christmas is all about sharing love through thoughtful words about December and Christmas, kind gestures, paying visits to fellas, and of course, exchanging lots and lots of gifts.

It blinks colorful lights and also keeps from the cool winds of December.

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Employee Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget:

Here you will find budget-fit gifts ideas for office staff, inexpensive office gifts, and splendid holiday gift ideas for employees and co-workers (working at the office or from home) to boost their morale.

24. Staff Christmas gifts like this anti-germ no touch key is handy to keep them safe:

Anti-Germ No Touch Key For Everyday Use

This Christmas, offer help with Anti-Germ No Touch Key for Everyday Use and let your work staff touch everything without getting contaminated.

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25. These collapsible coffee cups are eco-friendly Christmas gifts for employees from the boss.

Eco Collapsible Foldable Coffee Cup

There are plenty of gifts available for coffee lovers. However, one that comes in your budget and a gadget that can be the most favored gift for staff members is an Eco Collapsible Coffee Cup.

The mug collapses and easily fits in the bags, while employees can open and use it for tea and coffee anywhere.

Remember, good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee. ☕

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26. Employee Christmas gift ideas like this luxury faux fur eyeglass holder are all you need on this Christmas.

Luxury Faux Fur Eyeglass Holder

Staff members with glasses have a hard time looking for spectacles every time. This gift will help them get rid of the situation.

The Luxury Faux Fur Eyeglass Holder gift will hold the glasses that your employee can put on their desks, and its faux material will keep the glass scratch-free.

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27. Need gift ideas for employees for Christmas? This touchless soap & sanitizer dispenser is all you need.

Touchless Automatic Soap & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Plenty of hands touch one office sanitizer bottle and make it soiled with germs. Help your staff this Christmas and offer them Touchless Hand Sanitizer dispenser.

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28. Xmas gifts for staff should be enriched with problem-solving products such as this pair of socks.

Cotton Acupressure Reflexology Socks

These come in a particular design that helps people to have acupressure massage anywhere at any time to ward-off anxiety and pain caused by any issue.

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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Employees 2022 under $30:

When it comes to finding gift ideas for employees for Christmas, we always need budget-friendly options, so these gifts under $30 will help you boost your staff’s morale and that also without breaking your bank.

29. Hand sanitizer holder keychain offers practical employee gift ideas.

Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain

Hand sanitizer is the need of the time, and no matter how cleaned your hands are, sanitizing them on and off is necessary.

Help your employees to fight from the pandemic and stay healthy by gifting them a Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain that will let them have sanitizer within their reach all the time.

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30. This adhesive phone pocket gives space-saving Christmas gift ideas for office staff.

Adhesive Phone Pocket

There is nothing bad about spending money on your employees who shed sweat to grow the company together. However, finding something useful in less price is also not a bad idea.

The adhesive phone pocket gift will let them keep their tiny essentials in their hands like hands-free, bank cards, and cash along with their phones.

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31. If you need inexpensive office gift ideas, get this ear warmer headband present.

Ear Warmer Headband

Here is one more unique Christmas gift that’s infused with a sense of care. Only good bosses think about their employees’ health.

As you are one of them, you can offer an ear warmer hand band Christmas present so they can enjoy the frosting snow season with its full zeal.

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32. This LED mask gives safety Christmas gift ideas for staff

LED Luminous Mask Mobile Phone App

To make your employees feel enthusiastic everywhere, gift them LED Luminous Mask. A product that let them convey everything without speaking a word.

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Employee Christmas Gifts:

This section is specially designed with ideas, suggestions, and tips on Employee Christmas Gifts that a boss can proudly present to his staff.

These are based on a collection of presents for staff based on their work designation like keychains for drivers, pens for writers, gadgets for SEO experts, etc.

Here are some appreciating gifts for employees.

33. Searching for ideas for employee Christmas gifts, get this beer chiller stick for bottles.

Beer Chiller Stick For Bottles (Single Piece)

Is there any holiday without beer? Staff holiday gift ideas should have something relevant to beer too so that they can enjoy their off days to the fullest.

This beer chiller gadget gift for Christmas will let them have a beer as cold as their ex’s heart. Haha

The purest beer with no chunks of ice and resilient taste, just for your favorite employee.

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34. Groot man planter is the gift for your favorite employee who loves ecology

Groot Man Planter Pot

Greenery attracts everyone, and it also enhances the productivity of the human brain. So, on this Christmas, gift your office workers Groot Man Planter Pot.

They can grow beautiful succulents in it and put on their office desk to stay fresh throughout the day.

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Besides, you can wish them with scariest words collection too on the occasion of All Hallows Eve.

35. Inexpensive gift ideas for employees can be as simple as this beaded charging bracelet.

Beaded Charging Bracelet

Last but not least, in the cheapest gifts for employees, we have Beaded Charging Bracelet.

Wear it like a bracelet, and charge cellphones whenever needed. A life-saving gadget and fashionable accessory, side-by-side.

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36. The ultimate wrist wallet with phone pocket can be simple employee gift idea this Christmas.

The Ultimate Wrist Wallet with Phone Pocket

Cheap and handy, a gift that everyone will love as it brings convenience in life by holding cards, coins, cash, and phone together. Offer it to your employees, and let them have it all within reach of a hand. 

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37. 3d face mask inner support bracket makes perfect inexpensive Christmas gifts for employees 2022 under $20.

3D Face Mask Bracket Silicone Inner Support Frame For Breath Support (10-Pieces)

3D Face Mask bracket gift will enhance the mask-wearing experience forever. Nobody in the office will have to remove the mask for speaking.

For the no-more spread of germs.

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PS: You get 10 pieces of silicon mask brackets in each order.

Christmas Gifts for Staff to Enhance Their Efficiency:

Let your staff feel at the top of this world by offering these employee Christmas gifts, which are actually efficiency boosters.

These are also perfect gift ideas for employees on a budget that any boss can buy for his team members without worrying about the company’s year-end expenses.

Here you go with Christmas gift ideas for staff:

38. Portable Mobile iMiniMic Makes Best holiday gift ideas for employees With Beautiful Voice.

Portable Mobile iMiniMic

This is for singer workers. Haha. The mic has a very cute small size and gets attached to any android or iOS device.

It helps in singing and talking without effort during business meetings—a gift for your favorite worker.

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39. Road Trip Coffee Mugs are employee Christmas gift ideas for staff members who love traveling.

Road Trip Coffee Mug

Coffee is the taste of morning, and without coffee, we don’t think the morning really starts.

Spruce up your employees’ coffee drinking experience with this gift.

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Useful Christmas Gifts for Office Staff:

Employee Christmas gift ideas should be offered to each and every employee regardless of their designation and work title.

Following are some convenient gifts for everyone that a boss, a workmate, or worker can give to each other during the holiday season to spread love.

40. These magic bun makers are a gift idea for office staff – anyone and everyone!

Magic Bun Maker

A gift for all creative employees, the mess-free bun maker that will help them look fashionable without effort.

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Easy to Implement Christmas Gift Ideas For Office Staff:

Getting ready to deliver gifts and finding gift ideas for office staff, both though treated as the same query, but there’s a slight difference in both.

For example, in employee Christmas gifts, you will find deliverable products, while in the employee Christmas gift ideas, you will find some tips to find perfect presents for your office staff.

So what are some excellent gift ideas for office staff? Here you go with the answer:

41. Tactical Christmas stocking can be incredible Christmas gift ideas for staff because it comes with the event’s spirit.

Tactical Christmas Stocking

On this Xmas, let’s organize the mess. Help your employees with Tactical Christmas Stocking, available in plenty of colors.

What a gift for a messy employee

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42. These beer foaming mugs are surprising employee gift ideas because bosses are usually against boozing.

Beer Foaming Mug

Beer doesn’t taste better without a layer of creamy foam on it.

Let your employees enjoy their favorite beer in these holidays by gifting this beer foaming mug.

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43. Hammer Bottle Openers are Christmas gifts for employees who love drinking.

Hammer Bottle Opener

Let’s enhance the bottle opening experience a little more. Gift your employees this bottle opener, shaped like a hammer.

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Confidence Boosting Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees:

Not all employees are the same. Some of your office staff members can be fully confident while some utterly shy. It mostly happens with new staff members.

New employees take time to open up. However, some introverted team members can also need a helping hand to bring them out of their bubble.

These confidence-boosting gifts will do so.

44. Confidence boosting employee Christmas ideas  – the invisible socks

No More Aching Invisible Height Increase Heels Insoles

This invisible sock is actually a two-inch long rubber heel that can be worn without being conscious or visible. Many times, people lose confidence due to their short height.

Let’s bring back your employees’ confidence with these employee Christmas gift ideas, gifted as a kind gesture of the boss.

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45. Candleholder lanterns are cheap yet useful gift ideas for office.

Geometric Candle Holder Lantern

Gifts shouldn’t be expensive but valuable and thoughtful such as this candle holder.

Your employees can use it as a decoration accent on their work table or anywhere because it looks so alluring even when not holding a candle. All these traits make it Employee gift ideas 101.

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46. Hexagon-shaped hoop earrings are Christmas gifts for employees to help them dress up.

Zinc Alloy Hexagon Hoop Earring

These hoop earrings are so elegant that your female employees can even wear them at work or parties.

They are going to love such trendy Christmas ideas for staff.

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47. Pillow cloud lamp will spruce up your favorite employee’s work desk – Incredible Christmas gifts for office.

Battery Operated Cute Little Cloud Lamp

This cloud lamp is usually used for kids, but we have known many adults who love to have it in their rooms, at tables, or in their homes.

Besides, it is available for just $19 with free shipping, making it the most inexpensive Christmas gift for employees. So, why not?

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Funny Employee Christmas Gift Ideas:

Nothing is better than wishing your employees Merry Christmas in the funniest way possible. Besides, funny gifts for office staff will make every employee laugh and enjoy at the party.

However, gag gifts for employees on Christmas shouldn’t be only funny but valuable as well. Considering that here we have some funny yet practical employee gifts.

48. Bread toast light, a gag Christmas gifts for employees who are always hungry

Magic Bread Toast Light

This bread toast actually illuminates and gives enough light to do the chores when it is dark everywhere. However, the fun side is that you can give it to your employee who is always looking for food. LOL! Just for fun.

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49. Mosquito head net shields are holiday gifts for employees scared of insects.

Mosquito Head Net-Face Shield

The outdoor staff has to stand day and night at the places where there are so many mosquitos and other insects flying. Keep them safe.

However, for the funny side and make it one of the funny employee Christmas gifts, give it to your staff member who is most terrified of insects. LOL!

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50. Faceless red decoration dolls are valentine or Christmas gifts for employees who are introverts.

Valentine’s Day Faceless Doll Decoration

Faceless dolls are just like your employees, always hiding behind their hoodies and fellow members because they don’t like confronting the public.

Such Christmas gift ideas for employees will portray their inside nature, and they will enjoy receiving it. At the same time, the red color of these dolls makes them truly dedicated gifts for Valentine and Christmas.

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51. 500 smilies gifts for new office staff members who are too miser to smile.

500 PCs Multipurpose Smiley Face Sticker Roll

New employees don’t smile often; however, some old introverted team members as well.

This is a set of 500 smiley stickers that you can give to all those team members to put on their things to make a smiling face.LOL!

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Employee Christmas Gifts For All Occasions:

Here we have some exciting things you can use as employee gifts for Christmas. So, without wasting time, here you go:

52. Let your team dance with these twerking Santa Christmas gifts for office staff.

Electric Twerking Santa Claus Toy

The Santa with a funny, serious face twerking his butt will make all your employees dance with him. Funny gift for Christmas, yet it is also a Christmas keepsake gift for your staff members.

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53. Meditation Zen frog statute is a Christmas gift idea for an employee who is a fitness freak.

Meditating Zen Frog Statue

There are team members who are always giving you lectures on eating fresh and doing exercises or at least yoga every day.

Give this Zen frog to him, and do not forget to record the laughter. As it is a unisex gift, so you can also give it to your female employees.

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54. Cord cover is present for staff who is very clumsy and always trips on wires.

Floor Carpet Cord Cover

Team members who cannot walk a mile without tripping in a wire have a lifesaving present for them. The cover will declutter the wires’ mess and help you and your employees have a sigh of relief.

No more broken knees and damaged wires, thanks to wire cover by Inspire Uplift.

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Unique employee gifts for Christmas:

Unique staff gifts should have all those things that no employee has expected to receive. These can be simple yet life-changing products that will bring ease to their lives.

Besides, these will also be employee gifts based on some unseen, unique, and fresh gadgets.

Here we have some ideas on employee Christmas gifts that you would like to give to your staff as a boss.

55. This transparent bag looks so expensive, yet it is gift ideas for employees on a budget.

Clear Plastic Fanny Bag With Two Pockets

This bag is transparent, comes with a side belt, and gives enough space to store everyday stuff in it.

Yet it is transparent design makes it look so expensive. But you know what???? This is one of the most inexpensive employee Christmas gifts that you will ever find.

Don’t trust us? Check by yourself.

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56. Vitamin organizer bottles are gifts for older employees who have given their life to the company.

Vitamins Organizer Water Bottle

The bottle has seven different compartments that help store tablets and small pills according to the day-wise dozes. Help your employees to stay active and healthy by handing in this gift this Christmas.

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57. LED dice lighter gift for employees with a note, smoking is harmful to health.

Refillable LED Dice Lighter

This LED dice lighter works in two ways. First, it comes with an LED bulb, and secondly, it has a lighter to illuminate fire at the time of emergency.

However, do not forget to mention the side-effects of smoking because health is wealth, and you will not like to see your employees indulging in any activity that’s damaging to health.

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58. Electric shaver brush cleanser for beardy employees of your office staff

10 Pcs Electric Shaver Brush Cleaner

A Shaver brush cleanser is the most needed thing for a person who needs to trim their beard and mustache every day for setting.

Your employee is going to owe on having such thoughtful employee Christmas gift ideas.

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59. Spade card that opens bottles and perfectly fits in the wallet – creative and unique Christmas gifts for employees

Cool Playing Card Bottle Opener

A Spade card can be kept in the wallet just like a bank card and used on the way to open bottle lids. A handy thing and an effortless gift but something every person will like to have.

Besides, the gift is inexpensive, and you can even order as many as you need for all of your employees.

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Bottom Line:

Spread happiness and stop worrying.

Have fun at Christmas, and please send us your Christmas wish by commenting below.

If you are an employee, check for gifts for the boss here.

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