43 Out-Of-The-Box Funny Gifts For Mom To Bring A Heartening Smile To Her Face

Moms are the sunshine ☀️ of our lives.

A mother’s dream is to see her children grow to be happy. So she makes every moment of our lives count. She sacrifices her sleep, peace, and happiness to make sure we have ours.

No matter how much we grow up, Moms always find a way to make us feel like kids again. But now is our duty to please them. 🥰

Through hilarious gifts.
Yes, giving funny gifts is a hard shot to play but fret not when Inspire Uplift is here.

This guide to funny gifts for mom will help you!

Check Out These 44 Unique And Funny Gifts For Mom!

1. 925 sterling silver funny Doodle necklace for moms

925 Sterling Silver Fuck You Doodle Necklace, Funny Doodle Necklace, Fuck You Doodle Unisex Necklace, Funny Necklace

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Beautiful, durable, shiny silver doodle necklace for moms…with sass!

This necklace comes in three sizes and is perfectly weighted, making it a must-wear whenever she wants to let the world know where to find her!

2. Multitasking lazy mop slippers for your creative mom

Lazy Mop Slippers

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Mom always loves useful presents. So, we know your mother will find this multitasking gift very endearing, and it’s a good idea.

As she walks back and forth around the house, the cleaning is done automatically with this lazy mop and funny slippers!

3. “Sorry I’m late My Husband Had To Poop” tee

Sorry I'm Late Tee

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A funny but daring gift for your mum! 😆

This t-shirt is quoted with a humorous line, “Sorry I’m late My Husband Had To Poop” it definitely makes your mum laugh because it’s about her husband. 😜

This t-shirt is made of comfortable, breathable material and is ideal for wearing all day long.

4. Funny and realistic unisex comfy animal paws socks

animal paws socks

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What comical and realistic socks! Add these socks to the birthday basket of funny gifts for a new mom who loves cats, dogs, lions, and other animals.

These unisex 3D animal socks are comfortable, lightweight and stretchy.

5. Funny sloth mug


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This mother’s day, your mom shouldn’t be working.
Well, don’t let her say it out loud. Let this hilarious mug do the talking…

And if you want to go extra, commit to filling it up at least 7 times the whole day with her favorite beverages.

Coffee in the morning…
Juice 2 hours later…
Coke 2 hours later…

You get the pattern, right 😄?

6. Oval shape Raccoon ear cuff with no piercing

Raccoon ear cuff no piercing, Racoon earring silver jewelry

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There’s nothing easier for moms than wearing a funny and comfortable raccoon ear cuff since it’s unnecessary to pierce her ears!

Putting it on the smallest part of the ear and moving it to where it feels most comfortable, then squeezing slightly, if necessary, will ensure it stays.

7. Anti-slip poop soft slide sandals as funny gifts for moms

Poop Soft Slide Sandals Anti-slip in indoor areas

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As an essential slipper for the home, this funny slipper for moms features a poop print that is a fun addition to any room in the house.

Release your mom’s feet and significantly reduce the pressure of walking and foot pain.

It has a Super thick foam sole, highly elastic, which can help to walk freely.

8. Fake spider prank box

Fake Spider In Box Surprise Prank Gift

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This prank box competes to be the best gag gift for your mother. Take the box wrapped in glittery red paper and ask her to open it in front of you.

Wait till she lets out a scream after seeing a black spider coming out of it.

And yes, don’t forget to record the scene.
P.s. Have the “real” gift with you as well. Once she calms up, present that to her.

9. Fun with soft plush poop emoji pillow

Plush Poop Emoji Pillow

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If your mom wants to hang out with her friends, what is the perfect gift to give her? Mmm, it should be funny, like this plush poop emoji pillow 😂.

She will grin when receiving this hysterical plush, and she can use it as a back pillow for her chair, couch, or sofa.

9. Funny tee quoted with “At My Age I’ve Seen It All”

At My Age I've Seen It All

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This shirt will surely be a favorite of your mom as a funny gift for her. She can wear this top with cozy tight pent.
This shirt adds durability with double stitching along the neckline and sleeves.

11. Super cute but funny unicorn poop for the magical birthday of mom

Unicorn Poop for Magical birthday, pocket hug in a box, funny Birthday gift, HA-POO birthday

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HA-POO birthday, mama! 🥳

A customized pocket hug box is a great idea; you can write anything for her to present as a fun birthday or holiday gift.

12. Funky and funny 2-in-1 drinking straw glasses for mom and daughter

Funky 2-in-1 Drinking Straw Glasses

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It is hard to choose when you are searching for mom gag gifts, but this drinking straw glass is just perfect. Buy it for your mom and your sibling.

They both will look so adorable and cute. 😉 This cool drinking accessory will be a creative gift idea for anyone, including kids to elders of all ages.

13. Super cute custom funny socks for any mom

Custom Funny Socks

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Mothers always work for us. But they also need relaxation from their daily busy routine. So, these hilarious Custom Funny Socks quoted with “if you can read this, bring me the glass of wine.” Will do her a lot of good.

This choice is also considered best for gifts for a dad who wants nothing.

14. Wind up chattering teeth toy for mom who gaggles alot

Wind Up Chattering Teeth Toy

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A toy isn’t just for kids; it can also be given to your mother as a gift.

Now is your turn to giggle with this windup chattering teeth!

In addition to the small steps movement and the clacking sound, this chattering teeth package offers mummy an entertaining package she won’t soon forget.

15. Gift grinch arm and head tree topper on Christmas

Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Arm Ornament & Christmas Tree Topper

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Say to your mom, “Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree.”

It is the perfect Christmas idea for her, and thanks to its lightweight structure, she can easily install it on any Christmas tree.

16. Don’t Let Anyone Else Ruin Your Day Tee

Don't Let Anyone Else Ruin Your Day Tee

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When words are used correctly, they have greater power because they can convey anything, even true emotions.

Let’s encourage mama with this sassy t-shirt quoted, “Don’t Let Anyone Else Ruin Your Day, it’s your day ruin it yourself.”

17. Comical poop emoji mug suitable for all ages

Funny Poop Emoji Mug with Handgrip & Swirly Lid

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On commemorative dates and especially Mother’s Day, no child wants to disappoint the mother by giving her something she doesn’t like.

So, buy this gift for your mom’s study table on her birthday. So, she can take coffee and enjoy reading the books.

With its cheeky good looks and bucket loads of fun-filled charm, this funny gift for a mom from a daughter will make her smile expressively.

18. Blue teacup food miniature ring cup made of antique silver

Blue Teacup Food Miniature Ring Cup of Coffee Tea Ring Adjustable Free Size Teatime Porcelain Filigree Ring Jewelry 7668

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It is essential for your mother to have a cup of coffee or tea every day while she completes house chores. Let’s bring a small cup to the ring!

As a unique gift for mom, this Porcelain Filigree Ring is a little cute and funny but is adjustable and handmade with pure materials.

19. Nontoxic laughable sleepy silicone sloth tea infuser

Sleepy Silicone Sloth Tea Infuser

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Enjoy a refreshing tea with an instant smile with this funny sleepy silicon sloth tea infuser. It is one of the top funny gag gifts for mom on her birthday.

She’ll instantly feel better when she sees the adorable sleepy sloth, who leaves her face beaming with a beautiful smile.

20. Fun having glass for wine enthusiast moms with sucking straw

Wine Enthusiast Glass

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Adding fun and fashion to your mummy’s drinking experience, this Wine Enthusiast glass features a unique straw.

This delightful wine sipper with its built-in straw allows her to take sips after sips of wine and add a little fun to each glass.

21. Ceramic sloth hanging planter for succulents

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Moms love to decorate sweet homes. So, help your mama by giving this sleek, amusing ceramic sloth hanging planter. This planter will be good addition to home decor.

It is made of ceramic, is safe to use and there to stay with her succulents for a long time hanging in the doorway.

22. High knee cotton funny chicken leg socks

Funny Chicken Leg Feet Socks Knee High (Unisex)

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Gift these vivid chicken leg socks to your mom. She will walk around the town with her new legs. Her new legs will attract the passers-by who will ask her where she got them from.

These hilarious chicken feet socks are made of cotton. As a result, it is both comfortable and breathable.

23. Funky, comfy, and a cute frog bucket hat for sun protection

Cute Frog Bucket Hat

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Are you planning a party on the beach? Giving gifts at these parties will be tricky when thinking about mom’s funny gift.

This frog bucket hat could well be a fitting option. It will give her protection against the sun and be considered a useful gift that will surely be appreciated by her.

24. Laughable handmade prank sculpture with a realistic appearance

Handmade Prank Bookshelf Sculpture

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Does your mom want the attention of her guests? Surprise your mother with this hilarious handmade prank sculpture. This sculpture will attract your mom’s guests.

It is also the best choice for cool things to buy for a new house and will be a unique gift for everyone.

25. Funny & silly toilet bowl coffee mug to make her laugh

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

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Morning coffee gives a boost, but this funny toilet mug Will give an amusing twist to it. Give this gift to your mom to create a fun environment at her birthday party.

These toilet bowl mugs can be filled with cookies, candies, tea, coffee, ice cream, dessert, and anything she wants.

26. Vomiting egg yolk for fun squeeze working

Vomiting Egg Yolk (Puking Egg Yolk Stress Ball)

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When thinking of funny gifts for mom from daughter, this stress-releasing vomiting egg yolk ball should surely be on your list. This ball is equally fun for adults and kids.

Shh, we don’t want to boast but this is also a good gift to give to your cousins to make them laugh.

27. Batwing sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory for mom

Unique Vintage Gothic Bat Wing Sunglasses

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Does your mom love to do fashion? Don’t go anywhere. These batwing sunglasses are waiting here to get in your shopping cart as funny mom gifts.

Bats are screechy animals that don’t find a lot of love from humans. But these glasses surely will.
They don’t make sounds, don’t smell and will be UP even in the mornings😄.

28. Durable charging cable with a cute little dog

Cheeky Dog Data & Charging Cable

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This cute little dog charging cable will be on your gift list when looking for fun gag gifts for mom. She will give you a big smile when receiving this cute, funny gift for her.

This durable charging cable will protect the cable from any damage due to overcharging.

29. Wind-resistant & stainless eff the rain umbrella

Eff The Rain Umbrella

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What do you gift to mom who doesn’t want anything?

Your mother needs this umbrella to go outside the house in the rain or on a sunny day. Double the fun of your mother with this umbrella. This keeps her dry and provides a well-timed rebuke to those dark clouds.

30. Cute perfect pillow for traveling – stuffed avocado plush with legs

Cute Stuffed Avocado Plush with Legs

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Please your avocado lover mom with this cute avocado plush with legs. This pillow will be a great addition to your mom’s bedroom.

This coochy coo plush gives the comfort and warmth while hugging her body softly.

31. Cute and stylish crab pen holder for table

Cute Crab Pen Holder For Desk

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Can I just say that this gift gives “unique” a whole new perspective. Crabs were seen as figurines and plush toys before, but as a pen holder? Never!

Decorate your mom’s desk with this cute, hilarious pen holder to carry her stationery and glasses and paintbrushes.

Funny gifts for mom from daughter such as this one add action to your mom’s table. Give this to a creative writer you know as well.

32. Unique tree face bird feeder for the gardening mother

Tree Face Bird Feeder

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Make things easier for your mom, who loves gardening and feeding birds, by giving this unique and funny mom gift to her on any occasion.

It is very easy to install, just nail it to the tree once and leave it hanging there.

33. Shark slippers are fun having gift for moms on Christmas

Shark Slippers

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A gift for shark mummies is ready to pack as a fun gift for her.

These amusing, novelty, plush Shark Slippers are a perfect accessory to wear around the house, to a costume party, when she dressing up for cosplay, or even just for fun!

34. Use the phone without holding it in hand with this creative cat suction cup phone holder

Creative Cat Suction Cup Phone Holder

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This funny gift for mom is as practical as it is creative. It’s actually a phone holder that will allow her to watch those cooking tutorials while she cooks. It features suction cups, that’s why it is easy to use anywhere.

And when she is not using it, she can put it on the headboard to scare those lizards away. Just kidding. You need a proper cat for that😄.

35. Mini ghost string LED night light to create spooky vibes

Halloween Ghost String LED Night Light

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Moms think for themselves very less, so it’s upon you to organize a birthday party for her and welcome her by hanging these spooky humorous lights.

Spooky and scary is what Halloween is all about, so this funny gift for mom from daughter is also best for Halloween gift ideas.

36. Cool black devil hoodie with red horns and wings

Cute Black Devil Hoodie With Horns And Wings

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Funny gifts for mom on Halloween are too tricky to pick up. So we bring this adorable demon hoodie for your mom to look scary and chic.

The loose-fitting style of this devil wings hoodie makes it an ideal choice for your mama’s cozy wardrobe.

37. Breathable and comfortable hilarious cotton banana hat

Funny Cotton Banana Hat

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Bananas are so delicious to eat. But wearing it is so funny 😂. Best gift for the mom to get ready for the costume party. It is easy to wear and remove with a simple Velcro enclosure.

This one is also the best surprise as cool stuff for kids to bring happiness to their faces.

38. Groot man planter pot is super adorable

Groot Man Planter Pot

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Adorable or hilarious? Well, I think both.

A mother who is in love with gardening and plants will find this present worth more than anything. It can house her mini succulents, stationery items or makeup brushes. And if that’s not enough, wait till she puts it on the coffee table and all her friends adore this décor piece.

Surely a no-fail funny mom present.

39. ELF ear cuffs no piercing made of silver plated wire

Elf ear cuffs no piercing, Fairy ear cuff earring, elven ear wrap

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This is another adorable and wonderful gift for your mother, which is both funny and enchanting.

Featuring silver-plated wire and exquisite detailing, these hand-made ELF ear cuffs don’t require piercing. She can wear it to any festival, fair, comic con, or costume party she enjoys. 🧚

40. Funky heart shape heart diffraction sunglasses

Heart Shaped Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses

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Gift your mother these funky heart-shaped glasses to look stylish and funky. These unique glasses turn light into hearts!

These are waterproof, and their fashionable design adds fun to your mom’s vision.

42. Hilarious funny soft & plush poop hat

Soft & Plushy Baby Poop Hat

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Make a unique Halloween costume with your grandmom. Buy this plush poop hat for yourself and your granny. It can add fun and joy to your costumes.

You can also get it to make your poo jokes lover kid happy.

43. Thief grinch Christmas wreath is a fun Holiday gift

Thief Grinch Christmas Wreath

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The holiday season is always special for giving and reconvening gifts, and everyone gives ordinary gifts, so you should plan a relevant and funny gift for your mom this Christmas.

Hang this unique Grinch wreath on your front door to give Christmas decor a new twist.


These funny gifts for mom are sure to please her. Even if you can’t be there with your mom on Mother’s Day, these funny mom gifts will show her that you’re thinking of her and make her laugh.

And that’s what mothers love the most – seeing their kids happy and healthy. These exciting ideas are perfect for gifts for step moms and gifts for boyfriend moms too. So go ahead, take a chance and pick out one of these unique gifts for your mother this year.

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