32 Funny Fathers Day Gifts, Dad Jokes, & Last-Minute Ideas to Make Their Day Hilarious & Memorable

Funny Father Day Gifts

Dad, pa, poppy, daddy, and papa are different names that hold the same deep emotion for a specific person, yes, our father.

He is the one who always listens to his daughter’s girly talks and agrees to be their gossip bestie. Or, the one who supports the stupid family pranks of their sons and gives them even better ideas.

Yes! He is the mood-changer that uses hilarious (or lame) dad jokes to lift your spirits and sometimes embarrass you in front of your friends — the person who saves you from your mothers’ scolding (or be the reason for it: p).

Can you relate? We all do! Dads are just funny yet sometimes embarrassing. Get back at him on June 20, 2021, with 32 funny fathers day gift ideas.

Funny Fathers Day Gifts Every Hilarious Dad Would Appreciate:

1. This Alien Costume is One of The Best Father’s Day Quarantine Gifts:

We are living in quarantine, which has made every one of us restricted to only our homes. Of course, safety comes first. This can make Father’s Day celebrations boring…

Not if you have this deadly hilarious and funny dad gift where an alien would carry him. 😀

A perfect, hilarious fathers day gift from daughter or son!

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2. This Toilet Seat Glow Is for The Father Who’s Always in The Bathroom:

Toilet Seat Light Glow

What’s a funny gift for dad from son that is useful yet comical? Let us tell you!

Nothing will make him feel confused, flustered, yet laugh like this toilet seat glow cover can. You’ll be listening to his chuckle every time he’ll go to the bathroom to do his business. :p

Help him ease the release with some glowy effects. Aww, you are so thoughtful. Hehe

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3. A Fun T-Shirt to Remind Him He’s Funny, Entertaining, & Hilarious:

I Tried Not To Laugh At My Own Jokes Tee

Fathers are always cracking humorous jokes to make everybody laugh. Relatable? Yes! So, they must get funny fathers day shirts for a laughable special day. 

Get this ‘I know I am Hilarious. Let his tee say it all on the father’s day dinner.

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4. As Precious As Toilet Paper Mug For Extra Fun While Sipping On His Coffee

You Are As Precious To Me As A Roll Of Toilet Paper During A Pandemic Mug

Show your dad how precious he is with funny fathers day mugs. During quarantine, the one thing that has become most important is toilet paper. Weird but true, yeah?

Indeed this ‘you are precious to me as toilet paper’ tops every funny quarantine gift for dad list.

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5. Make Him Go Twerk, Twerk, Twerk With This Santa:

Electric Twerking Santa Claus Toy

This twerking Santa is one of the funny Christmas presents for dad who’s frustrated, tired, and exhausted with managing all the ‘work from home’ and’ family time’ during quarantine. Surely, these funny dad presents will change his mood and will earn you a good laugh.

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How can you make father’s day special? Make him DIY dad joke gifts! But how do you do it? Well, make a card and write a fun dad joke in it. :p

Here, read a funny Christmas dad joke for the love of Santa:

Make Him Go Twerk, Twerk, Twerk With This Santa

6. Get These ‘Bring Me Coffee Socks’ for Your Coffee Lover Father

Custom Funny Socks

A funny dad gift from a wife who is tired of making endless runs to listen ‘ah, honey, I want coffee.’ 

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7. This Poop Emoji Mug Is Ideal for a Cool Dad From an Equally Cool Daughter:

Emoji Poop Mug

If you are looking for funny father’s day gifts that can also be useful in their everyday life, you are in the right place. These are some of the funny gifts for dad from daughter that will surely make him laugh every time he will drink tea or coffee.

Pro-Tip: While you are here, check these 35 cool gadgets for men to have more unique ideas.

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8. A Prank Box for a Prankster Dad

Fake Spider In Box Surprise Prank Gift

This spider prank box is among the hilarious fathers day gifts for dad, stepdad, or grandpa, which are perfect from daughter, son, or wife. ;p 

Yes, it can be a fun dad present from any member of the family! Get back at him for all the funny pranks he put on you.

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9. He Can Wear These Chicken Socks Even With His Basic Dad Outfits:

Unisex Chicken Feet Socks

If your father loves crispy fried chicken legs, he will love these chicken socks too! Relax, even if he’s more of a meat guy, these funny fathers day gifts socks will surely be a constant reminder for him to laugh, thinking about what’s he wearing under those old 90s pants and shoes.

Pro-Tip: Pair it with a nice and stylish belt to complete the typical dad outfit look.

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10. One of the Best Fathers Day Quarantine Gifts is This Tissue Paper Crisis Ornament:

Tissue Paper Crisis Wood Ornament

2020 has been tough and hard for everyone with the shortage of home essentials. Right? But woohoo, we made it through to 2021!

Let him have his moment that, yes, he survived the great 2020 crisis with this wood ornament.

And, get this unusual fathers day gift for my husband that’s not inappropriate or weird!

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11. Flat Drinks Are Not a Problem Anymore With This Soda Dispenser

Party Soda Dispenser

What’s the one thing that goes flat faster than the exciting festive vibes? Soda drinks! This soda dispenser is among the cool funny fathers day gifts 2020 that are equally popular in 2021!

You can also make this cool DIY for a fun dad who fancies himself as the party man.

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Before we enlist more funny fathers day gift ideas, here’s an ever-famous dad joke for you to relive the memories of every time you heard the same pun (yes, we know at least a thousand times.)

Flat Drinks Are Not a Problem Anymore With This Soda Dispenser

12. Let Your Stepdad Enjoy His Morning Coffee With This Fathers Day Gag Gift:

You're Not A Step-Dad Mug

If you are looking for some Funny dad gifts for stepdads, then we have got you covered. Yes, this stepdad mug will convey what you always wanted to say. :p

Indeed, it is among the best fathers day gag gifts!

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Next, on our funny fathers day presents and gifts list is something ideal for the dad who tends to ask for a cup of tea whenever he sees your face:

13. These Make Me Tea Socks are Among the Ultimate Cool Gift Ideas for Fathers:

Custom Tea Socks

All the funny fathers day gifts lists are full of hilarious things that will earn you a good laughter for the time being but will eventually become something good for nothing.

Well, No. Not on our watch!

Get these customized socks that are super comfy to wear and fill the purpose, too, as they have ‘make me tea’ written on their sole.

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14. A Lol-Worthy Gift for Your Bathroom Lover Dad

You Never Know What You Have Until It's Gone Toilet Paper Is A Good Example

Even science can’t explain the eternal love our fathers have for the bathrooms. And, what is that one thing every bathroom loves? Yes, the toilet papers!

Get this funny bathroom tee to make him appreciative of all the bathroom essentials.

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15. Let Him Eat the Chips & Reseal the Packet Like It Was Never Opened

Bag Sealer With Fridge Magnet

For the dad who loves snacking but can’t finish one bag of chips at a time. This bag sealer will let him eat the old chips with the same crunch and freshness whenever he wants.

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Are you here to find funny cheap fathers day gifts? Pick this!

16. Protect His Eyes In a Cool Way With These Shield Sunglasses:

Futuristic Shield Visor Sunglasses

These futuristic shield sunglasses are the best funny dad gifts from daughter. Get a cool addition for his boring shades collection. We are sure he’ll be saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t see that coming after opening your fathers day present.

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17. This Anti-Snore Gift Is A Sleep Saver For Everyone:

Fathers are sweet, loving, and caring, but why do they become gigantic with those loud snores when they sleep? We all have been there! Well, not anymore.

Yes! This anti-sore can be among the funny gift ideas for dad when opened but at the same will be helpful afterward too. :p

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Did your father ever admit that he snores? No? Well, no father ever does!

his Anti-Snore Gift Is A Sleep Saver For Everyone

18. Add This Useful Mr. Mustache Razor to Your Cute Fathers Day Gifts List:

Mr. Mustache Razor Holder

This mustache razor is cute, useful, and everything a perfect fathers day gift should have. Let him go above and beyond his facial hairs without losing his favorite blade. :p

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19. This Rotating Musical Tree Is Among the Best Funny Christmas Gifts for Dad:

Christmas Dancing Rotating Singing Musical Tree

This rotating musical tree will dance, sing, and twerk for your dad that too for free. Well, except the money you spent on buying this cheap fathers day gift. Hehe

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20. A Clever Swab to Remind Him That Clean Ears Makes the Life Better

The Clever Swab

Well, this could be among the perfect funny fathers day gifts if your dad is among those husbands who give the same excuse to their wives, ‘Honey, I didn’t hear you properly.’

Because this clever swab will clear all the discomfort, wax, and gunk from his ears. :p

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21. Say Bye to Toughest Clogs and ‘Argh, I Can’t Do It Anymores’

For the super dads who imagine themselves as the handyman of the house. Say bye to the clogged kitchen pipes and bathroom drains in mere seconds.

Indeed, a useful yet fun gift for dad!

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22. Perfect Bring me Wine Socks For Your Wine Lover Dad

Wine Lover Custom Thermal Socks

Are you looking for some unusual fathers day gifts and DIY Ideas? We got you!

What’s the one thing every father dreams of doing? Gulping down endless glasses of their favorite wine. Match his everyday sole to his aim with these cool bring-me wine socks.

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June 20 is that time of the year that urges us to celebrate the existence of dads, stepdads, or grandpas in our life. They make our life happening with all the dad humor, cute gestures, and if nothing, by their presence.

Turn the pages this father’s day and give him a burst of good laughter with our fun fathers day gifts. Before that, here’s a hilarious father’s day one-liner for you:

Dad, may your father’s day be better than your jokes. :p

Continue to add more funny fathers day gifts to your list (and cart. Hehe):

23. Your Daddy is Going to Love This Cool And Sassy Tee:

Two Things I Know T-Shirt

This t-shirt is cool, sassy, and humorous as it has, ‘I make pretty children and people mad’ written on the front. Indeed, One of the best fun dad gifts that will make this father’s day funny.

Yes, it’s a smart way of calling yourself pretty. :p

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24. This is One of the Laugh-Worthy Quoted Mugs for Fathers Day From Wife:

My Husband Thinks I'm Crazy Mug

Funny gifts for dad on fathers day are not something only sons, daughters, or children can get.

Yes, even a wife can get dad gag gifts for a funny father’s day to surprise the man of the family for the sake of laughter just like this ‘my husband thinks I am crazy, but he married me’ mug.

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25. A Baby Diaper Bag For Single Dad Is Funny Yet Helpful:

Do you know a single dad who struggles with taking care of a young baby? Yes, single parenting is hard enough, whether for moms or dads. This can be among the useful gag gifts for dad.

Get the single parent you know this baby diaper bag and help him out.

Here, read a shoutout story for such single dad and appreciate them on the coming fathers day.

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26. Let Your Tea Lover Grandfather Brew His Tea In A Cool Fun Way:

Skull Tea Infuser

This skull tea infuser is Halloweeny, Christmassy, and perfect to get your tea lover grandfather on every spooky, happy, and lol-worthy occasion.

You might want to get some more fun fathers day gift ideas for grandpa. Right? Click to find 30 gift ideas for grandparents to see what you can get him.

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27. Get This Multi-purpose Groot Man Pot To Make Your Dad Laugh

Groot Man Planter Pot

If you are looking for funny stepdad fathers day gifts, this Groot man pot can be your best bet. He can plant his mini succulents in it or put this on his office table.

The ‘heart you Groot’ will remind your father or stepdad of your love all the time. Surely, he won’t get the creeps looking at it.

You can also get these as some funny birthday gifts for dad!

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28. This Tic Tac Tongue Is For a Dad Who Says I Ain’t Ever Getting Older

Tic Tac Tongue-Puzzle Game

Is your dad among those fathers who are always saying ‘Nay Nay, I ain’t ever getting older,’ or that ‘he has the body of an old person but the spirit of a young man? Then get this tic tac tongue game for him this coming fathers day.

But, make sure to record his expressions after opening your thoughtful gift. :p

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Need more fun ideas for father day? Here read a lol-worthy question to ask your dad:

Here, read a lol-worthy question to ask your dad:
This Tic Tac Tongue Is For a Dad Who Says I Ain't Ever Getting Older

29. For the Father Who’s Obsessed With Cooking But Asks You to Cut all The Veggies

Kitchen Essentials Scissors

Make his cooking easy (and your life) with these kitchen essential scissors. He may laugh at this being a fathers day gift, but as long as it’s useful, he won’t mind it.

Click to find some amazing, inexpensive, and creative gifts for a woman who has everything.

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30. For the ‘Don’t Disturb. I am Working From Home’ Dad

Santa With Mask Ornament 2020

If you are looking for fathers day quarantine gifts to cheer up your dad who’s working from home, get him this cute Santa with a mask ornament. Give him the Santa spirits!

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Last-Minute Fun Father’s Day Gifts & Ideas

If you still haven’t found anything on what to give for father’s day, that’s just not boring, typical, or standard. Here’s what you can do:

31. Surprise Your Dad With A Horror Movie Night

How can this be funny?

Well, if your father is far from those people who like to watch horror movies, you can imagine his reaction when a ‘worth-scream’ scene comes on the big projector screen you set up in the outdoor garden.

32. Prepare a ‘Guess My Name’ Food Challenge: Fun Father’s Day Activity

Food-grade Plastic Donut Cutter

What’s better than food? Right. Nothing!

This thoughtful gift for dad will help him in making cool-looking (but weird tasting) things!

You can make different shapes of donuts that look delicious and perfectly normal.

But to make it ‘fathers day special,’ use the filling of weird ingredients. And, ask your dad to guess those ingredients. He will surely love the aftertaste of these donuts. :p

Click to find 70 genius gifts for dad who wants nothing. (but you know, they sure do! :p)

What to do for Father’s Day With No Money?

Even if you don’t have the money to make father’s day special, don’t worry. We have funny cheap yet cool dad ideas for you!

Here’s what you can do:

The dad gift is not important, but your gesture and efforts are! 


That’s it from our side.

Did you like our funny fathers day gifts, pranks, and last-minute ideas? You can also check Inspire Uplift Reviews to know what others are saying about these hilarious fathers day presents.

Let us know which of these funny dad gifts you chose for your father in the comments below. Lastly, we have numerous other gift ideas you can get inspired from.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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