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Black German Shepherd Dog Apperance, Behavior, and Temprament Guide

German Shepherds are, without a doubt most famous dogs in the world, and not a single person is there who doesn’t know about their loyalty, intelligence, devotion, and aptitude for searching clues.

The black German shepherd is the rarest color in these dogs you can find.

The black german shepherd is a purebred german shepherd dog but stands out only because of its 100% black color fur.

Due to being born in a rare yet most different color, black german shepherd puppies are sold at higher rates, like between $700 to $2000.

Black german shepherds are extremely loyal, easily trainable, and fuzz of energy in the home.

Black German Shepherd puppies are born with solid black color, straight back, and can have thicker fur than the standard variety, but sometimes.

Black GSDs served in the wars long ago as messenger dogs, watchdogs, patrols, volunteer dogs, draught dogs, and mine-dogs, etc.

Dark German Shepherd has a Maverious History:

GSDs have a remarkable legacy in serving humankind and other members of the canine and animal family.

On its basis, if we say that German Shepherds have played a keen role in making an unbreakable bond between animals and humans, that won’t be wrong.

You Can Find German Shepherds Easily Everywhere:

Though called Germans, black Shepherd dogs easily adjust in all parts of the world. As anonymous says:

“Though the world is divided by the hunger of power, German Shepherds offer actual power to bring the world together.”

Black German Shepherd Dog:

Despite having popularity in the world, there is not much information available about GSDs in black.

There are also many misconceptions spread about black German dogs.

What are those, find in lines coming ahead.

Black German Shepherds are Adorable Doggies:

Due to looking too sharp in appearance, black Shepherd dogs are considered slightly petrifying in appearance and less likely to have in homes as real pets.

They grow too fast and can show anxieties if not treated rightly.

“When you adopt black German shepherd puppies, they start considering you a member of their pack, to them, you are family, they will never hurt you.”

German dogs can show behavioral issues when you don’t give them a spot of a family member in your home.

They feel isolated and can show some behavioral issues, such as being less-friendly to manhood.

To not to let this happen, here we have a complete and detailed guide about Black GSD.

It would be great if go through it till the end and let us know if there are any more questions left.

We want to make your relation with your pups, everlasting yet enduring.

German Shepherd Appearance:

German Shepherd Appearance
Image Source Pixabay

The appearance of German shepherd from childhood to adulthood is wild and courageous.

You find a pup who is very confident, loyal, and protective enough to keep you safe from dangers since very early childhood.

The Head:

The Head of a German shepherd dog must be in 100:40 to the body size. At the same time, there should be a moderate breadth between the ears.

The Ears:

The size of the ears is medium. The forehead looks arched slightly when looked from the front; however, there is no defined furrow.

The Eyes:

Talking about eyes, their eyes are shaped like almonds with shiny glow and spark in them. The coat determines eye color because both are blended together.

The Muzzle:

All with this, their muzzle is strong, and lips are dry and closely tightened. They do not have wet lips like other dog breeds.

The tail:

All with this, the tail is long enough to reach the neck and is bushy in texture.

The Size:

The appearance of the german shepherd has medium to large size.

A male grows up to 62.5 cm while 57.5 is the average height for females.

The Weight:

The weight also varies between males and females as the former has an average weight of 66–88 lbs while the latter weights 49–71 lbs on average.

Fur Colors:

You can find Black german shepherd in plenty of colors, including pure black, tan and black, silver and black, grey and black, and red and black, etc.

Black German Shepherd Amazing Traits:

It is one of the most prominent breeds of dogs that’s full of intelligence, devotion, and always ready to get a bullet to save their favorite humans.

They love you with all their hearts, possessive in nature, and super-partners when on the road. They are the best canines if you need love.

Here are some traits you should know before adoption:

  • Black German Shepherd Dogs are Loyal Protectors of Family:

Since ages, GSDs have played the role of watchdogs and volunteers, and always helped humans whenever needed.

Black Shepherds have taken all these traits from their ancestors and can be a marvelous addition to the human-families.

Pro Tip: being cautious from this very canine for the sake of security is necessary.

It doesn’t mean he is dangerous; however, the big nails and sharp teeth can make even love bites from their side, hard for you.

Therefore, proper measures of love are necessary, like clipping the nails, etc.

  • German Shepherd Puppies Are active and love Playing around:

Shepherds are incredibly energetic dogs. They love to play around the home, and climbing on stairs or sofas is not a problem for them.

The best activity for them is to tear things apart, either it is your newly purchased cushion or a table as they love scratching too.

“Do not scold your pup on such things. Their ancestors have served as hounds, so it is in their blood and genes to scratch stuff that comes in their ways.”

Pro Tip: for this, try to mark the territory for them from the very start. You can use dog safety gates to help them in learning their limits.

These gates can be placed or attached anywhere in the home, especially the places you want to keep away your dog from going.

  • Black German Shepherds Love Cuddling even when they are adult and scare people mostly:

Black german shepherd puppies consider you a member of their pack and will love cuddling, clasping, and holding onto you while playing.

In this way, they showcase their love for you and tell you how much you mean to them. These are such fluffy creatures and can be fast friends to your kids as well.

Black GSDs are Forever Bulky Babies:

When they get adults, their heart remains of a child who loves panting around the owner. So, even when hulking in size and sharp in looks, Black GSDs will behave like babies and try to come on you for cuddles.

This thing scares most of the owners; however, you should learn how you can keep your dog from jumping onto you once he is an adult.

Things to consider while Getting Black German Shepherd Puppies for sale:

Shepherd dogs are easily available in seal or brown color. Black German Shepherds are rare and can give you a hard time while searching.

For this, you must find some pre-shopping tips to get your desired traits. The puppies come in different lengths of hair as some have thick fur and long hair while some have less.

Here are some crucial points to consider:

  • German Shepherd Puppy Fur Thickness:

Black German shepherds, just like standard shepherds shed a lot. You need to keep this mind while bringing him or her home that you will have to use proper devices and accessories for puppies’ hair vacuuming.

Long hair German Shepherds:

Also, you can find black German shepherd puppies in thick fur and long hair. It happens rarely.

Thick fur haver GSDs also shed a lot.

However, don’t worry about that, use gloves to remove shed hair from your pup

  • German Shepherd Black Lab Mix:

Always remember that black color appears naturally in the shepherd dogs, and there is nothing to do with the mix. Around eight weeks, you will find and know the exact color of your German shepherd dog.

If any breeder promises you to give you a German Shepherd Black Lab Mix, wait for eight weeks, then you will be able to find what color your German shepherd has.

Apart from rare black variety, Germans Shepherds mating is performed with many other races. They are crossed with Poodles, Huskies, Pitbull, Golden Retrievers, Border Collie, Pugs, and many others.

Do you know

You can find almost 21 Mix-bred Golden Shepherd breeds, including Golden shepherd dogs.

A crossbred shepherd will have a mixed temperament based on the other parent. It is up to you if you need a purebred or a mix-bred dog; whatever you decide, make sure you get complete detail of the breed before adoption.

  • Black German Shepherd Colors:

Black German Shepherd Colors

German Shepherd dogs come in various colors and so as their pups. There are;

  • German Shepherd Black
  • Black and white German shepherd
  • Black and silver German shepherd
  • Black and red German shepherd
  • Black sable German shepherd
  • Black and tan German shepherd
  • Gray German Shepherd
  • Liver German Shepherd
  • Seal German Shepherd

Some German Shepherd Colors are hard to find, such as a Sable is a rare color. On the other hand, a golden-colored dog is also not easy to find. You need to be sure about your choice of color in the dog before going for adoption.

  • Bring Changes In The Homes When German Shepherd Grows:

German Shepherd Size
Image Source Pinterest

Shepherd puppy is small in size, but as an adult, he turns into a bigger sized hound that sometimes looks frightening to an outsider. You will also need to bring changes in his dedicated-area of your home as he grows to get bigger and bigger.

These dogs, when grown, can be excellent watchdogs as they have a unique sense of detecting danger and mischievous activities in the surroundings. They also have a great ability to smell and differentiate strangers from households.

“Home is safe when a German shepherd is around.”

Pro Tip: if you intend to turn your shepherd dog into a guardian of your home, make sure to start training from childhood.

  • Breeder – Where to Buy:

Breeder - Where to Buy

Black German shepherd Puppies are so much in demand these days. Due to this, breeders are farming German Shepherd dogs as much as they can. Puppy mills have also come in business.

Pro Buying Tip: You are not recommended to buy your pooch from a puppy mill because, due to poor hygiene conditions, dogs bring a lot of diseases with them in the families after adoption.

Also, if you need to see some customized kinds and to buy a hybrid, German Shepherd Lab Mix will be best for you. Labs, though, charge you a little bit extra; however, offer you the best puppy. All with this, for purebred shepherd puppies, you can consult any local breeder.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for German Shepherd Pup:

Now, you know most of the things about your best-friend coming home. It is time to prepare your home for this loving creature just like you do for newborns.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Making dog expandable place:

German dogs from shepherd breed will get too much bigger, and they grow too fast, so a dedicated area that’s expandable is necessary. It is crucial because the growing black dog will require more space to live, play, and remain comfortable.

You may keep them inside your home as a member of your family; however, to cater to their extreme-active persona, a garden shed, and a sizable area where the dog can use all of his energies is required.

Pro Tip: Do not isolate your dog once he is bigger in size because, due to intelligence, black German Shepherds are extreme-prone to suffer from anxiety when left alone.

  • Getting Leash and Dog Accessories:

Getting Leash and Dog Accessories

Your modern shepherd dog shares ancestor-ship with hounds, so they have some sort of wilderness in their attitude by nature. It is not dangerous if copped up in the right manner. Leash plays a role in keeping your dog civilized, psychologically for humans and dogs, both.

Such as, when the dog is wearing a leash, people don’t get frightened, and the dog also appears as loyal and obedient to the leash-holder.

Do not consider leashing your pet as a gesture of slavery or insult. You can use best-friend pendant leashes if you feel sensitive about it.

All with this, try to bring proper dog accessories for your pet in the home, all set before his arrival. These can be related to his grooming, food, pee, poo, and sleeping routine.

Pro Tip: when dogs are treated in humane manners, they end up becoming cultured canines.
  • Preparing Everyone in the House to Welcome:

German Shepherd puppies are brilliant and, at the same time, sensitive creatures. They can understand your feelings about them through your gestures.

The small dog is just like a child, trying to get attention and love from everyone in the home. Therefore, before bringing him home, you should prepare everyone to give the dog a warm welcome.

There are chances that small children may get afraid of the dogs; that’s natural, however preparing their minds is necessary. You can use some fluffy toys for kids to get them used to with furry-coats.

All with this, make your mind that the baby shepherd may take a lot of love, require much attention, and can create a mess, give him time to learn ethics.

Guide to Take Care of your Baby Black German Shepherd Dog at Home:

Your fluff-bud is adjusting great in the home, wow, this is a great thing and show that you are a super-owner for your pet. However, loving them is not enough if you do not perform proper care of your dog.

Here is a detailed guide with tips and tricks to take care of your Baby German Shepherd Dog:

  • Food:


Nutrition Chart for German Shepherd Puppies & adults  
Type of nutrient Puppy Adult Working adult
Fat 8% 5% 12%
Protein 22% 18 % 30 – 40 %
You will have to feed your dog well to bring him up as a healthy canine.

Try to use proper scoops of food and keep up with the number of nutrients. For this, use dedicated dog food rather than depending upon human snacks.

All with this, keep proper stock of food in the home so that you can fulfill his daily intake of food rather than running to the store to purchase food when finding your pup hungry.

  • Training:

Image Source Pixabay

Most of the time, training is associated with dogs only, but in reality, humans and dogs both require training to have a proper mutual relation of ethics with each other. You will have to learn how to love your dog and take his proper care while he requires to learn how to be an obedient and faithful pup.

You can read dog relate guides specified with breeds for your learning and training to behave with your pooch.

On the other hand, for dog training, you need to be spontaneous, patient, and regular to teach them with some proper lessons. German Shepherd puppies are so intelligent and can be trained exceptionally easily. Here are some tips:

  • Let your dog socialize from very childhood
  • Teach bite inhibition to your dog
  • Make them potty trained so they don’t poo around home.
  • Select different places for dog training.
  • Permission training, before GSD, does anything.
  • Reward them everything for their good deeds.
  • Active-Routine:

Image Source Pixabay

The dog you have selected belongs to a breed of hounds and hunting dogs. His ancestors have spent most of their time in the wilds running behind the targets. Therefore, they too, have it in their genes to run and jump onto things.

Make sure that you fulfill the needs regarding the active living of your energetic pooch. Take them for a walk, play with them, and try to bring exciting toys that dog would love and enjoy playing.

While finding toys, select only those toys that let you involve in playing with him so that you both enjoy playing together with, such as playing a throw-and-catch game with a ball that can keep your German Shepherd pup happily active.

  • Cleaning and Grooming:

Cleaning and Grooming Black shepherd

Washing and grooming are the required steps when you are taking care of your pet, either it is a dog, a cat, or any other animal. But, when it comes to German Shepherds, grooming becomes the most necessary thing ever because they shed a lot.

Their coat, either thick, thin, or very thin, sheds extremely. Also, if the coat is not kept brushed, the ratio of shedding will increase even more. Therefore, you need to do it regularly.

You are most recommended to rub your pups’ fur with hands by grooming gloves. It will help in removing the excessive hair from your dog’s coat and stop them from spreading in the air and your home.

Black German Shepherd Health Problems:

All dog breeds are prone to have certain health issues, including german shepherds in black color.

There are numerous health issues you can find in a Black german shepherd puppy or adult doggy, including:

  • Bone inflammation that can lead to arthritis
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (a condition similar to multiple sclerosis, a neurological issue in humans)
  • Bloating, it can cause instant death of the dog,
  • Heart issues (murmurs, valve blockage, enlarged heart)
  • Epilepsy
  • Eyesight issues
  • Blood disorders
  • chronic diarrhea
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Heart diseases
  • Spinal injuries
  • Digestion issues
  • Certain Allergies
  • Eye problems

In rare cases,

  • Cancer

To keep your doggo from all sorts of health issues, regular vet checks are necessary.

  • Regular Vet Checks:

Regular Vet Checks

For a vet check, it doesn’t matter that your puppy would show a negative health sign. In fact, you will be taking your dog to the doctor regularly so that the little pet doesn’t have to suffer through any problem.

Remember, dogs are tongueless; they cannot speak and tell you about their pain. Therefore, no matter what, you should book appointments with dog-doctors and have a complete checkup.

FAQs about Black German Shepherds:

  1. Does AKC recognize black german shepherds?

Black is a rare color of fur for German Shepherds that are born naturally. Therefore, as AKC recognizes German Shepherds, we don’t find any refusals from ack in recognition of Black German Shepherds.

  1. Can I get German Shepherd Black Lab Mixes?

Well, black color occurs naturally among GSDs. However, in labs, certain steps are performed to give you the desired color of your pup. So it is better if you talk to the lab in-charge before ordering a pup.

Here, make sure to check the history of the parents and other factors before getting the puppy.

  1. How Can I find a Responsible Breeder?

Well, with the behavior and way of treating you, you can judge a breeder to be responsible or not.

Responsible breeders of black german shepherd dogs are knowledgeable and will ask you certain questions before making a decision.

They’ll help you find the best puppy that suits your personality besides won’t mind in giving you a visit to the overall breeding place and telling you the history of each puppy they have bred.

Bottom Line:

This is all about black GSD, or black German Shepherd Dog, their life from childhood to adulthood, and challenges an owner can face while upbringing him.

Let us know if our information came handy for you. Moreover, for any further queries, leave a message.

We love to hear from you. 🙂

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