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Red Boston Terrier Facts – Everything About Health Care & Temperamental Traits

red boston terrier

Having a pup at home is a tremendous yet permanent source of happiness but a great responsibility too. You have a baby in your home that craves your attention, affection, love, and care almost throughout life, but this duty never lets you feel tired as small things you do for a pup is not a duty but an everlasting spring of pleasure.

Though all dog owners are sensitive about the health and wellbeing of their pets, Red Boston Terrier owners are responsive to the fitness for their pups like a fish out of water.

Well, this is all because of some myths circulating the internet and unrecognition of Red Boston Dogs by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

Do you want to know each and everything about your rare dog breed with amazing fur color and unique characteristics?

Here is a complete discussion regarding Red Fire Boston Terrier with authentic information about appearance, health, and care tips, fun facts. You will also know why AKC (American Kennel Club) doesn’t register this very dog for shows, yet does the other dogs of the same breeds.

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What Do Red Boston Terrier Puppies Look Like – Recognizing Your Dog:

Red Boston Terrier Puppies Look Like
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Boston Terrier is a dog breed with pups that don’t size much. Yes, this is a compact dog breed with a friendly attitude and a loyal yet compassionate behavior towards owners. They’re great family dogs, able to live in the hustle and bustle of the city and have a very composed attitude.

Recognizing the Red and white Boston terrier puppies is not very difficult, thanks to their amazingly colored liver-toned coat.  Here is what you need to know about Boston Terrier Puppies’ identification.

Facial Chops:


Boston Terrier breed is a vast breed, covering dogs with different coat colors. Famous tones the fur can comprise are tuxedo, seal, brindle, evenly marked with white tone. So, you can say, the dog has two-toned hair; one of them is black while the other one can be of colors related to the parents.

However, when it comes to Liver Boston Terriers, these dogs have a very different tone of fur.

The coat is of Liver-red and white color, due to which they are exclusively named “Red Terrier Dogs of Boston.”

Skull and Face:

The skull is flat yet square with no wrinkles on it like a pug, though they are of similar size with him. Their head is identical to its predecessors, who were tough and bigger but as loyal and intelligent as this one. Their cheeks are flat, brows abrupt, and has a well-defined top.


Eyes of your red Boston pup are prominent and widely apart, shaping like circles and have dark colors. When your dog is staring at you, the eyes will appear like set in the square-shaped skull and making a cornered line with cheeks. In childhood, the eyes can be clearly blue; however, in adult pups, only a trace would remain.


The ears of your Red Terrier are erecting like cats, yet they are small in size, placed on the corners of the skull, naturally, making the shape of the head as square as possible.


Unlike other terrier dogs, red Boston has a Dudley nose with well-defined nostrils, having a line in between. The color of the nose is black, and it is broad in size.


Muzzle, if you don’t know, is the overall mouth of your terrier dog. This dog is a civilian and citizen; hence its muzzle is short and deep, shaped like a square. There are no wrinkles on the muzzles, and it is almost parallel to the skull.


Just like muzzle, the jaw is also the same; square with regular but short teeth. The bit is undershot; however, chops are of good depth. The lips are wide enough to cover overall teeth and tongue when the mouth is closed.

Weight and Size:

weight and size


Red Boston Terriers have striking square appearance; hence their legs are short, balancing the shortness of the body. They are compact dogs, never grow to a large size.


They healthily weigh between 15 and 25 pounds. Though overfeeding can increase the weight of your dog, that would be an obese dog and not a healthy one.

The temperament of the Red Boston Pup:

The temperament of the Red Boston Pup
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Generally, the dogs appear as compact, weighing between 15 to 20 pounds with alert expressions on the face. Such an easy-to-read appearance shows their inner intelligence as Dogs of Boston are extremely intelligent, according to AKC (American Kennel Club).


As Red Terriers are named after a city name, it is enough evidence to show that they can be excellent urban pets.

Active in the temperament and intelligent in aptitude, these Boston dogs in red are friendlier species. You can take them for a walk and expect their interest in everyone like people walking past, sitting beside, or moving, etc. – they are people-oriented breeds.


Red Fire Boston Terrier is sharing ancestorship with bull-type breeds, and somehow, their facial appearance shows that. Same like their predecessors, the red terriers are very compassionate and loyal towards their owners. They are fun-loving and will always be ready to lick you and love you.

Before moving to fun facts of the breed, you must know some health issues and caring related tips of this exclusive Boston dog with red fur.

What Are Red Boston Terrier Health Problems – Taking Care with Home Remedies:

Red Boston Terrier Health Problems Taking Care with Home Remedies
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Red Boston Dogs are mostly misinterpreted due to their rare fur-coat. Many myths and rumors have also leaked about them, especially relevant to health issues. However, almost all of them are wrong! Let’s find out the truth behind these myths.

Myth: Boston Terriers with red fur, are prone to have serious health issues unlike other dogs of the breed.

Truth: Red and white Boston terrier puppies are as healthier as any other standard Boston Terrier, the difference is just in the fur, not in the overall immunity of the dogs. They are incredibly loving and playful pooches and love to have you and their favorite gadgets around.

Red Bostons, they live healthy and prosperous lives like other dog breeds and are prone to having similar diseases as others from the same race.

Health Issues Red Terriers from Boston Prone to Have:

Here are some common issues and diseases that may occur in the canines belonging to red terrier breed:

Boston Terrier Red Eyes:

Boston Terrier Red Eyes
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Red and Standard, all Boston terrier pooches are likely to catch eye-related issues, including Red Eye and Cherry Eye. Diagnosing the Red eye issue; Angry red blood vessels will appear at the white area of the eye or eye will have a red haze around.

Red Boston Cherry Eye:

Cherry Red Eye is another common canines’ issue and problem that occurs on the white side of the eye. A cherry-like ball starts to appear in the eye; however, it can quickly be resolved with home remedies. Just press the cherry-eye a bit; it will disappear.


As said, Boston canines from terrier breed are prone to develop eye issues; Cataract is among them. It relates to blindness and is an inherited problem from the ancestors.

There are two types of Cataract issues that can occur on different stages of dog life; one in early-age while the other that develops later. Regular vet checkups are recommended to avoid it.

Digestive Issues:

Red Boston terrier Digestive Issues
Image Source

Red Boston small and adult pups can easily develop stomach related issues such as diarrhea or bleeding with each bout. This is a common issue. You should look forward to curing it at very early stages by bringing change in the food type and quantity. However, see a vet if you find the problem is getting worse.


Boston Terrier Red allergie
Image Source

Allergies, once again, related to eyes and skin are likely to occur in the red terrier Boston dogs. However, skin-related issues such as itching can also be found commonly in these canines. If you find your pup with excessive mucus in the eye, watery-eye, or rubbing his body against furniture, see a doctor.


Red Boston terrier Deafness
Image Source

This problem directly re-counts at the senior years of your Boston dog. Yes, all Boston Terriers can develop deafness in their older age. However, the process can be slowed down or wholly avoided by comprehensive care and measures such as using medications and regular vet checkups.

Luxating Patella:

Red Boston Terriers are active dogs. They love walking, running, and jumping around the home as well as on the locations nearby. Due to their active living, the Luxating patella is a knee-related issue, has more tendency to occur in these canines. You need to take proper measures before taking your Bostons out for a walk.

Rare, Uncommon and Misunderstood Facts About Red Boston Pups:

Rare, Uncommon and Misunderstood Facts About Red Boston Pups
Image Source

Red Boston Pups are incredibly loving and fun pups to have in your home. Never let false information on the internet pertinent to these so-loving canines mislead you. They are just like other pooches that will love you more than anything in this world.

Also, Red Boston mongrels are recognized as comedian dogs because of their funny and funky face features; the long ears, square face, and a pair of big eyes. Here some fun facts you should know when deciding to bring your Boston Terrier Red pooch home.

Red Boston Terriers Do Not Have Red Coat:

Name, recognition, and rarity; all happens due to the different colors of the coat, mostly identified as Red. However, you will be amazed to know that the fur is not red but a similar tone, more like liver-color in Boston Terrier Pooches.

That’s why, most of the time, they are also stated as Liver Boston Terrier. They have a red nose and hazel or gold-colored eyes.

Red Boston Pooch has Huge Demand in Market:

Despite all the myths and rumors about this loving and innocent creature on the internet, the dog is in good demand in the market.

Due to being a demanded breed, Red Boston Terriers fetch a high market price. The underlying reason behind this is, of course, their fur, that’s liver-red. You better hurry to buy a Boston terrier with red because prices are likely to expand more.

No Health Issues Specified with the Different Color of Their Coat:

These dogs look different from their siblings because of the coat or fur. We usually don’t find dogs in liver-colored hair; it’s so rare to see, and due to this, people have developed so many misconceptions about their health.

Many people believe that the red color in the hair makes Red and white Boston terrier puppies more like to catch ailments, that’s wrong.

They Share Ancestorship with Bulldog and English Terrier:

They Share Ancestorship with Bulldog and English Terrier

Liver Boston Terriers, they share the same ancestorship as their siblings with the black, seal, or brown coat. They born after a cross between Bulldog and English Terrier. So, their traits, behavior, and health issues are all the same with standard Boston Terriers. Nothing is different.

AKC Does Not Recognize Red Coat Terrier Dogs:

AKC, the American Kennel Club, is a registering organization of Purebred dogs. This club doesn’t recognize Red Boston Terrier as a registered part of canine clubs or purebred.

Most people think that fur is the reason behind this, but that’s not the case. There are many factors based on which AKC registers a pup. Red Coat having terrier dogs remain unable to fulfill that criterion.

Why Does AKC Not Recognize Red Boston Terrier?

AKC does not recognize Red Boston Terrier
Image Source

Well, AKC (American Kennel Club) has some standards based on which a dog is registered with the club. He can be disqualified for minor reasons such as a Dudley nose.

However, this is nothing to do with the health of the pooch. Even a non-AKC-recognized dog is able to live a healthy and sound life. For more information, you can check the Boston Terrier standards of registration by AKC.

Bottom Line:

From the whole discussion, we can get an idea that Red Boston Terrier or Liver Boston Terrier dogs are healthy dogs, and they will be an excellent addition to your family.

They are so loving, can be trained easily, and are highly intelligent compact dogs with no risk of diseases. Therefore, get this pet with complete confidence and never let the false online information about them mislead you.

Any more myths you know about red Boston dogs, let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to check more information on rare dogs, at inspire uplift blog.

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