21 Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing | Beauty, Fashion & Health Gift Ideas

Are you nearing a special occasion and plan to give your loved ones something special?

But is the receiver “that” person who doesn’t anticipate it much?

Is she among those who are not desirous of anything because perhaps she has everything you can think of?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our list contains  21 perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

Because no matter how hard it’s to shop for her, you don’t want to show up on her birthday or marriage anniversary empty-handed.

So here are some outstanding gift ideas.

Beauty gifts: Make them shine with appeal & elegance

1. Derma Skin Scrubber Pen

Derma Skin Scrubber Pen

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No matter how much a girl proclaims she requires nothing, there’s always a space for beauty products because they just can’t get enough of them; that’s how God has made them!

Give this micro-messaging device as a gift to her. It is versatile enough to perform cleansing, exfoliation, lifting, peeling and that too, quite effectively. She doesn’t have to go to a parlor anymore now!

2. Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

Real Jade Facial Roller

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If you are looking for a unique gift for the woman who has everything, this magical Jade roller might just be your lucky pick. Traditionally used by Chinese for thousands of years, this tones up the skin of the face and tightens up loose parts.

Moreover, this set helps in improving blood circulation, facilitates lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and relax tight muscles. A highly useful gift for someone who is hard to shop for.

3. Magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic Eyelashes

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Women take forever to get ready; that’s a truth as obvious as the sun rising from the East. And they feel agitated if you obstruct their makeover routine.

Now can there be a ladies’ gift that speeds up the process?

These reusable eyelashes certainly will. They attach to the existing eyelashes without any sticky glue, giving them a lovely lengthening effect. If your girlfriend or wife is ever getting late for a party, we assure you a combination of these and red lipstick is enough to impart a reasonable effect.

5. Perfume Atomizer Spray

Travel Perfume Atomizer Spray Bottle

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If you are searching for inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything, look no further than this cute, little sprayer. If her perfume bottle takes too much space in her handbag/purse, she can easily transfer a portion of it to this atomizer spray and carry it along anywhere.

Convenient, right? And we bet she would be amazed at how considerate and thoughtful you have been while choosing it for her.

Kitchen gifts: To assist her in cooking chores

6. Multi-shaped breakfast rings

Cute Shaped Breakfast Rings

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There is one thing called normal practices; like gardening, studying and cooking. Then, there are innovative gadgets that make these “normal” acts more exciting, convenient and easy. These rings are exactly that (in the field of cooking).

We are sure this would be a unique gift for a woman who has it all because it’s just so innovative. These rings can be used to prepare eggs, muffins, and pancakes in different shapes of heart, star, and flower.

7. Mandoline slicer

The 4-in-1 Mandoline Tool

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A kitchen is never complete without cool kitchen gadgets but which ones to choose? Surely, the one which gets multiple processes done single-handedly.

And what’s better than this slicer which performs slicing, grating, peeling, and chopping: all-in-one.

Yes, you heard that right! Which women would not want to have such an outstanding tool? So, doesn’t that make it a great gift for women who wants nothing?

Fashion gifts for the woman who wants nothing: Jazz up her beauty

8. Portable Makeup light

Portable Makeup Lighting Bar

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No more smartphone flashlight needed when the love of your life is tweezing her eyebrows or doing eye make-up because you can easily get her this dazzling light!

With the ability to provide proper illumination, it can be attached to any mirror through its suction cups and removed as easily. So no matter if you are going on a Honeymoon trip or spending vacations with family, she can take this light alongside.

It can also be given as a perfect gift to your mothers, sisters, or daughters.

9. 360oMake-up organizer rack

360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

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Your wife or girlfriend might not realize it but she is definitely in need of such practical unique gifts like this one. Who loves to have a cluttered dressing table with make-up items placed haphazardly?

This rack can organize all of her make-up products; it’s both time-saving and space-saving. And the holding capacity is enormous. She can adjust the heights of the racks to store different items by simply changing the level rings.

10. Life Mantra T-shirt

Life Mantra T-Shirt

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It’s almost never a wrong time for gift ideas such as these.

This pink T-shirt could just be the perfect mood lifter for your sulky sister or girlfriend. Just ask her to pair this tee with stylish leggings and inspire everyone with her perfect appearance. 

It explains that life is short thus one shouldn’t waste it while frowning or being sluggish. They should get out, explore the worlds, and test new dimensions.

11. Bun maker

Magic Bun Maker

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Yet another time-saving gadget for all the females to get ready in a jiffy! This bun maker will quickly transform their untidy hair into a neat-looking bun of various styles.

Whether she wants to have a quick dive in the beach water,  or want to get ready for an unplanned party; this bun maker will accelerate her primping routines.

12. Glass Earrings

Bohemian Glass Earrings

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It’s your first Valentine’s with your girlfriend and you want to give her something that she can always remember you with; we recommend these Boho-styled earrings.

They can be worn with any type of dress and whenever she wears them, she would remember you gave them to her. How very personal! This could easily be the best gift for the girl who has everything and wants nothing on her birthday and even any other day. 

The best thing about this gift: they come in tens of different styles ranging from Retro to Mandala and Mermaid.

13. Photo locket

magical expendable photo locket

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What to get a woman who wants nothing from you? Simple, get them something emotional; something she can attach her memories with.

Give it to your friend, sister, aunt or mother so that she can save 4 photos of her most precious relations. It may also hold a manuscript or a tiny draft.

Useful & Interesting Gifts: That she will secretly love

14. Adjustable Phone Holder

Adjustable Tripod Stand Phone Holder

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She wouldn’t ever imagine she needs this phone holder until you give it to her. We can rave about the product for quite some time but that would be irrelevant here so let’s just discuss the crux.

Does your wife have to keep the phone balanced on the kitchen counter while talking to you on Skype during cooking? Does she keep the phone in hand while watching Netflix on the bed? If yes, go for this holder now.

Highly adjustable, this can be wound around the neck or waist and supports smartphones of all sizes.

15. Texting Gloves

Knitted Texting Gloves

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We know, we know we should have discussed it in the start but that would have demoted other fascinating products like the Atomizer spray, Bun maker and Magnetic eyelashes.

Well, let’s come to the point:

While wearing these gloves, your mother, sister, or wife can use her touch-sensitive smartphone even in the freezing weather; no need to remove gloves first and then text you or play a media file! Cool, no?

They come in 6 different colors and can be washed.

16. Flask bracelet

Flask Bangle Bracelet

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Everyone carries fluids and beverages in bottles and mugs but how about a bracelet as a flask? Doesn’t this qualify for a gift for the woman who wants nothing?

This can hold 3 oz of fluid and the wearer can drink from it anytime she wants while looking chic at the same time: during exercise, while walking to the workplace or while hiking. It comes in 4 different colors which makes it even more versatile.

Health & Home Decor gifts: To soothe her up

17. Massaging vest

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It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that our mothers and wives are the “true heroes of home”. They get our dishes and clothes done, cook scrumptious dishes for us and make our houses a beautiful place to live in.

And surely all these efforts take a toll on their bodies. But they may be too sweet to say something so this Birthday or Anniversary, get them this vest which is incorporated with Infrared nodes that ease up the sore muscles and provide relaxation to the whole body.

18. Chunky Knit Blanket

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

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If searching for luxury gifts for the woman who has everything, have a look at this adorable blanket which can both be a body warmer in chilly afternoons and decorative addition to the sofas, rocking chair or bed.

Gifting a hard-to-shop woman a plain blanket would be unreasonable but getting her this beautiful comforter is ingenious. It’s thick, comfortable, braided and provides a range of colors. Order now

19. Oil diffuser

Stardust Essential Oil Diffuser

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There’s one way of describing this diffuser and that’s ‘mesmerizing’. Not only will it render its use in aromatherapy, but it’s also an exquisite piece of décor item to have in the room.

When turned on, it provides great aesthetic pleasure along with purifying the air and providing as a source of night light. So many advantages to a single product.

20. No-show compression socks

No-Show Compression Socks

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Style and comfort should go hand in hand. Right? If not, then what is the point of living in the 21st century!

This type of socks provides a win-win situation: they provide therapeutic benefits and fulfill the styling needs of the women at the same time. Women can wear them with all of their jeans, leggings, shorts, and skirts.

21. Succulent Wall frames

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

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Gift your mother these boxed flower combos on this Mother’s Day. There may not be real flowers in the frames but they are flowers after all, with their trait of being massively beautiful and these also don’t wilt! Useful, no?

Precisely placed in boxes, these frames are available in 24 plant types.

Concluding words

That’s it for the list! We are pretty sure this article would have helped you to narrow down your quest for finding gifts for such women. Comment below which gift you chose and why.

Happy gifting!


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  1. This is a pretty sexist, girlie girl list! To be honest.
    Some actual creativity wouldn’t go amiss!


    • The blog is strictly for women's gifts therefore, it has to be that way. As for the creativity
      part, we will soon be adding DIY ideas in this list. Thanks for the heads up Dominic.

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