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Can Cats Eat Watermelon Despite Being Carnivores – The Answer to Your Every Query About This Cat Food

can cats eat watermelon

Our feline friends, when living with us, try to lick on every food we have for us, without noticing their carnivore behavior.

Despite being carnivores, cats enjoy fruits like cherries, strawberries, apples, carrots, and many sorts of green veggies like lettuce.

Such as fruits like cherries, strawberries, apples, carrots, and many sorts of green veggies like lettuce.

Watermelon is another fruit furry animals love to put their tongues on.

But can cats have watermelon is the question that keeps tingling us, as the loving furry-fluff’s owners?

Here is a complete guide:

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Yes, cats can eat watermelons.

But like Certain fruits cantaloupe and honeydew, watermelons are also good for cats but pits, rind, peel, or seed in them are harmful. 

All of them are rich in vitamins such as A and C. As Cats get these vitamins from eating meat and tuna as well so they don’t require veggies of fruits in their diet as a must. 

However, watermelons are safe for cats to eat but in moderation and some precautions to take are necessary otherwise they may be a choking hazard.

Things That Make Watermelon Treats Healthy for Cats:

1. Watermelons Keep Cats Hydrated:

Hydrated cat

As summer is approaching your felines will need a lot of water to stay hydrated. watermelons are made with 90 percent of healthy water.

Little watermelon treats on and off can be offered to cats to stay hydrated and full.

2. Watermelons Improves Cat’s Bowel Movement:

Watermelons Offer Dietary Fibers

Melon family fruits are rich in dietary fibers and these fibers help to improve and activate the cat’s digestive system.

To avoid kittle litter everywhere in your home on carpets and under sofas make sure her digestive system is working fine and little watermelon treats can do so. 

3. Water Melon Treats Keep Cats Healthy and Groomed:

Watermelons Have Necessary Nutrients And Vitamins

Watermelon is such fruit that offers all necessary vitamins and nutrients to your cat.

When your cat is healthy, she will groom well, shed less, and stop being clingy.

Some precautions are necessary to take. Such as:

How Can Cats Have Watermelons – Precautions:

Do not give your cat watermelons a whole, including seeds and rinds to lick on; it can be poisonous to cats.

If you ever find your cat licking her tongue on a watermelon, take following precautions:

1. Remove Seeds

Remove Seeds
Image Sources flickr

Remove all the seeds from the fruit before offering to your cats because seeds may have toxins in them that can harm their body and health.

Can you eat watermelon seeds? Well, as humans, you can but as cats, it is hard for them to digest.

Q: Can cats eat seedless watermelons?

Ans: Yes, seedless watermelons are good food for cat during summers, however keeping a check at quantity is a must.

The science behind not feeding your cat with watermelon seeds is the cyanide named compound found in them due to which they become poisonous for cats and other animals.

It is same as the cherry pits with cyanide, harmful for cats to eat.

Watermelon Seeds Cause Diarrhea In Cats:

Watermelon Seeds Cause Diarrhea In Cats
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Cyanide is a composite that can cause severe vomiting in pets if chewed or gulped.

This vomiting can lead to diarrhea and can cause a lack of water in the pet’s body.

Cats have sensitive stomachs, especially when they are at a younger age, so, if you owe a kitten, you need to be even more careful.

2. Remove the Rind:

Remove the Rind
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You also need to remove the rind of the fruit again because it is hard to digest for the cats.

The ring is the outer skin or you can say the hardest peel of the watermelon.

If you want to feed your animals like cats and dogs with watermelon, make sure it is free from seeds and rind is completely removed from the sides.

All with this, you must keep up with the quantity of watermelon and must take a medical examination of your cat before feeding them fruits rich in sweet.

Watermelon Is Harmful For Cats With Diabetes:

Watermelon Is Harmful For Cats With Diabetes

Watermelons are so sweet and though they contain natural sugar, they can still create a diabetic imbalance in your pet’s body.

Now, there are two scenarios you need to keep in mind while feeding your pets with watermelon.

  1. Cat has diabetes
  2. Cat does not have diabetes

If your cat lies in the first category, the likelihood of feeding your cat with watermelon is almost none.

A high sugar level of watermelon can cause high sugar in your cat’s blood.

If she is in the second category, offering them a moderate amount of this melon family fruit is good, but more than that can bring symptoms of diabetes in them.

Do you know

If you see your cat is chocking, most probably she has swallowed cyanide from pits or seeds.

How Much Watermelon Quantity Is Enough for Cats?

How Much Watermelon Quantity Is Enough for Cats

According to professionals, the quantity of watermelon depends upon your cat and his dietary habits.

You will have to calculate the quantity of watermelon to feed to your cat by this formula:

Total cat’s diet ÷ 10 x 100 = watermelon quantity for cats

It means, 10 percent of the total diet is the percentage amount of watermelon your can eat.

Try to use proper measuring scoops, to keep a quantity check.

Now, what to do for the rest of 90 percent diet?

For this, try to use proper cat food filled with all the necessary nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and give it to your cat for eating.

How Often Cats Can Eat Watermelons?

How Often Cats Can Eat Watermelons
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Watermelons are summer fruits along with other melon family achenes.

However, offering it too often to your cat can cause health hazards.

Therefore, make watermelon feeding occasional treats for your cats and offer them less-often.

How To Keep Your Cats From Taking Uninvited Treats?

Your cat will show interest literally in everything you eat either it is according to carnivores’ taste or not. Therefore:

1. Do Not Eat Watermelons When Cats Are Around:

To make her avoiding eating melons, you must avoid eating watermelons in front of your furry feline.

This is because it can cause craving and your cat may show strange behavior and be stubborn to take a bite.

Make sure your cat is not around whenever you are treating yourself with sweet watermelon treats.

2. Keep Your Cats Hydrated:

However, make sure to give your cat plenty of water to drink in summers, as well as, in winter.

Cats are not as active as different bigger or smaller dog breeds.

However, they feel thirsty too often even if they are not active and staying inside the home in an airconditioned room.

3. Keep water always beside you:

For this, always keep water beside you.

You can use portable pet bottles to keep water beside you and give your cat to drink without moving from your couch.

Well, we know as your cat pet, you also don’t like to move around too much.


Being carnivores, your cats cannot live alone on plants and herbs.

They need to eat their natural food and meat as well.

So, try to give your cat the food, they are naturally made to eat.

However, make sure that the meat and food you are using is proper and best for your cats to eat.

Secondly, do not offer your cat with the same food every now and then, in fact, give them something different every day.

Make a diet plan for your cat. Make sure to check the ingredients of an edible before giving it to your cat.

Why Do Cats Eat Watermelon?

Why do cats eat watermelon
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Before answering this question, let us tell you that your concern is quite right.

Actually, when cats and dogs live with humans, they adopt so many of our habits like watching tv, eating snacks, and drinking with us.

Dah! I am talking about healthy milky drinks. So, if your cat is always having their teeth on the melon family fruits, this is not a strange behavior, your cat is just doing fine.

But is watermelon safe for cats, is the question that needs an answer.

For your ease, surprise, and solve your queries

“YES!!! Cats can eat watermelons and not just them but all types of watermelon like cantaloupe and honeydew are safe for cats to lick and eat.”

But like always, some precautions are needed to be taken.

This guide will further discuss Cat eating behavior, and safety precautions to take when feeding the cat with anything.

Content Round Up + FAQs:

Before ending this content let’s do a content roundup, in form of FAQs:

Q1 – Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Yes, they can but in moderate quantity, as in only 10 percent of their total diet.

Q2 – Can Watermelon Kill Cats?

Well, too much quantity causes diabetes while seed enriched watermelons can cause diarrhea. As long as both conditions remain, watermelons can kill cats but a small treat doesn’t,

Q3 why a moderate quantity of watermelon is safe for cats?

Too much amount of healthy water in the fruit makes it safe for cats as it helps them to keep hydrated.

Q4 – Can Kittens Eat Watermelon?

As long as seeds are removed, a small quantity of watermelons is safe for kittens.

A tip: as a kitten, your cat is still learning and developing her eating habits.

Here, make sure that you develop healthy eating habits in your cats.

Q5 – What Are the Watermelon Seeds Toxicity Symptoms in Cats?

  1. The cat may start chocking.
  2. Vomiting
  3. Stomach Upset


In a conclusion, we can say that cats can do eat watermelons but not too often and also not too much.

Have you ever given this fruit to your cat? Let us know in the comment section below.

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