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Things To Know Before Bringing A Golden Mountain Dog Home

golden mountain dog

Golden Mountain Dog General Information:

Golden mountain dogs, mix breeds, are perfect for families as they are loyal, intelligent, extremely friendly, and caring dogs.

They enjoy surrounding by humans and love company of kids, adults, and oldies.

Golden Mountain Dog

See below for all mixed dog breed traits and facts about Golden Mountain Dogs!

1. Golden Mountain Dog – Quality Pet Why?

Golden Mountain Dog is a mix-breed of dogs, a healthy cross between Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Golden Mountains Received from Their Ancestors
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Golden mountain mix puppies inherit the best qualities from parents and end up being gentle, friendly, loyal, and intelligent dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever have mixed temperament, so the mixed-breed babies appear to be excellent pets:

Loyal to protect, affectionate to kids, intelligent to learn, and ready to please everyone in short, great family dogs.

2. Golden Mountain Dog Breed Appearance:

Golden mountain dogs are impressively large dogs, sizing up to 26 inches tall. They have a denser coat that hides its well-proportioned strong body. 

Dog Look Visibly Appealing or Dangerous
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His fluffy coat is long and makes the dog look even bigger, making him perfect hauling and guarding dog.

On the other hand, the appearance of the Golden Mountain puppies depends upon the generation of the cross.

For example: 

If it is a first-generation cross, the dog would have a 50 / 50 resemblance with both parents.

While a multigeneration crossed dog will vary in appearance.

1. Facial Chops:

Golden mountain dogs have eyes shaped like an almond, smaller muzzles, and floppy dangling big old ears. Their tail keeps waging all the time and they get so excited when meeting with new people.

For height and weight: Golden mountain dogs’ height can be 24 to 28 inches while female dogs being smaller than males. The weight of the dog lies between 80 pounds to 120 pounds.

2.  Coat:

Coats of the Golden Mountain Pups are long, dense, and straight however get rough too quickly and require too much maintenance like bathing and grooming.

While color of GMD coat can be:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • White

In rare cases, the fur can be of two colors too.

3. Lifespan – Can Be Enhanced

Average Bernese Mountain Dog Lifespan is between 9 to 15 years.

The best thing, the lifespan of golden mountain pooch can be enhanced to 15 years.

young and old golden mountain dog

For this, you will have to follow a strict and particular health guide.

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Golden Mountain dogs are though healthy dogs but, with time, they start to show signs of aging.

If you see signs of aging, immediately take these steps and enhance lifespan of your dog:

  • Take good care at home 
  • Keep a check on its diet
  • Conduct regular health checkups
  • Listen to the doctor’s advice carefully
  • Keeping up active routine – exercise, walk, and playfulness


  • Make up the mind of your pet.
  • Encourage a sense of living in them
  • Do not let your pooches feel depressed.

By doing so, you will see your dogs living longer.

4. Golden Mountain Dog Health Conditions:

Like the parent breeds, the offspring, golden mountain dog is susceptible to health conditions like epilepsy, cancer, eye issues, bloating, cancer, heart issues, and von Willebrand’s disease. 

healthy golden mountain pet with vet, grooming, and cleaning

The hybrids of two different types of dogs not just inherit good traits, but also weaknesses, too.

To help your pooch from suffering and keep it from certain health conditions, make sure to take care of your doggie well and follow a proper routine:

Remember what Kinky Friedman said:

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

For this, ensure:

1. Regular Health checkup:

Vet checkups are necessary to maintain a good health routine for your dog.

You need to pay visits to health specialists from time to time.

Besides this, on occasions when your pet shows a disturbing behavior such as unusual howling, being inactive, or showing less interest in food.

2. Exercise / Active Routine:

Golden Mountain dogs are so much in love with food and being active.

Golden Mountain pets have inherited active souls from their parents who have lived over mountains and in farms, and been used during hunting.

They love hanging around; however, you will have to develop a routine of regular activism in your pets.

For this:

  • Take them for a walk on a regular basis with you
  • Golden Mountain adult dogs are best for trekking, trailing, and hiking
  • Take them on different types of pedestrian trips with you.
  • If you are busy, hire someone to take your dog for a walk

Also, check: Essentials For Your Pup

Golden mountain dogs can show severe behavioral issues when not active.

It happens because these dogs have so much energy in their bodies, and they want to consume it by walking and running.

If you don’t give them a chance to chomp it, they will start playing around the home and pull your pants outside.

5. Grooming Your Golden Mountain Dogs – How:

Follow proper routine in the following manner to help your Gold mountain dogs stay happy and healthy: 

Keep Golden Mountain Dog cleaned and save it from germs and insect attacks as well as major health issues.

Do not use common shampoo that you use for yourself is not what you should use for the pet.

The pet shampoos are embedded with unique extracts that keep insects away from them. 

Also use a proper pool for dogs when cleaning your pet. Ensure to cut his nails and clean his paws properly.

After cleaning, you will have to make special efforts with the coat.

Groom your dog as a must and always use dedicated pet-related products.

If you don’t want to spend too much time and money on grooming, consider the Red Boston Terrier.

You can see constructive health signs by doing so.

6. Keep a check on Amount to Feed A Golden Mountain Dog / Puppy?

As feeding your pet with fewer meals than they need is wrong, supplying them over time is also not good.

1. Feed Nutrition Rich Food:

Make sure to consult the breeder, vet, and always buy food enriched with all necessary vita-nutrient, your pet needs. 

Pet eating food

You should also see what and which food your dog eats happily while choosing food for your dog.

However, you must never forget that not all humans’ foods are suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets.

You can see constructive health signs by doing so.

2. Servings:

Golden Mountain Dog needs two meals a day.

With more meals you’re simply making him fat, a health issue that can decrease the lifespan of Golden Mountain pet. Same is the case with feeding fewer meals.

3. Quantity:

They need 3 to 5 cups of dry food every day, based on their height.

7. Golden Mountain dog For watchdogging – Suitable?

Golden Mountain pooches are not watch-dogs.

GMDs have the heart of a bird and feel comfortable only inside the home.

Scared golden mountain dog
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They will hide before even you do while seeing a danger.

It is because they are just like kids and behave like kids.

However, it doesn’t mean that your dog, that’s Golden Mountain is not loving and caring.

It is just that he expects you to be his life savior.

8. Particular temperatures and weather conditions for this breed?

Fluffy and dense coat of Golden Mountain Pooches never let them keep up with hotness.

Do not take them on a walk during summers because the humidity would simply faint them.

cold breeze and snowfall mountain dog

Even during winters, they cannot walk too long in the hot mornings; evening is the time.

His body remains warm throughout the year.

Also, Golden Mountains doggies are considered best breeds for the areas with cold climate.

9. Golden Mountain Dogs Are Whole Family Favorites: How?

The Golden Mountain dogs are incredibly caring, loving, friendly, intelligent, and calming pooches.

Trekking with golden mountain dog

The traits that make them the most suitable pets for all ages and people living in all conditions.

  • If you are living single, you will have someone beside you, 24×7 to never leave you alone.
  • If you live with family, these tail-waggers will become the apple of the eye for all of your home members.
  • They are so affectionate towards kids like a big brother and try to protect them from all genders.
  • These pets are so well-behaved that they can teach your kids some manners.
  • If you are a tourist and remain on foot most of the time, this pooch is your travel companion.
  • He is so active and will even fill you up with energy.

While going with your pet, you should own all necessary dog supplies with you as he also needs relaxing journeys.

10. What is The Golden Mountain Dog Buying Guide?

Tips: Buy Golden Mountain Dogs from only an authentic cross breeder.

You can also find Golden Mountain puppies in rescue centers in abundance.

The breed loves to hang around and sometimes forgets the way back home and ends up in a shelter home.

Shelter golden mountain pet
Image Source

Also, shelter dogs are equally loving and desire to seek your love more than any other dog you found in pet stores.

However, when you go to a shelter home, make sure that:

You pay the right price; it is not about money but about spending the deserved amount.

If you bring your shelter mountain dog home, make sure to get him vaccinated within the first week of adoption.

Most of the time, shelter dogs remain unable to receive the vaccination due to the lack of money.

Bottom Line:

Let’s end the discussion with what Will Rogers said:

“If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die, I want to go where they went.”

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