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Things To Know Before Bringing A Golden Mountain Dog Home

golden mountain dog

Golden Mountain Dog General Information:

Golden Mountain Dog All dogs deserve a better life; they are loving, caring, and simple creatures to spread only and only happiness. So, deciding on to bring him home is the best deed you will do in 2020 or should be said in your entire life.

Usually, pets with average or small sizes are considered suitable to bring inside homes. In contrast, larger-sized pets are kept in garden sheds mostly for guarding purposes. However, this dog is different.

“Golden Mountain Dog, this canine breed is larger in size but with the heart of a child.” – Anonymous

Yes, the pooch is exceptionally loving and super affectionate yet very heroic when it comes to protecting kids from dangers like squirrel attacks 😂 … but seriously, these creatures are so loyal.

Let me edit Josh Billings statement a bit to give you an idea;

“A dog (Golden Mountain) is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

1. What is Golden Mountain Breed?

The first thought that touches our minds, due to the name, is if the Golden Mountain dog is only suitable to live in mountainous regions – the thought is wrong. They can live anywhere in the mountains, greeneries, meadows. and homes.

Golden Mountain Pooch is a larger canine with mix-breed, of pure breed Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog.

Having parents with a mixed temperament (domestic and wild), the pups end up being huger but extremely homey.

“Golden Mountain is a tailor-made breed for families that’s comfortable around kids and other animals at home.”

2. What Traits the Golden Mountains Received from Their Ancestors?

Golden Mountains Received from Their Ancestors
Image Source

As your canine-companion is a mix of two entirely different breeds, so you will find a mixture of traits here. They are active, adventurous, and, most of all, – true-blues. You can trust them for anything but not with your sandwiches because, like all tail-waggers, food is their weakness.

  • Traits Golden Mountains Received from Bernese Mountain Dog are Proactive, obedient, and calming attitude.
  • Traits Golden Mountains Received from Golden Retrievers are playfulness, intelligence, and extreme-mannered.

All with this, both the ancestors are incredibly loyal and loving, so you will see that mutts will do everything to please you, and you will fell in love instantly with them. They love to socialize and would do anything to make you take them for a walk.

“Hybrid vigor is an important concept in the plant world. You get this from combining the different strengths of different strains. It’s the same with mutts—if you want a dog with hybrid vigor—get a mutt.”

3. Does This Dog Look Visibly Appealing or Dangerous?

Dog Look Visibly Appealing or Dangerous
Image Source

As a pup, the face is like if he is confused or something, and with time, it turns into a warrior face that makes less adorable, if you are not a dog person. This is just about the visible appearance, and it is due to the ancestor-ship these pooches share. However, in reality, the creatures are so loving, so adorable, and so happy.

You cannot understand this unless you own a dog… as Roger A. Caras says:

“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.” –

  • How Is the Appearance?

Unusual looks having these dogs have eyes shaped like an almond, smaller muzzles, and floppy dangling big old ears. The most adorable thing in appearance is the tail that keeps waging all the time and gets so excited when meeting with new people. Regardless of their appearance, the pups are so friendly towards fellow-canines and Homo Sapiens.

  • How long they height?

An adult Golden Mountain canine heights from 24 to 28 inches; it is a quite bigger height when it comes to canines. On the other hand, female dogs are smaller than males. As pups, they are little and adorable; however, weights are a bit hefty due to their physical traits inherited from parents.

  • What Is the Weight?

The adult canine is bigger and looks very hefty and gigantic from a distance. The weight of the dog lies between 80 pounds to 120 pounds, and maintaining the proper weight of your dog is easy enough when it comes to this very breed.

  • What Is the Color?

Coats of the Golden Mountain Pups are long, dense, and straight however get rough too quickly and require too much maintenance like cleaning and grooming. The coatings can vary in three different shades, such as brown, black, and white. The coats can be of two colors as well, but it happens rarely.

Tip: If you really wish to have a dog with cuter appearance but don’t want to compromise on traits, Golden Mountain Doodles is all you need to adopt. The breed is a cross between Golden Retriever, Mountain Dog, and Poodle. It is a bigger sized poodle, simply.

4. How Long These Loving Dogs Live? Can I Enhance Their Life Span?

young and old golden mountain dog

The average lifespan of Golden Mountain dogs is from 9 years to 15 years.  However, to make it reach 15 years, you will have to follow a strict and particular health guide. Life starts to show signs of a problem after 8 years. It is the same as any mix breed dog has.

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

  • The life expectancy:

Golden Mountain dogs are healthy dogs and weight quite normally. With time, they start to show signs of aging; however, the life expectancy in these mix-breed pooches is reasonable. If a dog is well-cared at home, the expectancy of life enhances.

  • Enhancing lifespan:

It is not a very difficult thing to do. Usually, dogs live from 10 years to 12 years. Although lifespan has shown improvements over the past few years, however, the lifespan of these dogs can be increased even more. For this, you need to:

  • Keep a check on its diet
  • Conduct regular health checkups
  • Listen to the doctor’s advice carefully
  • Keeping up active routine – exercise, walk, and playfulness

All with this, you need to make up the mind of your pet. Because of being extremely intelligent, these dogs are sensitive too, and when the health signs start to show negativism, the pooches end up being depressed. You will have to encourage a sense of living in them. By doing so, you can enhance the lifespan and life expectancy in these loving canines.

5. What is Specific Health Routine for My Golden Mountain Dog?

healthy golden mountain pet with vet, grooming, and cleaning

When the cross is conducted between two different types of dogs, the offspring not just inherits good traits, but also weaknesses. Therefore, all mix-breeds are high maintenance and require exceptional health care and health routine. The same is the case here with this Dog as you need to put some serious yet small efforts.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” – Kinky Friedman

  • Pet cleaning:

By keeping the Golden Mountain Dog cleaned, you are actually saving it from germs and insect attacks that become the reason for the major health issues. However, here, instead of using a common shampoo that you use for yourself is not what you should use for the pet. The pet shampoos are embedded with unique extracts that keep insects away from them.

  • Pet grooming

For grooming, you will have to make special efforts with the coat. The rough coats will not just show negative health signs but will break the loving bond between you two as well. For this reason, you will not like to caress the rough coat of your dog while he loves to rub his body and face with yours. You both will feel different. So, try to use dedicated pet-related products.

  • Pet feeding and nourishment:

Feeding the pet doesn’t mean merely filling his appetite with dog food. It actually means feeding your dog with all the nutrients he requires. Usually, people think that dog food is just lavish spending; however, the thought is wrong. Your small pooch is dependent upon you his or her all needs; it is better that you fulfill them in the best possible way.

  • Feeding nutrients:

Pet food is enriched with the necessary nutrients your dog exclusively needs. You should bring dog food home from a reliable brand and should keep a check on your dog’s condition and behavior after each feed. It will show signs of health for you.

  • Health checkups:

Vet checkups are necessary to maintain a good health routine for your dog. You need to pay visits to health specialists from time to time.  Besides this, on occasions when your pet shows a disturbing behavior such as unusual howling, being inactive, or showing less interest in food. Golden Mountain dogs are so much in love with food and being active.

  • Exercise:

Golden Mountain pets have inherited active soul from their parents who have lived over mountains and in farms, used during hunting. Therefore, they love hanging around; however, you will have to develop a routine of regular activism in your pets.

Take them for a walk on a regular basis with you; Golden Mountain adult dogs are best for trekking, trailing, and hiking and can go on all types of pedestrian trips with you. However, when you are busy, hire someone to take your dog for a walk, or else he can show severe behavioral issues.

It happens because these dogs have so much energy in their bodies, and they want to consume it by walking and running. If you don’t give them a chance to chomp it, they start playing around the home and pulls your pants outside.

6. How many times do I need to feed my Pet?

Pet eating food

  • Servings:

I am mentioning it here as a different question because this thing requires special attention. As feeding your pet with fewer meals than they need is wrong, supplying them over time is also not good. You are simply making him fat, which is also a health issue and can decrease the lifespan of Golden Mountain pet. You should serve food to the dog according to recommendations, i.e., two meals a day.

  • Quantity:

“You can trust a dog to guard your house, but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.” Anonymous

If you expect that your dog will stop eating once its stomach is filled, you are wrong. Dogs love eating, and they would say yes to whatever is on the table, either served to them or not. Therefore, you will have to understand the right quantity to feed them. They need 3 to 5 cups of dry food every day, based on their height.

The cups are here are not teacups that you use in your homes. You will have to bring individual pet scoops to offer the right quantity of food.

7. Can I bring a Golden Mountain dog home as a watchdog?

Scared golden mountain dog
Image Source

Despite having a courageous attitude, brave face, and an extended height, Golden Mountain pooches are not watch-dogs. They have the heart of a bird and feel comfortable only inside the home. In case of some issues, they will hide before even you do while seeing a danger. It is because they are just like kids and behave like kids.

However, it doesn’t mean that your dog, that’s Golden Mountain is not loving and caring. It is just that he expects you to be his life savior. They are not good watchdogs also because their bodies cannot keep up with temperature fluctuations.

8. What are the particular temperatures and weather conditions for this breed?

cold breeze and snowfall mountain dog

Due to having a fluffy and dense coat, Golden Mountain Pooches cannot keep up with hotness. You cannot take them on a walk during summers because the humidity would simply faint them. Even during winters, if you live in a hot temperamental area, the best time for a walk is in the evening. His body remains warm throughout the year. This is the reason; the Golden Mountains doggies are considered best breeds for the areas with cold climate.

9. What Positive changes can be expected with Golden Mountain Pup in Home?

Trekking with golden mountain dog

All changes that are coming to your home are positive. The Golden Mountain dogs are incredibly caring, loving, friendly, intelligent, and calming pooches. The traits that make them the most suitable pets for all ages and people living in all conditions. Such as if you are living single, you will have someone beside you 24×7 to never leave you alone.

On the other hand, if you live with family, these tail-waggers will become the apple of the eye for all of your home members. They are so affectionate towards kids like a big brother and try to protect them from all the genders. Besides, the pets are so well-behaved that they can teach your kids with some manners.

All with this, if you are a tourist and remains on foot most of the time, this pooch is your travel companion. He is so active and will even fill you up with energy. However, while going with your pet, you should own all necessary dog supplies with you as he also needs relaxing journeys.

10. What is The Golden Mountain Dog Buying Guide?

Shelter golden mountain pet
Image Source

Lastly, here are some words regarding the buying guide. You can find Golden Mountain puppy in rescue centers in abundance because the breed loves to hang around and sometimes forgets the way back home and end up in a shelter home.

Also, shelter dogs are equally loving and desire to seek your love more than any other dog you found in pet stores. However, when you go to a shelter home, make sure that:

  • You get an authentic cross breeder.
  • You pay the right price; it is not about money but about spending the deserved amount.

All with this, when you bring your shelter mountain dog home, make sure to get him vaccinated within the first week of adoption. Most of the time, shelter dogs remain unable to receive the vaccination due to the lack of money.

Bottom Line:

Let’s end the discussion with what Will Rogers said:

“If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die, I want to go where they went.”

What do you think?

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