60+ Gratifying Gifts for Women in Their 30s & Impress The “BADASS HER”

60 gifts for women in their 30s Feature

Why and how to get perfect Gifts for women in their 30s?

Just because they are special ones, our loved ones, friends, aunts, colleagues, or employees. But finding a perfect gift for a lady in her thirty can be hard because,

We find different types of women in 30s. Some are happily married, some become mothers of cute children, while some are proudly singles waiting or not waiting for the perfect guy.

So, how to know their taste and likeness, and what if she is the women who wants nothing?

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here we have 61 gifts for women in their 30s.

Gifts for women in their 30s

These gifts are chosen after surveying the women in their 30s like 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36-, 37-, 38-, and 39-years-old woman, like which gifts they would like to receive on their big days or any days.

Without wasting time, let’s have a look:

1. The Lash lift pro kit is a perfect gift for hard to buy for female.


This is a complete kit made of natural formula that lifts the lashes naturally. No more need of artificial lash grafting.

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2. This giant button will help her release stress and feel relaxed.

Giant Stress Relief Enter Button & Pillow

Stress is common these days and men and women getting older can feel more stressed than youngsters. This amazing enter button will help her release all of her stress.

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3. This trendy skeleton crop top makes perfect gift for Halloween for women in their 30s.

Trendy Skeleton Crop Top

Age is just a number, and by wearing trendy dresses like this crop top, you can easily deceive your age. Personality is everything! Get it to buy wearing this crop-top and look young and fresh. 

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4. This necklace is made of original obsidian stone to keep good vibes around her all the time.

Obsidian Necklace Crystal For Women

Obsidian stone, when kept closer to body emits happy vibes and positive energy. Does their can be any better gift than this one for the woman who has everything?

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5. Adjustable hammock gets attached to any sitting place and let her work or sit relaxingly.

Adjustable Underdesk Foot Hammock

This hammock easily gets attached with the bottom of any table and let the person keep their feet so they can work continuously for hours, without feeling tired.

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6. This waterproof microblading marker is to get her perfectly thick brows.


Brows get light with age but this microblading marker will help a woman in her old age have detailed and beautiful eyebrows and that also without any pain or tension.

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7. This set of vanity mirror LED lights will make her room attractive like a spa.

LED Vanity Mirror Light

The package comes with different bulbs with adjustable light so that she can have a perfect view in mirror while doing makeup, taking selfies, or capturing videos.

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8. Fluffy kitty slippers for comfy walks inside the home.


These slippers are so soft and fluffy that walking in them feels like you are walking on the clouds. A non-refusable perfect gift for woman who wants nothing.

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Note: Animal-lovers like vet doctors adore such animal-designed daily use products. Check gifts for vets here. 

9. The anti-tripping mug is a gift for clumsy women so that she never spills her drink again.

Anti-Tipping Mug

Is your friend in 30s clumsy? Does she always gets in danger due to having spilled drinks, coffee, and tea on important documents?

Never let it happen again! Give her this amazing anti-tripping mug gift.

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10. Car net pocket helps her access the bag while driving safely.

Car Net Pocket Handbag Holder the Purse Pouch for Cars

This is a small gift but will help in doing big things. It can be attached anywhere in the car to make the bag accessible for the women on driving seat.

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11. Dainty star choker necklace is a gift for woman who claims to have everything.


The choker has beautiful stars all over the chain that stay beautifully around the neck to make the beautiful girl looking even more beautiful.

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12. Circle ring is simple yet elegant gift for women in their 30s.


those who like to choose comfort over attention and elegance over gaucheness, this ring will be the perfect gift for all those women.

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13. Blue light blocking glasses is for working women in their 30s who sits on computers for too long.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Computer and mobile rays are harsh but unfortunately, we are surrounded by such machines without notice. Here is the way out, getting blue light glasses.

It nullifies the harsh rays affect on the eyes and keep them safe. Offer this gift to your 30 year old daughter or anyone older.

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14. Adjustable bra strap holder is a simple, inexpensive, yet most practical gift for women in their 30s.


Bra straps can embarrass women anywhere by popping out of the beautiful dress anytime. This bra strap holder keeps the straps closer to each other and tightened inside the dress.

Any woman would thank you for such an amazing and thoughtful gift, yet a 30-year-old.

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15. Anti-cellulite leggings are for her perfect gym sessions and feeling relaxed during workout.

Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

Anti-cellulite leggings are made with beautiful and comfortable fabric with seamless stylish stitching. Woman in 30 who are even hard to buy will definitely appreciate such gifts.

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16. Transparent bubble rib umbrella is beautiful, useful, and convenient gift for woman who has everything.


Beautiful white transparent umbrella with ribs that looks like she is walking under a bubble. It will let her enjoy the beautiful weather and walk through the rain, without getting wet.

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17. Rainbow sunset nightlight will make her room even cozier for her.

USB Rainbow Sunset Red LED Projector Night Light

This light works with USB and gives the ample feeling of enjoying a scenic sunset and that also indoor. It makes perfect gift for ladies living in small apartments missing to see a sunset.

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18. Human shaped pots will look perfectly elegant and refreshing on her work desk or bedside table.

Human Shaped Ceramic Sitting Flower Pots

These pots are shaped like humans and in their heads, plants are grown. It will enhance the feel of any room with royal touch. Give this gift to a home designing lover lady.

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19. Zinc alloy hoop earrings in hexagon shape is for the women who loves to wear trendy jewelry.

Zinc Alloy Hexagon Hoop Earring

Earrings are love of any girl of any age. So, make the big day special of your special girl with these hoop earrings shaped like a hexagon and let her be stylish and comfy side-by-side.

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20. I am a grown women t shirt for the perfectly independent women in their 30s.


The Tee comes with a funny message that says, “I am a grown woman and I do what I want my dog wants.” Lol! A perfect tee for a dog lover.

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21. Eyebrow growth serum helps get firm brows when a woman starts to age – the gift of care.

Eyebrows Growth Serum

See the eyebrows grown in days with the amazing serum that enhance the growth speed of brows in a natural way. Isn’t it perfect for a lady looking to have perfect brows?

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22. I am enough ring is one of the most perfect gifts for women in their 30s.

925 Sterling Silver I Am Enough Ring

This ring comes with a message “I am enough.” boost the morale of 30 year old daughter on her 30th birthday with this amazing ring.

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23. Magic yoga ring helps her get slimmer tummy, perfect figure, and maintained body.

Magic Yoga Ring Circle

Getting slim tummy is hard but not if right tools and tactics are used such as this magic yoga ring that helps to get flatter tummy in no time. One of the best gifts for women in their 30s.

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24. Travel perfume automizer spray bottles let her carry her favorite fragrances everywhere.

Travel Perfume Atomizer Spray Bottle

Perfumes are hard to take anywhere and if they spill, a whole bottle of an expensive fragrance will be ruined. So, what to do? Here is the solution!

These tiny bottles help you carry an optimum amount of your favorite cologne along without spilling or wasting.

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25. This one multifunctional pen will replace 4 different makeup products.

Multifunctional Travel Makeup Pen

Liner, contour, highlighter, and lipstick, four needs one solution – the amazing multifunctional makeup pen by inspire uplift Beauty and Wellness.

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26. Heart shaped diffraction glasses will let her see the world through Instagram and snapchat filters.

Heart Shaped Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction glasses do nothing but helps to see the world like a happy place by adding hearts and colors to the lifeless scenes around. These are perfect beach accessories to wear while sun bathing.

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27. The cow print bucket hat will save her from scorching sunrays while keeping stylish.

Cow Print Bucket Hat

Hats save from sun and keep the heads cool. However, women want to wear hats that not just keep cool but look cool as well. So??? This bucket hat is for woman who always want to keep stylish.

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28. Arm slimming sleeves made of nylon are perfect to lose weight without hard work out.

Nylon Arm Slimming Sleeves For Arm Fat Loss

You might get astonished by reading this name but its true. These nylon sleeves are made with special fibers that burn off the fat and give her slimmer arms after every wearing session.

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29. This flexible phone holder strap will let her place and fix her phone anywhere, anytime, without a problem.

Flexible Phone Holder For Bed, Desks & Side Tables

We love doing video calls, surfing social media, or watching movies onto our mobiles. Let your favorite lady do all with convenience and happiness with this phone holder strap that adjusts everywhere.

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30. Magnetic lashes gift is perfect gift for women in their 30s and onward to make her feeling young.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Lashes gets thin with age, don’t worry! The perfect solution for someone in their 30s, or 40s, even 80s is this gift of magnetic lashes that are easy to wear on and off.

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31. Plasma pen gift will help her remove all the old age tags and moles from her epidermis.


Tags and moles start to appear even in the early age but condition gets worse when you become old. This pen will remove tags and moles with no pain but a lot of gain.

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32. This gold butterfly anklet will make her persona even more attractive and enhanced.

Gold Butterfly Anklet

Anklets look so good with summer dressing such as shorts, capri trousers, and half pants. Make your best friend’s blazing summer cool with this elegant butterfly anklet.

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33. This tote bag is a carry all that will let her pick and take her essentials effortlessly.

The All Purpose Tote Bag

We have always seen women bag memes that they can find all the home décor, makeup, and cleaning items in her single bag.

Apart from joke, we, women, always want everything in hand to handle situations. So, this tote bag is the gift your women in 30s need.

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34. Detox slimming patches help to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach instantly.

Detox Slimming Patches

It can even be a great gift for a hard to buy guy. These patches are made with special formulas that anyone just have to attach on their tummy and see the excessive fat getting burned.

Anyone would love to receive this gift let along your 30 years old friend.

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35. This standing desk is adjustable to her head so she can work in right posture.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing desk can be kept anywhere such as on the sofa, bed, table, or anywhere to turn the place into office space.

It keeps the work accessories right at place and the screen fixed at the accurate position to work in the correct posture.

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36. This amazing ring wheel helps to do Pilates and get slim flexible body.

pilates resistance ring

Pilates is a physical fitness system that helps not just to get slimmer body but also a desiring figure. The amazing yoga ring by inspire uplift helps to do Pilates steps with least effort.

For more information, check inspire uplift reviews.

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Creative 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her:

Birthdays are special for any person of any age. Age is a thing to celebrate rather being bored or sad about.

37. This rose teddy will be one of the most amazing and loving birthday gifts for women in their 30s.

Handmade Teddy Bear Rose

Teddy bears are love of any girl so as the roses. Get this beautifully handmade rose teddy gift for someone celebrating their 30th birthday.

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38. Smiling corgi slippers will let her have comfy walks at home relaxingly.

Unisex Plush Corgi Slippers

These slippers are made like corgi dogs yet are so soft just like the pooches. Walking in them will feel like she is walking on a lane made of chocolate, milk, and honey.

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39. The sun pendant will be a birthday gift for your best friend celebrating her 30th birthday. 


Sun pendants are great accessories to carry around the neck during summers with summer dresses. If you have summer born friend in her 30s, this sun pedant is the gift she should receive.

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40. Zinc alloy hoops in shape of star is a perfect birthday gift for woman who has everything.

Zinc Alloy Star Shaped Hoop Earrings

Hoops made of zinc alloy material in star shape are large enough to wear and celebrate big days such as birthdays.

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41. The heartbeat necklace for the girl to whom your heartbeats belong.

Gold & Silver Heartbeat Necklace

Heart beat necklace has a heartbeat line with chain. It is super cool, elegant, and very touching gift for a woman you feel home with.

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42. Angel wings ring is for the sweetest angel celebrating her 30th birthday.

Adjustable Zinc Alloy Angel Wings Ring

This is an adjustable ring with two angel wings that sweetly surround the finger of your sweet girl celebrating her birthday in 30s.

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43. This rose scrunchy helps her make easy and fast buns in no time.

Rose Bun Hair Scrunchie

It is not easy to be a mom, a working lady, and housekeeper at the same time but some women do so because they aren’t ordinary but super women.

For those super women here is scrunchy that will them to do hairs in seconds. A little help can make a big difference.

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44. This serotonin molecule necklace is a birthday gift for the person you want to see smiling forever.

Zinc Alloy Serotonin Molecule Necklace

Serotonin is a molecule found in human body that keeps you happy. This necklace is an imitation of the molecule to keep around the neck and remember to be happy.

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45. Butterfly choker gift will sweetly be kept hugging around her neck.

Butterfly Choker Chain Necklace

Choker that has many tiny butterflies that sweetly stay around the neck and will make her look super stylish and super cool. One of the outclass and creative gifts for women in their 30s.

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46. Shower beer holder is for a girl who is always ready to do anything for a sip of her favorite drink.

Shower Beer Holder For Bottles & Cans

This holder can be attached right along the shower to carry soda, water, or favorite drinks canes. If you have a girl in your life who would do anything for a sip, this is the best birthday gift for her.

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47. Girl power tee for the “powerful she”.

Girl Power Tee

A t shirt that comes with the slogan of girl power is a gift for powerful girl you know.

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48. Give her wishbone stud earrings gifts and wish her happy 30th birthday.


Studs shaped like a wishbone are small yet elegant and will suit women of all ages, such as a one year to a 30, 40, or 50 year old. Elegant and sweet!

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49. A wise woman said tee shirt for a wise woman on her 30th birthday.


This T shirt is for a wise woman, as all women are wise so it is for all. It says, “A wise woman once said, I’m outta here and she lived happily ever after.”

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50. 300 pressure hole shower is a gift for a refreshed bathing in summers.

300 Hole Pressurized Water Saving Shower Pressure Booster

This shower comes with 300 tiny holes to sprinkle water with pressure. It will not just refresh the experience of bathing but will make it feel like different tiny hands are doing a massage.

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51. Makeup removing sponge so her skin can breathe freely when the makeup is removed.

Magic 3Pack Makeup Remover Puff

Removal of makeup is as necessary as the application of makeup before any event. Therefore, these makeup removing sponges are the most useful gifts for women in their 30s.

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Gifts for moms in their 30s:

Do you know a mom who is turning thirty or crossing 30s? well, here is the list of gifts for all those moms who are too picky and often say, they don’t want anything,

52. This tiny machine can be carried anywhere by mommies for sewing on-the-go.

portable mini sewing machine

Kids often tear their clothes while playing and feel embarrassed. Super moms can sew their clothes on the spot and save the day. What a creative and useful gift for 30-year-old moms.

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53. The glowing bookmark is a gift for mom who loves to read bedtime stories to her kids.

Handmade Glowing Bookmark

Glowing bookmark will help the mommy to find the page easy that she left yesterday while reading a bedtime story to her kids.

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54. Custom travel hood pillow is one of the best gifts for women in their 30s to take a rest whenever possible.

Custom Travel Hood Pillow

Mothers in their 30s usually have small kids who keep them busy that they don’t even find time to take a rest. This hood pillow will help them have sound sleep even while sitting.

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55. Healing pink quartz necklace to make her feel young, energetic, and happy.

Healing Pink Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

Quartz crystals come with healing properties and this pink necklace is so girlish and will be a perfect gift for your mommy whom you want to see happy, energetic and young forever.

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56. Sock slider aid is perfect, unique, and useful gift for the pregnant moms in their 30s.

Sock Slider Aid Easy On Off Sock Helper Kit

This gift is for pregnant mommies who find it hard to bend and wear socks. This little machine aids in sliding the socks easily and effortlessly, without bending.

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57. Lucky to be blessed t shirt gift for the blessed mom.


Which mom doesn’t feel blessed to see her kids? So, this T-shirt is for all the blessed mommies.

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58. Leather wrist strap keychain so she doesn’t forget any key to carry anywhere.


This is a small pouch with keyring and leather wrist strap. Expecting mothers can wear it, put their tiny essentials in the bag, and feel free to walk. 

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59. LED spa facial mask so the mom in her 30s feel always young.


Having beautiful skin is a must for mommies and single ladies in their 30s. This spa facial mask helps them to look young and beautiful forever.

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60. Quick dry hair cap is a perfect gift for mom who doesn’t have much time for her.

Comfy Quick Dry Hair Wrap

Once again, mothers don’t find time to dry their hairs and the damp hair might end up getting weak. This hair drying cap will dry out her hair while she takes care of her kids.

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61. Facial hair remover is one of the perfect gifts for women in their 30s and women of all ages.

USB Gold Painless Facial Hair Remover

No need of salon appointments with this little facial hair removing pen that works with batteries and remove facial hairs without pain.

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Bottom Line:

This is all about gifts for women in their 30s. Did you like our 61 given suggestions? Which gift did you pick, let us know in the comments below.

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