56 Gifts For Mom That Will Make Her Smile & Hug You Tightly

Mothers Day Gifts During Quarantine

Your mother may be a working lady at a demanding corporate office.

Or a dancer who teaches her subtle art to tens of young girls every day.

Or a homemaker who gets up early in the morning to water the plants, make delectable food for you, look after your clothes, and keep the house spotless and inviting.

Whichever of these (or tens of others) is your mom, she deserves presents of appreciation from your side.

But what should I gift my mom?

This guide to the best gifts for mom is just that.

Apparel, home décor, jewelry, beauty, fitness – you will find everything here.

So, let’s begin.

Best Gift For Moms – Beauty & Personal Care:

Let her be her best version with these products. They will not only keep her body fit and attractive but allow her to stay healthy and glowing too.

1. Derma Icy Roller

Derma Icy Roller

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She can use it for 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening to reduce face puffiness and achieve hydrated, firmer, youthful skin. The good thing is that it’s suitable for almost all skin types, so you can get it without any second thoughts.

Make people question who is the mother and who is the daughter when they see a snap of you two together ☺️.

2. Stretch Adjust Waist Belt

Stretch & Adjust Waist Belt

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She can put this waist trainer on the underbust to achieve a sculpted and gorgeous hourglass figure. Let her wear all her bodycon dresses to birthdays and kitty parties organized by her friends.

It gift for your mom will also shed some extra pounds off her tummy and provide lumbar support for her daily chores.

3. Pelvic Muscle Hip Trainer

Pelvic Muscle Hip Trainer Kegel Exercise Strengthening Device

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Those fuller, attractive butts – Ah, aren’t they the dream!

This hip trainer will let your mom have them while staying inside the house. Cool, right? She needs to exercise with it 3 times a week to start seeing results. The perfect booty-shaping gift for mom.

4. Anti Fungal Laser Treatment Pen

Anti Fungal Laser Treatment Pen Set For Acne and Nail Fungus

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Meant for fungal nails and acne on her face, this present for mom uses the power of blue light and IP laser to free up pores from dead skin, bacteria, and oil.

It is useful for all areas of face, nails, and hands.

5. Volcanic Mud Bath Milk

Volcanic Mud Bath Milk

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This rejuvenating cream goes into the pores, eradicates all dirt and brings back the actual color of your skin.

Perfectly useful after a sunburn or tanning, this mom gift is a must-have for your mother before going to a glamorous party.

6. Temporary Hair Dry Chalk Comb

Temporary Hair Dye Chalk Comb

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Let your mom try different hair colors now with this creative chalk comb. No need to shed hundreds of bucks on the salon and have a permanent hair color makeover when she can use this comb.

Want an exciting, teenage-inspired purple color for her friend’s get-together party or those pink side locks Katty Perry carried so proficiently – it’s all possible now.

7. LED Vanity Mirror

LED Vanity Mirror Light

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What should I gift my mom?

Something that she can look to every day, just like these vanity mirror bulbs. Powered by a USB cable, she can arrange them around her circular or rectangular mirror.

Whenever she is getting ready for an event in the perfect glow, she’ll remember how considerate you were to get her these.

8. Silicone Foot Brush Scrubber Massager

Silicone Lazy Foot Brush Scrubber Massager

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Make her showers relaxing and cleansing with this useful present for mom. Unlike elementary pumices that scrub at the cost of burning the skin, this contains silicone bristles that are soft but effective.

It scours off dead skin while massaging the feet at the same time.

Appropriate Gifts For Mothers – Health & Fitness:

Your dear mother might have the heart of a lion but her body still goes through the natural cycle of decline. Make her mature years of life pleasant with these giftable options. They are thoughtful, effective, and affordable.

9. Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector

Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector

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Made with neoprene, nylon and cotton, this posture corrector will keep her back straight and support her spine to prevent discomfort while she is cooking food, watching TV, reading a book or exercising.

Let her preserve her natural spine curve with this second skin.

10. Chiropractic Neck Pillow

Chiropractic Neck Pillow

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If she faces daily muscle tension and headaches, this is the pillow for her. Place behind the head for 10 minutes and ta-da. It provides a comfortable sleep and reduces muscle spasms in the neck as well.

11. Ergonomic Hip Cushion

Ergonomic Hip Cushion Posture Corrector

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Protection from a slouchy posture, hip pain, and tailbone discomfort, there’s plenty we can boast about this hip cushion. This is one of the most useful gifts for a mom who is an office-goer or a patient with backbone acute pain.

12. Portable Body Massager

Body massager

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This gifts for mom list is incomplete without a massager.

It may look like a speaker but it’s not that. In fact, it’s one of the most reassuring massagers your mother will come across. She can place it under her hips while reading a novel on the couch or strap it to her back while working on the laptop.

It comes with 2 custom speeds, so she gets the needed amount of pressure.

13. Healing Quartz Water Bottle

Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

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Let her make powerful elixir water with this elegant Quartz water bottle. Crystals have shown their healing powers over the years and this bottle encapsulates that in a transparent glass bottle.

Choose the crystal she can relate to most.

14. Workout Fitness Machine

Wonder Arms Workout Fitness Machine

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What is the best birthday gift for a mother?
One that makes her more attractive and healthy. We know it’s a common weakness of women 😉.

This fitness tool will tone her arms and back so she can fit sexily in her wrap, bodycon and halter dresses.

15. Roller Ball Massage Glove

Metal Roller Ball Massage Glove

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A massaging glove – how awesome is that!

After all that cooking and cutting, she does in the kitchen…

Or screenwork and extended sitting hours if she is an office worker…

It contributes to body fatigue and muscle soreness. Give relief through this massager glove anywhere, any time.

It promotes healthy blood circulation and targets the acupressure points of the body. She can run it over all her body parts.

16. Yoga Half-Ball Massage Ball

Yoga Half-Ball Water Cube Diamond Pattern Foot Massage Ball

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Pressing the foot on this massage ball activates the reflexology points and allows the muscles to relax. It has an anti-skid rubber base which means it won’t slip if your mum stands on it.

Give it as a present to a new mom or if she complains about her body being lethargic all the time.

17. Leg Compression Sleeves

Knee & Leg Performance Compression Sleeves

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They will be the second skin of your mother’s legs. This present for mom is designed to provide optimal support to the legs and knees while doing normal activities. They help to reduce knee pain and discomfort.

18. Weighted Sport Hoop Massager Ring

Smart Weighted Sport Hoop Massager Ring

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This fun massager ring provides an at-home fat-burning exercise for your mom. Simply adjust the ring size, fill the ball with sand and start spinning it around the abdomen.

Best Gifts For Mom – Apparel & Accessories

Make your mom a superstar of her dreams with these special gift ideas. She has sacrificed a lot for you all her life, it’s now time to pay that back.

We are sure she will cherish all these meaningful gifts.

19. Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

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This infinity scarf is stylishly soft which she can wear in various ways –  as a neck wrap, as a headscarf, or double looped on the neck. And it pairs beautifully with a majority of tops, jeans, leggings, and boots.

Choose her favorite color or buy two or three and let her choose the one for different gatherings.

20. Bohemian Glass Earrings

Bohemian Glass Earrings

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Boho style has managed to regain its popularity over the years. It’s characterized by a vivid mix of color and patterns. She can pair these colorful earrings with a majority of her dresses on weddings, baby showers and anniversaries.

There are various designs to choose from, making it one of the best gifts for mom on Mother’s day or birthday.

21. Silver Hug Ring

Silver Hug Ring, 1.9 cm Diameter

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Those warm mom hugs that you used to get in your childhood, God, weren’t they the most soothing hugs you ever got. Commemorate the same memories with this hug ring.

It’s a creative token of love, appreciation and thoughtfulness.

22. Mama Necklace Gold Chain

Letter Mama Necklace Gold Chain

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What better way to express your deep love and compassion for your mother than this personalized and meaningful Mama Necklace!

Made from zinc alloy, it celebrates motherhood like crazy – she can flaunt it with her jackets, crop tops, maxi dresses, or even t-shirts.

23. Convertible Scarf Sweater

Convertible Scarf Sweater

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This unique apparel item can become a scarf at one instant and a sweater at the other. Made of acrylic, your mom can achieve multiple looks with her outfits.

Want an extra layer while wearing a body-hugging dress for dinner night – make it a sweater.

Want to go to an outdoor birthday party while donning a crop top – make it a scarf. It’s one of the most stylish gifts for mom you will come across.

24. Double Pom Pom Hat

Cute Double Pom Pom Hat

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When the cold draughts are all around and she is feeling too lazy to get out there in the open, this pom pom hat will give her the ‘encouragement.’

It’s made of soft, fuzzy fur to keep her head cozy without compromising winter fashion. She can wear it to her work, date nights, and even birthday parties.

25. High Waist Crescent Moon Belt

Vintage High Waist Crescent Moon Belt

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It often happens that the outfit you wear seems to be incomplete. This crescent belt will fill that void. It can be worn over pants, robes, skirts, or even corset dresses. Thanks to the adjustable design, it can fit all waists.

26. I Know Heaven Is A Beautiful Place Tee

I Know Heaven Is A Beautiful Place

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Why wouldn’t she reserve her spot in Heaven, hasn’t she been sweet, kind, considerate and helpful enough!

Make her day with this beautiful tee made of Gildan fabric.

27. Luminous Holographic Purse

Appealing Holographic Luminous Bag For Everyday Carrying

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It’s a grey mosaic purse until light falls on it from different angles. It changes into a holographic purse with appealing tinges of green, pink, blue and purple all over it. This cool gift for mom will make her gasp with exhilaration, for sure.

28. Hidden Pocket Scrunchie

Hidden Pocket Scrunchie

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This is more than just a hair tie. Your mom can store her money, eyeliner, air pods, and keys in it. Isn’t it smart? Either she wears it on her wrist or in her hair, no one around here would know how multipurpose this scrunchie is!

29. Cute Heart Slippers For Indoor & Outdoor

Women's Cute Heart Slippers For Indoor & Outdoor

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Heart rings, bracelets and earrings are old school. Live the modern age of fashion with these fur heart slippers. This gift for mothers will make them comfy and chic, both at the same time.

Not only can your mommy wear it indoors but outdoor while doing grocery shopping too. They are cozy, lively and soft as a ball of fur.

30. Mother Daughter Necklace

Mother Daughter Necklace Set Of 2 Matching Heart Mom And Me Jewelry

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Are you away from your mother but want something of yours to remain with her all the time? Look no further than this meaningful necklace.

You get to keep the “Daughter” pendant while she will wear the “Mothers” one. Such a considerate mother-daughter love representative!

31. Stainless Steel Sun Pendant Necklace


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If you are looking for an inexpensive but impactful gift for mothers, this necklace would suffice quite effectively. It incorporates both sun and moon in a single pendant, indicating that highs and lows are the part of life, just keep moving!

32. 2-in-1 Bangle Bag

2-in-1 Bangle Bag

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A lighter and stylish way of carrying the purse!

Instead of those hefty tote purses that are a pressure on your shoulder, this one will feel light and comfy on the wrists. Your mom can clip the keys on the bangle and carry the cash, smartphone and cards in the purse.

33. Mother Daughter Tee

The Love Between Mother & Daughter

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This tee gift to mom from daughter is self-explanatory. We suggest you buy one for her and one for yourself, click a beautiful picture, and upload it on social media to start a mother-daughter tee contest 😜.

34. Ocean Wave Ring

Minimalistic Ocean Wave Ring

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This is another inexpensive jewelry option for a mom’s gift. Symbolizing the calming waves of the sea, it can be a staple jewelry piece for her. Simple and graceful.

35. Black Front Slit Leggings

Black Front Slit Leggings

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These leggings qualify for awesome birthday gifts for mom. They can uplift the style quotient of an ordinary ensemble because it accentuates those dreamy body curves. Oh mama!

With a body-hugging but comfy feel, she can pair them perfectly with her leather jackets, checkered button shirts, crop tops or other summer outfits.

36. Super Comfy Floral Jumpsuit

Super Comfy Floral Jumpsuit

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Let your mother take refreshing morning walks on the terrace with this lightweight jumpsuit on. It can easily become her staple Sunday outfit. With soft and stretchy material, it is perfect for breezy summer mornings and evenings.

37. Sterling Silver Ball Ring

925 Sterling Silver Ball Ring

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Let her pair this exquisite jewelry piece with fancy party dresses. It’s meant to be flaunted on occasions like weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries and date nights.

38. Faux Fur Plush Hair Claw

Elegant Faux Fur Plush Hair Claw

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Look gorgeous while doing your household chores or office work. This hair claw will keep your mother’s bun in an attractive order. Available in various colors, she can choose one with each of her dresses.

A pocket-friendly yet high-impact gift idea for moms.

39. Mama Bear T-Shirt

"Mama Bear" T-Shirt

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This shirt is a symbol of her caring and loving attitude, how she takes care of her kids and looks after all their necessities, sacrificing her own dreams and passion in the process.

It’s made of cotton and available in all sizes.

40. Fluffy Kitty Cat Paw Slippers


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One of the cutest gifts for mom you can possibly imagine! Made from cotton fabric, they’ll feel as if you’re ambling on the clouds.

And if she owns a cat, she can use it to show her “pawesome” love for the feline.

41. Rotating Hair Curler

Rotating Ceramic Easy Hair Curler Perfect for Travel

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Whether she wants those elegant curls with her black lace dress or those romantic locks of curls for her date night, this curler is the answer. It heats up quickly and gets the job done while protecting the face and fingers from getting scorched.

Cool Gift Ideas For Mom – Home Décor Items

This category includes table pieces, pretty lights, and more. Make her room enjoyable, inspiring and dulcifying.

42. Lotus Shaped Backflow Incense Fountain

Mesmerizing Lotus Shaped Backflow Incense Fountain

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Come home to a pacifying bedroom no matter how hectic or demanding the day was. This cool birthday gift for mom will suck all the negative energy in the room and her body in addition to giving a scentful and decorative touch to the interior space.

43. Fairy Curtain Lights

Fairy Curtain Lights

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This is another best gift for your mom. Why? Because it’s exceedingly cute and impactful. These curtain string lights have the power to transform the bedroom décor in a second.

Neither will it drain your pockets, nor is it glaring to the eyes. She can arrange it over the curtains, behind her bookshelf, or over the headboard.

44. Colorful Liquid Motion Bubbler Toy

Colorful Liquid Motion Bubbler Toy

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The colorful liquid hourglass is here! Be mesmerized by its acrylic dance. Bring it home to cast a vivid but relaxing vibe in the bedroom. Turn it upside down to experience the 2-color floating oil patterns.

We are sure your mom won’t get bored looking at it. It’s just so immersive making it one of the best gifts for mom.

45. Gold Magazine Holder Stand

Decorative Gold Magazine Holder Stand

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Does she read a lot of books? Or has a whole collection of fashion magazines mailed to her each week? This holder is an enchanting way to organize them in the room. This useful gift for mom can be placed on the table or the shelf.

This beautiful stand is one of those necessary cool things you should have in a room.

46. Flame Humidifier

Flame Humidifier

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No, it’s not a hazardous sight! This unique flame humidifier engulfs the whole room with an agreeable scent while igniting the room with flames (not literally!).

Just fill it with water, add some drops of your favorite essential oil and turn it on.

47. Little People Mini Succulent Planters

Little People Mini Succulent Planter

Check Price

This special and adorable lady planter is definitely a cool gift for mom that she can’t refuse. It will add a feminine and whimsical touch to her indoor décor. Not only can she use it for planting mini succulents but store stationery and makeup brushes too.

48. Sheep Shaped Felt Coasters

Sheep Shaped Felt Coasters

Check Price

Ever seen something as unique as this sheep felt coasters? Probably not. Your mother wouldn’t have even. Please her heart and make her eyes glow with this mom gift.

She can enjoy her morning cup of coffee or evening cup of tea on these coasters.

49. Crystal Tower Selenite Lamp

Natural Authentic Crystal Tower Selenite Lamp For Bedroom

Check Price

Selenite stones are known cleansers of negative energy. In addition to purifying the air around you, it enhances the décor of the room it’s placed in. Give it to your mum so she can sleep like a log and read with a calming mind.

It makes an attractive home décor gift for your mom.

Useful Gifts For Mom For Daily Chores:

Presents for mom shouldn’t be all style, fashion, or décor, they can be practical as well. That’s what these items are.

50. Self-stirring Coffee Mug

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Check Price

She definitely needs a caffeine punch every morning to own the day, right?

This is one of the integral gifts for mom that will make her morning routines more healthy and active. She just has to pour in the coffee, water, or milk and press the button to stir the mixture evenly. Surely one of the best gift ideas for mom on her birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

51. Collapsible & Folding Clothes Hanger

Smart Collapsible & Folding Clothes Hanger

Check Price

She would have got so many clothes in her wardrobe – tees, robes, tops, pants, scarves and what not! And she would have definitely been in a fix when choosing which clothes to wear because they manage to get lost when required.

Not anymore with this collapsible hanger. It will keep her wardrobe organized and save time when preparing for a party. It’s also a good present for organized people.

52. Lazy Mop Slippers

Lazy Mop Slippers

Check Price

Make her cleaning routine fun and inspiring with these creative mop slippers. Made out of microfiber, this mom gift not only makes the floor crystal clean but does that effortlessly as well.

She can clean on the go while reading a book, cooking Pasta in the kitchen, or watering the indoor plants.

53. Kitchen Chopping & Slicing Tool

Quick & Easy Kitchen Chopping & Slicing Tool

Check Price

It may not qualify as a birthday gift for mom, but you can give it to her at a random Sunday meet-up. It’s an all-in-one slicer for quick fruit and veggie slicing. She can run through her salad and dish preparation chores with it.

It delivers slices, juliennes, dice, and strips.

54. Portable Nail Clipper Set With Case

Portable Nail Clipper Set With Case

Check Price

It’s not just a nail clipper kit but a whole face, hand, and feet grooming kit, in fact. The 16 tools included in the set can be used to remove cuticles, scrape dirt, shape eyebrows, and more.

55. Intimates Storage Organizer Box

Underwear Storage Organizer Box

Check Price

This is another organizer gift for mom. Now it’s meant to store her intimates (bra, underwear, etc.) but you know what, she can use it for anything.

Keeping her office folders maybe, organizing her socks perhaps, putting her watches, perfumes or even cutlery.

56. Herb Cutter Roller

6 Blade Stainless Steel Kitchen Herb Chopper Roller

Check Price

No need to chop the herbs with knives when you can do that safely and quickly with this herb roller.

Chop tarragon, basil, rosemary or green onions with it. It can also be used to slice dough for the thick-crust, delectable apple pie that she makes. YUMMM!

Some DIY Gift Ideas For Mom:

Getting gifts is one thing; making them yourself by infusing emotions is another. Here are some unique ways of making her birthday or Mother’s Day special.

  1. Photo Collage


Do you have memorable photos of you and your mom on your laptop, camera and phone? Now is the best time to get them printed from your printer and make a charming collage out of them. Print them on Photo Paper for the authentic Polaroid feel.

  1. Homemade dinner

Homemade dinner

One of the most meaningful gifts for mom could be her favorite dish prepared by you. Pasta, Pizza, Rice, Custard; whatever her favorite dish is, put your soul into it. And you can put the dinner in the oven and have a note saying “Dinner in the oven” on the kitchen counter to make things even more emotional!

  1. DIY Flower vase

DIY Flower vase

There are several options you can make vases out of: glass bottles, food containers, corks, pine cones, disco balls or wood. Either make hanging versions of them or the more common, table piece-formatted.

  1. Homemade Necklace

Homemade Necklace

Again, you can be as experimentative as you like. Make necklaces from tassels, bangles, leather feathers, beads, painted wood, plastic, jewels, or cloth fabrics.

  1. Hand Mold

Hand Mold

Awww. Even the thought of it gives us chills. It’s highly sentimental, considerate and artistic; all at the same time. You can make them from Plaster simply but if you want to go to the next level, you can find plenty of ways of making hand mold on YouTube.

Wrapping up

So this was our list of best mom gifts. We tried to cover all angles for you so you can make her ecstatic on her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other event.

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