55 Weird Girl Products For Guys To Guess That She Owns With Pride

Weird girl products mean the weirdest collection of beauty products, apparel, jewelry items, footwear, and whatnot!

Inspire Uplift Marketplace has some trending options for you and the boys to make guess-game even more complex for them.

Yes, play with their intellectuals or just get your hands on these beauty products and fashion accessories to wear and look cool and bring innovation and diligence to your life in an entirely different way.

So, why are you still here? Get a wing to the products we have briefed below:

Weird Girl Products That Guys Don’t Know

Here, we have gathered options to make the guess-game more interesting for both of you and your partner.

1. This easy crease line kit is among the unusual girl products for guys to guess:

GlamUp Easy Crease Line Kit

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The look of this kit is quite strange, but the exciting thing about this beauty tool is that it helps the crease line easier and yet more comfortable to apply.

So, play with colors on your eyes without any worry now.

2. Women products men don’t know include these heatless strawberry curlers:

Heatless Strawberry Curlers

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How about getting curls through strawberries? Well, it is the most fantastic thing about these curlers.

Besides that, the other wonderful thing is that your man won’t guess easily about the functionality of these strawberries unless he witnesses it with his own eyes.

3. Add these nail polish remover clips to the weird girl products list:

Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips

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Always protect the life of your nails and use these remover clips rather than liquid bottles or other techniques like scraping off them with your other fingers’ nails.

Also, just put all these clips in front of your boyfriend and ask him what these are used for. (Ssshh! He is clueless):p

4. Heatless hairstyling magic spiral hair curlers

Magic Spiral Hair Curlers

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 Using curling irons is unsafe for both children and adults.

These funky hair rollers will make perfect curls in your hair without making you put in more effort or iron it.

This weird product can be one of the best inexpensive gifts for college students.

5. Use girl products that confuse guys such as this eyeliner tool, to look flawless:

Flawless Eyeliner Tool

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There’s no need to go through different eyeliner hacks available on youtube or stretch the eyes to get the task done.

Instead, use this eyeliner tool that is bizarre in appearance but does wonders by applying eyeliner flawlessly.

Pro-Tip: You can add this to the YouTubers gifts basket so they can teach eyeliner hack to their audience easily. :p

6. Elf handcrafted hat nose warmer for weird girl

Elf hat nose warmer. Gnome, Santa hat nose cover. X mas for college student. Stocking stuffer

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Keep your intranasal environment warm during the winter for stronger immune defenses against viruses with nose warmers.

This nose Warmer is cute, but its design makes it weird and knitted with yarn that allows you to breathe easily.

7. A checklist of weird female products for guys to guess contains this tweezer:

 Brite Lite Eyebrow Tweezer

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Plucking out hair from the eyebrows area in dim light can only be a master’s art. However, for others, it is pretty tricky. But, not anymore!

With this LED tweezer, you can remove hair as quickly as the experts do. Moreover, it is one of the weird girl products that guys don’t know and get a clue about what it is.

8. This brush cleaner makes one best item from popular girl products for guys to guess:

Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Let your man guess what this gadget is featured for, and later, if he loses, elucidate his curiosity by washing makeup brushes through this gadget and that too, LIVE.

9. Weird seamless skeleton face mask bandana

Seamless Skeleton Face Mask Bandana

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It’s tough for girls to prioritize safety, comfort, and a bold attitude at once, so we offer this skeleton mask as the ideal weird product.

Its comfort level will allow girls to do the activities they love, such as hiking, skiing, running, and playing tennis.

10. Snake earrings are among those weird girl products guys wouldn’t know existed:

Zinc Alloy Snake Earrings

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Every girl loves fancy and non-fancy earrings, but if you’re one of those women who love strange jewelry collections, here you go!

These snake earrings will pull off your style and fulfill your desire to look different from others.

11. Get this claw ring and put it with other feminine products guys don t know about:

Full Finger Claw Ring Jewelry For Teenagers

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Add style, eccentricity, and fun to your appearance by bringing this claw ring that covers the whole finger and gives exquisite vibes. On seeing this in your finger, your man would definitely get startled.

Strange Weird Girl Products

The more weird products you add, the merrier your instincts would feel:

12.  This bubble blow up backpack is a unique girlish thing you must have:

90s style Inflatable Bubble Blow Up Backpack

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Purchase cute bags like this backpack and add them to weird girl products for guys to guess list.

At the party, your man to have a look, and other than storage, ask him what the bag’s bubbles are used for. :p

13. Weird but funny mini jacket for keeping beverages cool

Jacket for Keeping Beverage Cool

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There is nothing worse than having your fingers go numb when holding a chilled can of beverage.

Take this funny mini jacket everywhere and keep your drink warm or cold.

The jacket’s insulation keeps the drink cold just like it was when you first drank it.

14. Gather all the best lady products just like these leopard printed leggings:

Bright Pink Leopard Print Leggings

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Leggings are considered the most comfortable bottom wear in all seasons as they keep the legs warm in winters and cozy in summers. So, grab these cool leggings with unique prints and amp up your style.

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15. “I’m Actually Weirder Than You Think” Tee

I'm Actually Weirder Than You Think Tee

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Oftentimes, t-shirts come with a weird quote, so if you want a humorous product, this tee might be a good choice.

If your girl wants to hang out with a friend or just spend the day outside, she will look great wearing this t-shirt.

16. Weird t-shirt “I’m Not Weird I’m Limited Edition”

I'm Not Weird Tee

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A girl who loves shopping never gets bored because it is one of her favorite hobbies, So buy this weird shirt for yourself quoted, “I’m not weird I’m limited edition.”

With its true quote and cotton material, this cotton t-shirt is sure to keep you comfortable.

17. When collecting feminine girl products for guys to guess, get this face belt:

Face Lift & Slimming Belt Strap

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This face belt is not manufactured to treat broken face bones. HEHE…

Instead, it lifts up the facial bones by reducing fat and making a face look smarter than ever. So, what else is needed? Of course, nothing.

18. One of the fun products to try is this no buckle belt:

The Free Belt – Unisex Adjustable No-Buckle Belt

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Among many types of belts, this belt has taken the internet by storm. Why? Because it has no buckle. Yes, you must be astonished after reading this. But that’s true.

This belt has no buckle; still, it holds the pants or jeans like a pro.

19. This yarn bowl is one of those girl objects guys don’t know how to use:

Yarn Bowl

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The unique bowl is definitely not for food storage but something more functional. So, how can a guy get to know this?

Simple, insert your yarn ball in this bowl and use this bowl for knitting. We bet your man would get impressed with it. WINK!

20. The list of weird girl products also has this banana hat that you don’t own yet:

Funny Cotton Banana Hat

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Banana on your head, the view will bring a smile to your face. So, have this cute yet strange banana hat and place it on your head like a crown. Lol!

21. Get crazy beauty products for stylish girls such as these futuristic sunglasses:

Futuristic Shield Visor Sunglasses

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Get your hands on these futuristic sunglasses as one of the must-have summer products.

These glasses come in rainbow shades to make you look funky at parties. Additionally, the glasses cover almost the whole face, which means you are safe from harmful sun rays.

22. Don’t forget to grab this modern witch hat when getting gurl products:

Woolen Modern Witch Hat

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The witch hat won’t convert you into a witch (source: trust me!)

The pointed top cap is perfect for girls and guys who always want a collection of strange products in the home. So, just wear it on any event and look the “odd one out” (just kidding).

Weird Women Products

Check these options we have and get them all as gifts for the weirdest friends.

23. One of the bizarre makeup girl products guys don’t know about is this cleaner-rack:

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner And Storage Rack

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This kitty-shaped brush cleaner and storage rack promotes the best way to clean makeup brushes and then store them.

Note: Most boys don’t know about the productivity such weird products provide, but NEVER MIND!

24. Weird beauty weird makeup products for hair must include this curling ribbon kit:

Silk Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon Kit

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You would avoid seeing yourself in the mirror whenever you are doing hair curls through this ribbon kit. Why? Because, hilariously, it makes you look weird. Isn’t it?

But, for some time, forget the uniqueness, and focus on how good curls it creates.

If your friend is in her 20s, don’t look anywhere for gift ideas for women in their 20s except this wavy curler ribbon.

25. Let’s pack these forefoot pads with other weird makeup products:

Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads

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These forefoot pads come in handy when it comes to treating feet aches and also while applying nail paint to the foot nails. So, get the pads and wear them easily.

Moreover, these pads don’t hurt the front side of the feet.

26. The weird beauty products list is incomplete without this unique hairpin:

Lazy Bird's Nest Plate Hairpin

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This strange hairpin helps you tie the hair up in a ponytail expediently. But, what if you give it to the man and ask him to do so? He might get annoyed or return it to you, saying, “honey! This isn’t a cup of tea for me.”

27. Make sure to grab the perfect yet weird girl products like this buttock toner:

Buttock Toner Muscle Trainer

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Time to get the booty game strong, but how? Use this bizarre yet efficient gadget to reduce buttock fat, lift them up, and treat muscle aches.

When attached with butts, it gives a weird look and exceptional results (if you must know).

28. Gather all odd products for girls, such as this neck support collar:

Neck Support Collar

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While getting innovative products for women, grab this neck support collar immediately. Just hold it in your neck, let it be looking strange there, and feel the magical treatment it induces.

Fun Beauty Products

Add some fun and weirdness to lives with these products:

29. Add this soft waves curler in your favorite strange products bag:

Portable Soft Waves Curler

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This curling attachment will give you mind-blowing curls instantly. All you need to do is insert the blow-dryer open mouth in it and let it roll your hair.

You can get loose curls, soft waves, and even heavy curls using it.

30. Super weird girl products are incomplete without this mushroom sponge:

Mushroom Makeup Sponge With Handle

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Make your life super feasible with makeup items like this mushroom sponge that comes with a handle.

Now you can blend the foundation or concealer cream evenly, using it more conveniently. How cool! Right?

31. This hair remover is among super weird girl products that you should have:

Perfect Brows Precision Hair Remover

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This is not just an ordinary razor and definitely not for the boys. Furthermore, this razor is super efficient and removes hair from the skin surface as diligently as perceived. Also, the design makes it handy and easy to carry.

32. The weirdest face masks include this transparent shield mask:

Reusable Filter Face Shield Mask Transparent

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Now you don’t have to hide your smile behind the surgical masks no matter how weird you want to make it look. Just kidding.

Get your hands on this transparent shield mask that will protect you in this pandemic time while you keep showing your smile.

33. Fill your cart with cool beauty products like this eyelash applicator tool:

No Mess False Eyelash Applicator Tool

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This is the beauty tool every woman should have. Amazingly, having a heavy blink of eyelashes isn’t a dream anymore with this applicator.

Just apply eyelashes using this tool and move with confidence as the eyelashes won’t fall off your eyes anytime soon.

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34. This teeth whitening kit falls under amazingly weird girl products:

Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

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The beauty lies under your mouth. Yes, you heard it right. Keep in mind that your smile is what makes you attractive.

And what if you hide this beautiful smile just because of teeth’ pale color? Don’t worry! We have this whitening kit to make you beam with pride.

35. Pretty weird cosmetics that you should have are these double chin sheets:

Double Chin Lifting Treatment V-Line Mask 4-Sheets

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One of the weird skin problems is having a double chin. Right?

Treat your double or weak chin using these double chin masks. The v-line sheets will gently remove the double chin that appeared over time.

36. Finding unusual weird makeup products that actually work,  get this eyeshadow applicator:

Easy Eyeshadow Applicator

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Make sure you have the most innovative, handy, yet so strange products to apply the weirdest makeup. For instance, you can play with all eyeshadow palette colors by using this applicator.

The applicator lets you apply all shades efficiently by maintaining the perfect crease line.

37. This nose hair trimmer makes one of the unique beauty products:

Mini Nose Hair Trimmer

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When we talk about weird girl products, we must include everything that can do magic in plenty of ways such as this nose hair trimmer is the best beauty product you must have.

With it, you can harmlessly remove unwanted hair from the nose.

38. Need more uncommon cosmetics? Get your hands on these toe crest pads:

Hammer Mallet and Claw Toe Crest Pads

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It’s time to apply nail paint on the feet nails. Have these toe pads that actually look odd when worn on feet but do exceptional results by encouraging you to apply nail polish easily.

Also, it makes the nail drying process worthwhile.

Weird Skincare Products

Skincare is yet another important factor we should consider to look beautiful. Thereby, check these products:

39. Add this acne extractor to the most fun skin care products list:

Blackhead and Comedone Acne Extractor

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Blackheads and acnes on your face mean you have to follow a proper skincare routine. To deal with such problems, use this extractor tool every now and then to eliminate acnes, blackheads, and whiteheads.

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40. For unusual facial treatments, this facial roller is a perfect item:

Real Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

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What else is needed to exfoliate skin than this real jade facial roller? Of course, nothing. Interestingly, this handheld device makes facial massage, cleansing, exercise, and exfoliation a literal breeze.

41. This silicone facial cleaner makes the best gadget among weird girl products:

Rechargeable Silicone Facial Cleaner

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Another weird thing to have in your beauty box is this handy facial cleanser. The gentle bristles of this gadget does all good to the skin by scrubbing and cleansing it well. So, use it a night before the party and let the natural glow come out.

42. Get indulged in the fun skincare routine using this skin wand set:

High Frequency Skin Wand Set

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This skin wand set has all the miracles hidden inside it. To more, it helps in improving skin elasticity by reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Hence, after a few days, you would see a new you.

43. One of the girl items that guys don’t know about is this massage roller:

Spiky Ball Massage Roller for Body

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Girls get stressed out so quickly, no matter how minor the problem is. So, this spiky ball massager is a perfect item for such delicate women.

They can use it as a stress reliever as every movement of this ball on the body parts relaxes the person.

44. Need more weird girl products? Get this octopus face cleanser:

Octopus Shaped Silicone Face Cleanser

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Surprise your woman with presents like this weird octopus facial cleaner. The gadget, however, seems weird at first, but it gives fantastic results when used.

So, utilize it to remove heavy makeup residues or scrub the skin using it and thank us later.

45. Collect all strange makeup products just like this skin tag removal kit:

Auto Skin Tag Removal Kit

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Are you fed up with having moles and tags on the skin? If so, get this tag remover kit and say goodbye to all such marks in a matter of a few days.

It seems like a pen but let the guys guess and use it for inspiring outcomes.

Weird Feminine Products

In this section, we have covered many other ideas that are unique yet useful:

46. Detox slimming patches, the considerable female items for you:

Detox Slimming Patches

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“Zero size waist” is a dream goal, but “zero dedication” towards exercising is a problem for every girl.

These slimming patches will let them enjoy a slim body within a few uses. So, get it now and bid farewell to thoughts of indulging in a workout.

47. Grab weird girl products for your queen, including this bizarre crown mug:

Queen Of Everything Mug with Crown

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The crown on the top of the mug makes it one of the weirdest products for girls. Still, we suggest you get it for the queen of your heart to make her feel special because of its luxurious look.

48. Durable and appealing metallic adjustable snake ring

Metallic Adjustable Snake Ring

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Fashionista gals love and admire Gothic things, and this appealing snake ring is one of those things.

The ring’s adjustable nature makes it suitable for all finger sizes, regardless of how thin or chubby they might be.

Snake scales cover the whole snake ring terminating in the oval-shaped face.

49. Astonish your friend with girly products like these unique baby animal earrings:

Baby Animals Earrings

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At first look, it seems like an animal is biting an ear. Weird??? Well, that’s all the imagination these earrings create.

The earrings are the perfect present for teen girls. Thus, have it right away.

50. 925 sterling silver mini trendy baby snake hoops earrings

Trendy Baby Snake Hoops Earrings

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Now is the time to let go of all the myths and evil associated with eternal snake jewelry.

This is why our gold and silver snake hoops earrings are a bearer of good fortune, protection, infinite love, and strength.

Aside from being weird, these mini hoop earrings are cute and comfortable, and she can wear them while sleeping or showering.

51. Besides interesting beauty products, get jewelry items like this octopus ring:

Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring

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Let the octopus hug your finger (not really); talking about this intricately-designed ring that promotes the bold look very well. So, get such beautiful rings and embark on the journey of style.

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52. Put this raincoat ball keychain with other super weird girl products:

Portable Raincoat Ball Keychain

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This magical keychain has something beneficial hidden in it. What is that? Open the keychain and unfold the mystery. Well, the keychain comes with a raincoat to help in emergencies.

53. This elephant phone holder makes the best bizarre product for everyone:

Plastic Elephant Phone Holder

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Other than weird beauty gadgets, products like this little elephant phone holder can do wonders. Hilariously, we bet the guys won’t guess it right at the first look.

Use it to keep your phone straight while watching movies or shows on it.

54. Get unique unusual products for girls like this boba Airpod case keychain:

Cute Boba AirPod Case With Keychain

Check Price

This Airpod case is specifically designed for females, and therefore, we have added this to the list of weird gifts for girls.

Let them secure their Airpods in the case and important keys in the attached keychain.

55. For girls, products like this embroidery pen are extremely strange:

DIY Embroidery Pen Set

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Genius women, who love stitching, making embroidery on clothes, and knitting would adore gifts like this pen.

Since boys are clueless about using it, you can impress them by making a beautiful embroidered napkin or shirt.


Weird girl products are best to buy. Why? Because these things keep you and your partner busy in the most entertaining conversation. Besides that, these items, we offer bring your creativity out in thousands of ways.

So, shop them all and enjoy!

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