18 Mystifying Gifts to Your Weirdest Friend in 2022

Weird Gifts

Gifts are the best way one can express one’s feelings,

But what type of gifts can we give?

Xmas gifts: can be given on Christmas only, or

Five sense gifts: given to partners only,

But wait,

There’s a strange kind as well, called Weird Gifts: which are meant to hit the nerve of your true friend in a humorous way.

So, let’s look at 18 such funny gifts, which may be termed as disgusting or unusual but at the same time, memorable and useful ones.

1. Poop Emoji Mug

Emoji Poop Mug

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So far, you and your friend have used poop emoji on Snapchat, Facebook, and a lot of other social media.

But imagine your friend unwrap your gift only to discover that it’s a pile of poop, but this time he can drink coffee in it.

Funny, isn’t it?

That’s the reason people amusingly ask to give this mug the ‘weird gift 2022’ award, for the strange idea it brings in.

2. Eff The Rain Umbrella

Eff the Rain Umbrella

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Imagine rainy season is on, and one of your friends is too scared of getting out in the rain, or he’s the one who uses the Eff word too often. This gift is the best for such a person.

The outer side of this 100% polyester and the water-proof umbrella has a big middle finger on its exterior. This bold umbrella is actually a double win.

Not only does it keeps us dry, but it also presents a well-timed middle finger to those gloomy clouds in the sky.

You’ll be the renegade in the rain, and a damn fashionable one at that!.

3. Shark Slippers

Shark Slippers

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We know since we were young that unlike dolphins, sharks are not human friendly.

Many have been seen attacked by sharks while swimming or surfing.

So, isn’t it weird when slippers are made like sharks having your feet in their mouth? Scary!

These types of gifts are perfect for girlfriends who love unique funny gifts.

Besides giving an awe-inspiring look, it will keep her cold feet warm by swallowing them in its super-soft plush palate. Interested in buying? Click here.

4. Buttock Toner Muscle Trainer

Buttock Toner Muscle Trainer

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The Buttock Toner is the weirdest of all the gifts mentioned here.

The moment she opens it, she will give you a call for sure, angry or laughing like crazy – it’s your fate.

But one thing is for sure, despite being weirdest of all, this gift is something that will keep her remember you for long.

It’s perfect if your partner has cellulite on her butts and thighs that make her look pudgy.

It helps stimulate the hip line effectively by releasing pressure and lifts the hip muscles using EMS Pulses.

5. Knitted Nordic Hat

Odin Knitted Nordic Hat

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What could make your friend look funny and insane more than wearing this Nordic hat?

It’s a weird woolen cap which has horns like bulls, long beard like nomads and the overall look is just crazy.

It’s a perfect gift for your friend who is too innocent of wearing anything like that.

Besides giving a killer look, this woolen hat is extremely warm and soft, thanks to 100% acrylic yarn its made of.

So, do you want this hilarious gift for your friend?

6. Chicken Feet Socks

Chicken Feet Socks

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Chickens are beautiful, cute, and innocent. But the same would look scary if her legs got human torso.

Yes, this is what chicken feet socks would do.

Once your friend put on these socks, his or her legs would look like chickens’.

If your friend has a unique sense of humor or he’s just a chicken lover, or simply he loves teasing others, this gift can be his favorite.

7. Animal Paw Socks

Animal Paws Graphic Design Socks

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Animal toys, voices and miniatures are loved by everyone because this way you minimize the wild in your hands.

But what if the body is of a human and the legs are of zebra, tiger, cat, etc. Funky, isn’t it?

These animal socks will make your friends’ legs look like donkey or zebra’s – enough to scare someone at the first instant.

If she is bored with one, she will have nine other options to try.

8. Groot Man Planter Pot

Groot Man Planter Pot

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Many of us have watched the movie Avatar.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we recall it is the series of those scary blue face masks.

No idea what species of humans they tried to present, but still, it was popular. This weird gift is one of such things.

The scary Groot man planter pot is a bit more than a typical pot.

In addition to planting something in it, it may be used as desktop essential to hold your phone or stationery. Get now

9. Custom Tea Socks

Tea socks

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How about a friend of yours who drinks tea like crazy.

For whom six cups a day are just a routine.

Would you like to show him or her that you remember each aspect of his personality, that too, in a crazy way?

If yes, these custom tea socks are the answer. These weird socks bear a funny text on their back that says,” If you can read this, make me a tea.” More special is the way with which it’s written.

The color, the shine, and the font style of the text, all are amazing.

It looks as if the person wearing this has written it with a straw dipped in the tea. So, hurry up! Buy it and gift it.

10. Mini Cactus Candles

Mini Cactus Candles

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Cactus is well known for its sharp spines that injures more than a thorn.

Imagine it’s the birthday of a person who’s one of your dearest friends, yet crazy and weird. What would you like to gift him?

This mini cactus candle could be the answer.

The gift, when placed beside the birthday cake, will make everyone around it feel strange.

But unlike the real cactus, these beautiful candles are fragrance-free wax and have an average burning time of 30-40 minutes.

The metallic tea-light holders filled with black wax give the illusion of real cactus plants planted in small pots.

11. LED Spa Facial Mask

LED Spa Facial Mask

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Facial masks are a well-known thing among women. But what if the mask does all that it is supposed to do but is too scary to wear.

LED Spa mask is once such creepy facial masks.

This strange gift will remind your girlfriend of Halloween parties, because of the scary look it gives.

However, apart from being weird and scary, this facial mask is extremely useful.

It uses LED technology to tone your skin.

Each color displayed in the light plays its unique function. So, get your girlfriend this gift right now from this link.

12. Flask Bangle Bracelet

Flask Bangle Bracelet

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A glass is meant to pour liquid in it; and, bracelet for hand beauty.

But how weird it will be if someone combines both of these functionalities in one product.

In fact, this gift is a bracelet that is a circular tube with a flask and cap on the top.

Means your friend can take his favorite drink with him anywhere he wants, like a beach, club, bar, casino, cruise, parties, etc., where he needs to sneak into his own nip of liquor.

13. Dino Kids Backpack

Dino Kids Backpack

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Kids normally get frightened with a mouse or any rodent stepping over their shoes.

But there are some kids who are brave enough to catch cats and dogs with their tails.

For such kind of brave children, there’s a backpack that may be termed as a symbol of bravery, as if the child wearing it has hunted a small dinosaur and put it on his back.

Besides, this light-weight backpack is perfect as a school bag, as a backpack for a trip to the zoo, picnic parties, and more.

14. Skull Tea Infuser

Skull Tea Infuser

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Tea infusers are needed by everyone, but why in the form of this scary skull?

Well, this is what makes this gift unique and weird.

You must have a friend who has a kind of thug personality. The one who lits cigarettes with a pistol-like lighter, or wears T-shirts with an image of a skull, or has a weird get up.

It is something that will be a nice addition to his weird collections.

Unlike real skull and crossbones that is a symbol of danger, this skull tea infuser is 100% safe for steeping a steaming cup of your favorite tea leaves!

Felt any urge to gift to your friend? If yes, purchase now. It can be the best gift for boyfriends who loves weird stuff.

15. Angry Mama

Angry Mama

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Moms are very keen about cleaning, especially things in the kitchen.

Microwave is one of those things that requires regular cleaning, but rarely do moms get time to clean them.

So, anything that can help her do her chores easily tends to get an appreciation from her for sure.

Angry Mama is one of such gifts than can be given to moms.

The funniest thing is the way it looks like.

It’s a tiny microwave-proof cup with a cap that resembles an angry caricature of moms.

16. Cable Protector

Baby Animals Cable Protector

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Phone cables tend to damage by frequent plugging in and out.

And what can be weird than anything that protects this cable but in an awkward fashion?

This Animal Cable Protector, once attached to the cable, will look as if the animal is eating the cable.

Such a gift can be the best for that friend of yours who loves doing crazy things, like using a skull keychain or using a lizard-design phone case, etc. Get It Now

17. Baby Romper Mop

Adorably Funny Baby Romper Mop

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This smart mop is a unique, strange, and weirdest gift of all.

Instead of cleaning the floor in some new fashion, it tends to involve the adorable babies in it.

We all know babies crawl from 6 to 15 months of age approx.

What if babies crawling is associated with cleaning the floor? Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, these mops are made of ultra-absorbent materials and designed to clean and shine your floor as baby explores his/her universe.

When a baby is done cleaning, the mop is tailored for easy on and off.

The Baby Romper Mop makes a great baby shower gift also! Get here

18. Acupuncture Slippers

Deluxe Acupuncture Slippers

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Footwears are a common gift. But how about gifting someone slippers which has buttons on its sole.

This acupuncture slippers apparently looks like an electronic kit rather than a slipper.

It’s a perfect gift for your loved one who gets tired earlier than usual.

It features nodules that apply pressure to the soles of the feet, which in turn, improves blood circulation, prevents leg cramps and headaches, and encourages full-body wellness.


The above is an exhaustive list of weird gifts for people who have everything but, still, crazily need your love.

The weird nature of these gifts does not mean they are useless or tend to scare the receiver only; instead, they are equally helpful and serve the purpose they claim to have.

You need not wait for festivals like Christmas to give weird Christmas gifts; instead, the funny gifts mentioned above can be a mood-changer at any time of the year.

So, have you chosen any of the above to gift it to your friend? Leave a comment to let us know which of these you liked the most.


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