35 Gifts for College Students To Help Them Studying With Fun

Gift Ideas For College Students

Life gets pretty hard after high school for most people. The transition from the happiest 4 years of their life to the next 4 years of adulthood (which is not exactly pleasant) can be very pressuring.

Although some students take this change with ease and an open mind. It is not as easy for all people. It is admittedly a very shocking and overwhelming change. You have to take care of so many things at once.

For example, shifting into your dorm or fraternity as well as adapting to the huge change. You no longer have the comfort that you used to attain at your house. Hard times come forth and college students are forever more struggling within this period of time.

So, if you personally know any college student and are searching for ways to cheer them up as well as make their college life less tough than it is; you need ideas for gifts for college students.

A gift is always the best way to make another person happy but when you blend functionality and practicality in it as well, then it becomes a stellar idea. Gifts are in themselves very memorable items to leave in the possession of others, but if you choose memorable over useful then that gift will keep lying around doing nothing.

Instead of caving into getting your college friend a gift with emotional significance try to get them an item of importance and use. Something that they can actively use in their day to day life. With the frequent use of this gift, the receiver will surely link the item to you and every time they utilize it, they will remember you.

Thus, emotional significance is established while practicality and functionality is also included in the deal.

Check out some of these charming and highly helpful items:

1 – Stargazer Watch

Stargazer Watch

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Being a college student, following the monotony of time is extremely daunting yet warnings from the professor remain the same. If your friend is every day late to the class and done with notices from school, It’s time for a change!

We bring the multi-functioning Stargazer Watch, a perfect design to gift the person you love and want to evoke the importance of time. The stargazer watch has the astronomical dial, surrounded by pink, blue, golden, and gray lines and a strap made of Metal Elastic, best fitting to thin wrists.

This is surely going to be a perfect gift for someone been with you through the thick and thins. Besides, you can add variety to make it best fitting for all ages and genders liking pink.

Let your time begin!

2 – Cat Paw Cup

Cat Paw Cup

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College is that time of life when you can be as outrageous, expressive, indifferent and experimental about things. This cat paw cup is one such product.

Add a flick of merriment to your mornings with this fun-looking cup. Everyone, in today’s busy schedule, needs a start-of-the-day inspiration to gear up for the tasks and this cup is certainly one of the effective ways of doing that.

It’s also not just looks but is packed with utility as well. The frosted cup has an insulated lining that keeps your beverage regulated to its temperature, whether it’s a cold soda or a sizzling coffee.

3 – Alarm Clock and Reminder

Alarm Clock and Reminder

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No one is exempted from the heavy lull of sleep. Especially for college students who have classes all around the clock. Sometimes when they are busy trying to catch 5 hours of sleep in 2 days they tend to forget about their appointments and engagements. For that purpose, this digital alarm clock and reminder help you manually create a reminder for yourself before snoozing. In this way, when you are awakened by your alarm you don’t immediately shut it off without further thought. You can take a look at the reminder and recall your responsibilities; thus giving you more reason to get out of bed. The product comes with a marker and eraser for manually scribbling down your reminders on the transparent message board above the clock.

4 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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College students spend a large portion of their time on their laptops. From writing college essays and papers to doing their research. In this advanced age of technology, everything is done from your laptop or phone. But as always there is a backlash to the frequent and excessive use of these gadgets. The many hours of staring at the electronics screen cause eye dryness, headaches, and weak eyesight. That is because of the specific light that radiates from these devices. Why not gift your hardworking college student friend with these light blocking glasses that protect the eyes from these light rays. Now, no matter how many hours they spend on their gadgets; their eyes will be safe.

5 – Five Port Charging Station

Five Port Charging Station

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During group study sessions or in a joint dorm where there are multiple students living, there occurs a common issue on who is going to get the adapter to charge their phone. Of course, every student has their own cable but the shortage of electric outlets might lead to an issue. Sometimes students have to step out of their dorms to simply charge their smartphones. For that purpose, this lamp that comes with a five-port charging station solves all your problems. It comes with a platform that it is fixed upon with small divisions to place 5 different gadgets within. The LED mushroom-shaped lamp illuminates a fairly large surface area giving you the best of both worlds.

6 – Hands Free LED Portable Light

Hands Free LED Portable Light

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Ever found yourself in a situation where you need an immediate light source but you can’t hold the light source in your hands. In such situations you can’t possibly use a torchlight or a smartphone powered flashlight. This is why you need this hands-free LED portable light. It comes in the form of a flex-neck cord with two ends illuminated with a lamp. This is the best option to use when you are living in a joint dorm room with your roommate and need to get some homework/reading done. But since you can’t switch on the lights, you need a secret light source. Simply fix this around your neck, it’ll fit snugly, and turn it on. It runs on AAA batteries and the light is dim yet enough to not harm your eyes or cause a glow too harsh.

7 – City Travel Backpack

City Travel Backpack

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Every college student direly needs such a backpack that fulfills all their needs and is the most functional and practical item for them. From organizing your laptop, power bank, electric cords, smartphone and more gadgets; this bag also provides some A-class benefits and features. With hidden storage, back facing zips and a waterproof surface; you get to evade many issues commonly faced by college students. You can now rush off to your class on foot even in the rain (as long as you have a raincoat on), with no worries that your laptop or books will get soaked. On top of that, the zips and openings of the bag are well hidden giving you the comfort of going anywhere with your backpack without worrying about pickpockets.

8 – Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk Pocket Watch

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Nothing looks fancier on a college student! Of course, out of all gifts for college students, you can’t present them with a gold watch/expensive types of bracelets. These sorts of things have no place in a busy spot like college. Instead of leaning towards the side of expensive gifts, opt for this intricately beautiful time traveler’s pocket watch. Fancy yet casual, charming yet not too obvious; it is sure to impress the receiver while wowing the onlookers.

9 – Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

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 It is hard to stay healthy in college! Every student has come to terms with this common issue. But with the help of small things like snack bars, pre-prepared meals and items like a fruit infuser; life gets a little easier. This water bottle comes with a twist where there is a small section at the bottom for you to place fruits in to concoct a tasty bottle of fruit infused water. Infused water has many benefits for the human body, health, mental progress and other functions for every college student. Instead of packing a normal water bottle in your bag, pack this and stow some fruits in the lower compartment. Your body will thank you profusely!

10 – USB Wooden Drink Warmer

USB Wooden Drink Warmer

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Eating on the go is a common activity in every college student’s life. You never know when you will get a spare couple of minutes for a bite. So, seize every moment while it still exists and grab a bite wherever you are. But every meal/bite is not complete without a hot drink to go with it in the cold months of winter. And it is the worst feeling in the world is when you order for yourself a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and the beverage goes cold before you it can touch your lips. This is why this USB wooden drink warmer exists…to be used in such situations. Simply plug it to any USB cable and place your cup of beverage atop the wooden plate to heat it. This drink warmer also works for foods as well such as noodles.

11 – Alphabet Pillow Cover

Personalized Alphabet Pillow Cover

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Adorning your dorm room or fraternity house with items of your choice helps make the whole aura of the home feel more cozy and comfortable. You can start with these fancy cushion covers that depict any letter of your choice. They look sophisticated and elegant, needless to say they make great additions to your bedroom or lounge!

12 – Portable Solar Power Charger

Portable Solar Power Charger

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Never face a “battery low” message from your phone ever again! This portable solar panel charger is the solution to all your gadget related issues. Compatible with all electronics like smartphones, tablets, go-pros, GPS, action cameras, speakers…etc. It comes in the form of a lightweight foldable backpack-like item. Simply fold it open to charge and then fold it back up and sling it from your shoulders to have a method of charging your electronics wherever you go.

13 – Knitted Ear Warmer

Knitted Ear Warmer

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Every girl in college finds it a super hard task to look chic, stylish and keep her body temperature of a moderate degree. There always has to be a compromise on either side. But as long as you keep your ears covered, the cold in the surroundings will never penetrate into your body or cause you any sickness. This is why this knitted ear warmer makes a witty and fashionable choice in every girl’s wardrobe. It is unbelievably soft, and chic with a sewn enclosure and comes in a variety of multiple colors.

14 – Ponytail Confetti Beanie

Ponytail Confetti Beanie

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Girls who have long hair know the struggle of what happens to their luscious locks when they tuck them in a beanie. Static energy causes breakage, frizz and other problems in their hair. For this reason this soft knit beanie has an opening at the top that helps girls tie their locks in a ponytail and give them escape through that opening. In that way they can achieve a wonderful hairstyle while still taking care of their locks simultaneously.

15 – Warm Poncho Sweater

Warm Poncho Sweater

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A cozy poncho sweater is exactly what a stressed-out college student needs. It proves to be such a hassle when a student has to leave the comfort of their room to go and study in the library. Not only that but usually cold weather discourages them further. So why not kick this idea to the side and get your fellow college student this warm poncho sweater that keeps them warm regardless of how cold it is. It comes in a stylish plaid design as well as a turtleneck and in 6 different colors.

16 – Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable Standing Desk

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Sometimes spending too many hours poring over your laptop screen can lead to you unknowingly slipping into an uncomfortable and dangerous position for your back and neck. For this purpose this adjustable, foldable standing desk has been founded to keep laptop users out of danger’s way. Whether you are sitting on a bench in a park or on your couch, simply unfold this adjustable desk and fix it in front of you.

17 – Wooden Charging Dock

Wooden Charging Dock

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Charging your Apple gadgets with an adapter is so last century! Do welcome the newest form of technology that is a wooden charging dock. Not only can it charge all types if iPhones but it also charges Apple Watches. Simply slip your iPhone into the small designated opening and wrap your Apple watch around a small white button-like area and they both will start charging simultaneously. Magical and hassle-free. Moreover, you can pack it wherever you go and don’t be afraid of it getting lost…etc. It’s a pretty big thing to get lost so easily.

18 – Fancy Handle Mug

Fancy Handle Mug

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Who doesn’t like a fancy mug? Every college student has a designated mug for coffee and hot beverages…so why not ensure that that mug is the coolest for miles around. This mug comes in the shade of white with musical signs painted all over it and the handle then varies with each type you choose. Since the theme of the mug is basically music so the various types of the mug differ in the handle style. According to which one you pick, you can get a guitar/flute/violin/bass/music note in the shape of a handle.

19 – Audio Bluetooth BeanieAudio Bluetooth Beanie

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The two most important things every college student needs when heading out of their room is their beanie and headphones. Headphones are a definite must because, without music, life gets pretty difficult. So if you really want to please a college student…get them this audio Bluetooth beanie. This product incorporates these two necessities of life into one seamless, high-end item. It is wash-friendly as you can remove the components and it works with Bluetooth connectivity. With stereo audio and a battery life of 4 hours, you will find no issues with it!

20 – Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

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Keep your neck and torso warm throughout the harshest months of winter with this cable knit infinity scarf. It is not only highly fashionable and stylish but it can be worn in many ways according to what mood you are feeling. You can either wrap it around your neck or place it loosely around your neck, the choice is yours. It is handmade in soft acrylic material and comes in over 20 colors matching every outfit, mood, and style that you are looking to represent that day.

21 – Really Tired Tee

Really Tired Tee

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Sometimes it is highly amusing and funny to ditch the cliche inspirational quote fashion trend and instead opt for some sarcastic humor instead. This tee is a perfect example of this sort of idea you might be having. It comes in variant sizes but only one heather grey shade which is simply perfect when matched with any other shade. It reads ‘She believed she could but was really tired. So she didn’t.’

It doesn’t get any better than this folks!

22 – Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup Bag

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Makeup artists and enthusiasts are all too familiar with the feeling of having to leave behind certain bottles of foundation or palettes because they have no space for them. That is truly what heartbreak feels like. This gets even worse when you are a college student who just wants to pack the necessities and the important items but unfortunately have no free space at hand. So if it is makeup that is the issue then this travel-friendly bag is all that you could possibly need. With ample space and a fit closure policy you will not lose any item and there is always space for one more item.

23 – Healing Quartz Water Bottle

Healing Quartz Water Bottle

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You have heard of a fruit infuser. Now get ready for a crystal infuser. There are many individuals who believe in crystals’ healing powers and positive effects on life. The energy provided by crystals is a way for many people to find positivity, health, and happiness during their day. If you know a stark believer of crystals who needs the most good-luck during their college years, make sure to get them one of these highly practical and functional 16oz water bottles. There are over 10 crystal choices to take your pick from depending on which energy you are searching for.

24 – Rose Flower Lamp

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Lighting options are running out of styles nowadays and no one wants to opt for a simple, bland lamp light to illuminate their room. Instead, he/she needs a new fresh change in their room to give them a chance to ponder, relax, and chill. No one needs these vibes more than college students obviously! Make sure to remember the best thing about gifts for college-going adult son is how unique the presents are…not how expensive. This rose lamp with fairy lights weaving between the petals and leaves makes a scenic display for all who lays eyes on it. And bring a sense of peace and calm in every room it is placed.

25 – Travel Hood Pillow

Custom Travel Hood Pillow

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During traveling, passengers are bound to feel some neck/back pain due to the uncomfortable seating positions. College students, in particular, have to do a lot of commuting and traveling during their years of study. Each student undeniably needs their comfort during traveling. This item incorporating a hood and a neck pillow brings every traveler the comfort they need during their journey. The hood is pulled on top of the forehead till it hoods the eyes and creates shade for them from all light and the pillow assists in comforting the neck.

26 – Mountain River Incense Holder

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

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Rose lamps are one way to bring peace of mind to college students! Another way would be to place an incense holder in the room to soothe the student’s nerves and calm them during stressful times. Setting the mood right with this incense holder that radiates peace and calm with its visual appearance, it looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Once you place the incense on top of the object where it belongs, the scented smoke drifts down on to each curve and indent of the mountain-river-like design of the holder. Totally worth watching and the best thing is that it soothes your nerves greatly.

27 – Floating Globe Lamp

Floating Globe Lamp

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It has already been discussed how boring normal lighting options are like. If you will be thinking about gifts for college students and from the user point of view then push your ideas a little outside the box. You must look for usefulness as well as attractiveness. And nothing gets better than this globe lamp that is suspended between a C-shaped magnetic block. It constantly rotates and not only is it highly educational for you to always take a look at the world’s globe but it also illuminates a light in the calmest and most peaceful manner ever.

28 – Ball of Moon Light

Ball of Moon Light

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Illuminate your bedroom with this attractive and highly innovative handful of moonlight that comes in the shape of a spherical ball. For all moon lovers and those who hopelessly search for the comfort of moonlight every month; this gift is the best. It provides a relaxing and ambient glow wherever it is placed and can be used to illuminate pathways/bedside cabinets…etc. It can be switched from a ghostly white light color to a crisp golden yellow with a single touch alone. The item can be found in 4sizes ranging from 3-7 inches in diameter. It works with a rechargeable battery and is sold with a USB power cord for portability.

29 – Insulated Wine Glasses

Insulated Wine Glasses

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What’s worse than flat wine? Warm wine! Nothing hits you in the gut worse than pouring out a glass of chilled wine, sipping it leisurely, savoring every last drop and then when you get back to your glass a few moments later you find that it has been reduced to an ungodly warm temperature. With these insulated wine glasses you can avoid this issue altogether. They come in 9 different colors and are double walled insulated. You can trust them to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for hours at end. You never have to worry about warm wine ever again. There are other features included in the item like a non-skid rubber base on each glass as well as a BPA-free lid that helps you avoid spillages and accidents.

30 – Lucky Mushroom Light

Lucky Mushroom Light

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At night, some people can’t stand to sleep in the dark no matter how safe their room is. For such individuals, this mushroom lighting option is the best choice they can make. The lighting option comes in a style of 3 cute mushrooms sprouting from a small base. Each mushroom illuminates a different colored light but they all maintain the soft glow that should be encouraged in the bedroom. Enough to lull the most stressed out and anxious college students, this light not only works as a night light but is also working as a stress-reliever and brings calm and peace on the sleeper.

31 – Emoji Poop Mug

Emoji Poop Mug

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Who doesn’t love the poop emoji? It is supposed to be a disgusting concept but it simply can’t be hated due to how adorably it has been designed. Now that level of adorableness is about to step up a notch with this undeniably cute poop emoji mug. The mug even comes with a lid on top of it to keep the heat and steam of your hot beverage contained within itself. The cup has a glossy finishing touch to it that leaves it looking perfect from every angle.

32 – Wooden Magnetic Lamp

Wooden Magnetic Lamp

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Aren’t we always searching for new ways to illuminate your bedroom? With this wooden lamp that works with magnetic fields attracting two different cords of lamps. With the help of magnetic fields, there are two small balls that when joined to a specific extent, illuminate the whole lamp. You can only disconnect the lamp by breaking the field of attraction between those two balls. It can be used as a desk lamp as well as a decoration piece because of how unique its design is.

33 – Nordic Water Bottle

Nordic Water Bottle

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Carrying around water with you everywhere you go, is a highly recommended thing to do. But buying all those plastic bottles will not only pollute the environment but also causes a huge lot of litter. Instead of frequently buying water bottles you should instead keep a water flask with you at all times. And who said carrying around a water flask should be a boring task? These wooden Nordic water bottles are the classiest option for you to choose when making a decision on carrying a water bottle with you. They come in a variety of different styles giving the customers a huge collection of designs to pick from. But they are all guaranteed to look amazing!

34 – Chunky Knit Blanket

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

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Probably everyone, not only college students, would love to cuddle up in a warm and comfortable blanket. That is true! But seeing as college students need it more than anyone else, they should definitely have this cute, handmade knit blanket. There are 3 different sizes to it ranging from 40 x 47 inches to 79 x79 inches. It is also available in nerve-calming colors such as grey, midnight blue, and pink increasing your comfort from every aspect. It looks so good that you can step out of your bedroom while wrapped up in it, and it will still look incredibly chic and stylish. Call it a college fashion statement.

35 – Foldable Weekender Bag

Foldable Weekender Bag

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Travel bags always have this knack of running out of space when we need the space the most. College students who are newly shifting to new countries, new universities, new dorm rooms, new sororities/fraternities…etc will definitely need to bring with them all the equipment they need. Being water resistant is only one of its many advantages! It can also be carried around like a carry on tote yet still be able to hold all your necessities in one place. There is one awesome function about it that helps you strap it on to your actual suitcase and create a 2-in-1 functional travel suitcase & carry on collection.

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