Weak Chin Guaranteed Treatments– A Guide With Before And After Pictures

Weak chin

What is the weak chin, and how to spot and fix it?

On the internet, you may find several terms against it, such as bad chin, receding chin, small chin, short chin, double chin, and of course, weak chin, etc.

But are all of the chin conditions the same?


Don’t be! Here we have everything you need to know about weak jawline, along with well-practiced and settled tips on how to fix a weak chin.

These will remove all the dilemmas from your brain too.

What is a weak chin?

weak jawline
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Your chin curves back towards the neck, making your jawline bad or ill-defined; the condition is called a weak chin.

Jawline gets soft with rounded angels of jowls around it that’s referred to as weak.

For more information, let’s have a comparison of the strong and weak chin.

Strong VS Weak Chin:

Weak chin shapes
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Strong chin = strong jawline: A strong jawline is a coveted feature for both men and women.

The external appearance of jaws bone is entitled to Jawline. A strong jawline has the symmetrical and angular look that we, in other words, call, chiseled jawline.

Weak chin doesn’t have a well-defined jawline.

Of course, a weak jawline is contrary to this; it is not well-defined but has saggy skin around it.

A weak chin doesn’t relate to any inside abnormality of the jaws, and it doesn’t affect a person’s speech, eating, or smile.

For more information, check out these images of men and women with weak vs. strong chin.

weak chin pictures
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Why Do I Have A Weak Chin?

These are some reasons that may address your query, why your chin has a weak jawline:

What Causes A Weak Jawline?

In weak jawline, people have a chin, receding from the face making the jawline appearing puffy, jowled, or poorly defined. Genetics is one of the causes of the weak chin as some kids have narrow jaw by birth that makes no chin appearance.

A weak chin can be developed with age, too; here are some detailed bad chin causes in adults, men, women, and children.

In adults, senior women, and men from 30 or more, the following can be the impetus of weak jawline:

1. Aging:

Aging is the bane of weak chin or asymmetrical jawline in which jowls appear around.

With age, skin starts to sag and when the skin sags around the chin, it remains unable to support soft tissues. The occurrence of jowls makes the chin looking ill-defined, weaker, or saggy.

2. Poor Lifestyle Habits:

Aging Causes Bad Chin
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Environment, changes in weight, lifestyle and habits, and skin genes can make the jowls to appear as early as 30.

Poor lifestyle habits include:

  • Wrong choice of skincare products (creams with steroids cause skin thinning and sagging)
  • Bad body postures, such as dropping head for too long, can cause chin dropping of chin jowls. You must use different innovative products and equipment to get rid of the wrong facial postures. For instance, a neck stretcher is perfect for eliminating chin-related issues and correcting neck posture.
  • Smoking and overuse of alcohol can also result in problems like sallow skin and skin sagging, resulting in sagging around the jawline.

3. Genetics:

The shape and structure of your jaws, along with many other features of your face, are influenced by genetics. A weak jawline can also be a matter of inheritance, and some people can bear with it.

4. Eating Soft Food:

weak chin causes and cures

Soft foods don’t need you to chew on the meals for too long. As a result, the tissues around your jaws don’t develop which makes your jawline weaker over the course of time.

It has been seen that people who eat hard food have a more defined jawline than soft eaters.

Kids can also have a weak chin by birth. Why? Because of:

  • Genetics
  • Thumb sucking
  • Overbite
  • Underlying jaw bone issues

i. Thumb Sucking:

Weak chin reasons
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When thumb sucking is done regularly and vigorously, kids can affect their jawline. Thumb sucking displaces the teeth from their place and disturbs the structure of jaws and overall face.

According to studies, “thumb sucker kids can develop weak jawline or can contribute to its development with age.”

ii. Overbite:

Overbite brings the same condition as thumb sucking does. Here, the shape of your jaws is also disturbed because the upper maxillary overlaps the mandible.

In this situation, the mandible (lower teeth structure) goes too far behind, causing an ill-defined jawline.

iii. Underlying jaw Bone issues:

Kids are sometimes born with certain conditions in which the jawline gets affected by birth. These include Retrognathia, Micrognathia, Pierre Robin sequence, and Treacher Collins syndrome, etc.

Under such conditions, kids develop jowls around the chin.

How To Fix A Weak Chin?

You can find plenty of facial exercises on the internet, like face yoga, and mewing, etc.

Are all of those worth implementing? Remember, weak chin is different from a double chin, so the exercises and techniques you will follow must be different to get your desired results.

Read a complete guide to rid of the double chin.

Here are some non-surgical methods you can opt to get rid of the thin chin:

1. Mewing:

It helps in changing the structure of your jaws and the appearance of the overall face. In this technique, placement of the tongue plays a key role.

  • The rule of thumb is to push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • After that, you will change several postures of your face by moving specifically your jaws and neck.

By mewing, you enhance the overall structure of your mouth that helps build your face’s posture, facial expressions and makes you more photogenic.

Mewing also helps you not to snore while sleeping.

Several Mewing techniques are available on the internet; however, this one is well-detailed, easily implementable, and needs only three minutes a day.

Give only 3 minutes in a day to your face structure and get ready to see miracles in 6 to 8 months.

Does Mewing Really Work?

Well, to know about this here, check some before and after pictures of mewing.

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Mewing does work; however, it takes time to show noticeable results on your face.

Nevertheless, on using the mewing technique, you can see a drastic improvement in your breathing, postures, and, of course, jawline but with time.

2. Lymphatic Massage Techniques:

If you have puffiness on your lower face and it feels like plumping skin around, you may need to reduce this swelling around your face.

You need to bring back the elasticity of your face along with removing or burning the excessive grown tissues around your mouth.

For this, you don’t have to go to a professional but need a fat-burning massager at home.

Massage the muscles and tissues around your neck and chin to burn the overdeveloped tissues and get your chiseled jawline back.

Besides this, try to use toners with retinol in them. Retinol is proven to improve skin elasticity and synthesize collagen fibers.

3. Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize is a newly introduced facial exercising equipment that shapes the jawline by stimulating your underdeveloped mouth muscles.

For this, you have to grip the tool inside your mouth and chew on it through your frontal tooth.

You can do this while doing other home chores, muscle building, watching tv, or doing anything that doesn’t involve the mouth.

The technique is effective, but in the long run, however, it can be costly for you to buy Jawzrsize.

Check this video to get a more helpful understanding of Jawzrsizing:

You will definitely get help from these nonsurgical treatments if you do not have any underlying issues relevant to your mouth’s bone or teeth structure.

4. Surgeries:

If you have:

  1. Restricted airways and feel unable to breathe through nasal
  2. Your hand slanted mandible like your lower jaw is smaller to fit your tongue in
  3. You do not have a good facial structure

In these situations, you may have to move towards getting surgical treatments for weak chin.

How To Fix A Weak Chin With Surgical Treatments?

You can go to an expert and have six treatments on your mouth to get a definite and defined jawline.

These methods are:

1. Derma Filler Injected Treatments: (Temporary Results)

Derma Filler Injected Treatments

You can find various types of filler treatments to get your chin job done. However, the most common and least expensive one’s are:

  1. Botox: (results last from 3 to 4 months.)

Botox is an injected treatment in which Botulinum toxin fluid is injected in jaw muscles. It fills up the muscles and reshapes it to make a perfect V shape. The results show up for two weeks.

However, here are some side effects of Botox:

  • Bruising (lasts up to 10 days)
  • Aching (takes some days to feel okay)
  • Infections (do not wear makeup to avoid this)
  • Lasts for four months (try not to smile too wide or massage the area to keep results for long)

Check Botox for neck along with before and after results, in the video:

  1. Facial Fillers (results lasts from 12 to 8 months)

Derma fillers are also penetrated around jaws through injections. It contains synthetic substances to make a bony and chiseled edge on the chin.

Some side effects of face fillers are:

  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Tissue death (rare)
  • Filler leakage (rare)

Here check derma filler treatment in this video:

Note: In both treatments, no skin incision is required.

2. Neck Liposuction Treatment: (Permanent Results)

Neck Liposuction treatments are for the elderly and people with a visible jowl around the mouth due to sagging.

Do you know your nose looks smaller when you have defined chin bone?

In liposuction treatments, the excessive fat is removed from the chin that strengthens the jawline edge, and gives it a fine finish that makes you look visibly charming and attractive.

Note: Liposuction results are permanent.

3. Chin Implants for Smaller Chin: (semi-permanent results)

With extremely small chin size or no chin, Chin Implant Treatment is recommended. The chin is augmented by inserting an implant to create a bony edge.

The implant is safer enough to keep inside your skin as it is made with a safe synthetic substance made of the same material as the chin’s tissues are made.

Check this liposuction and chin implant procedure for better understanding:

4. Fat Transfer for No Chin: (permanent results)

This is also like chin implant treatment, and people with small or no chin adopt this method.

However, instead of inserting a synthetic implant in chin transfer treatment, the fat from another body part is transferred to the chin.

Skin can be taken from any part of your body like arms, thighs, or belly.

5. Neck Lift: (permanent results)

A weak chin with an indefinite jawline and jowls around the mouth is treated by the neck lift method. Jowls are tightened in this method to remove the saggy skin around your neck.

However, if the sagginess is more, along with lifting and tightening, fat removal procedures are also done to create a strong chin.

6. Thread Lift: (lasts for 12 months)

It is also a skin lifting procedure; however, this lifting is done by inserting synthetic threads in your skin.

Thread lifts are not just for the chin but also to remove saggy and loosened skin from any part of your face.

Modern Hacks for Strengthen Weak Chin:

Methods to Create the Illusion of Strong Chin Without Surgery or Exercise:

  1. Growing beard to hide saggy skin or small chin
  2. Using chin tapes
  3. Wearing high necks
  4. Losing weight

For females:

  1. Using beauty products
  2. Contouring makeup
  3. Tieting types of scarves around the neck
  4. Losing weight
  5. Using chin tapes

Bottom Line:

This is all about the weak chin. If you have any queries, do write to us, and we will update the blog content accordingly. Your satisfaction matters for us the most. 😊

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