28 Types of Earrings – New Fashion Trends and style with pictures

Types of earrings

Would you like to design your wedding jewelry without an expert’s interruption, always coming with the same old-style ideas?

“Your knowledge matters.”

It requires to recognize old-school jewels before integrating contemporary fashion.

Here is everything you need to understand about type of earring.

Be the limelight, instead of being an audience.

Different types of earrings for men & women:

1. Stud Earrings:


When ears are pierced for the first time, professionals put studs in the recently stabbed holes.

These are one of the jewelry accessories that are elegant and very fine and go with regular to formal looks effortlessly.

They come in popular, cheap, and regular designs, while women, men, and kids, all can enjoy the privilege of wearing studs. 

Their sizes are flexible yet they can be designed with any type of metal, crafted with diamonds, pearls, and gems, different ornamental stones like rubies. 

Stud earring Price:

The cost of stud earrings varies. Diamond studs of 0.25 Carat can cost $285 while of 0.6 Carat can cost &75, and if you buy one karat studs, the cost can be $2,495.

2. Climber/ Crawler Earring:

Climber Earrings
Image Source

Commonly referred to as ear pins, ear sweeps, or crawlers, climber earrings are the newest fashion trend for ear jewelry.

Climber earing climbs through your ear lobe towards the upper corners around the edges.

They come with a stiffy surface made of metal that stays on the surface due to this stiffness.

They are called crawling earrings as they look like a ring is crawling on the edges of ears.

Climber earrings come in various sizes and are usually made using pure metals like gold or silver, adorned with different beads of crystals or diamonds.


Based on the standard material, such earrings are not too expensive; however, if you get them on order adorned with costly metals, the price may vary.

3. Drop Earring:

Drop Earring
Image Source

Drop are different from dangle earrings as they don’t freely move around your ear and remain stick to the point however remain dropped from earlobe, due to their good volume. 

The dropping piece is made with different ornaments like gemstones, pearls, or beads.

Besides, due to having good volume, they remain stationary and don’t dangle like dangle earrings.

They are based on a stud on which dangled part is placed. You can determine the size of the dropping part as per your choice.


These are modern types of earrings that can be priced from 20 dollars to thousands of dollars.

4. Dangle Earrings:

Dangle Earrings

Some people confuse dangle with drop earrings but these are different, as we said earlier. 

The difference between dangle and drop earrings is that a dangle can drop while a drop cannot be dangle. Drops are small enough to move to and fro.

Dangles are more decorative than drops, enhanced with heavy ornamentation.

Dangling earpieces are mostly famous in Asia and some parts of America as traditional jewelry.


Dangle earrings are more expensive and festive than drop earrings, and their prices are higher.

5. Hoop Earrings:

Hoop earrings
Image Source

Hoops are round circular shaped jewelry. The piercing pin is usually inside the circle, or sometimes attached separately that makes them look like dangled hoops. 

The whole hoop or loop of the ring can be simple or decorative and of diverse sizes, from being too tiny to too large.

Besides, all men and women, even kids can enjoy wearing hoops while women wear a large in size and low in volume hoops than men. 

They are one of the best simple earrings.


It is one of the simple earring types so that you can have them at low prices.

6. Huggies earrings:

Huggies earrings
Image Source

Huggies are semi-circular earrings and a slightly different or modern version of hoop earrings.

They cover your lobes and are a little thicker than the hoops, and remain clicked into the place.

Huggies come in several variations, sometimes ending with laches, barbells, or loops, ornamented with crystals, diamonds, and beads.

Their closure types or locks can also be different.


Their prices are slightly higher than simple hoop jewelry as they are a decorative version of the latter.

7. Ear Jackets:

Ear Jackets
Image Source

The ear jacket is the pure earring accessory that goes extra with the existing earring, especially studs. As it is a jacket, so it wraps around the stud and adds beauty to your current earring.

This small change will perk up the earring game for the better.

Ear jackets are called so because of their ultimate feature of covering the entire lobe of the ear.

The trend is most probably fresher than all other earring types, women and men are wearing for ages.

The most exciting part of ear jackets is that its closure is bigger than the front and visible from the downward corners of your earlobe.
  • The new and latest earring types are ear jackets.
  • Most of this jacket covers the back of the ear.


Being the latest versions of the jewelry, jackets can cost a bit hefty; however, to keep the cost low, make sure you buy the ones without decorations.

8. Chandelier Earrings:

Chandelier Earrings
Image Source

Chandeliers are the most decorative earrings you will ever have.

They are just like the light fixture in your ears ornamented with diamonds, crystals, pearls, and gems emitting.

  • Chandeliers are enhanced versions of dangle earrings.
  • They come in handy as wedding jewelry, especially during Indian and Asian weddings.
  • They are so massive and may hurt your ears when wearing for too long.


As heavy jewelry type, Ear chandeliers cost higher.

9. Ear cuffs:

Ear cuffs
Image Source

Ear cuffs come in different shapes and guises, hug the lobes and helps you look enchanting. The best thing is, they do not need piercing at all.

This fresh take on is becoming the favorite summer beach accessory for women.

Ear cuffs are just like Bajoran earrings but without piercing. These are non pierced ear accessories.

A no-piercing ear cuff comes with a clip that you can staple or fasten with your ear.

They come to place around various parts of your ear, such as cartilage ear cuff types of earring that can be pierced right in the inner or outer conch of your ear.


Prices vary from one brand to another; however, ear cuffs aren’t too expensive.

10. Bajoran earrings:

Bajoran earrings
Image Source

Bajorans are fictional creatures that are depicted by the science fiction franchise, star trek.

They are human-like creatures, lives on a different galaxy of planets named Bajor.

Do you know: Bajoran earrings are based on a stud that’s connected to an ear cuff with two to three dangling lace lines made with pearls and jewels or simple chains.

You can call it the lace for your ear because it gets attached to your ear from two sides and appears like a lace.  Bajora people are portrayed by wearing an ear cuff in their single ear on the right side.

Bajoran earrings first appeared and created hype in 1991, right after the Ensign Ro episode of star trek launched, and since then, many types of Ear cuffs are introduced.

This is teenage jewelry and mostly liked by young girls and guys, influenced, primarily, by the fictional series.


Price can vary from one material to another; however, by spending $10, you can have them made of metals.

11. Cluster Earrings:

The expanded and modern form of diamond studs is cluster earring. Instead of one stud or diamond, you find clusters of diamonds stacked in one place.

These earrings come in various styles and shapes, taking modern ear accessories to another level. Such as, you get floral clusters, halo clusters, and a mashup of geometric shapes.

They look elegant in ears, suit all age groups, and even men wear them too.

12. Threader Earrings:

Threader is the modern form of dangle earrings, but thinner and more favorable for fashion mongers. The best thing about these trendy dangle earrings is that they are light, just like a piece of thread.

They are mostly based on a thin chain that goes right from the earlobe hole and dangles on both ends. The length of the threader earring can be different on both sides.

To add a mellow flavor, sometimes, a hoop or stud is added at its end.

13. Tassel Earrings:

Tassel earrings are made with a combo of metal and yarn. They come in the style of hoops, dangles, and chandeliers, all decorated with colorful strings.

They offer a combo of traditional and modern styles because, in ancient times, women used to wear jewelry made of thread-yarns. As time passed, the metal took the place of threads.

Now, in the very trends, hoops are decorated with tales of various textile-threads.

Modern women wear them, sometimes, in just one ear, to cater to their fashionable persona.

14. Ball Earrings:

Ball earrings are modern and more affordable versions of Pearl studs because instead of using an expensive pearl at the end, you find a metal ball.

The metal ball rests directly with the post, making ball earrings less likely to break or damage.

They are like studs, but there is a ball resting close to the earlobe, and for closure, butterfly stoppers are used.

15. Mismatched Earrings:

You don’t have to go to the market to buy mismatched earrings. How? Well, instead of wearing a pair of earrings in both ears, you wear each one of a different style.

However, you can also find a mismatched pair of earrings in the market, where one of them has the moon, and the other has a star design.

On one ear a hoop, while on the other, a dangle is also worn to ample with mismatch earring style.

Celebrities and models mostly love wearing such sort of earring designs.

16. Hypoallergenic Earrings:

You must have experienced allergies at some point in your life while wearing earrings.

Earrings are made with different types of materials, and some can be an allergen and cause itching or swelling in the ear.

Many people are allergic to all common metal types. So, they can go for using hypoallergenic earrings.

Hypoallergic earrings are made with soft metals, less likely to create irritation in the ears.

You can find different types of earrings in the hypoallergenic materials.

Some very latest, very modern, and most fashionable styles of earrings for women are given in the lines coming ahead:

Popular Types of earrings for men

Popular Types of earrings for men
Image Source

After the invention of the gay ear or right ear by the LGBT community, it is better to select the left ear for men to sign their straightness without saying.

However, there is no compulsion, and you can have your left, right, or both ears pierced, according to your choice as a male.

Here is a suggestion;

Do not forbid your masculine side while using earrings.

The Popular Types of earrings for men are:

1. Studs

2. Hoops

3. Single dangly earring

4. Plug earrings

5. Gemstone earring

6. Flesh tunnels

7. Multi earrings (in rare cases)

8. Plug earrings

9. gemstone earrings

Some questions might be occurring in your mind, here these are.

Best types of earrings for kids:

Best types of earrings for kids.

1. Astronaut earring

2. Baby Animal earrings

3. Little stud earrings

4. Fruits earring

5. Fairy earrings

Are your baby’s ears pierced? If not, then do not forget to keep the baby safe from infections.

Different kinds of earrings backs/ Locks:

types of earrings Back

There are many types of back, closures, or stoppers used to lock the earring in the ear.

These are of various kinds and vary from one type of ornament to another.

They come separated with the trinkets or attached to them. Moreover, you can also buy them separately if lost.

Here are some types of earring closures, lock types, and backs:

These are of various kinds and vary from one type of Jewelry to another.

Locks or back of stud earring:

The backside closure of stud earrings is based on a small, slightly visible needle and usually stopped with push locks.

Closures or back of Climber earrings:

The front side is locked with a push-lock while the cuff gets stuck with the ear helix on a long line equivalent to the front side climber’s size.

For support, the back and front sides are held around the ear edges.

Locks or back of drop earring:

Back is sometimes based on the chain, while the stud’s closure is based on a pushup stopper.

Locks or back of dangle earring:

As it is attached to a stud, having a pin-like needle pierced in the ear’s hole, its stopper is like push closure or twisted screw.

Locks or back of Hoop Earring:

Hoop is the same from the front and the end as it shapes like a circle.

Also, it doesn’t have a separate stopper to lockdown because the one edge goes inside the other corner to gets locked.

Huggies Earrings Closures, or Backs:

Huggies earrings come with loop closure backs or laches backs. Ear jacket closure and backs:

There is a pearl or stud like part of the jacket that goes through your ear’s pierced hole when you wear them.

Now, to lock it, there comes a closure with dual holes that lets you maintain the height or manage the visible part of the ear.

The most exciting part of ear jackets is that its closure is bigger than the front and visible from your earlobe’s downward corners.

Ear chandelier closure and backs:

Chandelier earrings have fish-hooks or stud like backs that are often locked with push stoppers.

Lock of ear cuff or Back:

The back of conch earrings is mostly like nails that remain inside the skin. If you are getting no piercing ear cuff, it will have a clip like closure. Remember, it is not among the types of pierced earrings.

Back of Bajoran earring or earring closure:

Bajoran earrings do not have any closures. The stud side gets closed using a push-lock while the cuff becomes stuck in the ear helix without any stopper.

Friction Posts / Friction Backs:

Friction Backs are the most common earring backs due to being cost-effective. Friction backs are also called push backs, butterfly backs, or friction posts.

They can be used as a stopper for all types of earrings like dangles, studs, or any other kind.

Some more types are:

  • Push backs earrings:
  • Twister screw back:
  • Fish Hook backs:
  • Latch back:
  • French Back:
  • Hinged backs:

If you are confused about identifying different ear closure names, take help from the picture given below, letting you know about different kinds of earrings, backs, Locks, closures, and stopper.


Q: Are hoop earrings in Style for 2023?

Ummm… no! This year, you should give a break to your dainty hoops and invest in a large pair of earrings. Why?

We have seen big earrings on the Spring 2021 runways from famous designers like Sies Marjan and Carolina Herrera.

Update your hoops with the door knocker and double hoops styles.

Q: What Are the Newest Jewelry Trends?

Bold drop earrings are in the newest jewelry trends!!!

Like every year, some new statement earrings are introduced. This year, it’s drop earrings.

Check the designers using wood and enamel earring for your earlobes before catering to a style.

Q: Is Big Earring in Style for 2023?

Rather than going for the typical daily style of earrings, 2023 is giving more edge to the artful handmade scriptural earrings.

Q: Are big hoop earrings trashy?

Oops! But yes. Sometimes, hoops are considered inappropriate, unwomanly, and hence regarded “trashy.”

You can say the word hoop is considered offensive and said to be made-up to put women in the box.

Q: Do Pearls Make you Look Odd?

Well, pearls do add years when not worn right. Try to experiment with your looks by wearing trendy types of dresses like an oversized blazer, shirt, jeans, or cashmere sweater to balance the age,

Q: What jewelry is in style 2023?

Beaded necklaces and bracelets are in the game to add colors to the season.

Besides, earrings are going solo this season. We have seen runway shows of famous designers like Marc Jacobs, Tibi, and Prabal Gurung, showcasing ear wears solely without any other accessories.

Q: Are men’s earrings still in style?

Yes, it is. All men can ante on their style by adding earrings to their daily accessories. In this ear, men’s earrings are having a fashion resurgence; hence wearing ear-bling for guys is more acceptable now than ever.

Q: What are earrings for guys called?

Earrings for guys are called ear bling, and the most famous bling for men are stud earrings.

Stud earrings are crafted by following a simple design in which a pearl or diamond is combined with a rod.

They appear to be freely attached to the lobe.

Q: Why do guys wear earrings in both ears?

Men wear earrings on both ears, sometimes, to showcase their bisexual interest like they are interested in both men and women.

The left ear piercing started by men was to tease women practice and being objectified as gay. However, now men do so for fun as well.

Q: Which ear is the gay ear, and which ear is the straight ear?

The right ear is the gay ear, while the left one is straight 

Q: Which side do straight guys wear earrings?

After the legalization of LGBT, gays pierce their specific ear to be recognized by their community members, that specific ear is called a gay ear.

Therefore, straight men wear the earring on the right ear.

Q: What size earring should guys wear?

Men usually wear diamond stud earrings, having a standard weight from 0.25 to 1 carat.

However, larger diamonds can also be worn for a more eye-catching look and when the wearer can bear the dramatic cost.

However, the recommended size is a minimum of 1.25 carats.

Q: What kind of earrings should kids wear?

The safest types of pierced earrings for kids are those made with kids’ safe material.

The best earring for kids should be made with 100 percent medical-grade, with no use of allergic nickel, and hence possess no risk of reactions.

Q: What earrings to put in right after piercing?

After the first piercing, kids should start with surgical stainless-steel earrings because the metal has low tendencies of causing reactions.

When you select earrings for your kid, make sure not to select nickel or cobalt metals as they are likely to cause allergies after ear piercing.

Q: What age is best for ear piercing in kids?

It is 6 months old. Generally, ear-piercing on infants is not recommended because they do not have high immune strength to fight infections if they occur.

However, after 6 months, the immune system is much built, and the kid has more and better strength of healing. Therefore, six months or older age is recommended.

Q: What Are Safety Back Earrings?

Safety back earrings also called started earrings are kids and baby earrings that come with a round back and locking clutch design.

They never let the earring to leave its place and keep it safely clasped. That’s why known as safety back earring.

Q: What are Post back earrings?

Post back is push closure of the earring, most famous in baby earrings that never let the earring fall from the ear and keep it gripped with the ear.

Q: What are butterfly back earrings?

Push back or push closure earring backs are also called butterfly backs because of their shape.

Q: Why do earrings back stink?

It feels a little yucky; however, ear cheese is the genuine reason for a stinking earring back. Ear cheese is build up by the mingling of dead skin cells with the skin oil.

This stinkiness is more likely to occur in the newly pierced ears because the body is yet getting used to the puncture.

Bottom Line:

That’s all, folks! It was all about earrings with a detailed guide on piercing and how to select the perfect jewelry that compliments your face shape.

Keep these points in mind, next time you go shopping. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to ping us by commenting below.

All with this, remember,

You are perfect, just the way you are 🙂

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