Do Eyelashes Grow Back If You Lose Them? Eyelash Health Tips

Do Eyelashes Grow Back

Do eyelashes grow back if lost? Here is the detailed discussion by experts along with precautionary remedies to use to increase eyelashes regrowth.

It is said that eyes are the mirror to your soul, and no matter how cleverly you hide your inner-feelings, eyes would say it all. Also, according to Dailymail, around 70 % of men notice women’s eyes, when meeting for the first time. It shows how crucial the beauty of eyes is.

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Eyelashes play a vital role in making the pretty appearance of the orbs. When they are thick, long, and tacked beautifully around, you not just look stunning, but also many, many years younger than your real age. However, losing lashes over time due to age factor or any other reason is common, especially among women.  According to the women health organization,

Eyelashes become thinner with time, and age plays a crucial role in thinning lashes.

thinning lashes

The article further suggests that the process of aging for eyes and its protective lashes can be decelerated with proper measures and the right health routine.

But, Do Eyelashes Grow Back? If yes, then what is the proper health routine to grow eyelashes back, what are the right remedies to use, and what sort of precautions to take while growing lashes again?

Before you get into the answer of routine to grow lashes, you will have to find out all the reasons behind eyelashes fall out.

Reasons Behind Lash Fall Out:

The reasons could be from natural to rough routine or, in worst cases, an underlying chronic medical condition. The reasons have separated into three groups. Let’s find out in which group you fall as then it would be easy to suggest to you what can you do to make your eyelashes grow back:

Natural causes for eyelashes fall out:



Age is the biggest cause due to which a person can lose its lashes. However, the process can be exhilarated if it relates to some genetic causes of hair loss. Hair loss, often associated with eyelashes fall out because eyelashes get grey, thin, and then fall out just like hair.

Use of Glasses:

Use of Glasses

Continuous use of glasses can also make your eyes look smaller and get your lashes thinner. Though you have to use spectacles regularly, still, compromising on your beauty is not a chance. Specs suit you, however, your eyes must look pretty without them as well.

Lash Cutting:

Lash Cutting

Cutting the eyelashes for the sake of shape or makeup, or due to any reason can also be regarded as a natural cause to lose your eyelashes or eyelashes fall out. Usually, healthy eyelashes grow back after cutting; however, if there is a chronic symptom of health, the process of recovery can take time.

Lash extensions:

Lash extensions
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Using lash extension for the sake of makeup and fashion is the biggest reason behind eyelash fall as well as in hindrance to growth. Every time, when a temporary eyelashes extension is pulled out, it also scums out the actual natural lashes of the person.  On the other hand, if extensions are permanent, the real lashes do not get enough vitamin D due to tamed exposure to the sun and start falling out.

Medical Conditions for Eyelashes Fall Out:

Chemo losing lashes
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Some medical conditions that can be the biggest cause of eyelashes fall out are:

Eyelashes can also fall out due to allergies of eyes that cause swelling and then a loss of lashes. During this, falling for lashes get too severe. A condition called Blepharitis creates puffiness on the eyelids. This condition can occur due to allergy, eye infection, or as a result of trauma.

People often ask, will I lose my eyebrows and eyelashes during chemotherapy, the answer is yes. Patients who have cancer and undergoing chemos do face hair loss not just on hair but brows and lashes as well. Don’t worry, by taking proper measures, this loss can be ward-off fully, with time.

How Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

There are various ways in which you can grow your beautiful lashes back naturally. You will find so many guides as well as tips online about this. Many top sites give you solutions regarding what to eat and some OTC remedies for lashes growth.

Do Not Agree with Whatever Mentioned in The Guides:

You should not agree with everything, added, and prescribed in the guides, in terms of your eyelashes growth.  Eyelash growth should and must never affect your eyes’ health. Guides tell that you should be using items available in your kitchen or bringing lash oil from the market; this is wrong. The solution must not be coming at the cost of your eye health. As online guides tell us nothing like that, they are not always worth-considering.

Understand the Eyes Anatomy Before Going for A Solution:

Lashes medical treatment

Before you go for a solution, take some precautions first. Remember that:

“Your eyes are not the only sensible thing you have on your face; in fact, areas around the eyes such as the eyelids, eye socket, brows, and of course corners where eyelashes are placed are delicate too.”

When you are choosing something for eyelashes regrowth or enhancement, remember it must never affect any area of your eyes, neither inside nor outside.

Choosing the Best Solution for Eyelashes Growth:

Once you are well-aware of the precautionary measures, it is time that you select the best solution for your eyelashes growth, enhancement and to regrow them if they have fallen out due to any reason.

If you ever been worried about why do my eyelashes fall out or will my eyelashes grow back ever, the next lines are going to help you a lot in answering all of your queries.

Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum -The Finest Way to Grow your Lashes without Damaging Eye Health:

Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyelash serums help a lot in not just growing your lashes back but also in enhancing the thickness and length of your already had lashes. However, when you are choosing a serum, make sure that it is made with a hundred percent pure, natural, and botanical elements. A good eyelash growth serum is always made of herbal extracts that are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and dermatologist tested not to damage the protective layer and optic nerves.

Why Should You Choose a Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serums?

A Natural Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum is made with herbal ingredients as well as medicated elements that are recommended for eyes and lash health by the experts.

For your information, the eye produces a fluid called aqueous humor. It keeps producing and draining through the chambers; however, when damaged, drainage gets locked, which can reason the vision loss. Drainage gets locked, and a protective layer of the eye can get damaged due to poor hygiene and by using DIY remedies without realizing their after-effects.

For example, Castor Oil is mostly recommended to eyelash growth in DIY remedies, and many people use it without even realizing this thing. Castor oil has an irritant essence that, if it enters the eyes even a drop, can damage it and cause infection for several days.

Therefore, you should be careful with all the DIY Remedies.

Apart from this, when talking about herbal serums, their ingredients are already mentioned on the bottles, which are clinically tested to not to harm eyes.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back If Lost Completely with Serums?

Yes! In case you have lost your eyelashes due to burning, pulling out, cut, or chemotherapies, the herbal serums will help you to get your lashes back. Not just this, they will also help in fighting against the motives triggering eyelashes fall out.

Yes! They come with side effects free elements; it means no harms are associated with the use. Usually, when you are using synthetic serums, they often blacken the lids of your eyes. However, it doesn’t happen when you are using a botanical formula to grow your eyelashes.

How do lashes grow back with serums?

Well! These miraculous formulas from experts are enriched with side-effects-free elements that are very acute to pollinate the corners of your lids. By applying, the liquid penetrates well inside the hair follicles and enhances the growth of lashes as well as regrows from bald places.

Serums not only answer all of your questions regarding do eyelashes grow back and eyelash loss treatment but help in eyebrows growth as well. Forget about artificial eyelashes or Microblading eyebrows as you have got an all-in-one solution to your eyelash to fall out.

In actuality, there are two natural eyelash growth cycles or phases. Such as:

  • Anagen phase:

It is based on 2 weeks, and eyelashes fallen during this period do not grow back. However, you can get firm growth with a serum.

  • Telogen phase:

It is based on 9 months, and eyelashes fallen during this period can take a year to come back; however, serums can exhilarate the growth.

The eyelash serum helps you naturally in getting through all the phases and cycles of growth firmly and steadily and will grow eyebrows and eyelashes faster without bringing any damage.

How Long Does It Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back with Natural Eyelash Serums?

Usually, it can take from one week to some months.

Eyelashes grow back within some days with natural eyelash serums:

From the very first week of using an eyelash serum, you will see a drastic difference in the thickness of your already residing lashes. Besides this, over time, the growth process would enhance even more. It means, with each passing day, you will see a better and improved development in the lashes.

Eyelashes grow back within a month with natural eyelash serums:

If you have recently gone through surgery or had Chemo, within one month, you can get back your eyelashes. All with this, if you are suffering from a chronic symptom such as Blepharitis or glaucoma, a total of 60 days will be enough with the best product to grow back eyelashes fast and naturally.

Should I Stop Using Serums Once I Have Grown My Lashes Back?

After 60 days, if you are satisfied with the length and thickness of lashes, you can stop using the serum, however, if you need to fight off all the chronic symptoms and want to stop eyelash loss from reoccurring, keep using it until your eyelashes get a firm growth.

During the process, if you want to get pretty eyes, Try to use recommended products that don’t pull out natural eye hair.

How To Enhance The Beauty Of Eyes With Eyelashes Growth?

If you have Bags under your eyes, they would look dull and down even if you have such pretty and grown lashes. You must work on the overall health and beauty of your eyes and get rid of the bags under eyes.

To get rid of the Under Eye Bags, you will have to bring changes in the diet and overall routine. This routine will also help you to sustain the firm growth of eyelashes.

Here are some tips for maintaining eyelash growth and enhancing the beauty of your eyes:

Enhance The Beauty Of Eyes With Eyelashes

  • Have a protein-rich diet.
  • Add multivitamins in your daily routine.
  • Do not use artificial lash conditioners and products as they can darken the areas around the eyes and create Bags under eyes.
  • Try to lift your lashes naturally and do not go for artificial lashes.
  • Take proper medications if you have any health issues.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Bottom Line:

In the end, do not ever compromise on the beauty of your eyes. From the discussion, we can conclude that you must not always go by using ingredients you find in your kitchen or home. You should be very careful while choosing things to grow your lashes back. All with this, serums are the best options to grow your lashes back as they come convenient in this regard.

Have a glistening eye day. 🙂

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