Natural Nails Guide – How to Make Your Ugly Looks Beautiful In No Time – DIY Tips

Nails are an important part of your body, as their texture and appearance tell about your health, age, and how much clean you keep yourself.

Do you know that around 80 percent of diseases spread through nails because it is the part of your body that comes in contact with every other part of your body?

Therefore, keeping them clean and healthy is important. But what is nail cleanliness and how to achieve healthy nails?

Is it only to brush off the dirt and keeping cuticles removed? Well, the answer is no, it takes more than that.

Here is a complete guide:

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Understanding Nails Health – Ugly fingernails:

You need to go deeply through your nails searching out any health issues.

  1. Discolored nails
  2. Lifted nail plate (nail plate is the visible part of the nail)
  3. Thickened nails (often occurs in toenails)
  4. Lines in nails (ridged nails)
  5. Peeling nails (splitting nails)

By examining your nails’ health, you will be able to understand the problem due to which your fingernails don’t seem appropriate.

Finding Out Causes Behind Ugly Fingernails:

There are many health issues and age-related problems that be the reason of ugly finger nails. They include:

If your nails are discolored, the causes behind that can be:

  1. Overuse of nail polishes
  2. Smoking nicotine
  3. Coming in contact with hair coloring agents
  4. Nail bed injury
  5. Melanoma

If your nails are lifted from the plate, the reasons can be:

  1. Using formalin contaminated nail colors
  2. Removing artificial nails roughly
  3. Psoriasis
  4. Fungal infections

Thickened nail of toes reasons includes:

  1. Aging
  2. Poor blood circulation
  3. Neglecting nails
  4. Arthritis in toes
  5. Ill-fitting shoes

Reasons behind having rigged nails or lines appeared on the nails can be:

  1. Age
  2. Eczema
  3. Fever or ailment
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis

If you have split nails, the reasons can be:

  1. Constant wetness of hands
  2. Excessive use of nail colors and nail removers
  3. Using nails as tools
  4. Nail-biting

Now you know the causes and symptoms of your natural nails, it is time to find some easy tips that you can follow at home and make your nails looking wonderful.

How to Take Care of Nails?

How to Take Care of Nails

Taking care of natural nails is not a hard task. If you do this with the very early stages of your age, especially before your nails start to show signs of being disturbed, taking their care is enough easier.

However, it is never too late if you have started putting attention on your nails because they look uglier than before. With our enriched remedy tips, you can get the beauty of your nails back.

Natural Nail Tips:

Here are easy to follow tips with things available in your homes to enhance the b beauty of your nails:

1. Change What You Are Eating – The Diet:

Change What You Are Eating

Have you ever wondered why most of the people who sincerely want to help you ask you to change your eating habits, whenever you ask them a solution for your skin and hair?

“Well, the health and beauty of your whole body directly depends on the health of your stomach.”

If your stomach gets disturbed, it will disturb the function of your whole body and also disturb its appearance.

You need to have good immunity against small fungal infections and diseases, that are causing nails ugliness.  Along with this, you need to eat food that’s rich in vitamins.

Ans: Vitamin-rich food is so yum including egg yolks, dairies, yeast, meat like salmon, veggies including avocados, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and dry fruits like nuts and seeds.

These foods do not only have a rich number of vitamins but also offers magnesium, iron, and other vital nutrients your nails need the most.

You can take vitamin supplements with water as well.

2. Clean Fingernails:

Clean Fingernails

Cleanliness is everything for the beauty of your nails and hands. We often wonder that hands are the only part of our body that comes most in contact with water, then how my fingernails are not cleaned.

Well, getting your hands wet is one thing while keeping them clean is another. Over wetness also brings issues to your nails and cause fungal infections,

You don’t expensive products from market for this. We all have baking soda in our home. Clean nails of your toes and hands using baking soda. Its properties will clean all dust and germs from your nails.

Make sure you start with a very slight amount of baking soda to clean your nails because its bleaching properties can itch your nails and cuticles too.

3. Nail Filing should be done whenever required:

Electric Nail File

Nails require trimming and filing regularly. If your nails have split end or they break from mid, the reason could be any however such nails don’t look good.

Therefore, whenever you see that your nails have loosened their shape, file them. If you are not good at it, don’t worry, you don’t need to go to a professional and pay a huge sum.

Get automatic nail filer and do the chore. Even kids can use this filer that trims your nail so smoothly and leaves no split ends.

4. Nail Buffing Is A Must to Do Regularly:

Besides this, you need to go for nail buffing. Like electric filers, you also get different types of nail buffers.

All you have to do is put buffing cream on your nails and rub it on your nails one by one for some time. What this buffing will do is, it will cleanse the dry skin off your nails and make nails glossy and shiny.

You can find plenty of buffing creams in market, but if you don’t want to, you can make the buffing cream at home too. Here is a video telling you, homemade nail buffing cream recipe:

5. Moisturizing on a Daily Basis:

Moisturizing on Daily Basis

Your nails need moisturizing on an everyday basis just like you do with your skin whether it is fair, olive, brown or bronze.

As complexion of skin doesn’t matter for moisturizing, same like this, condition of your skin doesn’t matter to keep it moisturized.

Remember, moisturizing is different than buffing. Moisturizing is for cuticles while buffing is for nails.

Q: How to Have Nice Cuticles?

Ans: By moisturizing the skin around your nails, nice cuticles can be achieved.

You can find different types of best natural oil for nails and cuticles in the market. You can use homemade creams for buffing here as well because both nails and cuticles need oil to look beautiful.

Though buffing is done not daily however moisturizing should be done on daily basis. Every time you wash your hands, do wash your nails, and then moisturize cuticles.

6. Use Only Organic Makeup on Your Nails:

Use Only Organic Makeup on Your Nails

There are many types of nail polishes available in markets; however you should not use the ones made with harmful chemicals. Make sure you use nail colors from good brands that are not made with strong chemicals.

Also, the other makeup for your nails like moisturizers, nail oil, and buffing creams all should be free from all types of chemicals and made with only organic additives.

7. Do Not Over Polish Your Nails:

Do Not Over Polish Your Nails

Nail polishing is fun and there is no girl on earth who doesn’t like to have different tints on their nails. However, polishing them too often and keeping polish on them for so long can worsen their condition.

The nails will get pale colored and look yellow and dull. Therefore, try to polish your nails less and less.

Also, whenever the work is done in the evening, remove the nail polish from them and moisturize your hands and nails before sleeping.

8. Try to wear comfortable shoes for toenails health:

Try to wear comfortable shoes for toe nails health

Your toenails tell a lot about your health. If you wear tight-fitting shoes, the toenails will get so thick and hard.

Make sure to wear shoes that don’t harm the posture of your feet as well as press the nails. You can find different foot socks as well that helps in making your nails well-fitting to your feet without harming your nails.

“Trim your toenails regularly if you use shoes, pumps, boots, loafer, or joggers.”

9. Leave All Bad Habits Regarding Nails:

Leave All Bad Habits Regarding Nails

If you are nail biter, nail scratcher, and do other awful things with your nails, you need to stop that immediately.

Stop biting on your nails and the skin around it, stop scratching surfaces with your nails, and all with this, stop scratching nail colors of your nails.

This thing is worsening your nail condition. Try to divert mind whenever you feel craved to nail-biting and scratching etc.

10. Get Mani and Pedi cure at least once a month:

Get Mani and Pedi cure at least once a month

Mani and pedicure are exclusive remedies for your nails, hands, and fee that deeply cleanse them by removing all the dirt, and scrub the dead skin off.

You don’t need to go for a professional spa or beauty center for this. You can do these cures for Mani and Pedi at home as well. Here is a video telling you how to do pedicure at home.

11. Use Garlic for Faster Nails Growth:

Though nails length doesn’t matter as long as they are healthy, well-trimmed, and looks beautiful. However, if you want to grow your nails, use garlic.

All you have to do is:

  1. Get a garlic clove
  2. Peel it off
  3. Press it on your nails’ tips one by one
  4. let the juice reach inside your nails
  5. Let the juice stay for 5 to 7 minutes and wash

If you hate the smell of garlic, wash your hands with cornflour and a good soap.

Bottom line:

These were some very basic yet most useable tips for the health of your natural nails. Follow the guide and let us know how your nails got better with these small and slight changes in your life.

Do not forget to share your perfect natural nails remedy and picture of your nails with us in the comment below.

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