45+ Types of Belts and Buckles (Men and Women)

Types of belts

Belts, an accessory or necessity? Have you ever pondered on such a question?

Why are there different types of this simple thing?

Maybe, you have tried to think and search for the belts and their types.

If you have and haven’t found a satisfactory answer. Here is your destined guide giving you a detailed note on;

Different Types of belts, their buckle types, fabric and material type, function type, and occasions where such and such belts are used.

The guide contains names of the belts, their pictures for shapes and sizes, and all the necessary information you are looking for.

So, without wasting a second, here you go with details:

Types of Belts for Men, Women, and Kids:

People who aren’t much profound in fashion and trends, don’t know that the belts differ occasion, buckle, and size-wise.

  • You must have seen kids wearing a wider strap belt for their dad with their jeans just because they had a loose pair of pants.

Though this jugaad never lets the pants fall, it can ruin the overall persona of kids…

  • Another occasion, have you ever found a man wearing a belt with a sassy, hippy, and girlish buckle? How does it seem? Bizarre but substandard, right?

It means, the size of a belt, its width, and the buckle play a keen role when you are searching for different types of belts for men, women, and kids.


When you are searching to buy a new belt, must consider one thing “Brand VS Comfort.”

It isn’t bad in being brand conscious but it is not good if you forgot your comfort and never consider your pocket size.

What if you find the best belt at a thrice-low price than a brand that is comfortable and does add to your style as well?

Of course, you won’t go for a brand. So here are some best belts for men, they would love carrying:

Types Of Belt With Respect To Style:

In this section, we have added belts for men, women, and kids that are most famous due to their different styles.

They are available in variants of fabrics, material, can have different buckle types, and are carriable based on the event a person is heading to.

Here you go with the types:

1. Military Belt:

Military Belt
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Military belt is the easiest to wear belt thanks to its fewer holes and a one-pin buckle (different from other belt styles). It is also known as a webbed belt or a skater belt.

The belt is made of elastic material and is used to comfortably fasten pants.

Don’t be misled by its name, military belts are profound fashion statements and worn by men all over the world, for style and comfort.

Even women wear it too.

Besides, the elastic material, one pin mechanism of the fastening belt, and less in width band make it one of the most convenient belts for kids.

2. Casual Belt:

Casual Belt
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Along with keeping your formal attires updated, a man needs to upgrade their casual wardrobe too and casual belts will come in handy here.

The style of casual belts is based on the taste of the person wearing them. It can be staked with plain leather, velvet, or enhanced with studs.

Casual belts are worn with jeans or shorts or anything you wear casually. They are comfortable to wear and carry and also keep the pants fastened to their place.

Your casual belts can be anything from a plain piece of leather that holds your pants up to a jewel-studded piece of vinyl that’s the centerpiece of the whole outfit.

These belts can be rough and vintage in style however aren’t worn with formal outfits.

3. Cummerbund:

cummerbund belt
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Cummerbund is a ribbon or band made of fabric with pleats design and they don’t have buckles.

Cummerbund is used with or in place of a belt as a formal dres’s accessory especially for the attires worn in traditional black-tie events.

Click and read All Types of Ties.

Cummerbund is mostly carried with tuxedos or single/double breasted tail coats as an alternative to waistcoats.

The origin of using cummerbund is from Persia and came to Europe when British military officers adopted this style in the subcontinent.

4. Formal Belt:

Formal belt
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As the name denotes, formal belts are worn on special events and business meetings. You can identify formal belts with their frame-style buckle that usually has one tongue.

This belt is originally and purely masculine made for men to carry with their dinner suits, wedding dresses, and business attire.

It has several holes and can be worn by healthy to slim people. The strap of the belt is usually made with leather accompanied by shiny and sleek, gold or silver buckles.

5. Grommet Belt:

Grommet Belt
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It comes with 2 rows of chrome grommets and is considered as one of the high-quality belts for women and men with a little bizarre taste.

Along with the rows of grommets, the width of this belt tends to be 1.5 inches that’s attached with a metal roller buckle fixed with a belt clip.

It is one of the most popular belts for kids and ladies in the USA.

6. Chain Belt:

Chain Belt
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Chain belts can be either based on one chain made of metal or several chains attached to one leather or made of any other material strap.

Chain belts are formal accessories that are worn with denim pants, floral skirts, or mini dresses to add-up to your look.

The main function of this belt type is to create a waistline. It is also widely used with jumpsuits to divide the upper and lower body.

Besides, they go well with overalls, wedding gowns, and bridesmaid dresses. These formal chains aren’t thick but thin and elegant.

Besides, chains are in trendy fashion for 2023 too and are mainly the best belts for women.

7. Lace Up Corset Belt:

Lace Up Corset Belt
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Lace-up or corset are two names of one belt style that is often carried by women to define the waistline in a flattering way.

Also, males in order to flatter the figure and make the stomach looking flatter than curvy.

Due to this, their width is quite larger than other belt types however, you can lace-up the belt in a customized width.

To adjust it, rather than using buckles, eyelets and drawstrings are attached with it which are pulled to adjust and fasten it around the waist.

It covers your whole stomach and is mainly used by women.

8. Peplum Belt:

Peplum Belt
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Rather than wearing peplum shirts and frocks, ladies wear peplum belts to get a flattering-flared hemline in order to perk up their figure.

These belts are worn with skirts and shorts, and maxi dresses to advantage the figure.

They look sexy, awe-striking, and cool. Would you mind trying them out?

9. Twistable Sash Belt:

Twistable Sash Belt
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Sash belts are women belts that they usually wear with frocks, maxis, long tunics, and even skirts to give their abdomen a flattened look.

Sash belts are based on two loops passing through a round strap in a twistable way. They attach to the back of the dress and let her look elegant, her figure sexy and well-defined.

Sash belts aren’t worn with backless dresses. Also, twistable sash belts are different from ribbons that are worn around by making a knot.

10. Obi Belts:

Obi Belt
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Obi belts are inspired by Japanese sashes that they wear around their traditional dress called kimono. They have larger width and longer length.

To wear obi belts, the sash or ribbon is looped around the hemline or waist area twice or thrice and then tied at the end in a bow, butterfly, or simple knot.

Women wear such belts usually with frocks, long maxi dresses, tail gowns, or skirts.

11. Cinch Belt:

Cinch belt
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These cinch belts are another version of lace-up belts. It is made by using elastic or stretchy cloth material but sometimes, also by using leather.

The main difference between a cinch and a lace-up corset belt is, the cinch is based on just one loop that ends at a buckle or clasp while a lace-up belt ends with a knot.

Besides, it is too tight that it turns even large stomachs into smaller ones, cinch Belt makes a perfect combo for a loose-fitting shirt to turn it into party wear with an hourglass figure.

Women wear them with loose frocks, tunics, and maxis to create a curve around their waste.

12. Reversible Belt:

Reversible Belt
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Reversible belts are casual to regular belts that can be worn from both sides. Their band is based on two different colors with seamless stitching.

Their buckle is also reversible and can be adjusted from both sides. Reversible belts are great gifts for people who are too picky to shop for and decide which band color they should buy.

13. Bow Belt:

Bow Belt
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Any regular belt, casual or formal, made of leather or cloth if enriched with a bow buckle, it will be called a bow belt.

Kids, especially little girls love carrying bow belts and usually women wear them to embellish their dresses.

Types Of Belts With Respect To Material / Fabric:

Fabric or material plays a vital role when you are choosing belts or bands for your regular or formal clothes.

Fabric plays a vital role in making your belt comfortable to wear and apt to the occasion. Here are some lines on the belt band types for the fabric or material.

14. Leather Belt:

Leather Belt

If we say leather was the first-ever material used for belts, it won’t be wrong. Leather belts are used by men, women, and kids as they suit everyone, regardless of their gender of age.

leather straps can be more or less wide and you can choose the girth according to your choice. For a simple rule, women and kids wear thin leather belts while men like to wear wide leather belts.

They come with different types of muscles. Moreover, as leather has many types, the fabric for leather belts also has plenty of varieties.

A 100% pure leather belt can be the most expensive.

15. Metal Belt:

Metal Belt
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Metal material is also used to prepare types of belts. These are chic belts, worn as an ornamental accessory rather than a fastening accessory.

Metal belts can be based on simple circular loops or ring chains.

They are available in silver, golden, rust, or other metallic material.

16. Silk Belt:

Silk Belt
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Silk is the elegant and most soothing fabric usually used in cloth belts that are worn with lingerie or nighties.

However, silk belts are also used with frocks of kids and women and usually come attached to the dresses while closed with a knot to tighten the fitting up.

17. Velvet Belt:

Velvet Belt
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Velvet belts are also formal accessories for men who carry them with their formal wear.

These belts are just like leather belts, offered in different sizes, with different buckles, and available in plenty of colors.

You can find reversible bands in velvet belts two where one side is made of leather fabric while the other one, of course, with velvet cloth.

18. Rubber Belt:

Rubber belt
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Natural and synthetic rubber is another material used for belts thanks to its elasticity and sturdy quality. Rubber belts aren’t wearables but mostly used in various applications.

These belts are used machines.

19. Cotton or Fabric Belts:

Cotton or Fabric Belts
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Fabric belts or cotton belts make one of the most modern summer accessories. They are often worn with frocks, cocktail dresses, or skirts.

Cotton fabric belts are equally popular in men and women and are also used in kids clothing.

20. Plastic Belt:

Plastic Belt
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Usually belt material refers to the material of the band however in plastic belts, the band is made of fabric while the buckle is made of plastic.

Plastic belts are inexpensive belts over others because metal clasps are more affluent in price than the other materials.

21. Balata Belt:

Balata Belt
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Balata belting is a most durable and robust belt that is made from heavyweight cotton fabric, impregnated with a high-quality rubber compound.

These belts are compressed after manufacturing and used in various applications rather than as an accessory for your clothing and dresses.

22. Drawstring:

Image Sources pinterest

Drawstring is also known as “Azarband” is a type of fabric or cloth belt used by Muslim men and women to keep their lower-wear tightened and fixed to the place.

They aren’t made of elastic material but woven threads. In rural cultures, people wear drawstrings ornamented with laces, mirrors, and beads.

It is very large in length and so thick yet tightened with a knot.

Types Of Belt With Respect To Functions / Serving:

23. Suspender / Garter Belt:

Suspender Garter Belt
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Suspender belts are special-purpose belts and they aren’t worn to show off but in combination with lingerie to create an alluring silhouette and give a polished glimpse to your innerwear.

Suspender Belts are also called graters when worn by women and their main purpose is to keep the stockings at their place and never let them slip away.

When these belts are used by men or old males, they are referred to as suspenders.

24. Stable Belt:

Stable Belt
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Stable belts also known as gymnastic belts are used by armed forces especially in the UK and some other countries like Denmark, Brazil, and Lebanon.

They are named after stable belts because stable maintainers used to wear them around the waist when cleaning horses and their sheds.

It comes with an elastic strap and a buckle and soldier stamp on it. After being adopted by soldiers, these belts are used by common people as well, especially kids as they are easy to adjust.

25. Strap / Strop:

Strap _Strop
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Straps are the bands of belts however sometimes; straps are used without any buckle or hinge. These straps are made with various materials.

Straps are the belts for your bags or purses to carry on the shoulders. They don’t need to open to close however their length can be adjusted.

26. Fastening Belt:

Fastening Belt
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Drawstrings, ribbons, or other belts when used mainly for the purpose of fastening, are called fastening belts.

Car seat belts or airplane passenger belts are some examples of fastening belts.

27. Driving Belt/ Serpentine belt:

Driving Belt _ Serpentine belt
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It is a single but continuous belt used in an automotive engine to drive multiple peripheral devices.

It is used in air pumps, alternators, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, or water pumps, etc.

The belt is further guided by a belt tensioner.

28. Saddle (Horse Belt):

Saddle (Horse Belt)
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Saddle is also known as a horse belt. It is based on a complete seat that is often placed on the horses before sitting on them.

29. Baldric Belt:

Baldric Belt
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Baldric Belt is worn over the shoulder. It comes with various tiny pockets on which bullets and other such weapons are kept.

These are worn by armed officers and hunters to carry their weapons.

Types Of Belt With Respect To Buckles:

Buckles play a vital role in making your belts style and type.

So, the details regarding belt buckles are not to be ignored while buying them.

Here are buckle types for belts.

30. Funky Buckle:

Funky Buckle

Funky buckles are buckles enriched with ornaments and available in different shapes such as heart shape buckles.

They look cool when you carry and make excellent accessories for shorts and skirts.

31. Riggers Buckle Belt:

Riggers Buckle Belt
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Rigger buckles are used in survival belts as they are so easy to clasp and open yet tightly secures the person in their place.

Rigger buckles are used in belts designed to secure the person when traveling in helicopters, airplanes, jumping from parachutes, and doing bungee jumping, etc.

32. Horseshoe Buckle Belt:

Horseshoe buckle belt
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Belts with horseshoe buckles are must-haves for casual denim jeans. Horseshoe buckles are usually used in expensive leather belts and often come with one tongue design.

33. Clip-on Buckle:

Clip on buckle
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Usually used in bags and purses, a clip-on buckle is a modern and more common version of riggers buckle.

It has three pieces on the mouth that clasp in the clip for tightening. Easy to use and convenient.

34. Auto-Latch Buckle:

Auto Latch Buckle

Auto latch buckle doesn’t need any sort of pressing, pushing or pulling. You just have to insert the needle or one side of the mouth into the other end and clasp – it will clasp automatically.

35. Splice Buckle:

Splice Buckle
Image Sources pinterest

It is an agriculture fence accessory. A splice buckle is used to hold 1.5 inches of electric tape in place. These aren’t used in clothing belt accessories.

36. Sliding Grip Buckle:

Sliding Grip Buckle
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Sliding grip buckles are fastened by sliding the band through the buckle then folding it to tighten and clasp. It is used in modern leather belts.

37. Double Ring Buckle Belt:

Double Ring Buckle Belt
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The double ring buckle doesn’t have tongues in fact it is fastened by sliding the belt band simultaneously from both holes in order to create a tight knot.

38. Reversible Buckle:

Reversible Buckle
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Reversible buckles are used in reversible belts. As the belt can be worn from either side, the buckle can be clasped from both sides too.

39. Double Slide Buckle:

Double Slide Buckle
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Double buckles are used in fancy belts to perk the style. In this, one band comes with two buckles kept side by side.

40. Single / Double Tongue Buckle:

Single Double Tongue Buckle
Image Sources pinterest, pinterest

Tongue is the tiny needle on your buckle that goes into the hole of the band and helps in determining the waist of your belt.

Belts come with double and single tongue buckles for fashion.

41. Military Buckle:

Military Buckle
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Military buckles clasp so fast and tightly grip the pants.

Types Of Belt With Respect To Placement:

Belts are also divided into varieties due to the placement.

42. Waist belts:

Waist belts
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Waist belts are all leather cloth or fabric belts that are worn with pants known as waist belts. These are usually used to keep the pants or lower-wear from falling.

43. Hip Belts:

Hip Belts
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Hip belts are worn by belly dancers in order to create a visible edge on their belly around the hips so their moves will be visible more clearly.

44. Shoulder Belts:

Shoulder Belts

Shoulder belts are carried around shoulders. They are more like gadgets that help you carry other stuff without using your hands.  Baldric Belts are an example of shoulder belts.

45. Stretch and adjust Belts:

Stretch and adjust Belts

Stretch and adjust belts are those that are fastened over the stomach in order to make it appear flat. They are made of stretchable fabric and come with clasps to help you adjust the belt in its place.

Besides, the modern versions come with pockets and zippers that let you carry your tiny essentials like wallet, mobile, earphones, etc.

46. Back Belts:

Back Belts

Here we have back belts. These belts are usually used to ease pain or to correct the posture of your body.

47. Furniture Lifter Belts:

Furniture Lifter Belts

Furniture lifter belts are more like tools. They help you lift heavy-duty goods with ease and that also alone. Check how do furniture lifter tool work.

Bottom Line:

This is all about types of belts. Also, you can get these belts as impressive presents for your husband or wife on any occasion, so they can look smarter than ever. 

If we are missing any of them, let us know in the comments below.

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