17 Subtle but Definite Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You – How you Should React

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings for You

Friends are the people with whom we can be truly us without the fear of judgment. Besides, this is the only relation where gender becomes a minor thing to matter.

Gender doesn’t matter because you both come in a comfort zone with each other. But, as it is often said, a girl or a guy cannot be friends.

So, sometimes you may notice, or some of your other friends point out the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

But how to get confirmed?

You can do so by learning the signs a guy friend likes you romantically.

What are those?

Well, here we will tell you about 17 subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

Excited? Let’s start:

1. He’ll Tell You to Stop Talking But Can Listen To Your Stupid Rants For Hours:

When feelings develop between friends, they aren’t easy to confess more often.

Therefore, in order to hide the feelings, he may show off by telling you to stop talking; however, he would remain there for the pointless talks for as long as nobody else will.

This is one of the signs a guy friend is secretly in love with you.

2. He Gets Jealous Easily:

He might not show it, but it can be sensed. Also, it is not about getting jealous by watching you with your other guy friends, but when you consider all of them, including him, as equally important to you.

You can sense his off-beat mood in such a situation.

There is a thing about males; they want to be the “the one” for the girl they have special feelings for. Comparison is another thing they don’t even like to stand in the lane of your friends.

A sign your guy friend likes you romantically.

3. He Tries to Be Protective and Caring, Better Than Before:

Well, this thing is not to put an impression upon you, but they naturally feel to stay there for you and never let anyone bother you.

It is not about being heroic but simply someone who has started developing different feelings for you.

4. He Would Do Anything to Stay Around You:

Either he is a work friend, a classmate, or any of your good friends, he will try to stick around you through.

It is not just about being there for you at the time of need but also about spending more time with you.

He might skip his commitments with others to stay around you, and you will feel this change in his overall routine.

5. You Become The First Person He Calls To Share Good Or Bad Days:

Yes! All men don’t usually open up about their lives in front of everyone. An impossible man becomes helpless in front of the girl he loves from sharing any detail.

You become the first person who would share his happy or sad moments with. He opens up easily in front of you and tries to seek your attention and caring gesture.

6. He Keeps Inviting You For Lunch Dates Using Wiles:

Due to being afraid of getting caught in his feelings, he might use wiles and excuses to call you for having lunch together.

For example, he might not ask you if you are up for lunch or drinks but rather come like, what should I have for lunch can you suggest.

This can be one of the signs your guy friend likes you but is hiding.

7. You Will Be Invited To His Family Gatherings:

He might not call all the friends but will definitely invite you to his personal gatherings and family functions. He will introduce you to his family without any botheration.

Well, men do so just to let you know about their family and other things so in future you can keep these things in mind when he decides to propose to you.

8. He Lets You Speak More:

Whenever it is time to talk, he would like to listen to you more than speaking himself. This is because he wants to know about your likes and dislikes.

Also, in a group of friends, he would let you speak more and listen to you more attentively and give weightage to your suggestions.

9. He Keeps Prolonging the Conversation:

Friends, when together, talk a lot but just share memes when it comes to the phone.

However, if a guy is more interested in you, he will always try to talk to you and ask more questions if you try to hang up to prolong the convo.

Besides, they ask you meaningful questions that portray their caring attitude towards you.

Instead of general, they talk to you about you – one of the major signs a guy friend likes you romantically.

10. He Always Brings Gifts and Never Forgets Your Big Days:

Your birthday, your friendversary, your achievements, and anything that’s worth celebrating, he will remember this all.

Also, he would celebrate all these things in special manners, without getting noticed. For example, he will not be afraid to spend on gifts for his only crush, her love-lady.

Especially when he is away or in a long-distance with you, he might write you special quotes and sayings on the gift cards.

Also, he will wish you before Facebook notifications that show he genuinely remembers you without reminders.

Two exact signs your long-distance male friend has feelings for you.

11. He Sends You Random and Special Messages Daily:

Yes, you might see signs your male friend has feelings for you over text by receiving random or special messages.

The nature of the text messages doesn’t matter; they can be from a funny text to a special month’s wishes; what matters is he remembers you.

Some more random signs your male friend has feelings for you through text is he sends you messages and tries to call you when he feels alone.

Rather than going with friends, he tries to stick around you.

You might find it consider your friend being weird; however, he is just helpless in front of his feelings.

12. He remembers Tiny Details About You:

Signs a guy friend is secretly in love with you also contain his memory. He might forget anything but he will remember tiny details about you.

These details can be your favorite color, the dress that looks cool on you, you skipped your lunch and why, and if anything is bothering you.

He does so because he simply cannot ignore the feeling that he has developed for you and those feelings are involuntarily

13. He Might Write You About His Feelings Through Text and Delete It Before You Even Read:

At some points, keeping one-sided feelings become so hard so there might be times when you will see signs your male friend has feelings for you through text.

If you see deleted for every one message in your WhatsApp, and when you ask him, he totally behaves alien.

Here, you need to understand that he had written you about the things he can never say but deleted it because he was afraid that you might not like it or tell you another special way.

14. Your Gut Senses It:

It is said that women are bestowed with a special sense that informs them about the way the other person looks at them.

So, when your male friend starts to think about you differently or in a romantic, loving way, your gut instinct will inform you.

You may see various keen to subtle signs he likes you more than a friend.

15. He Blushes When It Comes to Eye Contact:

Yes, guys blush too. 😉

However, only for the girls, they give a special place in their hearts.

If you are sensing it, try to make eye contact and see colors on his face. You will see the cutest thing when a guy blush.

Also, he would keep smiling to hide away the shyness he is feeling because of your eye contact.

16. Your Common Friends Will Notice:

Your common friends will tell you this thing as well and give a hint that he, the guy, considers you now more than friends.

Your friends can tell you about different things they noticed that clearly shows that he now thinks about going out of the friend zone and want to be with you in a romantic relationship.

17. Social Media Tells This Too:

Yes! However, it is not just about liking or reacting to your posts but also about mentioning you on the Facebook posts, like tag that friend you want to go on a trip to Medford with.

Or tag a friend whom you trust so much. He will also like all your Instagram posts and maybe give you feedback on how you look on certain days, with certain accessories or certain dresses.

What To Do When You Find Signs Your Guy Friend Likes You But Is Hiding It:

What To Do When You Find Signs Your Guy Friend Likes You But Is Hiding It

When you are sure that your male friend has feelings for you but is hiding it, what should you do?

Ask yourself, how do you feel about the development of his romantic feelings for you?

Do you feel excited or embarrassed?

If it is embarrassing, don’t do anything but try to give him some hints or signs that he cannot be the one you are looking to get romantically involved with.

Do not say it right to his face as, of course, you would never want to hurt a guy who has been a good friend to you.

On the other hand, if you are on the same page and start liking him after noticing signs your guy friend likes you romantically, your next move should be to make him confess his feelings.

  1. Do not tell him directly that you know what he is thinking about you, rather give him hints that his confession will be taken positively.
  2. Give him the special treatment he deserves.
  3. Make eye contact more than often.
  4. Watch romantic movies together.
  5. Spend more time together shopping, visiting galleries, or simply walking and talking
  6. Use hero instinct to make him confess his feelings right away.

Bottom Line:

So, these are 17 signs your male friend has feelings for you, along with a guide on what should be your next move and how to make him fall for you using your hero instinct.

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