Unseen And Undiscovered Things To Do In Medford Oregon When Traveling First Time

Things to Do in Medford Oregon

“Travel and tell no one, live a true love story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people often ruin beautiful things.”

Medford, OR is a place that usually remains undiscovered by travelers because the USA often scrolled for locations like Hawaii, Alaska, New York, and Massachusetts, the top tourist attractions.  However, Medford tourism is nothing less.

arrival at Medford
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The city of Medford hidden part of the planet is the real home for jaunty, thalassophiles, carefree hippies, and gypsies, who have nothing but a wanderlust to quench by drifting between locations and locations.

What Country Is Medford Orgon?

Medford is a city of Oregano, the coastal state, and a part of northwest America. It is a mountainous region with sloppy cliffs, prevailed all over. However, it is not the only thing when we talk about Medford tourism. The city is also boosted with beaches, botanical wilds, and everlasting ranges of wineries.

Oregon Travel Guide – Chapter, Medford:

Chapter, Medford
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“Clean roads, shiny sky, incredibly tall and slender mountains, faintly grown trees, silent and serene waters, and the horizon of rarest faunae – Welcome to Medford

Reaching in Medford, the city of Oregon, is a good fortune to enter in the heavens without dying… it comes with all the scenic sights we see when dreaming about the skies – lush green trails, shining dew in the mountainous tips, peaceful blue water lakes, wild terrestrial, the colorful lights of city, and never-ending fun.

About Medford Oregon:

Medford Oregon is the most obscure part of the globe, the undiscovered, unseen, so most of the tourists don’t know what type of place it is. This small town is something where you can go for different things to do on several days, without repeating anything, possibly for several months.

Oregon Travel Guide:

You need to make a list of things to do with the help of someone, had a real experience of traveling to Medford. You have found the person right here, just get the notepad and pencil, and get notes:

Things to Do in Medford Oregon:

  1. Hiking and Biking
  2. Jet Boats Rafting
  3. Skiing and Skating
  4. Gastronomy
  5. Paddler Sightseeing
  6. Going Romantic in Medford


As you set foot in the Medford, an enchanting peace from all over will take you in the arms.

  • Start your activities on the second day of reaching Medford as it will help you to recharge your body. You are tired on the day of arrival; your body can get fatigued and feel exhausted.
  • Take a taxi, reach the hotel, and have a tight sleep.
  • Wake up, take a bath, and start your journey, regardless of what time it is… You have a never-finishing list of stuff to do at Medford.
set foot in the Medford
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“Medford is the heart of Rogue, many people been there, belief”.

Medford is more like a valley of fun. Your day would start at eight, and the fun happenings would begin right after that. You don’t need to wait for Medford to awake; nature is always there – awake, alert, and ready to be explored.

Hiking Southern Oregon:

Hiking on the Trails

This community of the coastal state offers plenty of smooth and rough trails for hiking and biking, and you can choose according to your expertise levels and interest. Here is what you need to know about hiking and biking in Medford.

For hiking, you will find three best locations, Rogue valley, Prescott Park, and National Park alongside Crater Lake.

Rogue River:

In Rogue valley, you find trails made of table rocks with two, upper, and the lower side. The top side takes less time to take you on the peaks while the lower side table rocks take more; however, on both trails, there are maddening marvels placed. The park offers trailing glares for summers and dry season.

Prescott Park:

In Prescott Park, the trails are both paved and unpaved, surrounded by dense hemispherical stiff thorny bushes. Once you reach the top, you can have your eyes on the aerial view of the whole valley and the surrounding areas.

However, come back before the night because no camping is allowed. This park is best to visit during summers, if you find the gate closed for vehicles, you can still take your bike inside and go pedestrian to have the view.

Crater Lake:

Crater Lake
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Q: How far is cater lake from Medford Oregon?

Ans: at maximum, 2.5 hours would require you to reach Cater Lake from Medford, so it is better to start early in the day.

Medford is the ultimate place to take you to the skies during all seasons. One hundred miles from the pacific coast, Crater Lake is one of the strangest attractions of any park anywhere. It’s the world’s purest ball of freshwater, and no matter which way you turn, you can’t believe the earth can be such incredible. At the end of the trails, you reach the dock. Water is so blue, like ink that you have never seen before.

Rogue River Jet Boats Medford Oregon:

Jet Boats Rafting
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It is an outdoor activity that you can do for several days without getting bored. Boating and rafting in several types of boats because the Pacific Ocean is the nearest coast from Medford to the west and offers an everlasting series of lakes, shores, and beaches. There are plenty of independent and ferry rides and ferry-ride options in Medford to make you go mad in the water.

Move to the southern part of the Medford, where Rogue River, State Park, Gold Hill White Centre, and Hellgate Canyon are located. If you call Oregon as a treasure of everlasting recreations, Medford is the pearls and jewels in the cache. There you find so many places and rafting ideas in different boats and jets that you can ride independently, or with friends and with the couple.

Jackson Rogue Kayak:

Kayak with Your Gang at Rogue River
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Rogue River water is smooth, splashing, but can be brave and hardy for kayaking if you want to float at speed. For a complete experience, you will have to visit Rogue River multiple times because there is so much to explore.

Mule Creek Canyon:

Sightseeing at the Mule Creek Canyon
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On a solo trip, you can join kayaking groups of tourists and have a fun water float, but if you are ready to enter the water alone, small kayaks are also available. On the sides of the river, arachnological stones and canyons are available, including Mule Creek Canyon.

Coffeepot Rapid:

Adventures ride at Coffeepot Rapid
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Coffeepot Rapid is a spot where you feel like you are dangling through the nozzle of a coffeepot because the river gets quite narrow. At this river, you get all kayaking flavors together, from resting to exciting. It is a small alley, however, boating through it so lit.

Blossom Bar Rapid Run:

Blossom Bar Rapid Run
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Next, you will reach the blossom bar; there, water waves are smoother but exciting, so you should have some professional boater with you. On the sides, you will see an endless series of trees in various kinds, such as; willows, red- white alder, cottonwood, and Oregon ash. The sight is so lit and asks you to stop your kayak and gaze the beauty for some time.

Water World Medford:

Water Concert
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Have you ever joined a musical show right inside a lake where water is everywhere, and a singer is spreading the symphonies all over the air? If not, you can join a fantastic concert at Rogue. Have a boat, and get ready to tune your hearings with joyful songs.

The concert is entirely family-friendly, and you can take the little ones along with you. There are different resorts on the way and in all of them conduct various concerts for the people. The most exciting part is, you never find a vehicle going there, only boats and kayaks can take you to the shows.

Skiing Near Medford Oregon:

Medford Oregon is a place with oceans, beaches, glaciers, snow, and magma. The region is so blessed. When you are here, how your activities can be completed without skiing? There are plenty of skiing options available in Medford; however, the weather will play a part as you may have to wait for the snow sometimes.

Popular ski points for your outdoor activities in the Medford OR are:

Mount. Ashland Park:

Visiting Mount. Ashland Park
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Mt. Ashland is just 13 miles from Medford, a place that can be regarded as the Ski Topia of Oregon. The city is admired by locals and a few tourists, who got a chance to enter in this Mecca of Skiing. There you find children-friendly ski opportunities in a completely secure and fun manner.

There is another ski resort besides, but it rarely opens because of the lack of snow there, sometimes only one weekend during the whole winters… it is a perfect example of “good things are for those who wait.”

Mount Hood:

Though it doesn’t situate in the Medford; however, it’s just some miles away on the Hood River, a heaven for those in love with skiing. You can go there and ski, but not only this, the place gives you the chance to buy whatever you want plenty of super cool ski shops and stuff available there.

There is a National Forest as well, build in 1908, and now receives a population of millions of visitors around the year. You will be passing by the jungle when moving towards Mount Hood through the highway. The forest is filled with flora and faunae and gets covered in an icy cop during winters.

Crater Lake Snowshoeing:

Snowshoeing at Crater Lake
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From December 8 to the end of April, the season is ideal for skiing, and a Snowshoe Hikes along with plenty of winter fun activities are offered here during the season. You can get your heavy snowshoes from the management against some cash and go crazy in the snow.  Sled, ski, or snowshoe, you are welcome for all winter outdoor sports.

Sightseeing On Way To Medford Oregon:

Paddler Sightseeing
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East, west, north, and the south – all sides of Medford are encapsulated with wide and Uplifting settlings and gives you a chance to explore the most beautiful side of the planet. Vehicles, bikes, and skates, etcetera though adds in walking however many times, we forget to put eyes on the impressive yet singular and flatly amazing scenes passing by. Eagle Creek and many other passages will take your breath away.

“If you really want to reborn by the journeys, spending a day on foot is all you need.”

A walk in the North:

Walk in the North
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Rogue river, crater lake, soccer fields, mounts, faunae, magmas, and flora, the place is home for sightseers. Get ready to lose on the ways that lead to unseen locations, packed meaningfulness…

“Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness”   Ray Bradbury

The northern side of the Medford is more about mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and dangling passages leading to spiritual sites. Along with biking and hiking, the pedestrian walk in the woods is a worth doing thing. If your day is good, you may experience and see amazing wildlife.

Do you know: Best Time to View Northern Lights in Medford Oregon is 9 in the evening because not just shops and malls light up at this time but lights in homes as well and offer a mesmerizing view.

If you feel so, you can take a ride on local transport or get a lift from the trespasser or simply continue your walk on the vivid location. When you reach the top cliffs, you can view the whole town of Medford.

Discover the Southern Rim:

Discover the Southern Rim
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On the southern rim of the Medford, again, you come to see some lovely sites of sunrays and sunset alongside the running lakes where herons are flying on the verges. You will see many foreigners and local tourists on the way as they keep coming to explore this city with amazing sites now and then.

Take boat rides on simply continue walking on the shores, do some rest on the river banks, get a bath, and fuel up your energy. Do not forget to capture the sights, to write down your own Medford travel guide one day.

Winery Medford Oregon:

Winery Orchards
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Most of the people don’t know, but actually, Medford is the first-ever place to own orchards of grapes along with wineries. You can see by yourself the amazing and millions of grapevines grown all over Medford at different locations. The gripping thing is that besides each winery, clubs or pubs are located in small rooms where locals gather in the evening and have some best time.

You can stay at one of the clubs during your outdoor walk in the Medford and get your ears on the ethnic stories of ancient Medford, and learn about its history.

Rambling into the City Lights:

Rambling into the City Lights
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Medford is not just about a natural sight because city life in this small town is also amazing. Go on a walk in the markets and bazaars to check out the brilliance and glory of the city. Lights with colorful spectrum spreading brightness on the roads while kids playing in the streets, people working in their shops, and some free folks sitting in the on the roadside hotels, gulping wine, and having chitchats.

You can shop souvenirs during this free period of a walk, or simply gather some information about the city life of Medford.


  • As you walk around the place, keep some packed food and enough water supply specifically in the form of energy drink with you so that you don’t feel exhausted during your on-feet hunt.

Food Medford Oregon:

Gastronomy relates to exhilarating your tongue with all the zests of a place, and when in Medford, you cannot resist getting tongues on the Oregonian bites. It is not just for the taste but also for the overall energy required to wander around the city. Your outdoor activities are not completed without having a Gastronomical experience in Medford.

Wine Tasting Medford Oregon:

Checking in the Medford wineries
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Medford is the place for wineries, the pure one made with original grapes from the gardens of the Oregonian farming community. On the rural side of the area, the small towns are located, filled with gardens of grapes and vineyards. These vineyards not only grant you the best wines in the world but there you can meet a lot of interesting people as well, especially Hispanics who are so hippy by nature and let you have a lot of fun.

The Artisan Bakery Medford Oregon:

Artisan Food Trial
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Artisan food more relates to the hygienic food where no chemicals or additives are used while making the food to converse its tastes. As far as Medford is concerned, there you find plenty of bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and even roadside takeaways offering sumptuous and tasty Artisan food. It tastes so good as ethnic Oregonian formulas are used. They have one of a kind and utterly sole taste that you will not find anywhere else.

International Hotel Medford Oregon:

Food for Soul
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It is usually said that your soul actually belongs to the place you are from; you have everything related to that place in your blood. So, while being in Medford, if you miss your land and would like to get some glimpse of home town, go to an ethnic restaurant. There are plenty of ethnic restaurants in Medford alone, in different locations. The exciting thing about them is they are run by the country natives and give the original taste, for example, when you go on trying Thai food, you get the authentic flavors of Thailand.

5 Star Hotels In Medford Oregon:

As you are on a trip and you have all the right to enjoy it in all the possible ways, so having a Royal protocol is just what you need. For this, you can go to any five-star restaurant and enjoy lavish meals with the best services. There you will also find many clubs alongside the country with royal outlook, royal stay, and of course, royal food. Join a club for one day and extract out memories for your trip.

Walking Food Tour Medford:

Walking food trips are so famous in the various cities of Oregon and help a lot if you travel for tasting each zest catered by the chefs. Moreover, it will also come handy if you don’t know about any restaurants and tastes in Medford. You can join groups with a guide who takes you to various restaurants for breakfast brunch, lunch, supper, and of course, snacks.

You will not just be eating food but learning about its history, ingredients, and ways of making the food so you can try it on your own once you get home. You can tell the guide about your budget, and they would take you to the eateries that fit your pocket size better.

Wine Tours Medford Oregon:

Winter Boozing in Medford
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During winters, on the northern side of the Medford, where snow falls and the ground gets covered in a cold white shawl, do not forget to set your tongue with winter wine tasting. Stay in the lodge beside a furnace, or simply stand in the balcony, gulp your wine sip by sip and relax.


  • If you feel that you don’t have enough money to get your hands on the lavish food, don’t worry! A trip for you is to work in Medford, Oregon. Astonished? Well, though you are on a short trip, still a one-day service can help you to tot up your wallet with enough dollars to spend a lavish day at Medford, without losing onto your budget.

Ending with Marcel Proust’s quote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” That means, going on voyages doesn’t just mean remaining on the cliffs or getting wet in the waterfalls, it’s about enjoying every single thing you do…  so,

 “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

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