17 Types of Dresses With Names & Pictures

Types of dresses

Wow! Whattta query we have here “Types of Dresses.”

Well, this is true, we often look at celebrities, wearing something very different and enchanting yet at the same time sewn in a completely bizarre style,

That suddenly a phrase pops out of our mouth,

Jeez, what’s this dress called.

It mostly happens during red carpet shows and when celebs are at the launch of their new albums, movies, dramas, or something important.

We are talking about dresses, through a little different perspective, just for our readers, so that their precious time spent here is utilized with true and authentic information.

Let’s be straight, we are discussing, all the types of dresses, with and without gender roles.

Before discussion, understand:

There is a difference in Types of dresses and styles of dresses.

Type is grouping dresses on the bases of their characteristics

While style is the manner of carrying that very type of dress.

In one type of dress, you can get multiple styles.

So, you will be reading about and watching images of types of dresses:

Let’s start the discussion so you can design your cupboard with knowledge.

Types of Dresses (Female):

1. A-line dresses:

A-line dresses

You most probably have seen, worn, and used an A-line dress but you don’t know the name.

It is one of the famous styles of type of dresses.

What is A-line Dress?

It is a dress that makes the shape of A.

It can be a skirt, a frock, or a long knee-length A-line mini dress.

Usual length of A-Line Dress:

The usual length of an A-line dress is till your knees or longer.

What does that mean? It is a gorgeous dress for graceful ladies.

Styles of A-line dresses:

  • A-line Tea-length dress

A line Tea length dress

Tea dresses emerged in the 19th century, decorated with different sequins and laces.

It could be ball gowns or ankle-length dresses.

Tea-length wedding dresses are also very common.

  • A-Line wedding dress
A Line wedding dress
Image Sources Pinterest

A line dress is a very eccentric piece of art, that comes with flare, all brides want.

The flare could be huge or little, based on the bride’s choice.

Brides also do experiments with sleeves and tinsels.

  • Full skirt midi dress
Full skirt midi dress
Image Sources Pinterest

Full skirt midi dress comes with a bodice and a skirt, that makes an A-line shape.

Bodice could be attached or detached with skirt, making it the most elegant semi-formal dress.

  • A-line Tunics
A-line Tunics
Image Sources Pinterest

A-line tunics are ankle length shirts in different designs like tops, shirts, blouse, or sweatshirt.

The main thing is their length would be till your ankles.

Moreover, they are considered an easy-to-go option for daily wear in women’s fashion clothing.

  • A-line Kurtis
A-line Kurtis
Image Sources Pinterest

A-line Kurtis are a south Asian tunic famously worn in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

Those are usually longer in lengths; up to your knees and could be till heels too.

  • Backless/ Sleeveless A-line dress:
Backless Sleeveless, Sleeve-full A-line dress
Image Sources Pinterest

A-line dresses give you complete feasibility and give you style that makes you solely you.

You can have them with sleeves, without sleeves, or more stimulating with a backless style. When carrying backless A line, always wear a strapless bra.

Occasions to wear Aline Dresses:

A line is best to go with all types of events.

However, if you wear them for semi-formal occasions, they would look excellent.

They also make excellent types of dresses for weddings.

However, you need expert advice to make the one that will make you stand out of the crowd.

Long sleeves give a tone to your arms; you look smarter, with a touch of class.

Have you worn an A-line dress before? Share your stunning picture with us in the comments below.

2. Shift Dresses:

Shift Dresses

Shift dresses are worn more often by young girls and women when trying to pose as a diva and want to show moves. You must have seen many celebs in shift dresses.

What is Shift Dress?

As per shift dress definition, they are straight and fall direct from shoulders till busts.

Instead of having a flare like A-line dress, it has darts.

What is the length of Shift Dress?

It starts from the shoulders and reaches till busts, where it makes darts to give a more defined shape of the body.

Due to this, it also comes in the categories of dart dresses.

You can create darts on your A-line dress and make it a dart dress as well.

Styles of Shift dresses:

Shift dresses come with different styles of the neck.

Common ones are boat neck or high scoop.

Actually, shift dresses have styles, separate for separate ladies.

  • Hourglass shape:
Hourglass shape
Image Sources Pinterest

If you have an hourglass body shape, wowww, you are the luckiest.

You can get a perfect sized shift dress for your toned body.

  • Apple Shape:
Apple Shape
Image Sources Pinterest

If you have more weight above the waist and less around the bust, don’t worry.

For your apple-shaped body, you can have shift dress that would define your body in the best way and will also hide the parts you don’t want to show off.

  • Pear Shape:

When you have less weight on the upper body and more on your hips, bingo, shift dress is made just for you.

It will balance your body shape and help you in looking classy.

Best occasions to wear Shift Dresses:

Shift dresses are totally versatile, giving you the feasibility to carry them wherever you want.

Wear them to work, at parties, and on weekends.

They make you look chic in the most random way, that people cannot resist noticing you.

From teenagers to women, shift dresses suit everyone.

Besides, you can wear these dresses with different jewelry types to accessorize your style.

3. Wrap Dresses:

Wrap Dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

Wrap dresses are types of dresses that make you look chic and innocent in the most happening way possible.

They are undeniably the most flattering types of dresses of all.

What is Wrap Dress?

In wrap dress, the front side is formed by a closure in which one side is wrapped across the other, making a Y.

The sides are so large that after wrapping, they reach to the back where a knot is clipped.

It also comes with buttons on the back, the sides of the closure are fastened there.

It hugs the wearer’s curves and looks extremely classy.

Length of the Wrap Dress:

The most common length for a wrap dress is knee-length dress.

Styles of Wrap Dresses:

You get ultimate varieties in wrap dresses. Some of them are given below:

  • Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses:
Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

They come with long sleeves and girls do so many experiments with sleeves.

Types of sleeves you get in wrap dresses are Kimono sleeves, bishop sleeves, puffed sleeves, split sleeves, and batwing sleeves.

Are we missing any sleeve types that wrap dresses can have? Let us know in the comments below:

  • Maxi Wrap Dresses:
Maxi Wrap Dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

Maxi wrap dress has a longer length till your toes and looks awesome with high heels.

You can have cut on the side from where people can have a glimpse of your stunning leg; this will you’re your attire the most flattering.

  • Casual wrap dress:
Casual wrap dress
Image Sources Pinterest

Casual wrap dresses help you go on night outs and to beach parties with your friends.

They’re bedecked with beautiful laces and flowers, making your persona stand out of the crowd.

  • Wedding wrap dresses:
Wedding wrap dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

Wedding wrap dresses are so common. They come in white color with flowers emblazed around the neckline.

  • Subtle and soft Wrap dresses:
Subtle and soft Wrap dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

Soft wrap dresses are made with floral clothes. They are best to wear when you go out on Sunday summer picnics.

Here is a tip for you:

Wear a perfect bra with your dress to showcase your perfect persona.

Best occasions to wear wrap Dresses:

Once again, there isn’t a single occasion where you cannot wear a wrap dress.

All you have to do is some experiments with the stuff you use.

Such as silk goes for weddings, linen for casual day outs, velvet for winter outs, while cotton for summer picnics pairing with awesome earrings.

All with this, you can even wear wrap dresses to work as well.

There is no age specified to wear wrap dresses however, women and older ladies mostly wear them and look chic.

4. Slip Dresses:

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are often worn during nights when you want to chill inside your room and have a good “me time”.

What Is A Slip Dress?

Slip dresses are types of innerwear, lingerie, and nighties often made with silk, organza, and all types of subtle clothes.

What is the common length of Slip Dress?

Slips come in different lengths, based on the person’s choice.

Here are some common lengths you can have in slip dresses.

  • The total length of the long maxi slip dress can go up to 51 inches.
  • Short midi slip will have a total length of 35 inches, that reaches mostly to the thighs.

Styles of slip Dresses:

Here are some best Styles of wrap dresses, you can wear.

  • Satin Silk Slip
Satin Silk Slip
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Lace-Trimmed Cami
Lace Trimmed Cami
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Twisted Cami slip
Twisted Cami slip
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Nightgown slip
Night gown slip
Image Sources Pinterest

Best occasions to wear a slip dress:

Slip dresses are also worn during evening parties and romantic dinners, based on the taste of the person.

Pro tip: this valentine, get dressed in a red slip dress, wear I love you pendant and flaunt. 😉

However, it also can be one of your best beach accessories to carry. Just pair it with the perfect type of scarf to walk without hesitation.

5. The High-Low Dress:

The High-Low Dress
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

If a dress is longer, it is hard to carry and we cannot wear midi dress every day.

Here comes high-low dress as an ultimate solution.

What Is A High-Low Dress?

A high low dress is more like a long shirt, frock, or skirt but has an ultimate style.

It comes with the front side of the dress as low while the backside is high or longer.

What Is the Common Length of High-Low Dress / Skirt?

There is no exact length of high-low skirt/dress.

All you need to take care is, keep it short from the front while long from the back.

Styles of High-Low Skirts:

Some Styles for high-low skirts are:

  • Asymmetrical Skirt:
Asymmetrical Skirt
Image Sources Pinterest

In this type, you get a skirt that has high and low sides but in a diagonal and not on front and back.

This skirt is flattering and one of the best accessories for the beach.

  • Waterfall Skirt:
Waterfall Skirt
Image Sources Pinterest

Waterfall skirt is more like a sarong.

It comes with falls or drapes on one side of the knee.

Plus, you can easily pair it with t-shirts for every mood, making perfect dresses for summer parties.

  • Mullet skirt:
Mullet skirt
Image Sources Pinterest

Mullet skirts have frock like texture with flare and pleats stitched inside. They look awesome for short girls.

  • Skirts with a Hem:
Skirts with a Hem
Image Sources Pinterest

Not all high-low skirts come with hems, however, you can add a hem to get more into fashion.

Wear them high on your belly or around the waist, you will look chic.

Best events to wear High-Low Dress:

High-low dresses or skirts are easiest-to-carry dresses.

Hence the best places or events where you can wear such dresses are:

In outdoor parties, on travel, or walks with your guys. It is also a great option to be worn as a prom dress.

6. Peplum Dress:

Peplum Dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

We are not talking about the peplos, a dress that was worn in ancient Greece.

What is a peplum dress?

It is a short women overskirt, draped over another garment.

The other garment could be breech, trouser, or another skirt.

What is the Common Length of Peplum Dress?

“Approximately 2” below hips”

As it is a worn-over skirt, to give an illusion of cinched waist; so, its most flattering length is 2” below hip bones.

Styles of Peplum Dresses:

Here are some most amazing and ultimate styles:

  • Gathered peplum:
Gathered peplum
Image Sources Pinterest

This type of peplum appears big at hips and smaller at the waist.

It helps in creating curve at the hip and you would look even enchanting if you have perfectly shaped bust.

  • Flared Peplum:
Flared Peplum
Image Sources Pinterest

Flared peplum is more like A-line skirt (discussed above).

It helps in creating elegance in your appearance.

  • Pleated peplum:
Pleated peplum
Image Sources Pinterest

Pleated peplums come with pleats on the peplum to make them look perfect for all body types.

When and How to Wear Peplum?

Peplum is a versatile type of dress; it suits everyone.

Besides this, if you know the right way to carry, and put on perfect earrings with it, you can wear peplum dresses literally anywhere.

Such as: to parties, night outs, fashion extravaganzas, and formal picnics.

7. Shirtdresses:

Shirt dresses

When you want to look cooler without putting in effort, wear a shirt dress.

What is a shirtdress?

By definition, you can call shirt dress as loose-fitting apparel that has a collar on the neck, cuffs on sleeves, with the whole front, buttoned down.

What is the length of the shirtdress?

There is no specific length to this dress, so people choose according to their requirements and style.

No matter what length it has, the style should have a collar and button-down front.

Styles of shirtdress:

Actually, there are no specific types of shirtdresses, but women give some styles to them as per their fashion sense.

Some styles in which you can carry your shirtdress are:

  • Midi length
Midi length
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Mini shirtdress
Mini shirtdress
Image Sources Picuki
  • Unbuttoned Maxi shirtdress
Unbuttoned Maxi shirtdress
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Shirtdress with belts
Shirtdress with belts
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Sleeveless, short, or long-sleeved shirt dress
Sleeveless, short, or long-sleeved shirt dress
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Popover shirts:
Popover shirts
Image Sources Pinterest

Popover is not a very common type of shirtdress but something that’s used as an accessory,

However, celebrities do wear it and it was a style created and designed first time in 1942 by Claire McCardell in 1942.

When to wear a shirtdress?

From casual to formal and work apparel, shirtdress will render usage at all occasions.

You can carry some bracelets in your wrists to ample your style.

Plus, high heels, joggers, sneakers, fleets, and flipflops, all can be carried with this type of dress; based on the requirement of the place you are going to.

8. Pinafore dress:

Painfore dresses
Image Sources Pinterest

For all teenage girls, a pinafore is perfect for making them look hot and innocent at the same time.

What is Pinafore Dress?

Pinafore dress has no collars, no sleeves, or shoulders, but medium sized straps on shoulders for support.

What is the length of a pinafore dress?

Pinafore dresses come in long, short, and medium sizes.

Styles of pinafore dresses:

Pinafore could be in different styles:

  • Skirt with long straps
Skirt with long straps
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Dungarees
Image Sources Flickr
  • Spaghetti Straps
Spaghetti Straps
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Button-down pinafore
Button down pinafore
Image Sources Pinterest

How and When to wear a pinafore dress?

Well, you need to pair an undershirt, that could be a T-shirt or slip shirt; with high or low neckline. If you wear low neck pinafore, you should wear a beautiful pendant around your neck to look chic.

You can wear them anywhere but mostly on semi-formal occasions like night outs, picnics, and parties.

9. Bardot Dress:

Bardot Dresses

Would you mind wearing a little exposed dress? If not, here is the hottest shoulder-less attire for your wardrobe and special occasions – the Bardot dress.

What is Bardot Dress?

Bardot is a dress that’s slightly pulled down from shoulders and will accompany well with a Bye Bra Tape.

What is the length of Bardot Dress?

Bardot tops are mostly longer and come till your knees; you can call their length equals to a midi dress.

However, some women also carry mini Bardot or maxi Bardot dresses.

Types of Bardot Dresses:

Here are some types of Bardot dresses you can wear:

  • Bardot Maxis:
Bardot Maxis
Image Sources Pinterest

Here you have the most stunning shoulder-less long maxi.

Do some experiments, and have some flare on the bottom.

  • Tea Length Bardot:
Tea Length Bardot
Image Sources Pinterest

Bardot tops with tea length is an ultimate way of flattering others.

  • Bardot cocktail:
Bardot cocktail
Image Sources Pinterest

Whenever you are at a party, you need to stand out from the crowd.

A cocktail Bardot dress will be one of the best types of dresses for a party.

Events to Wear a Bardot Dress:

You can wear such Bardot dresses on parties, proms, and marriage ceremonies as wedding gowns or party wear.

10. Kurti / Kameez Dresses:

Kurti Kameez Dresses

Kurtis or kameez dresses are mostly famous in south Asia, in countries like India and Pakistan.

These are lush eastern dresses that bring your elegance out.

What is a Kurti or kameez?

Well, it is a long shirt with sleeves, and a stylish neckline embedded with laces and sequins.

What is the length of a kameez or Kurti?

Talking about the length of kameez, we find two types in them.  One is a long shirt, that reaches below the knees, while the other is short, that lies above or till the knees.

Styles of Kameez:

You find kameez in different styles:

  • Embroidered kameez / Kurti
Embroidered kameez -kurti
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Simple kameez / Kurti
Simple kameez -kurti
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Long or short
Long or short
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Sleeveless or with sleeves
Sleeveless or with sleeves
Image Sources Pinterest

Types of Dresses (Males):

Like women, men also have different choices to wear.

They can also do experiments with their looks based on their dresses.

1. T-shirts:

T shirts
Image Sources Pinterest

T-shirt dresses are casual attire for men.

They wear them while having rest and chilling.

What is a t-shirt?

It comes with short or long sleeves and made with very comfy stretchable fabric.

What is the length of a T-shirt?

A T-shirt often has length till waist or thighs.

Types of tee shirts?

  • Collar t-shirt

T shirts

  • Sweatshirt
Image Sources Pinterest
  • V neck t-shirt
V neck t shirt
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Sleeveless or sleeve full t-shirt
Sleeveless or sleeve full t shirt
Image Sources Pinterest

When to wear a T-shirt?

You can wear t-shirt literally every time and everywhere except in office and at formal events.

2. Dress Shirt:

Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are also men shirts, however worn semi-formally or as office suiting.

What is a dress shirt?

Dress shirt is a garment with a full-length opening and buttoned front. It comes with full sleeves.

What is the maximum length of a t-shirt?

The maximum length of Men’s dress shirt is till thighs.

Types of dress shirts?

Dress shirt has different types, such as:

  • Office dress shirt
Office dress shirt
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Patterned funky dress shirt
Patterned funky dress shirt
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Wedding dress shirt
Image Sources Pinterest

When to wear dress shirt?

Dress shirt is worn on formal occasions, at work, and on the special day outs.

However, men also like to carry tightly fitted shirts with half pants to casual places.

3. Hawaiian Shirt:

Hawaiian Shirt

Are you going to the beach but want to look funky? The men Hawaiian shirt is all you need to wear.

What is a Hawaiian shirt?

Hawaiian shirts are made with silk and cotton however, many Japanese fabrics are used for it as well.

What is the length of a Hawaiian shirt?

It comes in different lengths lying between 31 inches to 33.5 inches based on the height of the person wearing it.

Styles of Hawaiian Shirt:

Here are some styles in which you can access Hawaiian shirts:

  • All Over Hawaiian:

Here, the complete shirt has printed.

All Over Hawaiian
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Panel Hawaiian shirts:

Half of the shirt is printed while half is plain.

Panel Hawaiian shirts
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Scenic prints Hawaiian shirts:

In which you see palm trees and beach type scenes printed on the shirts, called as scenic shirts.

Scenic prints Hawaiian shirts
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Matched Pocket Hawaiian shirts:

Hawaiian shirts come with plant pockets usually however, for style, you can access matched pocket Hawaiian shirts.

Matched Pocket Hawaiian shirts
Image Sources Pinterest

Where to wear a Hawaiian shirt?

Hawaiian shirts are designed for hippies and party lovers for beaches and dance nights.

4. Singlet:

Singlets are exclusive men’s wear worn when chilling alone at home or as an inner-wear.

What is a singlet?

Singlet is sleeveless wear for men that sometimes dips low on the chest, worn as inner-wear, shirt, or vest.

What is the length of a singlet?

It comes in extra small, small, large, extra-large, and medium sizes.

Styles of Singlet:

  • Body fit singlet
  • Loose-fitting singlet (It is a more stylish dress).

When to wear a singlet?

Though singlet is extreme casual wear and worn only during regular days.

However, many singers and style icons wear loose-fitting singlets as a style statement.

5. Polo Shirt:

Polo Shirts

It looks like a t-shirt but it isn’t a t-shirt but a dress for men with different styles and characteristics.

What is a polo shirt?

Polo shirt comes among those types of dresses with a placket neckline and three buttons.

It comes with half sleeves and knitted cotton weaved with an interlock knit technique.

What is length of polo shirt?

Regular polo shirts can be too long for men under 5’9.

However, if you want to wear it, make sure it goes no more than past your waistband.

Styles of Polo Shirt:

  • Torso length with longer back
Torso length with longer back
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Short sleeves with finished hem
Short sleeves with finished hem
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Quarter length with 1 or 4 buttons
Quarter length with 1 or 4 buttons
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Three buttons (most common) polo shirt
Three buttons (most common) polo shirt
Image Sources Pinterest

When to Wear a Polo shirt?

Polo shirts are ideal style statements for men. They wear them for all types of casual occasions.

On games, sports, picnics, and casual outings, polo shirt comes as a great help.

6. Waistcoat

Logn sleeve waistcoat

For formal dressing and to showcase your masculinity without exposing body, you have waistcoats.

What is a waistcoat?

Waistcoats are worn over dress shirts, and they are the third piece of traditional men’s three-piece suits.

It is also known as a vest.

What is the length of waistcoat?

One inch below the trouser band.

Styles of waistcoat:

You can access this royal suiting in the following amazing styles:

  • Single-breasted waistcoat:

It comes with a belt on back instead of cloth and makes a V when buttoned.

Single breasted waistcoat
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Double-breasted waistcoat:

It comes with an extra little cloth on the buttons side that overlaps the other half.

Double breasted waistcoat
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Lapelled Waistcoat:

Waistcoats with different types of lapels or collars are called lapel waistcoats.

Lapelled Waistcoat
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Horseshoe Waistcoat:

When buttoned, instead of making a V, it makes the shape of a horseshoe or U-shaped magnet.

Horseshoe Waistcoat
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Clothed back waistcoat

Instead of a belt, the waistcoat has a cloth made back.

Clothed back waistcoat
Image Sources Pinterest

When to wear a waistcoat?

Wear a waistcoat just formally on special occasions, over three-piece suits, or a dress shirt.

7. Pullover Suit:

Pullover Suit
Image Sources Picuki

During winters, when you want to keep yourself from cold, pullover suit is all you need to wear.

What is a pullover suit?

A pullover suit is one of the types of dresses for males, that’s based on pants, coat, and instead of wearing an undershirt, a sweater is worn on the body beneath the coat.

What is the length of a pullover suit?

There is no specific length, it goes according to the height of the person.

Styles of pullover suits:

Here are some types in which you can access a pullover suit:

  • Two-Piece Pullover Suit
Two Piece Pullover Suit
Image Sources Pinterest
  • Three Piece Pullover Suit
Three Piece Pullover Suit
Image Sources Pinterest

When to wear a pullover suit?

During winters, from semi-formal to formal occasions, pullover suits can be worn.

To make it a little bit more interesting, we are adding some hot news regarding dresses you would love reading.

Styles of Most Shocking Dresses Celebrities Ever Worn:

People called it shocking, we call them the most daring dresses of all time.

Celebrities, sometimes wear a cloak and hide themselves under tons of clothing. While other times, they go totally revealed.

1. Rihana’s Revealing gown outfit:

Rihana wore the most daring outfit of all time when she came to CFDA Awards in 2014. She won style icon award as well.

The dress was so thin made with Swarovski enchantments and that’s all. No sleeves, no slips, and nothing else revealing her beautiful figure.

The dress was more like a gown, however, being made with simple net fabric, she was a gossip headline for quite some time.

2. Jonathan Van Ness Sheer Dress:

Shocked? Well, that’s again more like daring. Jonathan Van, the Netflix famed hero, appeared on the Red Carpet in a stunning sheer black dress.

Everybody got opinions, still, Jonathan wore what he wanted with confidence and shut the haters out with love, using his Instagram account.

The dress was net top and glittering lower, all attached, with a cut on one side, revealing his legs.

Many people called it transphobic. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

Well, there’s no doubt that humans love to do experiments but the gender with positive glyph is keener to try something odd (of course, in a positive way) when facing cameras.

(We totally understand that gender identity is one’s own sense of conviction to opt to be male or female, and gender role is the cultural stereotype of what is masculine and feminine).

Bottom Line:

Inspire Uplift is striving to provide you detailed information on every query you search. As far as types of dresses are concerned, we will update you with more types of dresses to wear as bottoms.

So, stay tuned with us, keep visiting us, and don’t forget to leave feedback.

Have a stylish day.

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