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Fresh Collection of May Quotes, Sayings, Birthday Wishes & Prayers

May Quotes

Are you searching for some fresh and best happy may quotes to celebrate the month? We have it all. We have freshly cooked;

  • Hello May quotes
  • Happy May quotes
  • Welcome May quotes
  • May quotes funny
  • May quote for work
  • May quotes for inspiration
  • Catchy phrases for the month of May
  • And random but aesthetic May quotes, sayings, and poems

So, let’s start with a prayer:

“May, this May, be a Happy Month for you.” 😊

What d’you expect when entering in May? Spread happiness and wipe out negativity.

Month of May Quotes, sayings, and messages will play vitally to inspire your thoughts positively.


Read some inspirational may quotes, share some wishes with May born, and have a blessed month of May 2022.

It’s May Quotes:

May quotes are always associated with flowers, colors, spring, happiness, positive vibes, and the luckiest time to experience the effect of favorable fortune.

And why it shouldn’t be? May is the month when spring is at its full bloom and you find youthful vigor and freshness in flowers.

Welcome May with these babbling quotes:

🌷 “Welcome, May! Be a lucky month.”

It’s May Quotes

🌷 “Its May, open your eyes to the beauty of the world.” ~ Anonymous

🌷 “Its May, It’s time to be happy again.” ~ Anonymous.

🌷 “Hello May, do to our hearts, what you do to earth’s flowers.” ~ Anonymous

🌷 “Hello May, please be awesome.” ~ Anonymous

🌷 “You are as welcome as the flowers in May.” ~  Charles Macklin

🌷“The world’s favorite season is Spring, all Things Seem Possible in May. Happy May!” ~ Anonymous

🌷 “Your presence is like the first day of May into my coldest wintery life.”                 ~ Anonymous

🌷 Some days, you have to create your own sunshine, thankfully May isn’t among those days as it gives you natural sunshine.~ Anonymous

We Love how Peter Lower gives us the idea of blooming happiness, summers, flowers, and colors. Here is his quotation about Beautiful MAY:

🌷 “May and June. Soft syllables, gentle names for the two best months in the garden year: cool, misty mornings gently burned away with a warming spring sun, followed by breezy afternoons and chilly nights. The discussion of philosophy is over; it’s time for work to begin.” ~ Peter Loewer

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Welcome May Quotes:

May is a month that is known for love as well as success, and that’s the reason it is everybody’s favourite.

Would you like to ready happy May quotes, beautiful May quotes, and month of May quotes for inspiration? Yes?

Let’s get off the ground then:

🌷 “Bright May afternoons, mango trees in the garden, echoed with cuckoo calls.”
~ Meeta Ahluwalia

Welcome May Quotes

🌷 “May 19th,2018- Love always win!!” ~ Charmaine J. Forde

🌷 “Some folks are May and some are may not.” ~ Anonymous

🌷 “May the April showers bring May flowers.” ~ Anonymous

Beneath the apple blossoms

I go a wintry way

For love that smiled in April

Is false to me in May.

~ Sara Teasdale

🌷 “I’m only wishing, to go fishing; for this month of May was made.”~ Henry Van Dyke

🌷 Opportunity may come only once in life but May brings you the opportunity to be happy every year. A big Hello to May. ~ Anonymous

🌷 Hello May, surprise me.~ Anonymous

🌷 May is a month where flowers bloom and this is the month dedicated to mothers. I Love you mom you are the flower of my garden. ~Anonymous

This May, send your mother some best I love you mom quotes and messages.

Happy May Quotes:

You are no more bound to your bed and quilt. Breezes of the beach are calling you out to come, chill, and vibe the summers.

We have got truly remarkable sayings for May to celebrate this month in style:

🌷 And all the world is glad with MAY. ~ John Burroughs

Happy May Quotes

🌷 “May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.” ~ Marty Rubin

🌷 “A great difference between May and Day is the M and D! Be a good Managing Director of your life each day in May.” ~ Emest Agyemang Yeboah

🌷 May is the time when earth smiles. ~Anonymous

🌷 Come what may and love it. ~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

🌷 “Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness.” ~ Karen Joy Fowler

🌷 “May . . . it’s full of all the things that make spring and the brighter part of the year so special. Flower buds, the sun shines, and new seeds are sewn into the fabric of our lives. May is awesome.” ~ Jenna Danchuk

Here are Memorial Day quotes to Celebrate Happy May:

May has decked the world, that we

May bring the brave on land or sea

Earth’s glory on Memorial Day,

The lovely meadow gifts of May.

~ Annette Wynne

🌷 “May we never forget our fallen comrades. Freedom isn’t free.” Happy Memorial Day. ~ Sgt. Major Bill Paxton

🌷“America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.” ~ Claudia Pemberton

May Quotes and Poems About Blooming, Flowers, and spring

Sweet May hath come to love us

Flowers, trees, their blossoms don

And through the blue heavens above us

The very clouds move on.

~ Heinrich Heine

🌷 May all your weeds be wildflowers. ~ Anonymous

Blooming, Flowers, and Spring Quotes for May

🌷“March winds and April showers, bring forth May flowers.” ~ English proverb.

🌷 “Another May new buds and flowers shall bring: Ah! why has happiness no second Spring?” ~  Charlotte smith

🌷 The month of May came, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit. ~ Thomas Malory

🌷 I thought that spring must last forevermore; For I was young and loved, and it was May. ~ Vera Brittain

What is so sweet and dear

As a prosperous morn in May

The confident prime of the day.

~ William Watson

🌷 With the coming of spring, I am calm again. ~ Gustav Mahler

🌷 “Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.” ~ Virgil

🌷 “Among the changing months, May stands the sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed.” ~  James Thomson

Shakespeare Quotes About May:

🌷 “As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer.” ~ William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Quotes About May

It was a lover and his lass,

With a hey, and a ho, and a hey nonino,

That o’er the green corn-field did pass,

In the springtime, the only pretty ring time,

When birds do sing, hey ding a ding, ding;

Sweet lovers love the spring.

~ William Shakespeare

🌷 Love, whose month is ever May, Spied a blossom passing fair, Playing in the wanton air. ~ William Shakespeare

Why should proud summer boast

Before the birds have any cause to sing?

Why should I joy in any abortive birth?

At Christmas, I no more desire a rose

Than wish a snow in May’s new-fangled mirth;

But like of each thing that in season grows.

~ William Shakespeare

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Month of May Quotes:

Here are some May quotes for inspiration you will love to read and get inspired from.

🌷 May is the month of merriment. ~ Anonymous

Month of May Quotes

🌷 “Horticulturally, the month of May is opening night, Homecoming and Graduation Day all rolled into one.” ~ Tam Mossman

🌷 “This is a month before the month of May, And the spring comes slowly up this way.” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

🌷 “May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” ~ Fennel Hudson

🌷 May, we’ve been waiting for you, the most colorful month of all. ~ Anonymous

🌷 May the month of spring-full happiness. ~ Anonymous

🌷 “It is now May . . . It is the month wherein Nature hath her fill of mirth, and the senses are filled with delights. I conclude it is from the Heavens a grace, and to Earth a gladness.” ~ Nicholas Breton

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May Quotes For Birthdays

The feelings to enter in a new month are not any different than entering in the new year, especially when it is the month in which you are born.

Do you know that months, days, years, and even time when someone is born influence his or her personality? This is True.

Parentingfirstcry says, “Babies born in May have personality traits; stubborn, hardworking, short-tempered, loyal, creative, and consistent.

However, it can vary from person to person.

Here check Happy birthday wishes, messages, prayers, and born in May quotes:

🌷 Queens are born in May – Happy Birthday to you. ~ Anonymous

May Born Quotes

🌷 All women are born equal but the best ones are born in may

🌷 You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually, God will reveal why you had to go through everything… Stay Strong my May Child. ~ Anonymous

🌷 May is my birthday month, so I’ll be happily accepting gifts, Food, drinks + money all month long. Wish to be 😀 ~  Anonymous

🌷 Grandpa born in May is the best grandpas ever. Happy birthday, I love you.

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May Prayers and May Wishes:

When you wish for someone you say, may you have it? That’s why we call May the wishful year of the month.

Here are

beautiful May quotes and prayers:

Blessings welcome May:

May you be happy

May you be well

May you be Safe

May you find comfort

May you find strength

May you find the courage

May you find healing

May you have peace

Mat you have joy

May be filled with loving kinds.

May you be blessed in May and All The year.”

~ Anonymous

🌷 “May the odds be ever in your favor.” ~ Anonymous

May Prayers and May Wishes

🌷 May your days be bright and beautiful just like flowers buds of May.” ~ Anonymous

🌷 May the May bring you peace, love, and happiness. Happy May Day. ~ Anonymous

🌷 Wishing you a May Day that is bright with happy moments.~ Anonymous

🌷 May your choices reflect hope, not your fears. ~ Anonymous

🌷 May we maintain the courage to defy consensus. ~ Anonymous

🌷 May sunshine surround you each new day. And may smiles and love never be far away. ~ Anonymous

🌷 May you walk with gratitude ~ Anonymous

 “Hello to the May,

May your troubles be less

Your blessings be more


Nothing but happiness

Comes through your door.

~ Anonymous

Inspirational May Quotes:

Here are short May quotes and sayings for May to keep you inspired through this may:

🌷 “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Inspirational May Quotes

🌷 All things seem possible in May

🌷 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is now.” Chinese proverb

🌷 Only the paranoid survives. Andy Grove.

🌷 Its heart to be the best person who never gives up, Babe Ruth

May Quotes Secret Life of Bees:

🌷 “The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters.” ~ Secret Life of Bees

May Quotes Secret Life of Bees

🌷 That’s right, May. Let all that misery slide right off you. Just let it go. ~ Secret Life of Bees

🌷 “I loved him enough,” she said. “I just loved my freedom more.” ~ Secret Life of Bees

🌷 “You have to find a mother inside yourself. We all do.” ~ Secret Life of Bees

🌷 “She’s the power inside you, you understand?” ~ Secret Life of Bees

May Quotes Funny:

May is a month that we all adore, so May month quotes hold a special place in our hearts.

How about we share some funny May quotes and funny sayings for May? Sounds fun?

Let’s do it then:

🌷 May you live so long that your entire body resembles a scrotum.

May Quotes Funny

🌷 It’s first day of May, do you know what that means? It means 4 days till cinco de drinko

🌷 Can February march? No, but April May

🌷 May all your troubles last as long as your new year’s resolution.

🌷 WTF fun fact: the month of May is officially celebrated as the zombie awareness month in the USA.

🌷 Spring: Warm today, cold tomorrow.

🌷 Legends are born in may

May Quotes For Work:

🌷 Good employers are found in every corner of the world but unfortunately earth is round.

May Quotes For Work

🌷 Due to the confidentiality of my work, I don’t know what I am doing. Anonymous

🌷 May your coffee be strong and Mondays be short throughout the month of May.

🌷 Don’t trust everything you see even salt looks like sugar

🌷 To annoying colleague, I may look calm but, in my head,, I have killed you many times.

🌷 May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it on Facebook.

🌷 Shh… I am hiding from stupid people.

🌷 Office desk mates are like couples, annoy each other to hell but always have each other’s backs.

🌷 May this may bring work equal to our pays.

🌷 I only hate May when it comes to working from home due to covid spread.

Bottom Line:

This is all about May quotes and saying you can share and live to enjoy the upcoming month.

In the end, what is the saying for the month of May?

🌷 “Let all thy joys be as the month of May, and all thy days be as a marriage day. The month of May has come, when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom, and to bring forth fruit. The world’s favorite season is spring. All things seem possible in May.”

Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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