Sip On these 13 Healthiest Soda Drinks to Satisfy Your Sugar-Craving

Healthiest Soda

Whenever we talk about sodas, The first thing that pops in our minds is probably,

“They are the most unhealthy drinks to exist.”  This is wrong!

Soda and healthy can be used in the same sentence and we have some healthiest soda options that are actually hygienic. Yes!

You can drink them without a second thought and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Of course, there are ‘zero’ alternatives that you can drink, but are they any better? Heck, the artificial flavors may even cause more harm than good.

Now, if diet pop from ranked brands is a no-no, what other option do you have? See our 13 low-sugar carbonated drinks to swap with your regular sodas!

Let’s cheers to this sparkly healthiest soda list!

1. Fizzy Lemon

good soda

Calories per Serving: 11 (without Honey)

Sugar Content: 1.2g

Sip on an all-natural version of your favorite sparkling lemon water.

This less-sugar healthy carbonated drink will give a branded, enticing flavor to your taste buds.

All you need is a thinly sliced fresh lemon, a glass of water, and some ice. You can also add a bit of honey or swap water with club soda to get instant freshness.

Bonus: Pour lemon juice (3 tablespoons per serving), lemon zest, and soda water in a glass full of ice cubes for a similar taste.

2. Honey Ginger Ale

most popular soda
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Calories per Serving: 15

Sugar Content: 6g

Ginger Ale is one of the best sodas to drink, but are you sure it is a healthy option for your body? (we hear your stomach saying, oh no no! :p)

Try a healthier version of it, which is equally tasty and flavorful as any other commercial ginger ale soda. Don’t believe it? Prepare it for yourself!

Put peeled ginger, lime (without flesh), and water in a saucepan. Let it simmer for 20 minutes, and then strain the mixture. Finally, let it cool in the refrigerator.

Add honey, prepared gingery syrup (2 tablespoons per serving) in a glass filled with ice and soda water.

Garnish with mint or lemon slices, and voila, your healthiest soda is ready to freshen you up.

3. Flavored Sparkling Water

clear soda

Calories per Serving: Vary according to your fruit choice

Sugar Content: Depends on the fruit

Does healthy cola exist? No! Is sprite healthier than coke? Na! but, sprite has less sugar, so Is sprite good for you? Of course, not!

Although, sprite is caffeine-free. Still, a 12 fl oz can have 33g sugar.

Make your healthiest pop yourself! Yes! A soda with the least sugar but the same bubbly fizz.

And, you can make different versions of it.

Take the fruit of your choice, slice it, and pour sparkling water over it, or you can also infuse a mixture of fruits in fizzy water.

4. Fresh Lime Mint or Green Soda

sodium free sodas

Calories per Serving: 20

Sugar Content: 0

If you want to know a match made in heaven, it’s this drink right here, our lime minty green soda.

This is one of the refreshing and healthiest soda drinks you can ever have!

You can make it with carbonated water to enjoy the hissing sound you hear while opening commercial can sodas.

Prepare it in a blender for a smoothie-like taste.

Add mint leaves (1 cup), lime juice (1 tbsp), black salt, half of the water, and blend. (you can also include honey)

Lastly, pour it into glass-filled ice cubes. Top your freshly made healthy soda with the remaining water.

Garnish with mint, lime slice, and enjoy your tempting soda.

5. Bubbly Orange

healthy sodas
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Calories per Serving: 17

Sugar Content: 2.4g

If you crave something citrusy, sparkly but don’t want to increase your sugar intake, this bubbly orange should be your top soda choice.

Control the calories and sweetness as you like without compromising the taste!

Remove the zest of oranges (4-5), lemon, or lime, and extract the juice. Add the peeled zest, juice, sour salt to a pan and let it boil.

Remove after 15-20 minutes and let it cool. Take a glass or jar, fill it with ice, and pour this prepared orange syrup. Lastly, add club soda.

You will need 2 parts orange for 3 parts carbonated water.

6. Strawberry Pop

soda is good for you

Calories per Serving: 25 (Final amount may vary as per oz of strawberries you used)

Sugar Content: 2.96g

Forget every branded strawberry fizz you ever had and sip on this healthy, refreshing, and low sugar pop.

Boil a cup of fresh strawberries (until syrupy) in 2 cups of water. Let it cool and then blend afterward. You will need 3 parts strawberry puree with 1 part soda water.

And bob’s your uncle. A yummy healthiest soda is ready to serve.

7. Misty Grape

soda healthy
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Calories per Serving: 32

Sugar Content: 6.4g

If you have wanted to shift from high-sugar unhealthy soda pops to some healthiest soda drinks, the misty grape is a great option to start.

With flavors similar to any branded drink, we are sure this taste exchange will not be difficult for you!

Mix a half cup of grape juice with 1 cup of carbonated water and half a teaspoon of lime juice. Tada! Your sparkling grape soda is ready!

8. Cherry Tonic

healthy soda pop

Calories per Serving: 19

Sugar Content: 4g

This cherry tonic is a healthy option to have the same flavor as any popular soda without consuming artificial sweeteners and high-sugar value.

Stir 1 part cherry puree (1/4 cup cherries boiled, cooled, & blended), 1 cup soda water, and 3 tablespoon lime juice in a jar or glass with ice cubes.

Sprinkle some sour salt and finally add 3-4 cherries for garnishing.

Note: You can always increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients as per your taste but remember it may also alter the sugar content and calories per serving.

9. Raspberry Cocktail

top soda

Calories per Serving: 26

Sugar Content: 0

Our body has filled with so many artificial sweeteners or additives we had from the so-called healthy soda labels.

It’s finally time we grow from all the unhealthy pop drinks to some healthiest soda drinks.

This Raspberry flavored soda is delicious, tasty, packed with nutrition, and, most importantly, sugar-free.

Mix 1 part raspberry syrup or puree (1/3 cup raspberries boiled, cooled, & blended), 1 cup soda water, and 1½ tablespoon lime juice in a jar or glass with ice cubes.

Enjoy your refreshing no-sugar healthy cocktail!

10. Citrusy Coconut Drink

sodas like sprite

Calories per Serving: Final amount may vary as per ingredients

Sugar Content: Final amount may vary as per ingredients

If you really want to shift from artificial labeled drinks to some of the healthiest soda waters, this coconut-pineapple-lime-ginger pop can make you feel good.

It is tempting, tasty, and has a yum flavor that stands out among all other fizzy waters.

Mix 2 tablespoons of healthy flavorful syrup (1 cup coconut water, 1 cup pineapple-orange juice, 3 ginger slices) to every 1 cup sparkling water.

Balance your flavors, sugar, and calories!

11. Grapefruit Soda Water

pepsi sprite equivalent
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Calories per Serving: 35

Sugar Content: 14g

This Grapefruit flavored water is everyone’s favorite healthiest soda. Next time you crave a pop soda, opt for this instead of having an unhealthy drink. (Not to mention high calories and sugar content)

Mix juice of 1 grapefruit with 1 cup of fizzy water and half a teaspoon of lime juice. Sprinkle some sour salt and stir with adding ice cubes.

Voila! Your tempting grapefruit soda water is ready to serve!

Note: You can also use half of the grapefruit juice with a little bit of honey for a similar taste.

12. Lemony Cucumber Fizz

sodas with low sugar
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Calories per Serving: 25

Sugar Content: 2.7g

The best fizzy drink to have when you crave something citrusy, refreshing, light, but slight tangy.

It has the freshness of cucumbers, citrusy flavor of lemon, and a hint of tart.

Take 1 part cucumber-lime-lemon puree (1/2 cucumber, 1 cup water, lemon zest, 3 tablespoons lemon-lime juice; boiled & cooled) and pour it in a glass or jar filled with ice.

Finally, add 1 cup of carbonated water and stir.

A perfect combination of fizz and nutrients!

13. Watermelon Seltzer

pop without caffeine

Calories per Serving: Depends on the amount of watermelon

Sugar Content: Depends on the amount of watermelon

Try this watermelon fizz, and rest assured you’re having an all-natural soda. Not to mention, it is low calorie, low-sugar, additives-free, and chemicals-free beverage.

Blend watermelon and ice cubes to get a juicy-syrupy puree for the soda, pour it into a glass, add fizzy water, sour salt, and stir.

Garnish with watermelon slices or wedges and gulp it down.

Treat yourself to a healthy, all-natural, and equally flavorful soda!

Note: You can also add lime or mint to enhance the flavors.

Final Thoughts

Your Health Matters!

There’s nothing wrong with having a soda full of artificial flavors here and there.

But, it could be harmful to anyone who has a habit of gulping down sugary drinks just for the sake of fizziness and flavors.

Weight gain, obesity, Leptin or insulin resistance, diabetes, liver, and mental health problems are all related to sugary sodas one way or another.

Yes, they have side effects! (believe it or not)

Make your fizz pops at home; they are natural, caffeine-free, and most importantly, good for your health.

We have mentioned the 13 healthiest soda drinks, and we are sure you can make numerous versions of them according to your liking.

Take a better start for your healthy lifestyle!

Lastly, which healthiest soda you intend on trying? Or do you have any other misty pops you want to share?

Let us know down below.


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