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Things to Know Before Adopting a Phantom Poodle | Types, Colors, Care, & Pictures

Phantom Poodle
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We all have seen various cute and adorable pictures of poodles online. The elegant fluffy coat, playful behavior, and unique expressions of these social butterflies have made them an internet sensation.

You might be familiar with their different sizes, but do you know they have diversity in colors too?

Yes, there are almost 11 standard poodle colors known. However, they also show variations in the coat and can be a particolored, tri-color, or phantom poodle.

Phantom color poodle? Is it a ghost? No? Then what is it or, does this type of dog really exist? And, can you adopt it just like any other typical canine species?

Let’s find out!

Bonus: We have discussed sizes, coat colors, temperament, grooming, health – all the characteristics you must know if you are thinking of getting this unique phantom puppy.

Phantom Poodle

Phantom Poodle
Image Sources instagram

Phantom poodle is an expensive type of poodle with different coat colorings. It is not a new dog breed but a usual poodle pup with unique markings on the solid fluffy fur.

The dominant hue can be brown, apricot, white, red, black, silver, or cream. However, the A.K.C. does not recognize this canine.

The different markings can be brown (chocolate), apricot, red, cream, or silver. These bi-colored pairings are usually on specific body parts in all phantom dogs:

  • Across the Chest
  • Above Dog’s Eyes
  • Below the poodle tail
  • Bottom of the legs
  • On the Muzzle’s Side or Chin

So, do all the bicolored poodle pairings are phantom dogs? Well, no, not all the poodles with two colored coats can be considered phantom dogs. Then,

What is a phantom dog?

Phantom poodles are not different pups but poodle dogs with specific secondary color markings on their solid fur.

The unique and beautiful bi-colored coat has made them popular among pet-lovers. Still, they are not registered by A.K.C.

So, what does it mean to be a phantom color poodle dog?

For a poodle to be considered a phantom, it must have secondary-colored markings on specific places on the primary dominant fur.

Note: The poodles are naturally born with these beautiful markings. Yes, they are purebred!

Other Phantom Color Dogs

Similar color marking is also seen in other dogs like Doberman (Doble markings), spaniels, dachshund, and Yorkie puppies.

Phantom Poodle Appearance

Phantom Toy Poodles
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A phantom poodle puppy is often confused with parti poodles due to the bi-coloring coated pattern in both dogs.

So, how can you know what phantom-colored poodles look like?

They have brown eyes like any other poodle but can also have light-colored eyes due to mutation, genetics, or illness. The coat is thick, dense, and fluffy that makes them so loveable and elegant.

When it comes to coat colorings, they always have the secondary markings at a specific place (mentioned above).

Their coat has visible phantom markings when born, unlike long haired dalmatian whose black spots become prominent after a few days.

The phantom puppies can grow 8 – 24 inches (20cm-61cm) tall and weigh about 6 to 50 pounds.

However, a phantom poodle standard may have an average size of up to 70 pounds. At the same time, an average male might have 40 to 70 pounds compared to the female, whose weight usually lies between 40 to 60 pounds range.

Parti Poodle vs. Phantom poodle

Parti poodles are referred to as poodles with part blue, black, red, brown in the white fur. Usually, they have almost 50% dominant white color. However, phantom-colored poodles have little secondary markings on their single-coated skin, which can be of any common poodle coat color.

Phantom Poodle Types

Like a normal poodle dog, phantom pups can also have four different types. Each kind has a unique coat color, size, and weight.

However, the chances of having unique markings are equal in all the poodle types:

1. Phantom Toy Poodles

Phantom Toy Poodles
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Phantom toy poodle is a smaller puppy that is almost 9 – 11 inches (23cm-28cm) tall and weighs between six to ten pounds.

2. Phantom Miniature Poodle

Phantom Miniature Poodle
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Mini phantom poodle is slightly larger than the toy poodle with 15 to 23 pounds weight and 11 – 14 inches (23cm-36cm) height.

3. Medium (Moyen) Poodle

Medium (Moyen) Poodle” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>instagram

Medium phantom type poodles grow up to 15 – 18 inches (38cm-46cm) with about 21 to 37 pounds. They are also considered a mini version of a standard phantom poo.

4. Phantom Standard Poodle

phantom standard poodle
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The standard phantom will have a similar height and weight, just like a regular poodle, as they are not different breeds but dogs with unique coloring. They grow up to 24 inches tall (61cm) and weigh about 40 to 70 pounds.

Note: The phantom poodle type depends on the puppy’s genetics (or mutation) and parents.

Teacup Phantom Poodle

It is a rare variety that is even smaller than the toy poodle and can grow up to 9 inches (23cm). However, the weight is almost 5 to 6 pounds.

Phantom Poodle Colors

Phantom color poodles don’t only have different sizes but are also divided on the base of their color markings. Moreover, the multicolored poodles can also have different secondary hues combined with the primary single-colored coat.

Phantom Poodle with Silver Color

Silver phantom dogs are one of the beautiful and loved color combinations among breeders and dog-lovers. The solid color is usually brown or black, while the markings can be cream, silver, light gray, or apricot hue.

The silver-black or silver-brown poodle combination is cute, like an adorable spoodle and can be a great pet to adopt.

Phantom Poodle with Chocolate Color

Phantom Poodle with Chocolate Color
Image Sources instagram

The chocolate phantom poodle is true to its name as it looks like a chocolate bar with its solid brown coat mixed with apricot or cream markings.

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Phantom Poodle with Black Color

Phantom Poodle with Black Color
Image Sources instagram

It is one of the most popular phantom poodles as the beautiful, unique markings are more evident on the dark fur. A black phantom poodle may have secondary patches of cream, silver, gray, red, white, apricot color.

Tri Phantom Poodle

Tri Phantom Poodle
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Yes, they can also have tri-colored markings. It is more of a black phantom with tan, cream, or apricot markings and some white patches on the belly or under the tail.

Phantom poodle with Red Color

Phantom poodle with Red Color
Image Sources pinterest

The red phantom poodle is graceful, elegant, and perfect for an Instagram picture like a cute schnoodle. However, the solid coat can be a light or dark shade of red (sometimes orange). The markings are usually of apricot or cream color.

Phantom Poodle Genetics

The gene (Ky/Ky) that causes phantom markings in the poodle is recessive, which means both the parents must have it to show the unique coat in the litter.

This recessive gene and some others (E: Brindling, at: tan marks, EM: color for the muzzle) allow the standard poodle to have a secondary hue on the single-colored coat.

These unique markings are often compared to the striped coat pattern in the brindle poodles. However, the brindle pattern usually shows up on the whole dog or only at certain parts, like the phantom poodle.

Phantom Poodle Personality

The personality of a phantom puppy is no different than any standard poodle. Here are some of the personality traits that make them a perfect pet to add to your family:

  • Highly-Intelligent
  • Playful
  • Energetic
  • Friendly with kids and pets
  • Obedient
  • Easy to Train
  • Social
  • People-Oriented (love to be around owner)
  • Affectionate
  • Protective

However, they may often bark due to fear or anxiety and can also be aloof while training. But, you can always balance and improve the poodle’s behavior with your training.

Phantom Poodle Training

Although these are little cute pups that are social butterflies and people-oriented, they still need training like any other rare dog breed like azurian husky or Lycan shepherd.

Let’s find the best training and exercise tips for the phantom type poodle dog to let them be at their best behavior:

  1. Provide cute dolls, fun plushies, or useful dog toys that can help them with mental enrichment
  2. Take your phantom pup out for a daily walk of one hour
  3. Keep the poodle entertain at the house, or else it might get boring and start barking to grab your attention
  4. Don’t leave the phantom poodle alone for a long time as they tend to develop separation anxiety
  5. They are smart dogs and require games like fetch the ball while training

Overall, these adorable pooches are easy to train even in a small house and only require owners who can devote their daily time to play with them.

Phantom Poodle Grooming

If you are looking for a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t demand high care, this phantom poodle pup is not the right choice for you.

Yes! It is a high-maintenance dog that needs daily brushing to remove any dirt or debris from its elegant and fluffy coat.

They also demand to trim their nails or clean their paws every 5 to 8 days. When it comes to feeding, you can feed them kibble, chicken, white fish, or vegetables.

However, they can easily feel bloated. You must measure the food quantity before giving your poodle phantom.

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Phantom Poodle Health

An average lifespan of a phantom puppy poodle is almost 10 to 18 years which means they are healthy dogs that can live a long life. However, like a standard poodle, they are also prone to some health issues like:

  • Bloating
  • Epilepsy
  • Adrenal insufficiency
  • Hip Dysplasia

Note: Visit the poodle pet often to keep your phantom dog healthy and free of problems.

Phantom Poodle FAQ’s

How Much Is A Phantom Poodle?

Phantom poodle is an expensive dog due to the secondary markings on solid-colored fur. The price range is $1000 to $2000 or more, depending on the breeder.

Is the Phantom Poodle a Purebred?

Looking at the bi-colored pattern on the ghost poodle, one may think it’s not purebred. However, it is naturally a phantom dog with colored markings on specific parts.

The reason for their rare existence is that A.K.C doesn’t recognize them. Due to this, breeders prefer to breed single-patterned poodles more.

Are Parti Phantom Poodles & Phantom Poodles the Same Dogs?

No, they are different poodle dogs. In fact, a parti poodle is a dog with white and other color patterns. Whereas phantom poodles are combinations of primary coat color with secondary markings.

Do The Phantom Markings Fade With Time?

In poodle combination dogs, like red or silver, markings may fade with time to a lighter color like cream, apricot, gray.

Final Thoughts

Phantom poodles are poodle dogs with unique markings and color combinations. The temperament, personality, training, grooming, and health are no different from the other standard poodles.

Yes, it can be a great companion for any pet-lover!

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