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Your Complete Guide to Know Everything About a Long Haired Dalmatian | Temperament, Shedding, & Price

Long Haired Dalmatian
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A.K.C. first registered the spotted dogs in 1988 as dalmatian.

Long haired dalmatian is undoubtedly one of the distinctive dog breeds with a beautiful spotted coat.

The typical standard for this canine is to have short-haired white fur with random black-colored spots.

But, do you know that it also comes in natural coat and color variations? Yes, you can adopt a purebred mini or hairy dalmatian with liver, blue, lemon, or brown spots.

So, are the temperament, health, shedding, or prices of dalmatian with long coats differ from their short-hair variety?

Let’s find out everything about this amazing pup to know whether you should adopt it or not!

Long Haired Dalmatian

long haired dalmatian
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A long haired dalmatian is a rare coat variety of the usual dalmatian breed. The reason for this different coat variation is a recessive gene.

However, the chances of a dalmatian dog having a long coat depend on the recessive gene’s presence in the dogs used to reproduce them.

Yes, it is a purebred dalmatian puppy that can only have a long coat variety if both of its parents have a recessive gene in them.

So, two short haired dalmatians can’t produce a litter of long haired puppies.

Moreover, they can also have pale yellow (lemon), tan, liver, brown, blue, or tricolor spots instead of the typical black and white spotted coat.

Honestly, it all depends on their genes how they are going to appear. In general, their appearance is similar to any dalmatian dog breed:

Appearance of Long Haired Dalmatian

long coat dalmatian
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Long coated dalmatians are like any other dalmatian breed dog when born.

They usually have a plain white coat with hints of colored spots that may become prominent after 10-15 days of birth.

These canines can continue to develop spots on legs, ears, or tail until 18 months after their birth.

In general, they have a stunning medium-sized structured body with long and slender legs that makes them a great runner and athletic like azurian husky.

Eye Color

They have medium-sized round eyes, and the common eye color most dalmatians are born with is brown. But they can also have blue or even darker eyes.

The darker eye color is usually seen in the black and white coated dog than other variations.


An average male dalmatian long hair is slightly bigger than the female long haired dalmatian. Their height ranges from 19 – 23 inches (48cm-58cm).

The stunning long hair dalmatian dogs are 21 to 23 inches (53cm-58cm) tall for fluffy male dalmatians and 19 to 22 inches (48cm-56cm) tall for female dalmatians.

However, the height differs for the miniature dalmatians that are selectively bred to have an average size of 8 to 12 inches (20cm-31cm).

Size and Weight

Puppies dalmatians
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A long haired dalmatian dog has a standard and mini or miniature size.

The standard is a purebred dalmatian produced due to the recessive gene with different long coat types. However, the mini dalmatian is bred to be of a small size than an average dalmatian.

Mini dalmatian puppies can weigh about 18 to 24 pounds. In comparison, an average full-grown dalmatian long hair weighs about 45 to 60 pounds.

Long Coat Dalmatian Colors

All the dalmatians, whether long coats or short coats, when born have white fur. The spots become visible within 10 to 21 days.

The standard spot color is black or liver.

However, long haired dalmatian can show different spot colors due to a mutation or recessive gene:

  • Brown-colored spots (Liver Dalmatian)
liver dalmatian
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  • Pale-Yellow spots (Lemon Dalmatian)
  • Orange-colored spotted coat (Orange Dalmatian)
  • Tri Colored spots; black, white, tan or brown, white, tan (Tri-Colored Dalmatian)
  • Gray-Blue spots (Blue Dalmatian)

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Long Haired Dalmatian Temperament

You may have heard about these loving pooches as aggressive and mean dogs, but if you ask real dalmatian owners, the answer might differ from all the things you have seen online.

Yes, they don’t have a good reputation like black Pitbull dogs, but they can be however you train them. The aggressive behavior, continuous barking, stubbornness, or mean personality might be due to their poor training.

They are playful, loyal, athletic, protective, and highly energetic. Long coat dalmatian puppies also have an alpha instinct that pushes them to behave like a king in the household.

So, if you fail to socialize them in the early stages or are not giving them enough playtime to vent their energy, there’s a higher chance of them behaving aggressively.

Provided the right care, long haired dalmatians will be the most loving, protective, goofy, and friendly dogs you can ever adopt!

Long Coat Dalmatian Care

Although both short and long coat types of dalmatian require the basic caring needs, some things may differ in the long haired dalmatians:


If you are a dalmatian-lover, you must have seen novice pet owners asking,

Do dalmatians shed? Or, Are they an easy-keeper?

Well, yes, dalmatians, in general, are heavy shedders, and their long coat variety makes them shed even more. Also, they don’t have a specific shedding season and they shed throughout the year.

They have 2 to 4 inches long hair which without a pet hair remover or a cleaner, it can become quite difficult to make your house dalmatian hair-free.


They are heavy shedders and have a dense, smooth, and fluffy long coat, which requires regular grooming and brushing.

So, get brushing gloves or invest in a pet hair vacuum to maintain their coat’s beautiful smoothness and shine.


The gorgeous long coat demands to be bathed weekly or when you notice it becomes dirty. Give them a clean massage with a gentle pet scrubber to remove the dirt or stains from their fur.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to clean their ears and trim the nails to ensure their cleanliness.


Long haired dalmatians are prone to make urate crystals, so they require a diet with low-purine value or, even better, a vet-prescribed meal plan.

Also, the food quantity for a puppy dalmatian is more than an adult long coat dalmatian so, make sure to always measure the food before giving them to avoid indigestion.

For instance, a baby or albino long coat dalmatian can eat 4-5 cups of dog meals while an adult can get satisfied with 2-2.5 cups.

Prefer to feed them root vegetables and easily digestible meat like fish or chicken. You can also feed peanut butter or carrot as a snack to your dalmatian.

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Long Haired Dalmatian Training

long haired dalmatian training
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Puppy dalmatians are one of the energetic dogs one can adopt. They demand an owner that can provide them with enough playtime and space for running.

Daily Exercise

Long haired dalmatian is a breed bred to run. They are extremely energetic and demand daily exercise time. You can take them for a 20-minute walk in the morning and evening with a 1 hour training time during the day.

You can do running with them or, even better, play ‘fetch the ball‘ to satisfy their running instinct.

Don’t Do Good When Left Alone

Although puppies dalmatians are not cuddly, they show their love by remaining close to their owners. If left alone for a long time, they can become anxious.

Early Socializing

Like any other breed, they also require early socialization with other people and pets to avoid aggressive behavior.

Obedience Tricks

Long coat dalmatians are intelligent and can be quite mischievous during training, so it is necessary to use obedience tricks and phrases to let them know who the owner is.

Crate Training

They can become stubborn if you don’t give in to what they are asking from you, and as a result, they tend to bark for a long time.

A long haired dalmatian owner shared that she uses crate training on her doggo when it acts stubborn.

Health Problems

You can find hairy dalmatian puppies for adoption for a price range between $600 to $1400. They can have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

They are generally healthy dogs but have a few issues like:

Urate Crystals

Like all dalmatian dogs, long coat puppies dalmatians are also prone to having kidney or bladder stones. To avoid too much uric acid concentration in their body, choose a low purine diet to feed them right from their early age.

Pro-Tip: Remember to check their pee for small crystals before and after adding a new meal to their feeding routine.


It is another genetic problem that is common in all dalmatian pups. It is usually due to white genes present in their body.

8% are deaf bilaterally, whereas 22% are deaf unilaterally.

Pro-Tip: Always ask the breeder for a hearing test before adopting a long haired dalmatian.

Top F.A.Q.’s About Dalmatians

Is There a Long Haired Dalmatian?

Dalmatians with a long-haired coat variety are usually due to the recessive gene in their genetic makeup. They might be rare as one litter to have two parents must produce a long haired dalmatian with the same recessive gene.

Are Long Coated Dalmatian Purebred or Mix?

A long haired dalmatian is 100% a purebred dog and not a mix bred as the spotted variation exists naturally due to alteration in genetics.

How Much is a Long Haired Dalmatian Puppy?

Long haired Dalmatian prices usually range between $600-$1200; however, the price can be slighter higher based on a breeder. Some Dalmatian breeders who favor exclusively short coats for the show may try to sell their LC puppies for a reduced price.

Do Long Coat Puppies Dalmatian Shed More?

Unlike dalmatians, who have their shedding season usually around fall or spring, long coat dalmatian puppies tend to shed all year around.

What is a Lemon Dalmatian?

It is a pale yellow dalmatian variety caused due to a genetic mutation that gives the coat a different yellowy spot appearance.

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Are Long Haired Dalmatians Aggressive?

As long coat dalmatians are only a different coat type of the typical canines, their playful nature, behavior, and temperament are similar to their parents.

In fact, this breed has an 81.3% temperament score which is higher than a long haired chihuahua.

Are Long Haired Dalmatians A.K.C. Registered?

A.K.C. registered the typical dalmatians (with short hair coats) in 1988. However, the long haired dalmatian is still yet to be identified by the American Kennel Club as the variated coat type doesn’t fit the club’s standard.

Do Long Haired Dalmatians Like to Cuddle?

According to a long haired dalmatian pet owner, Kristen, it is not as cuddly as compared to other dogs. Although dalmatian ‘theo’ doesn’t plop itself in her thighs, she said it also never leaves her side.

This means a full-grown dalmatian is less cuddly but will always remain close to you.


If a dog breed is loving, gorgeous, energetic, playful, stunning, and whatnot, it must be the long haired dalmatian.

They are fluffy, intelligent, and protective, becoming even more loving, possessive, and friendly with the proper training and care.


Not every pet owner can adopt a long coat dalmatian. Yes, if you can’t commit to their exercise, training, and grooming efforts and expenses, then this breed is not right for you.

So, if you can devote your time to their daily needs, they can surely be the best puppy you can adopt.

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