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Top 12 Queries That Will Vanish Out All the Confusions in Your Mind About White Yorkie

White Yorkie
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The internet is stuffed with the cute pictures and amazing information about yorkies. But there are still some confusions.

Form their fur color to their breed standards and the overall temperament. the confusion gets even severe when we the search is on rare White Yorkie.

Everyone is confused if the white yorkie is purebred or a mix breed dog, if it is adoptable and sociable and what sort of temperament it has.

Have you heard about white yorkie before? Do you want to adopt it? do you need the most authentic information on this pup?

If your answer is yes, this blog is all for you. We have designed it with Top 13 Queries That Will Vanish Out All the Confusions in Your Mind About White Yorkie.

So, without wasting time, let’s start:

1. What is white yorkie?

White yorkie is a purebred dog that comes into existent in completely natural manner.

You will not find an all-white yorkie dog but there will be traces or patches involved in the dog.

The white yorkie may not show traces of white at the time of birth you will see their hair turning grey and then white once they are adult.

Certain genes are involved in making white coat for a yorkie dog. They take color pigment genes as (black) eumelanin and (red) phaeomelanin.

Yorkie dog’s basic phaeomelanin genes go through a strange phenomenon and can show fur such as cream, tan, yellow, gold, orange, red or auburn/burnt red.

This all happens naturally and no breeder can control this when it comes to purebred white yorkie.

· Health:

Overall white yorkie is a healthy dog and can live more than any standard dog’s lifespan.

However, the problem occurs when trainers or breeders in the greed of getting certain coat colors play with their genes.

In such cases, many issues can occur in your white yorkie dog that include:

  • Abnormal eyes
  • Complete blindness
  • Deafness (one or both ears)
  • Coat issues (hair fall)
  • Early deaths

· Temperament:

White yorkies are friendly, affectionate, loving, and eager to please dogs.

They love to seek attention and can behave very mannerly in front of strangers.

However, to get it done, these little pooches need socializing with other dogs and humans at a very early age.

· Types:

A white yorkie poo can be available in the following combinations:

  • white yorkie chocolate
  • parti yorkies
  • white yorkie teacup
  • small white yorkie

· Special Advice:

there is no special advice but all you have to do is be a little bit more careful when taking your white yorkie out because due to being smaller in size it can be prey of other animals or big birds like falcons.

2. What are white Yorkies called?

Yorkie dogs have many types and many sub breeds. They have been crossed with giant species to tiny breeds and obtained yorkies with different temperament and appearance.

One such appearance we have is white yorkie.

Any yorkie that has significant white color in his fur is known as white yorkie or parti yorkie.

White yorkie can have a combination fur with black, gold, or tan with traces or patches of white.

3. Are white yorkies rare?

white yorkie

Yes! White yorkies are very rare and you may hardly see a yorkie with white fur. The whiteness in the yorkie fur happens naturally and it is not done in any artificial way.

Some dog enthusiasts consider that white yorkies are not the true yorkie dogs instead.

However, different kennel club have white yorkie breed registered with them as a standard and adoptable dog breed.

It is a mix-breed dog that’s obtained by crossbreeding between any toy dog and terrier.

Yorkies are easily obtainable but when it comes to special color or fur such as white yorkie, the search never gets finish.

4. Are white yorkies purebred?

You will find mixed information on this query. Yorkies have so many types and sub breeds just like huskies.

When a rare yet extraordinary disorder of albinism occurs in yorkies they become white yorkies however it happens extremely rare.

They may have yorkie parents but on the way of breeding different type of genetic mutation happens. Hence technically, you cannot call a white yorkie purebred.

However, being not a purebred is not a bad thing when you find plenty of amazing temperamental abilities in your parti yorkie pup that he has obtained by the gene mutation of different other dogs.

5. How much are white Yorkies?

Due to being rare breed, white yorkie puppies can be extremely expensive. The prince can be multiplied even more when the white yorkie puppies have AKC registration.

The average price of purebred white yorkie can be from $1,200 to $2,500.

To cut the cost, you can look for a white yorkie puppy who is not registered with American kennel club and later apply for the registration after adoption.

AKC has certain standards provided on their website that you can consult. If your white yorkie pup will meet those standards, he or she will get the AKC papers done.

Remember, these standards are not hard to meet if your dog is healthy enough and well-trained, he can surely get registered with kennel clubs.

6. Why Yorkies are so expensive?

Due to being super rare, affectionate, loving, friendly, trainable, and cute fashion breed, white yorkies are expensive.

Here, you will have to remember one thing is a white yorkie doesn’t completely white fur but it has traces or patches of white on its overall body.

It is available in the combination of:

1. White and grey yorkie

White and grey yorkie
Image Sources instagram

The overall dog will be grey but it will have traces of white and owners call them white yorkie dogs.

2. White yorkie chocolate

White yorkie chocolate
Image Sources unsplash

The overall dog will be tan but it will have traces of white and owners call them white yorkie puppies.

3. White and blue yorkie

White and blue yorkie
Image Sources unsplash

The overall dog will be blue but it will have traces of white and owners call them white yorkie. This dog is purebred.

4. White and black yorkie

White and black yorkie
Image Sources instagram

The overall dog will be black but it will have traces of white and owners call them white yorkie pups.

White yorkies hair might also turn grey with the passage of time. however, this completely normal and not due to any health issue.

7. Are yorkies smart?

On the scale of intelligence, white yorkies are incredibly smart.

You may not know but they are eager to please and hence extremely fast and learning and anticipating the instructions, even better than other dog breeds.

You can call it beauty with brain because they are extremely trainable canines.

At start, like any other dog, they may show a little stubborn behavior at start however with food treats and practicing with their favorite toys can help them be anticipating at learning.

8. Are boy or girl yorkies better?

Yorkies, regardless of their biological sex or gender, are extremely loving, affectionate, friendly, and attentive pets either it be male or female dogs.

Besides this, white yorkies are attention seekers and hence they would not mind doing any cuter thing when it comes taking your attention.

This thing makes them an eager to please dog who remains so friendly and happy around strangers however mingling them with others from an early age is the key.

One thing you will have consider is that yorkies, white, grey, black, or blue are independence lover and fearless contrary to their tiny size. Hence, they won’t mind to be upfront to get their own way.

This thing is specially seen in female yorkies as she may be more possessive and keener to get her own way.

9. How do Yorkies show affection?

As said, white yorkies are attention seekers and they would do anything to get your eyes on them. Having said that, the good thing is, white yorkies also show affection.

They would do cuddling with you as the owner, they will play around you and with you as well.

They’ll also show very civilized behavior when it comes to grooming sessions as they know their owner is specially putting efforts to make them look good and appealing.

One thing you should not do is leaving your white yorkie left alone. Yorkies hate being left alone and they can show serious mental issues if they are kept away from the family for longer periods of time.

They don’t mind you going to your work in the morning but will feel seriously hurt if you will start remaining 24×7 busy.

They are your partner and friends who wants you around.

10. How many years do Yorkies live?

The lifespan of a white yorkie will depend upon the type of yorkie it is. Such as, a white terrier yorkie pup will have different life span than the parti yorkie.

However, one thing is confirmed the life span of yorkie dogs is longer than other purebred dogs and can go from 13 – 16 years.

On the way, you need to take proper health measure and get regular checkups with vet. By doing so, your dog can live longer.

Now, if you have adopted the yorkie doggie, it is time to find out some insights on the grooming and care of white yorkie puppy:

11. When should a Yorkie get their first haircut?

Do not take baby yorkie for their haircuts at the very start of their life. Let them grow by 16 to 20 weeks before you get it ready for their first grooming appointment.

During this grooming session, it will not just be a haircut but get your lovely doggy to bathe and nail trimming as well.

Do not get all hair remove but there should be only trimming of the fur. Once, you will see your doggie is growing enough fur, you can take him to groomer accordingly.

12. How often should you wash a Yorkie?

It has often seen that yorkies stink. However, not all yorkies stink such as the white yorkie. So, when it comes to bathing the dog, do not give clean them every day.

Give your dog a good bath once or twice in the four weeks. Remember, being little a white yorkie is prone to get germs and viruses.

Hence, when you bath them up, remember to dry their fur immediately.

Bottom Line:

This was all about white yorkie poos. If you have any further queries, let us know.


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