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Does The True Gator Pitbull Bloodline Exist? Price, Traits, & Care with Real Pictures

Gator pitbull
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Are you thinking of adopting loyal pitbull puppies? A gator Pitbull dog is an ideal canine for you. Yes, it has quite a reputation which might reflect whether you should get your hands on it.

But we are here for the exact purpose: to tell you if it is the right breed for you or not.

So, without wasting a second, let’s start:

Gator Pitbull

What is a gator Pitbull, basically?

Gator pit dog is a confident, courageous, loving, friendly, strong, cute, and adorable pup far from whatever bad you might have heard about it.

It is a healthy puppy with an average lifespan of 11-15 years, more than other dogs that make it undoubtedly perfect for adding to your pet family.

Originally bred for the dog-fighting culture, the gator Pitbull is believed to be a pup from the bloodline of Rodriquez’ gator and Plumber’s alligator.

It is also popular by the name alligator Pitbull or gator mouth Pitbull derived from its two parents.

Gator Pitbull puppies can be quite expensive, ranging from $2k to more than $10k. However, you might also see the breed for sale at a lower price, depending on the breeder.

Gator Pitbull Bloodline: Is It Real?

The history of these popular dogs is quite confusing as they were thought to be linked to a specific bloodline, especially for dog fights.

It is hard to say whether that bloodline continued in the current gator Pitbulls we see in shelters or not.

The immature kennels have tinted the breed to the extent that it would be hard for someone to adopt a real gator dog with perfect trails.

So, be aware as these breeders sell other types of pit bulls as gator mouth pits. And, people who are not aware of the breed and their bloodline end up getting a false gator at a high cost.

Honestly, you should only get it from a reputable kennel that has the registration of some of his breeds. You can even ask for all the gator bloodline details from the breeder.

What makes a Pitbull gator so popular in the canine world? Of course, their beautiful appearance, loyalty, human-loving nature, and other traits!

Let’s get into the detail of everything about the cute Pitbull gator mouth:

Gator Pitbull Appearance

Gator head Pitbull is popular due to its adorable looks and shiny short-haired coat. They have a strong bone structure with a thin tail (not docked).

Gator Pitbull bloodline is usually 14 to 21 inches (36cm-53cm) tall and weighs 60-80 pounds. They have a lifespan of 12-14 years. It can exist as a brindle, black, red, white, or tricolor.

Similar to other Pitbull breeds, they can have blue (when born), brown or hazel-colored eyes.

Their coat is smooth, shiny, glossy, and short that doesn’t have a standard hue. Yes, it can be a red nose gator Pitbull or even a blue nose gator Pitbull like any other pit puppies.

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Gator Mouth Pitbull Personality

You might think of this as a terrier pup that’s aggressive, stubborn, and dangerous due to all the dog-fighting stories you have heard about it.

But there’s so much more about its traits and personality that we don’t know of:


They are one of the most loyal breeds you can ever adopt. Gator Pitbull is a human-loving dog that loves to get the attention of its owner with its cute tricks.

Highly Intelligent

Gator dogs are smart and intelligent which can easily adapt to new and innovative training methods.

Family Dog

It is a friendly breed that loves to smooch its owner and children of the family. However, you must socialize them early to do so.


They are as active and energetic as any wolf-like sledding dog. They demand a daily exercise of at least 1 hour with additional playtime.

Gator Mouth Pitbull Temperament: Myths

Yes, the alligator Pitbull was first bred for fighting, but it doesn’t mean they were born aggressive or dangerous.

In fact, the gator dog is a friendly breed like any gentle canines who were trained to fight. So, they are not at fault for their bad reputation and history.

Another myth is that gator Pitbull have a strong bite force (300 or more pounds of pressure) to turn on their owners. Well, of course, they are animals born with powerful teeth to survive in their territory.

But again, they are one of the loyal breeds that are loving, friendly, playful and affectionate with their favorite humans.

And, any of the stubbornness and bad temper can be improved with proper training and tricks:

Training of Gator Pitbull Puppies

Don’t Skip Daily Exercise

Pitbull breeds are highly trainable, which just require the right owner who knows how to handle them. Your gator Pitbull dogs can express the best behavior, obedience, and temperament with the right training. Here’s how to do it:

Be the Alpha

The best way to train an aggressive Pitbull is by showing them who’s the alpha in the household. You don’t want to provoke them to compete for the title. But, rather gently train your gator pit to be obedient.

Use commanding words daily for efficient results.

Train Early

You might already know this, but this is one of the common yet crucial steps of good training: as early as better. Yes, you must socialize them with other people and pets, right from their puppy life.

You can also include dog leash training in its walking time.

Consistency is the Key

As they were fighting dogs in the past, they must vent all their energy with daily exercise. Remember, you must be patient and consistent with your training method.

Take them for daily walks, play ball fetching, or simply run with them.

Care & Grooming of Gator Pit Puppy

They are a low-maintenance dog breed like morkie poo that has minimum care and grooming needs. It only needs to be scrubbed and bathed once a week.

Brush their teeth twice a week and groom their fur every 3 to 4 days. Clean their eyes and ears weekly. Also, remember to cut their nails once a week with a gentle clipper.

You don’t have to worry about their shedding as their coat is short-haired and thin. Install a safety fence for the young puppy so that it can’t climb the stairs or hurt itself.

Their muscular build body demands high protein meals to keep them energized throughout the day. You can divide the potion into two to three meals. However, young gator Pitbull puppies may require to eat more meals.

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Gator Nose Pitbull Health

Gator pit dogs are healthy dogs with no harmful issues. However, you must take them for regular vet checkups for the early diagnosis of any problem.

Here are some of the gator Pitbull health issues you can watch out for:

  • Skin Allergies
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Bloating (GDV)
  • Eye Issues (Cloudy Eyes)
  • Cardiac Disease


Is Gator Pitbull Aggressive?

Their historic dogfighting personality may make them look intimidating, but they are not naturally aggressive. In fact, with early training and socialization, gator head Pitbull can be as friendly and loving as any other dog breed.

What is the Weight of a Gator Pit Dog?

The average weight of gator pit puppies ranges from 60 to 80 pounds. However, a male gator may weigh more than a female puppy.

They can weigh a minimum of 30 pounds.

What Does Gator Mouth Pitbull Mean?

The name was derived from their two parent bloodlines, the Rodriquez’s gator and Plumber’s alligator. Hence, they are also called gator head Pitbull.

Is the Gator Pitbull the Right Pet for You?

If you are a first-time owner, it is better to look for a tiny playful pup that’s a perfect goofball. However, if you still want to adopt this gentle beast, it is necessary to get professional training and advice on handling its excessive energy.

Bottom Line

Gator pitbulls have a bad reputation like black pitbull or german shepherd dog, but here’s what their real owner says about them:

‘Nobody can understand how precious a gator Pitbull puppy is unless you are its owner.’

And if you have made it to this section of our guide. Surely, you will agree that the gator Pitbull is indeed a loveable and friendly dog that deserves all your love, hugs, and cuddles.

So, do you want to adopt it and give this misunderstood breed a chance? Share with us what you think about this beautiful doggo.

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  1. My husband and I have a blue nose Gator pit mix she’s got a lot of energy and is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. I would like to know if cutting her tail is mandatory. Cause she bits it alot and I don’t want her to get infections. I’m wondering also since she’s that special mix how big in and estimation will her weight get to. Sincerely aylissa and mark lejtholc. [email protected] please email me also

    • Sorry for replying so late Alyissa🙇‍♂️. Don’t know how it skipped from our end.
      Anyhow, we will answer your query no matter if you would’ve found the answer by now – we want to leave nothing unattended at our end.
      It is not recommended to cut the tail of your sweet Pitbull since it’s an unnecessary surgery that may create complications if not done properly.
      As for the weight part, we can’t say anything for sure, but they generally reach about 80 pounds max.

  2. If I do have a gator pitbull puppy what kind of training do I need to do for it I need to know everything that I can about the breed so I can make sure I am giving her the treatment and care and love that she needs I want to be the best gator pitbull owner that I can be can you please help me with that thank you very much plus what is a good girl name that I should give her I want her to have the best life ever

    • This is so heartening to hear, Malinda. You want to be such a great dog owner. Well, you want to start with the basics, like teaching them the sit, eat and stand commands and rewarding them with a treat every time they do it.
      Then jump to treatless training i.e. giving them 3-4 commands altogether and looking if they comply. If they do, only then give them the treats. You can also substitute treats with a game of tugging because Pitbulls love that.
      Some good girl names?
      Betty, Bonnie, Clara or our favorite, Lola.

  3. My daughter had a Gator Pit for many years. She was the sweetest, most loyal, smartest dog I had ever seen, and had a sense of humor that was just unbelievable! Mischievous, but not a mean bone in her body. I had one of her pups for 9 years, but lost him to pancreatic cancer. Just as sweet as she was.

    • Great to hear that, Anita. But sad to hear she is not with you anymore.
      Gator Pitbulls are so sweet; it’s the lack of education and skill as an owner that they have a reputation for being wild.

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