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16 Queries to Find If Morkie Poo Is The Ideal Designer Breed For You | A Guide with Pictures

Morkie Poo
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When we hear morkie poo, the first thought that pops into our mind is that it must be a Disney character.

No? Then, if anything, it can be any of those cute cats whose pictures we happen to see while scrolling through different social media platforms.

Well, if you have even a little interest in the loveable and adorable dogs, then you must know it, morkiepoo is a hybrid puppy. Yes! You read it right. It’s a small but worth-buying designer breed.

But is it the right pet for you to adopt and make your companion? Yes? We got you!

Let’s take you on a poodle ride to find all the answers you might have regarding the temperament, behavior, care, training, or basic personality of morkie puppies.

What is a Morkie Poo?

Morkie poo is a lovely, adorable, friendly, protective, and smart dog produced by a tri-cross between Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, and Maltese.

These small canines are people-oriented puppies that can be a great addition to your family. They get along with kids and other pets.

The tri-cross has given them several common names like:

  • Morkie Yorktese
  • Yorkie Morkie
  • Maltese Yorkie Poo
  • Maltipoo Yorkie
  • Maltese and Yorkie Mix
  • Yorkshire Maltese Poo
  • Morkiepoo
  • Morky Poodle

So, don’t get confused because we’ll be using so many more unique common names for the special morkie poodle.

It is a lapdog that is always ready to cuddle its favorite human. It has a mixed personality from its three parents. Their coat is sleek, shiny, and soft like the Yorkshire and gets their average height from a Maltese.

They are loveable and can have different coat colors like any variety of poodles like phantom puppies. Morkie poos can have a beautiful coat of black, white, tan, or a mixture of three colors.

Appearance of Morkie Poos

They might inherit upright, down-folded, or triangular ears from any of the parent breeds. Their black or brown eyes are beautifully round and well set apart.

The body structure of morkie poos is small, but that doesn’t make them any less active. You can say they are cute small versions of teddy bears with a button nose.

Teacup Morkie Poodle: Fact or Fiction?

Yes, you can get a morkie poo in teacup size, depending on their poodle parent. They might be 5-7 inches (13cm-18cm) taller with a weight of 4-8 pounds.

Is Morkie Poo a Good Dog?

Yes, Maltese Yorkie poo or morkie poodle is a great dog to adopt. If raised well, it can be a great companion to you, kids and other pets in the family.

However, it is even smaller than any average-sized pitbull puppy, which means they need a bit more care. So, you must be careful while leaving these cute pooches with young children.

This Yorkie Maltese pup is a loving, playful, and friendly canine who loves to snuggle around with its owner, kids, or other pet family members.

Pro-Tip: Socialize your puppy with kids and other pets from an early age and keep a keen eye on their connection from the start; otherwise, the tiny-sized poo might get hurt unintentionally.

How Big Can a Morkie Poo Get?

full grown morkie poo
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How big your morkie poo dog will get really depends on the poodle used during the breeding process. Moreover, the male poo adult will be heavier and larger than the female morkie poodle.

If the morkie were bred from toy poo, it would have 4 to 7 pounds full grown weight, whereas the morkie produced from a miniature or mini poodle will be of approximately 12 pounds.

In contrast, a toy morkie poo will be 7 to 11 inches (18cm-28cm) larger. Similarly, a mini morkie poo can have a height of up to 12 inches (31cm).

However, a full grown female morkie poodle will be 6 to 8 inches (15cm-20cm) taller with a 5 to 9 pounds size.

How Much to Feed Morkie Poo?

As the size of the morkie poos is smaller, just like a white yorkie, they don’t have much feeding demands. However, their small body proportion also needs to be fed in smaller meals to digest it properly.

Give them a nutritious food diet 2-3 times a day (less quantity than large dog breeds). It is also fine to feed them human fruits or vegetables here and then as delicious dog treats.

They usually require 1.5 to 2.5 cups of food daily. Divide the meal into smaller proportions to keep them energized all day.

Do Morkie Poodle Puppies Bark a Lot?

Fear, Separation anxiety, or poor training can make your morkie poo bark a lot. It may also hint that they are in pain or need something from you. However, it often means they saw a strange person wandering around the house.

Generally, their Yorkshire parent is also a small barking dog, so you can say it is included in their genes.

You can train them to lessen the unwelcomed barking sessions or tantrums by commanding behavior or praising-ignoring techniques.

Note: It will take time and patience for your training to work, so be gentle.

How Often to Bathe a Morkie Poo?

Their bathing needs differ from any other big and fluffy dog as they don’t shed a lot and only need to be bathed when they feel dirty.

You can use a hair scrubber to give them a nice massage in the bath every 4 to 5 weeks. Or, if you prefer and can afford, take them to a vet for additional grooming like nail trimming, ears and eyes cleaning.

At home, clean their ears every 2 to 3 weeks and brush their teeth every three to five days.

Do Morkie Poo Shed?

Yes, they do, but the amount of shedding is a lot lesser than we usually see in typical dogs. The reason being their parents having silky, fluffy hair with no undercoat.

Daily brushing with pet grooming gloves can easily remove any tangles in their coat. It will help to maintain the sleek shine in their hair.

No matter the toy, miniature, or teacup morkie poodle, the shedding will be less.

Can Morkie Poos Be Left Alone?

This morkie mix is a people-oriented dog and will not do well if left alone for a long time. It can develop separation anxiety if you make a habit of ignoring your lovely morkie.

They might also bark a lot and show fear and anxiety as morkie poo dogs need a lot of attention and love from their owners.

So, if you have to go for a long tour or meeting, take them along with you. If not, leave them to your neighbors or, even better, a pet house not to let them feel lonely.

Are Morkie Poos Cuddling Dogs?

morkie poo dog
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Yes! morkie poos are adorable dogs that like to follow their favorite human around, wanting to grab their attention so that they can get the deserving kisses and hugs from them.

These little fluff balls will always remain closer to you, and their small size makes them perfect for snuggling.

It is a proven fact that all the morkie poo owners are the happiest as these playful canines keep them entertained with their cute tricks and lovely hugs.

What is the Temperament of Morkie Poo?

morkie poo temperament
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The Maltese and Yorkie mix, morkie, or morky is a small tricross dog with a calm temperament. They love to cuddle their owners and are everything a cute pet can be.

However, they are also good watchdogs and become protective when needed. They also bark at strangers or outsiders.

But it won’t take long for them to get comfy with new family members.

The morkiepoo puppy is a people-oriented canine, but sometimes, improper raising, separation anxiety, or fear make them stubborn. They tend to bark a lot and start chewing on small household things due to such issues.

Don’t worry. Proper training, grooming, and friendly behavior can fix those trivial problems.

How Do You Train a Morkie Poodle?

morkie poo training
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Despite the small size, morkie poodles have a high energy rate which they need to vent daily. They require an activity time of at least an hour or 45 minutes to release all the build-up energy.

You can take them out for a walk, play ball fetching with them, or let them have a cute plush toy to enjoy indoors.

Start their potty training from the day you got them, show them the place, and praise them for doing it right.

However, they can also be stubborn, but right and proper training will solve the issue.

What is the Lifespan of a Morkie Poo?

The Yorkshire Maltese poodle mix is a healthy canine which means you can live with it for a long time. Based on its parent breeds, the morkie poo can have an average lifespan of 10-13 years.

Maltese and poodles can live up to 12-15 years. The Yorkshire terrier usually has a healthy life of 13-16 years.

Moreover, the health of your puppy depends on how often he visits the vet and the breeder you get it from. If you adopt it from a reputable breeder, that lessens the chance of your canine having issues.

Health Problems

Overall, the designer Yorkie Maltese pup is a healthy mix breed that lives a healthy life. However, morkie poo still is a type of dog and can show certain problems that are common in its parent breeds like:

  • Hypoglycemia (Low Sugar)
  • Tracheal Collapse (Difficulty in Breathing)
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Glaucoma (Fluid Build-up in Eyes)
  • Patellar Luxation (Abnormal Shifting of Kneecap)
  • Cataracts (Cloudy Eyes)
  • Reverse Sneezing (Paroxysmal Respiration)

So, how can you find a morkie poo adult or puppy that has minimal issues?

You must check from the breeder if all the three-parent breeds were immunized and whether or not they had any serious illness.

The other thing you can do is always check the authenticity of the breeder. For instance, a reputable breeder must have some purebreds registered with the American Kennel Club.

Note: Not all morkie poodles have these issues, but it is better to pre-check what’s wrong with your puppy.

Make sure to visit a professional vet for the regular health check-ups of your morkie.

When Should Morkie Poo Puppies Get New Haircuts?

morkie poo haircuts
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The ideal time to give your baby morkie poo its first haircut is after 3-4 months. Generally, you can give it a nice trim once every two months.

You can also take it to a professional for grooming once in a while to give it a nice little pampering doggie session.

Are Morkie Poos Hypoallergenic?

Yes, the designer morkie poodle is a hypoallergenic dog as it doesn’t have an undercoat which makes its coat shed lesser than the big dogs like azurian husky.

So, it is a perfect pet to adopt as it doesn’t trigger any allergies.

Moreover, you can further minimize the problem by vacuuming or brushing its fur outside of the house and slightly damping the dog coat.

Overall, one doesn’t need to worry much while adopting this small adorable fluff ball as it was a dog bred to have such improved characteristics.

Are Yorkie Poo and Morkie Poo the Same Dogs?

morkie vs yorkie
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One may think they are the same type of dogs. However, a Yorkie poo is a mixed breed of toy (or mini) poodle and a Yorkshire terrier.

In contrast, morkie poo is a hybrid of a fluffy poodle, silky Maltese, and small Yorkshire terrier.

When it comes to the personality of both puppies, a morkie poodle dog is a high-maintenance breed with loving, playful, friendly, and energetic traits. It can also become stubborn and aloof often.

Yorkie poodle is a low-maintenance dog with an easy-going and trainable personality. They are amusing cute pooches with different grooming and basic needs than a morkie puppy

How Much Can Morkie Poos Cost?

You can get morkie puppies for sale at $860 to $3800. However, the teacup or mini dogs may even get expensive, depending on the breeders. Moreover, their yearly medical expense can be $430 to $560.

Not to mention that non-medical expenses like feeding and grooming can also cost you about $550 based on which type of diet or lifestyle you prefer for your Maltese poodle mix.

The average price for morkie poo ranges from $1000 to $2500. 

Note: If you want to get a white, tan, black, or a mixture of three colors that too in a miniature or teacup morkie poodle size, then the price might even get higher (without the medical and non-medical expenses of the dog). 

So, if you want to adopt this fog for such high priced lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Morkie poo is a designer breed produced by mixing three dog types named Maltese, poodle, and Yorkshire terrier. So, one can expect it to be a cute, fluffy, and playful puppy with a combined personality of its parent breeds.

It is a perfect canine for people with allergies and can be a great companion for families with other pets.

Do you want to be the ideal owner for this adorable morkie puppy? Make sure to read our guide before adopting it.

If you want to read about muscular dogs like black pitbull or rare dogs like huskies or Lycan shepherds, check our Pets Category. Surely, you will get to know so many other breeds that are waiting to get your attention.

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