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Should Black Pitbull Be Your Next Pet? 9 Reasons | 9 Facts

Black Pitbull
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Black pitbull is loyal, friendly, the most popular and loved dog.

He is not rare or a different breed of pitbull puppies but an all-black pitbull baby produced by American pitbull terrier and American Staffordshire.

These gentle dogs may have a bad reputation like Balck German Shepherds but, in reality, are loving, caring, possessive for their favorite person, and healthy with a 12-15 years lifespan. (You got to spend more time with them!)

If you’re confused about whether or not you should buy this adorable black pitbull puppy, we have listed 9 reasons to make your mind.

Let’s bark into them together, Woof Woof!

1. These Pitbull Black Dogs Are Healthy Which Means You’ll Get to Love Them More

pit bull dogs black
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Black pitbull is a relatively healthy and robust dog breed with a litter size of 5-10 and a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Still, these are puppies bred or reproduced by American pitbull and Staffordshire terrier and have some common health problems like:

Food, skin, fur allergies, joint problems (Elbow or Hip Dysplasia), Arthritis, and heart diseases.

Pro-tip: Get your black pitbull for regular screening to vet to detect any issue earlier.

2. The Appearance of Black Pitbull Terrier Is Exotic, Beautiful, & Everything Your Ideal Pet Must Have

black pitbull
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They were originally bred for blood sports like dog fighting, bear, or bull-baiting, as one can imagine looking at their tall body and muscular bone structure.

A solid black pitbull dog has a wide broad head, flat face, dark eyes (set apart), well-defined cheekbones, short ears, stocky wide legs, and a low tail.

Eye Color

Like all pitbull puppies, these pitties are also born with blue eyes, but as they start to mature, their eye color changes to amber or yellow (which may look like red eyes at midnight).

Their dark fur and yellow eyes make them look threatening but, trust us when we say they really are not!

Size & Weight

These black pooches are tall but with wide broadheads and masculine, strong bone structures.

The size of these dogs usually stands at almost 17-19 inches at the shoulder. Generally, they can grow up to 21 inches and weigh about 80 pounds.

A male or female pitbull takes two years to reach its adult form.

Coat Type

As they are the black doggies produced by the cross of American Staffordshire and pitbull terrier pups, they also have a single-layered short-haired coat.

A healthy solid black pit pup has shiny, shiny, and sleek fur.

Coat Color

When it comes to coat colors, we all have heard about the brown-red nose, blue nose, white, or even grey doggies. (Exception: Merle Pitbulls)

But there’s one more color which is equally loved; black.

Black pittie pups mostly have black coats, but a black pitbull with black and white fur is also normal.

Despite the popularity of a full black pit, it is still a common coat color you can find easily. Yes, full black is not the rarest pitbull color.

Hey, Don’t Get Scammed!

Being a common variety, these solid black pitties are abundant. So, they should not be costly or expensive. The price range for these pit puppies lies within $500-$1000 (or higher for recognized bloodline).

3. You Will Forget The Negative Reputation of Black Pitbull Puppy After Adopting Him

all black pitbull
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Pitbull black dogs have so many bad things associated with them:

They attack their owners, black pit dogs bite humans and animals, dark pitbull fight with other dogs are only a few of them.

But, if you think closely, these myths or misleading statements apply to any dog breed. Right?

It’s wrong to say anything about this gentle doggo until you adopt him. Why? Well, as they are part of the pitbull puppies group, their pleasing nature is a given.

This implies, their love for their owners is so high that you may feel suffocated (not really) with all their sweet hugs and kisses. ;p

Provided the proper care, they will be the most loving, possessive, and friendly breeds you can ever have!

Don’t Get Confused

Black pitbull, Black Pitbull Terrier, Black Panther, Black Prague Pitbull are different names of the same all-black pitbull dog.

4. No Pitbull Dog Breed is Inherently Dangerous and That Includes Every Black Pitbull Too

pitbull black
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Are black pitbulls better than blue? Or red nose pitbull? Or generally other pitbull dogs?

Well, the answer is in one word, ‘No!’ (Woah, Easy there, Hear us first. ;p)

Because there’s no such comparison as they all belong to the same pitbull dog breeds, and every dog has an individual personality. Which is better really depends on the type of dog you are looking for.

Now, to say, Are they inherently Dangerous? Again, No!

(What’s with the questions and our one-word answers. Hehe. )

Besides, all the negative hype attached to this black panther dog, such as their powerful locking jaws, their aggressiveness, mean, or violent nature towards other pets, etc.

Black pitbull is not inherently dangerous. In fact, no breed is. How dangerous a dog would act really depends on how badly they are trained.

For Instance, research conducted by the American Temperament Test Society revealed both of the crossbreds of black pitbulls,

the American pitbull terrier and American Staffordshire scored a solid 87.4% and 85.5%.

Isn’t that impressive for a dog that’s famous for being dangerous or aggressive?

Well, the high score (even higher than some popular adorable breeds) depicts they are not naturally violent, dangerous, or aggressive.

If you train them right, your pure black pitbulls can also become an example of one such score!

5. An All-Black Pit Puppy Is a Perfect Family Companion: He is Friendly With Kids

black pitbull puppies
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They are loving, caring, adorable, friendly, and overall pleasing dogs.

A black pit puppy can play with your children for hours without getting tired or exhausted. Moreover, they are possessive of their owners and family members.

You have to give them all your love, care, and attention to expect the same outcome from their behavior.

Note: Black pitbull is a sensitive dog and may react aggressively if not getting full attention and love from their favorite human or family members.

6. They Are Loyal Dogs and Will Protect You At Any Cost

black pit bull
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You may think hearing all the bad statements about these pooches that they are only good at fighting, but to think of it, this one trait can become handy in a bad situation for you or your family.

They are extremely loyal and alert, which makes them good watchdogs.

Balck pitbulls are not only fun and entertaining but are also highly protective of their family, which means they can be the first ones to detect any intruder.

Several reports highlighting how pitbulls guarded their owners against theft or burglary have been recorded, but of course, we have never heard any of them.

7. Playful and Energetic Black Pit Bull Is Not Right For Lazy Owners

black pitbulls
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An all-black pit dog has tons of energy to take out. And, it won’t be wrong to say it really is not suitable for lazy or first-time owners who can’t match their energetic personality.

They require lots, lots, and lots of activity to vent out their energy. Daily exercise, long routine walks, and different playful games like fetch the ball are their must-have needs.

If you’re thinking of adopting these hyperactive dogs but not going to satisfy their playful nature, then we would say you shouldn’t own them in the first place.

Because they are literal attention-seekers and will circle around you until you notice them!

Some people even utilize treadmills to help release the high energy stored in their pitbulls. See here for yourself:

8. A Solid Black Pitbull Is One Of The Easiest Dog Breeds to Maintain and Groom

solid black pitbull
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Looking at their huge masculine body structure, one may think black pitbulls are high maintenance dogs, but the truth is their sleek short coat makes them easy to care for.

Brush their fur once a week, trim the nails regularly, clean their paws when dirty, and give them a nice bath once every two weeks.

Check their ears and clean their teeth daily.

Note: You need to brush or groom their fur more often during shedding season. (mostly, once or twice per year)

The parent doggo of black pitbull, APBt, was also included among the easiest pooches to groom.

When it comes to food and diet, black pitbull puppies need at least three meals per day, which can be lessened to one serving as they mature.

A black pitbull demands grain-based or high-protein food, but too much can cause allergic reactions or even make them obese, bringing health problems.

So, measure the food quantity you are feeding your pup.

9. Black Pitbulls Are Intelligent and Highly Trainable

all black pit
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Black pit bull is a pleasing pooch that loves his owner with all his heart, but at the same time, he is also smart, intelligent, determinant, and sometimes (well, mostly) stubborn.

The best is to start socializing your pup as early as possible to see his best behavior. Patience, happy, consistent, and treat-giving training is recommended for this panther-like dog.

His activeness and fun personality makes him an easy-to-train dog. You can also give him a chewing toy to play with and clean his teeth.

Use his energy and determination in a positive way!

Pro-tip: Don’t leave them alone while training as your little treat or appreciation on their good behavior will only motivate them to do even better.


By now, we hope your confusion of black pitbulls being a dangerous or aggressive breed is clear, and you have got a new opinion about these loving, caring, friendly, cuddly, and passionate doggies.

Lastly, have you ever raised a pitbull dog? Or any other pup?

If not, then you must give this misunderstood breed a chance to prove their adorable, gentle, and friendly nature.

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  1. My Black pitbull terrier of 8 years died suddenly May 17th. I believe from years of consuming raw hide chrew bones. I look up to the symptoms of could happen if that and it what to my beloved Shadow to a t. I miss him terribly and need to replace him as soon as possible in order to stop this constant sadness an depression l’m feeling. Please put me in contact withsomeone who has a puppy for sale!

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