Blue Calcite – Lets Extract the Energies Hidden in Nature for Your Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Blue Calcite
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Do you believe nature has its own energy and vibes? Have you felt the omens, it keeps sending us, positive or negative, to lead through the journeys of life?

Well, nature has energies for everyone but only those who worth and understand it can take advantage. Nature heals you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Can you deny the happy effect on your mind that comes after spending time in the landscapes? Just like the greenery, stones and crystals also have healing powers.

Humans are now considering the ancient remedies more than artificial means for their betterment and using crystal energy is one of them.

One such crystal is Blue Calcite:

What Is Blue Calcite:

Blue Caribbean calcite is a stone or crystal found in 2019 in Pakistan (Asia). The stone is known for its gentility, serenity, calmness, and energies that assist in lessening the anxieties and disturbance in the brain.

Blue Calcite works by relaxing the frayed nerves, associated with the third and fifth chakra, known as throat chakra and third eye, helps to communicate in peaceful, clear, and sweet tones and see things that the other two eyes ignore anyway.

In short, it comes with energies directly associate with chakras and our well-being.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the ocean of energies gained through crystals by finding the meaning of blue calcite.

Blue Calcite Meaning:

Blue Calcite Meaning
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Blue is the color of the sky, the color of water (though water is colorless but you mostly see oceans as blue) calcite represents minerals, specifically, calcium carbonate, aragonite, and vaterite.

These minerals naturally found in the earth mantle between the crust and outer core layer when coming in connection with blue, create a relaxing aura of healing emotional damages, such as death of a loved one.

Yes, the blue calcite raw sphere brings you energies to keep your mind strong and emotions in control so to help you go with the flow of positivity and healing.

For more information, on the subject, we have mentioned the properties of Blue Calcite:

Blue Calcite Properties:

Blue Calcite Properties
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There are two types of properties you find in all the crystals such as:

  • Healing properties
  • Metaphysical properties

Before you enter into the debate of healing ad the metaphysical attributes of this stone, you need to understand the difference between both terms.

Healing is more related to the physical wellbeing of a person such as healing the person’s physical health, benefiting the immune system, or balancing heart rate.

On the other hand, metaphysical properties relate to your natural energy flow. It deals with bringing energies, vibes, and creating positive auras around the person.

● Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties:

1.Transforms Negative Energies, Evil Eye, And Bad Vibes into Positive Ones:

Blue Caribbean Calcite comes with powerful healing verves.

Physically, it is available in the form of crystal stones, often shaped as towers to keep in homes, offices, bedrooms, and places where you think you need a helping hand to ward off negativism.

This powerful crystal soothes, relaxes, and supports an emotional body because blue calcite creates a protective aura around your mortal and with its transmutational energies, helps to transform negative vibes into positives ambiance before they affect your mental or physical state.

For example, “in an office space, if you are having a hard time due to the negative vibes of any person, keeping crystal tower beside will create an unseen protection to transform the negative energies of into positive ones before they reach you.”

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2. Alloy the Energy Points on Your Body, Third Eye, Throat Chakras:

Alloy the Energy Points on Your Body, Third Eye, Throat Chakras

There are seven focal points on your body that are otherwise known as Chakras. They relate to mental, third eye, throat, heart, upper belly, creation and desires, and sense of safety.

Different crystals directly impact specific chakras in the body such as rainbow fluorite crystal resonates with the first four focal points of your body.

On the other hand, Blue calcite helps in opening the third eye and makes your speech sweet, chirping, and calm.

How does it resonate with the third eye? Well, you start understanding the omens in the mortal and receive messages from the spirits to guide you clearly.

3. Provides Protection Against Theft, Business Loss, and Money Lose:

Provides Protection Against Theft, Business Loss, and Money Lose
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It is also said that Blue Calcite crystals create a protective ambiance around your home, workplace, room, and any other territory against theft and robbery.

The stone has the power to transform the negative intentions of people into positive ones or completely neutralizing them and keeping your property from any harm.

It is recommended to use one or two such crystals in the exterior of your home or office to get influenced by the powerful energies of this stone.

4. Blue Calcite Encourages Optimism, Positivity, and Enhances Memory Function:

Blue Calcite Encourages Optimism, Positivity and Enhances Memory Function

Calcite Blue crystals are directly associated with vibes and auras. It helps in removing the negative thoughts from your mind and making a place for positive energies.

You feel a sense of optimism getting infused in you to find perfection in universe. Your mind starts to focus more on the constructive side of things than the destructive ones.

Besides this, it also enhances the functions of cognate and let students learn more things by heart. Cramming becomes easy.

5. Blue Calcite Helps You Do Angelic and Spiritual Communications:

The pastel blue stone or crystal is also known to open your doors for spiritualism, away from realism. It says you can communicate with angels and take messages from the divine.

Especially, you get a hold over your dreams, you can finally control what to see and whatnot. You are able to meet your dead relatives and take messages from the other world.

However, this is a very pro-level of energies and not everyone with a blue Calcite stone can do this. It requires practice, practice, and practice.

● Blue Calcite Healing Properties:

  1. Balances Immune System, Irregular Heart Beats, and Blood Pressure:

Blue Calcite is also known to work for your physical well-being. It helps in boosting the immunity of a person by strengthening the immune system, balancing blood pressure, and unstable heartbeats.

How does it do so?

Well, the stuff we eat and the water we drink is not 100 % organic or pure anymore. Water contains plastic waste inside. The particles are extremely tiny to be seen.

For healing, you can obtain a healing natural quartz bottle that helps in cutting down the plastic waste naturally and increases the real purity and nutritious richness of water.

You can use this water to drink and cook food to get the most benefit of calcite crystals.

Buy a water bottle with pure and real crystals inside.

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  1. Help You Get Rid of Pain and Aches on All Parts of Body:

As the person continues to age, certain parts of the body start feeling ill or sick and create pain and aches in the person’s body.

However, have you seen the Chinese ways of curing aches through pressure points? They call it acupuncturing and they’ve got special acupuncture pens and slippers to cure the issue.

However, the process may require tiny static shocks. On the other hand, if you will cure pains and aches through crystals, you don’t need to bear any shock or pin or needles in your body.

Blue Calcite Benefits:

Apart from properties, if we purely look at the benefits of blue Calcite  you can say:

  • Sooths your cognate
  • Enhance your memory
  • Makes you a positive person
  • Gives etheric protection
  • Lets you control dreams
  • Let you communicate with immortals
  • Brings you emotional intelligence
  • Lift up anxieties
  • Control over your emotions
  • Promotes inner support
  • Promotes wisdom
  • Sooth frayed nerves

How to Use Blue Calcite:

Luckily, instead of one, there are various ways in which you can use crystals, gems, and stones. Here are some uses:

1. Use Blue Calcite in Jewelry For Love Relationship:

Using gems, stones, and crystals in jewelry isn’t a new practice. If you wear it, you can get your love relationship developed.

By keeping it in your jewelry, you can keep the stone with you always.


You find plenty of earring types adorned with diamonds, golds, or fluorite crystals.

Nose Rings:

They are also used in nose ring jewelry.

Finger Rings:

For crystals, instead of earrings and nose rings, people use to carry them in their rings. You can find plenty of ring designs to carry blue Calcite or any of your favorite crystal in it.

Rings are embedded with stones, diamonds, and jewels in the middle to bring you relevant vibes.

Do you know the vibes of the impact of a ring varies finger-wise? for example, a ring will have a different effect on your personality if wear it the first finger and entirely changed the meaning if wore in the thumb?

Ask your nearest jeweler to make a ring with blue calcite in it. You will have to provide them with a crystal and


In different bracelets, one or various stones are used to form an aura of vibes around the person and keep him or her, from thick and thins of life.

Such as, you can check this Arrow Stone Lava Bracelet at Inspire Uplift Stores.

If you have blue calcite original crystals, you can make a DIY bracelet at home.

However, if you don’t have the original, you can prepare crystals through resins and use them in your necklace.

While doing so, you should remember that resin-made crystals are just used for ornamental purposes and have nothing to do with the effect.


The practice of wearing stones and crystals embed necklaces is also very ancient. People wear stones in their necklaces that are holly or need more prominence.

Such as an obsidian stone necklace to keep from the evil eye.

Same, you can put a blue calcite crystal tower in a band and tie it around your neck to keep from evil eye.

2. Use Blue Calcite in Decorative Items To Call In Wealth:

Another option you can keep crystals beside you without notice is adding them In the decorative stuff around your home.

For example:

  • You can use crystal-made lamp bodies.
  • You can show off the blue calcite tower as a decorative item at your office desk.
  • You can hang crystals in wind chimes in the entrance of your homes to keep from bad vibes.
  • You can embed a calcite crystal in the wall of your home to keep it from theft.

3. Use Blue Calcite Combination with Other Crystal or Stones:

To increase the impact of vibes, blue calcite use is also recommended with the combination of other stones:

  • Moldavite and Blue Calcite:
  • Phenacite and Blue Calcite:
  • Aquamarine and Blue Calcite:
  • Banded agate and Blue Calcite:
  • Green Crystals and Blue Calcite:

Blue calcite combinations will increase the impact of the crystal energies and healing properties.

Now, you have all the information you must be thinking about where to get blue Calcite?

Where to Find Blue Calcite?

Where to Find Blue Calcite
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Calcites are easy to obtain and a large part of such stones comes from Mexico.

However, the original Caribbean blue calcite was recently discovered in Pakistan.

However, the stone is readily available in all parts of the world. You can ask your nearest jewelry stores to get your hands on the original blue Caribbean calcite tower.

You can also check the in-store seller and crystal vendor shops for blue calcite spheres or towers.

How to Identify Original Blue Calcite?

When it comes to getting blue calcite, it is also necessary that you know and understands the original blue calcite shape, color, weight, and other properties.

So, if you go to buy this calcite blue crystal, you can check it for the following things to find authenticity.

  • Blue calcite is available in the shape of big blue towers or spheres
  • The appearance of blue calcite is waxy and like milky glace
  • Blue calcite can be found in pale blue to deep blue color
  • It isn’t transparent but opaque.
  • Blue calcite also has some white bending in it.
  • When available in a rainbow of colors, it is called blue Lemurian calcite

However, when it comes to finding the original blue calcite, you should know its difference from other crystals such as Angelite, Celestite, and of course, Blue Calcite:

Blue Calcite vs Celestite:

Blue Calcite vs Celestite
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The basic way to find the difference between blue calcite and celestite is the weight and the chemical combination.

Taking two similar-sized stones, celestite will weigh more than calcite. Numerically, Celestite spheres weigh 1.5 more times than the blue calcite sphere.

Blue calcite vs Angelite

Blue calcite vs Angelite
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Angelite is also known as anhydrite or angel stone, with color as glacier blue or lilac-blue, different from the pale or deep blue color of calcite.

To find the difference between an Angelite and Blue calcite put both stones into the water. Angelite will turn white or colors less after some time while the calcite will remain as blue as it was.

Angelite doesn’t have high shine while the waxy appearance of celite makes it shiny and glossy.

Check this outstanding expert guide to find the difference between these three extremely similar crystals.

With the continuous use of blue calcite, the stone keeps sucking the negative energies from the surroundings and hence gets dirty or you can say lose its freshness.

What you should do in such scenarios? Get the new stone? No! you can cleanse your blue calcite easily at home.

Find the details in the lines coming ahead:

How to Cleanse Blue Calcite?

To cleanse blue calcite, you can use three ways:

1. With Dry Salt:

Take salt in a glass and put your healing crystals inside for a night and extract them out fresh.

2. Singing Bowl or Playing Music:

Singing bowl or playing music

Playing sweet tunes with a hang drum can also remove the negative impacts from your crystals and make them new and refreshing once again.


  • Do not use metal containers as salt or crystals can react with water
  • Don’t use water technique for crystals like Celestite as they may dissolve in water
  • You can use google for more information

FAQS: Things You Asked About Blue Calcite:

1. Is Blue Calcite a birthstone?

Blue calcite is not a birthstone or directly associated to any zodiac however Calcite is suitable for the Zodiac sign of Cancer.

2. Where do you put blue calcite?

To keep from theft, you can choose any entrance part of your home from where intruders can surpass. You can also wear it to cater to your communication, tone, and words.

3. Can blue calcite get wet?

No, it is better to not bring it in the connection with water because it can make it dissolve, break, or lose its colors.

Bottom Line:

This is all about blue calcite. However, if you have queries or suggestions in mind, feel free to write to us.

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