28 Types of Necklaces & Chains – Complete Information with Names & Pictures

Types of Necklaces

We already have fashion jewelry and accessories of every kind with plenty of necklaces along with other baubles in our trinket collection.

However, the truth is, we don’t know the exact names of certain jewelries like earrings, rings, and an anxiety bracelet.

This thing appears like a hassle while trying to buy special items without knowing their names. Such as we need a necklace with no jewels but a chain that has layers. What is it called????

Yes, we try to explain shopkeepers with some of the style’s anatomies, but it all goes in vain.

Therefore, we should know the names of the necklace types, names of necklace parts, standard necklace lengths, and styles to end up finding an exact match.

“Knowing all the varieties of necklaces is necessary while doing online shopping.”

So, do you need to know about the deepest yet interesting details on necklace types?

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Types of necklaces:

Types of chains

Necklaces are elegant pieces of jewelry that come in different styles and types.

Some of the most popular types of necklaces are pendants, chokers, princess, collar, charm, opera, bib, matinee, lariat, multi-chain, locket, negligee, chain, and rope.

Necklaces are divided into categories due to many factors, such as necklace clasp types, necklace styles, material, various lengths, and jewels attached to them.

Such as, what do you call a necklace without a clasp? A necklace without a clasp is called a Lariat necklace or even a rope necklace.

Here we will discuss each type of necklace according to its name, standard length, style, material and price.

Before that, understand some general terms:

Necklace Lengths (Standard):

1. Collar Necklace: 12-14 inches

2. Charm Necklace: 20 to 25 inches

3. Choker: 14-16 inches

4. Festoon Necklace: 14 1/2 inches

5. Princess Necklace: 16-18 inches

6. Matinee Necklace: 20-22 inches

7. Opera Necklace: 30-36 inches

8. Lariat Necklace: up to 34 inches

9. Lavalier Necklace: 18 inches adjustable length

10. Bib Necklace: 20 to 24 inches

11. Negligee necklace: Width: 14 1/2 inches

12. Sautoir: 40 inches

13. Riviere Necklace: 17 inches

14. Graduated necklace: 16 inches, with 85 pearls

15. Pendant: 18 inches

16. Locket: 3/4 x 3/4 inches

17. Torsade Necklace: Each strand length ½ inches

Necklace Length chart Guide

Popular Types of Necklaces for women:

Types of Necklaces for women
Image Sources Picuki

Women love ornamenting themselves not just with makeup and stylish dresses but also with different sorts of jewelry.

Luckily, we’ve many types of jewels and ornaments to adorn ourselves, as women. For wrists, we have varieties of elegant bracelets and bangles, for ears, we have earrings, while for necks, we have necklaces.

1. Black Obsidian Necklace:

Obsidian Necklace Crystal For Women

Obsidian stone is known to ward off evils and evil eyes from the life of a person. Do you feel unlucky and helpless at situations?

Well, that can be a reason for evil eye and the bad vibes of people affecting your success. Accessories like evil eye necklaces or obsidian necklaces can bring luck into your life. 

One perk that obsidian necklace has on evil necklace that they look too ordinary and no one is able to figure out if you are being surrounded by some energies that keep you safe from the evil intentions of others.

Besides as summer is approaching, black obsidian necklaces are stylish enough and can go best with your regular to casual summer attires. 

Check more summer trends here.

2. Charm Necklace:

Charm Necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

The charm necklace is not any different than the charm bracelet. In ancient times, charms jewelry was used to wear around wrists – women now also wear it around their neckline.

“Identify charm necklace with one or more charming entities used in the chain.”
  • What is a charm Necklace:

Charm bracelet lets you carry each and everything close to your heart. There are little strands in charm necklaces that are decked with symbols and shapes of charms.

  • Charm Necklace – Material:

Charm necklaces are made with metals.

  • When to wear a charm Necklace?

There are no specific instructions for wearing a charm necklace. You can wear it casually and regularly while going to work, to your school, or anywhere.

The best thing is, it goes well with all fashionable attires like tops, frocks, or Tees.

  • Body Position:

Charm necklaces come in various lengths for various people. However, the standard length is 20 to 25 inches. Therefore, it fits nicely on your collar bone or chest bone, based on the size.

It comes in one or more than one layer. The one-layered charm necklace stays above the collarbone while dual-layered charmed necklaces go between the chest and collar bone.

You may need a detangler to wear multiple layers of chain and keep them from twisting with each other.

Interesting Fact: “This necklace style can also be ornamented with religious charms like a Christian cross or name of Allah.”

3. Collar Necklace:

Collar necklace jewelry
Image Sources Pinterest

This elegant type of necklace doesn’t just go well with casual attires but with a fancy and fashionable dress too. It is one of the pure types of necklaces for women.

“Identify collar necklace with its length that remains till the beauty bone.”
  • What is a collar Necklace?

Collar necklace is not a new term but an old word, used for necklaces. A collar necklace lies flat to the body instead of hanging freely. They come with a separate chain.

  • Collar Necklace – Material:

It is made with smooth metal like gold, silver, or even brass and copper.

  • When to wear a collar Necklace?

You can wear a collar necklace casually and on special occasions based on what type of ornaments are arrayed on them.

  1. If they have pearls and ornaments, use them casually on special events.
  2. If they come with metal shapes and designs, use them regularly.
  • Body Position:

As the name denotes, it is a collar necklace, so definitely it will rest on your collar bones stylishly. You can use your mind and find plenty of ways to carry these fantastic chains on your body.

4. Choker:

Choker collar necklaces
Image Sources Pinterest

Chokers are types of neck jewelry, tightened closely around the neck near to the throat. These are made by using ornate fabric-like material to go easy on the skin without irritating it.

They are also enhanced with pearls, diamonds, or other types of gems.

“Identify choker with fabric material weaved, sizing exactly to the neck.”
  • Choker – Material:

Chokers are made by using fabric-like material.

  • When to wear a choker?

Chokers ornamented with horrifying entities are best to wear during Halloween.

However, these are worn casually as well as regularly, based on the weight of the material used on the necklace.

  • Body Position:

It goes well around the throat and grips your neck without moving around. Don’t worry. It doesn’t chock your throat as the tight grip is slight.

5. Festoon Necklace:

Festoon Necklace
Image Sources Picuki

Festoon means a flower garland by definition that comes with ribbons or leaves and hung in curves while being used as a decorative element.

Hence, a festoon necklace comes with swags or drapes of chains, beads, and/or metal bindings in design.

“Identify festoon necklaces by their draping elements.”
  • Festoon Necklace material:

It is made by using jewels, gems, and metal chain. Gold, silver, and diamond junks can be used in the making; however, the price will increase.

  • When and How to wear a Festoon necklace:

The necklace goes well with formal wear and off the shoulder dresses. You can wear them on wedding ceremonies, engagement reception, or when you are going out with someone special.

  • Body Position:

Festoon necklace has a primary layer that remains attached to your neck, while drapes can spread over the rest of the collar bone. To adjust the size, you can use a tight clasp in it.

6. Princess Necklace:

Princess length necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

As the name denotes, the necklace has glistening stoning and gemming of various kinds and different stones. It comes in various fancy shapes with different adjustable clasps.

“Identify the Princess Necklace with its length that rests right below your collar bones.”
  • Princess Necklace Material:

It is not made by using metal but glistening rhinestones to give a peppy princess looks. Stones of various colors are used in this necklace, and you can get one necklace bedecked with multi-colored gemstones.

  • When and how to wear a Princess necklace:

This is a purely formal necklace that goes well and looks exclusive on all your fanciful dresses. Yet, it will also look cool with a work blazer or V-neck maxi.

  • Body Position:

The princess necklace is already made with heavy gemming, so it doesn’t hang but gracefully stays around your neck, down to your collar bones.

7. Matinee Necklace:

Matinee Necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

Why is it called matinee? Because the semi-formal design of matinee necklace makes it just right to go with all types of occasions and all styles of attires.

“Identify matinee types of necklaces with their two-layered design and use of light ornaments. It is larger than the princess necklace in length.”
  • Matinee Necklace Material:

These are made using brass, one karat gold, pure gold, sterling silver, or pure silver. Besides, tassels, gems, coins, or different types of beads decorate their overall looks.

  • When and How to wear a Matinee necklace:

You can wear matinee necklaces at work while partying with time, night outs, or simple casual walking. It is one of the excitement-oozing jewelry you can wear during winters with your turtle neck or high neck shirts.

  • Body Position:

With 22 inches length, it is larger than the princess necklace; hence, when you wear it, the matinee necklace falls above or center of the bust.

8. Sautoir:

Image Sources Pinterest

What is suitor definition? Sautoir is a French word that means jumping rope. Hence, Sautoir necklaces are so large and lengthy like ropes. However, sautoir is not a rope necklace; it is different in material.

“Identify Sautoir necklace with its 40 inches long length. It also sometimes comes with a pendant. It can be worn by twisting twice or singularly to let it hang freely.”
  • Sautoir Necklace Material:

Sautoir Necklaces are ancient necklaces that have evolved throughout history. They were popular during the 1900s but lost their charm at the start of the 21st century, however, now they are back in trends. Being historic, you find some vintage ornamentation in the making.

They are made using beads and pearls of various kinds and styles, yet come in different sizes, up to 40. A famous Heritage platinum sautoir made in 1933 had 10.09 karat diamond + two white pearls.

  • When And How To Wear A Sautoir Necklace:

Sautoir is a vintage necklace that can be looped around the neck or simply hung around. It is worn casually, formally, or regularly.

Such beaded necklaces come very handy when you need to transform your look into a Halloween hoodoo witch.

  • Body Position:

It goes all over the chest and stops slightly above the belly. However, when looped around the neck, the length goes up to busts.

9. Lariat Necklace:

beaded lariat necklace designs
Image Sources Pinterest

It is the most different kind of necklace you will ever have or see. It comes without any type of clasp or hook, yet two strands keep flowing through your neck without meeting each other.

It looks more like a fashionable kind of scarf made of metal. Lariat Necklaces also look slightly similar to bolo ties.

“To identify this necklace, you just have to see a vertical metal strand hanging down the other, ornamented with pearls, beads, metals, or a simple chain without any clasp.”
  • Lariat Necklace Material:

They are made with strong threads enriched with crystals, beads, pearls, Deco, or gold or silver chains to knot around the neck and flaunt.

  • When and how to wear a Lariat Necklace?

You can wear Lariat necklaces in a number of ways. Tie them around your neck by making a knot behind the neck or on your chests.

These chains look extremely elegant with fancy or formal attires. However, when chains are without pearls, you can carry them with regular dresses daily.

  • Body Position:

These necklaces’ position is simply on your chest that appears after making a knot around your neck. Make sure not to strangle your neck in it, so do not give it to kids to carry and wear.

10. Opera Necklace:

Opera Necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

Opera Necklaces also appear in the category of necklaces with a longer length. As you have seen, their length can go up to 30 to 36 inches. So, they can reach your belly button too.

“To identify the opera necklace, just check the length and clasp. If it has no clasp, it will be a Lariat Necklace while with clasp, it will be an opera necklace.”

The best thing about opera necklace is that you can wear them in multiple ways, which we shall discuss in the lines coming ahead.

  • Opera Necklace Material:

Opera necklaces are made with beads, pearls, marble, crystals, and all types of ornaments, stranded in a fabric thread. However, they are economical as well as reliable.

It goes well with all clothing types because they are often adorned with different colored pearls and beads.

  • When and how to Wear Opera Necklace?

From daily attire to casual events and fanciful days, opera necklaces are there to define your style statement in all situations.

  • Body Position:

Now to the best part, you can wear it as a single-stranded necklace like with winter clothing coats, high necks, or turtle neck shirts. By doing so, they can reach your belly button.

On the other hand, you can also wear them by looping around the neck and use them as a double-layered multi-colored elegant necklace. It is a perfect accessory to define your style statement.

11. Lavalier Necklace:

 lavalier jewellery

The necklace is another versatile variety of jewelry for neck that appears in the vintage category. It was introduced in 1600 by Louise de La Valliere, the mistress of Louis XIV.

“Identify Lavalier Necklace with its long chain ending at a large-sized tassel, feather, or pendant. The ending stone can have multiple stones at the end too.”
  • Lavalier Necklace Material:

Lavalier Necklaces are made with seed pearls, gold pendants, or tassels besides a metal chain, which is also part of the necklace. The metal chain could be of gold, silver, brass, or any other good shiny metal.

Color compilations are done to go great with all types of clothing you want to match your jewelry with or carry in contrast.

  • When and how to Wear Lavalier Necklace?

To wear this necklace, you don’t need a special event. From T-shirts to sweatshirts and frocks, it goes well with all types of dresses.

Events can be formal to casual. However, they may not look so good with backless or shoulder-less dresses.

  • Body Position:

The chain of the neckless will hug your neck while the stone at the end will lie calmly below your collar bone. It is worn especially with dresses and bought mostly as an antique piece of jewel to adorn bodies.

12. Locket:


Lockets are small hollow pieces that allow you to add a photograph inside it. The hollow piece can open like a book, a frame, a cylinder, or a bottle.

“To identify the types of lockets, check the hollow space inside that’s spared to keep memories and photographs. The most famous type of locket is heart-shaped locket.”

However, the modern era gives you even modern yet expendable photo lockets that you can wear as jewelry yet keep your memories around you everywhere. They come with multiple photo options. You can also get I love you necklace with hidden message

  • Locket Material:

The locket material could be metal, steel, gold, silver, brass, and even wood. They come without chains, however, can be adjusted in any sort of chain.

  • When and how to Wear Locket?

To wear lockets, you don’t need to wait for a particular day or special event. These are more like charms of photographs that you want to keep near to your heart.

So, they can be worn on a regular basis. To experiment, you can change the chains to bring a variation in your overall look.

  • Body Position:

Lockets come with medium-sized chains that rest below the collar bone. Modern versions of lockets are coming to keep you infused with positive vibes throughout the day as they let you carry essential oils with you.

13. Bib Necklace:

bib style necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

Elegant pieces of heavy jewelry worn on big events by brides and bridesmaids to enhance their overall look are known as bib necklaces.

“Identify bib necklaces with their wider front and taper back.”

They are made using layers and layers of gems and ornaments all gripped in a chain and cover almost all the areas below your neckbone.

  • Bib Necklace Material:

Bib necklaces are made with heavy metals and crystal clear gems and jewels. Bib necklaces are antique necklaces worn by Egyptian women thousand of years ago.

However, their styles have evolved much according to the latest trends.

  • When and how to Wear Bib Necklace?

Bib necklaces are fanciful; hence you can wear them on special gatherings and events with your shoulder-less dresses.

  • Body Position:

The chain is present above your collar bones while the rest of the necklace covers the area above your chest.

14. Pendant:

long pendant necklace

Pedant word is derived from the French language word “Pendre,” which means to hang. So yes, pendants hang along with your lockets.

“To identify the pendant, you should have a look at the hanging part; if it is hanging, that’s a pendant, unless it has no hollow place inside to add pictures.”

Pendants are also antique jewelry pieces that were worn as talisman intended to keep the wearer from harm. However, later they started being used as jewelry items for the neck in a combination of chains.

Pendants were also worn by religious people having shapes of religious symbols. And this thing happens even still.

  • Pendant Necklace Material:

Different types of restorative materials are used to make pendants, such as deco, pearls, metals, and even diamonds.

They are also made with pearls. They can be based on one layer or multiple layers, however, their size is small.

  • When and how to Wear Pendant Necklace?

Pendants are worn with a combination of chains. Pendants can be accessed with or without chains. You can wear them to show-off love for your moms or dads.

  • Body Position:

The body position of the pendant is based on the length of the chain. However, in general, pendants rest on your bust. They are also worn with leather chains, ribbon, and cords, etc.

15. Graduated Necklace:

Necklace types
Image Sources Pinterest

Graduated necklace, also known as graduated beads, are made by using different sized pearls or beads.

“Identify beads necklaces with their gradually increasing beads. The beads on the backside of the neck are small, while on the front, they start getting bigger.”

Why is it called a graduated necklace? A graduate in jewelry is the name of a style having an array of round cut diamonds that gradually get large.

They can be of any length, usually made with pearls.

  • Graduated Necklace Material:

The material of the graduated necklace is pearls or beads, all reeved in a fabric string. In the graduated necklace, all beads are made with the same material, color, and shape.

  • When and how to Wear Graduated Necklace?

Graduated necklaces are worn with sarees, maxi, or long skirts on special events like dinners, weddings, or engagement ceremony. They make women look modest.

However, some people believe that graduated necklaces can make you look older or above your age as they are made of beads.

  • Body Position:

Graduated necklaces can come in various sizes, such as the most prolonged or shorter. Prolonged are worn as twisted layers or while short ones in only one layer.

They reside on your neck near or below collar bones.

16. Back to School Necklace:

Heart Stethoscope Necklace

Apart from the controversy and noose photos, offering back-to-school necklaces is a great idea to help students feeling positive about school life. 

Pandemic has taught us many things, especially when there were no masks and students could meet friends on a daily basis.

As life is trying to come to normal, offering them back to school rings, jewelry, and gifts is a great way of celebration. 

Back to School Necklaces can have names in it, class numbers, and school stationary pendants. Such as a person becoming a doctor can be gifted a stethoscope necklace with a heart. 

Stethoscope necklace is available in Lariat Necklace shape.

17. Negligee Necklace:

Define negligee necklace
Image Sources Pinterest

You can call negligee necklace a modern version of lavalier necklace.

“Identify Negligee necklace with pair of asymmetrical pendants dangling from a fine chain on unequal lengths.”

These look cool, classic, yet modern and elegantly hugs your neck.

  • Negligee Necklace Material:

Negligee is based on pendants and a chain. So, the chain could be made of gold, silver, or brass metal, while the pendants can be based on rubies, diamonds, or sapphires.

Negligee necklaces are made with a combination of two stones as well.

Interesting Fact: The necklace was very famous in the Edwardian era.
  • When and how to Wear Negligee Necklace?

Negligee Necklaces are such elegant pieces of ornaments, and the stones and rubies used inside them make them even delicate.

  • Body Position:

Negligee necklaces rest on your chest or the area below collar bones.

18. Torsade Necklace:

Simple necklaces
Image Sources Picuki

It is not necessary for necklace strands to be of the same length exactly; however the length should be at least 0.5 inches or 1.3 cm; otherwise, the strands won’t drape together while wearing.

Strands with different lengths allow them to nest together, yet not to overcrowd and bunch up.

“Identify torsade necklace with the multi strands weaved together and offered with one detangler.”

Torsade necklaces are very pretty pieces of jewelry for the neckline.

  • Torsade Necklace Material:

They are made with pearls, beads, little marbles, or such sort of other embellishments all weaved under one thread.

  • When and how to Wear Torsade Necklace?

Torsade necklaces are exclusive yet give you a vast variety of events in which you can wear them. They will go excellently with all shoulder-less dresses.

They are semi-formal to regular kind of necklaces.

  • Body Position:

They attach with your neckline tightly and hug around your throat in a softer way.

19. Riviere Necklace

Types of Chains:

type of chains

Along with lockets, we also have multiple types of chains that you can carry. The best thing about chains is that these can be worn by men or boys as well.

So, if you are searching for male jewelry or accessories, look at these awesome types of chains.

20. Rope / Bayadère Necklace:

jewelry chain
Image Sources Pinterest

One of the most extended necklaces you will ever have in your collection is the rope. It is known as Bayadère as well. It is a French word that means dancing.

However, the necklace has nothing to do with dance.

“You can identify Rope or Bayadère Necklace with its twisted braided chain of a large size i.e., 36 inches or more.”
  • Rope / Bayadère Necklace Material:

Actually, you can say that rope is more referred to as a chain for your neck rather than a necklace. However, it ornaments neck and looks cool and unique.

The twisted material of Bayadère could be metal or fabric, depending upon the choice of the wearer. However, it looks great in all types of material.

To turn it into a necklace, you can add a locket or pendant at its end.

For your information, the rope is the most durable chain used by females and even males globally as jewelry for the neck.

  • When and how to Wear Rope / Bayadère Necklace?

Rope chains come in variant sizes, worn with or without necklaces and pendants, depending once again on the choice of the person wearing it.

Because of the zigzag pattern, Bayadère tends to be quite lustrous and shiny; hence they are worn on night time functions with fanciful attires.

  • Body Position:

The semi-longer chain would rest on the bust classily while the longest one can go to the belly button. Also, there comes another variant in which chain resides right below your collar bones.

21. Multi-colored String Chain:

String Necklaces
Image Sources Pinterest

Specifically, kids, however, teenagers and hippies wear these necklaces as well. In these, different colored beads are used of different shapes, all gathered in a string.

“Identify Multi-colored string chain with its multi-colored beads.”

They can be based on one to more than one strand. These colorful necklaces suit olive skin tone a lot.

  • String chain Material:

Most of the time, the string’s material is fabric, while beads used in it can be made with plastic. People use buttons, stones, or pearls to give them a sophisticated look.

  • When and how to Wear the String chain?

Bead necklaces are usually worn with plain white blouses or dresses in light colors on regular days while going to beaches or picnics. They can also be carried to beaches along with hats as beach accessories.

  • Body Position:

These are longer. Hence you can put String Necklaces on your body below your chest or on the stomach above the belly button.

22. Curb / Cuban Chain:

What is a curb chain
Image Sources Pinterest

What is a curb chain? A flat chain with many interlinked connections is called the curb chain. Another name for the curb chain is the Cuban chain.

These are most common among men than women; however, these are unisex chains that look equally beautiful on men and women necks.

“To identify curb or Cuban chain, simply look that its links lay flat even while interlocked. They are mostly heavy and chunky for men, while for females, they have a lighter material.”
  • Curb Chain Material:

Curb chains are purely made of metals, gold or silver, as well as brass, Nickle, sterling silver and one karat gold.

  • When and how to Wear Curb Chain Necklace?

These chains are worn casually by hippie boys and teens. Women add lockets or pendants at its end to give it a more female-like touch.

  • Body Position:

They come till the collar bone for men or go a little lower for women.

Some more chain types are:

23. Rolo Chain:

24. Wheat Chain:

25. Link Chain:

26. Figaro chain:

27. Snake Chain:

28. Byzantine Chain:

Bottom Line:

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