From Crazy To Creative You’ll Love These Types Of Bracelets

Types of bracelets

Jewelry! Boy oh boy! The craze over this fashion trend reels us back to the ages of dinosaurs when cavemen and cavewomen adorned their necks with animal teeth and leather strings.


As the years progressed further, thankfully the trend of placing parts of dead animals on your body diminished and soon disappeared.

Nowadays, jewelry has transformed into a whole new world of art, sophistication, and beauty. You can find all sorts of jewelry ranging from anklets to toe rings and teeth jewelry.

There is no limit to how far this trend can progress. To brief you upon the latest trends that everyone is loving…rings, necklaces, earrings, and nose studs are the ones majorly worn and used. But, there is one more branch of jewelry that once you delve in to, you will discover a whole new universe of ever-changing trends.


The sound of this merry word is enough to jingle anyone’s jangle and get them super excited about what they can potentially explore in this new world of jewelry.

When it comes to bracelets, there are so many different types of them that you could possibly get lost in the plethora of them. From different strap materials to varying objects of interest placed on the bracelet. With small changes here and there, the whole outlook of the bracelet changes.

That is what makes bracelets so unique that by switching a tiny thing, you get a whole new look. But before you get into the whole styling technique of bracelets, you must get to know about all the different types of bracelets.

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Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets

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A top favorite of many teenagers and young individuals in society, these are perfect for practical situations where you just want to adorn your wrists but at the same time need to keep it fun and carefree.

They are easy to wear and take off without you having to worry about unclasping or clasping anything.

We all know what type of Godforsaken struggle it is, to unclasp and clasp a bracelet when you need to keep one hand completely out of order as it just lies there. That is why most people prefer to wear bangle bracelets more than the others because of the convenience and appeal they provide.

Moreover, the best thing about bangle bracelets is that they come in the widest variety ever. From beaded to tasseled ones and others that come with layers. Everyone is always searching for a new innovative and skillful way to style their wrists and these bangle bracelets are always there to save the day.

Now if you are truly searching for that one kind of bangle bracelet that could really solve all your problems, clear your skin and regulate your sleep schedule…we got just the one for ya!

The solar system space bangle bracelet offered for sale on Inspire Uplift combines for your beauty and charisma all in one single piece of jewelry. To brief you on this gorgeous and highly special & unique bracelet here’s what you acquire upon purchasing it:

  • The bracelet combines the 11 planets in the solar system and all are represented by different stones. Below are listed the stones.

Universe: Blue Sandstone

Black Hole: Obsidian

Mercury: Deep Sea Scallop

Venus: Gold Metal Alloy

Moon: Opal

Earth: King Turquoise

Mars: Red Agate

Jupiter: Tiger Eye

Saturn: Whitelip Shell

Uranus: Blue Cat Eye Stone

Neptune: Lapis Lazuli

  • The bracelet inspires a feeling of hope and change into your life and always reminds you of how the vast the universe really is. And it’s just really pretty too!

Double Utility Bracelets

Double Utility Bracelets

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These types of bracelets are so much more appreciated than any other kind of bracelet just because of their double functionality feature. There are some such bracelets that double up to be a completely different appliance as compared to the concept of a piece of jewelry.

You can find many like those which employ the use of a camera in the structure of the bracelet or resound as an alarm sound to protect you against danger. But that’s some serious stuff!

Let’s reel back the somberness of this situation and bring you the coolest and funkiest kind of bracelet you will ever find. Ever heard of a flask bangle bracelet?

This bracelet does not only lie in the category of bangle bracelets but it also procures itself a spot in the “2 in 1 bracelet deals” category. Basically here’s what the bracelet brings to the table.

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel it wraps around your wrist like any other chunky bracelet but it is the internal hollowness of it that counts. It comes with a stopper at the top for you to pour whatever liquid you want inside it and keep it covered while still refreshing yourself every other minute.

It is absolutely perfect for sneaking in the movies with some red wine or supplying yourself with your own supply of tequila before you hit the club. Not only does it look fashionable but is also highly functional.

You can acquire this chunky piece of jewelry in colors of rose, gold, silver or rainbow! Needless to say, whatever color you choose doesn’t matter for it can still hold up to 3 oz tequila for you!

Right about now, this bracelet is a 3 in 1 deal!

Boho Bracelets

Boho Bracelets

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Better known as bohemian bracelets these ones deserve a whole category for themselves just because of how unique and adored they are. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials but most importantly each bracelet incorporates a plethora of colors in itself.

This is the thing that makes these bracelets all the more special and wanted. Because every other piece of similar jewelry always incorporates one simple color and that’s how it works. But boho bracelets break the mold and instead bring a variety of varying colors all in one place.

Another winning feature about these bracelets that earns them a higher spot in the likes of people is that most of these pieces of jewelry are handmade. Handmade items just have a different and more special place in everyone’s heart.

Take this super gorgeous hand made bohemian bracelet for example. Combined from semi-precious stones, leather and metal you will find every color you can think of in the bracelet. Teal, sea blue, jade green, salmon pink, amethyst purple, charcoal grey, marble white…etc.

On top of everything, boho bracelets go with literally any and every outfit you have on. For women, you can wear anything from a dress to jeans to skirts to shorts and the bracelet will complement everything about your look.

Romantic Themed Bracelets

Romantic Themed Bracelets

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There are so many bracelets that people buy just because they want to grow their collection or for fashion purposes. But romantic themed bracelets are more special and hold a more emotional value which is what makes them so much more of a big deal.

Usually, as some couples like to personalize their Him & Her, Him & Him, Her & Her bracelets but why go through the hassle? You can always opt for such a romantic bracelet that shows no hints of any gender-related issue.

Something that is perfectly neutral yet emanates romance with every second that it exists. If you’re thinking where the living bloopers can you find such a thing? Look no further than this “You’re My Person” bracelet.

Choose it in gold or silver or rose color it only further compliments the theme and message the bracelet brings. The simplicity of the bracelet makes it all the more special and attracting everyone.

It is manufactured in a way to promote functionality, practicality but also keeps it easy on you to carry around your loved one’s message without any hassle. The adjustable bracelet is elegant and thin with the letters engraved into it in black color.

A true sign of love and appreciation of your loved one.

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