From Crazy to Creative You’ll Love These Types of Bracelets

Types of bracelets

Wearing different types of jewelry is not just accessories anymore but an integral part of us, when we want to ornament ourselves.

Ornamenting doesn’t mean having shining jewels and beads around your body. Now, ornamenting yourself is all about using all types of materials, and carrying them around bodies like a diva.

Types of Bracelets are also part of stylish jewelry, men and women, equally love and love to wear around their wrists. They come in various shapes, types, sizes, and of course, garnished in different manners.

Historical Use Of Bracelets:

Bracelet term is not new as the craze over this fashion trend reels us back to the ages of dinosaurs when cavemen and cavewomen adorned their necks with animal teeth and leather strings.

However, the styles of bracelets have evolved a lot, and now you can have bracelet styles made with beads, pearls, leather, iron, gold, and silver.

Also, animal skin and teeth-made bracelets are although available still; however, they are too expensive to be part of the common trends.

But, what are the different kinds of popular bracelets available these days? Here is a complete guide on bracelets with meanings along with the pictures of the style.

“Do you know any way of how to make different types of friendship bracelets? Well, share with us in the comment section below and help us with your aesthetic knowledge.”

1. Bangle Bracelets:

Bangle bracelet

Bangles are the traditional wrist and arms accessories worn by women and sometimes men, from the many past years.

However, for the trend change and fashion’s sake, bangles are coming in the form of bracelets.

The shape:

The shape of the bangle bracelet is usually thin.

Types of bangle bracelet:

You can find plenty of popular bangle bracelets, such as:

  • Wooden bangle bracelets
  • Gold bangle bracelets

Meaning of bangle bracelet:

One of the most popular bangle style bracelets is 7 bangle bracelets. The 7 days bracelets meaning represents seven days of the week. They are popular in Mexican culture and are known as Semanario bracelets.

According to Spanish culture, these 7 bangle bracelet gold or silver bring good luck.

2. Cuff bracelet:

Cuff bracelets

The cuff bracelet is the most popular type and emerged from the reign of Cleopatra and been so famous from then till now.

This bracelet comes in the material of metal, including silver, gold, brace, and even iron.

The shape:

According to cuff bracelet definition, they are also round bracelet; however, they make a ¾ circle and has an opened end. Their flexibility allows people to adjust it.

Types of cuff bracelets:

They are differentiated from the material they are made of as well as their clasps. For our convenience, just like types of earrings, they have different types of closures at the end.

  • Leather cuff bracelets (they come with clasps)
  • Gold, silver, iron, or other metal made cuff bracelets (they usually come without clasps)

Cuff bracelets are popular for casual to formal looks. People inspired by the Sufi culture love having them on their wrists. Wonder woman also wears cuff bracelet.

3. Leather bracelets:

Men's Leather Vintage Bracelet

Leather bracelets are so popular among males, but ladies, especially in their teen years, love to wrap them around their wrists.

They add a very charming and appealing yet smart look to your appearance. If we say leather bracelets are on the top list of stylish bracelets, that won’t be wrong.

The shape:

The shape of the leather-made bracelets is more like a long strap that is intertwined around the wrist once or many times, based on the size of the bracelet.

Popular leather bracelets:

Do you want the most popular leather bracelet with meaning that represents your inner feelings and let you walk satisfied with your thoughts and dreams in your hands?

Well, find the most amazing leather bracelet with classic  clasp types, below:

This bracelet comes with the text of dream, love, universe, thoughts, and all the possible words you got in your mind when thinking about feelings. Easy to wear on off, this can be one of the most sensual types of gifts for picky people.

4. Charm Bracelet:

Charm Bracelet

Does it sound more like witchcraft and wizardry? Well, though, charms-use is a branch of witchery; however, here charm bracelet relates to something you can customize by yourself.

A charm bracelet is made with entities linked to music, books, dreams, and anything relevant to your interest.

The shape:

The shape is flexible circular usually made on threads or elastic fiber that can be adjusted according to the shape and size of the wrist. These bracelets can be put on with one hand because you don’t need to close or open the hook.

Popular charm bracelets:

The most popular type of charm bracelets is Solar System Space Bracelet; have it and have complete universe near to your hand, dangling in your wrist.

The bracelet can be worn with just one hand. Adjust the width according to size of your hand and wrist. The space bracelet has all planets, including earth, represented in their sole and original tones and textures.

This universe bracelet can be one of the best gifts for your universe to make her feel special.

5. Beads Bracelets:

Beads Bracelets

Beads are the most ancient and common entities to use in bracelets and are still popular and in fashion. Beads bracelets are inspired by prayer beads that you can wear around your wrists and show yourself off.

The shape:

These are round shaped bracelets embedded all over with beads having a closure at the end, that makes it easy to put on and off the bracelet.

Popular Beads Bracelets:

There are many types of beads bracelets available in the market. However, do you know that now you can charge your phone with a Beads Bracelets? Astonished? Well, check it here then,

Well, it is more like ghost USB cable in your hand, that nobody knows about. With having this on, you will not have to borrow charging cable from your annoying colleagues anymore.

This Beads Charging Bracelet is most probably the need of time and your style. Do you want to know about some more innovative gadgets?

6. Link Bracelet:

Link Bracelet

Link bracelets are more like metal bracelets having wristwatch-like strap linked with each other using one or different closure. This charming bracelet comes in various shapes, enhanced with beads and marks.

The shape:

It comes with detachable joint ends in a circular shape.

Popular link types for bracelet:

There come many types of links for bracelets; however, something we are talking about here is the one that’s link blinks and brightens when come in contact with lavender oil.

It looks like lava is melting in your wrists. However, the bracelet remains cool and comfortable to wear. You can enjoy this amazing gadget and shock your friends.

7. Friendship Bracelet:

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship is all about celebrating the bond with gifts and spending time together doing pointless talks and making lame jokes.

We all can relate to our days when we used to spend hours and hours making bracelets with strings.

The shape:

A friendship bracelet could be of any shape, any size, and any type, however, the main thing it has is the name of the friend or a quote written or patched on it.

Types of Friendship Bracelets:

Well, the funnier the gift of the bracelet is, the stronger the bond is. Though there are funny and friendship quotes enriched bracelets available in the market in plenty.

However, the friendship bracelet we have brought you here is most rare.

It is made of metal, a thick bangle, that your friend can wear around the wrist. But, this bracelet is a secrete bottle of flask that lets your friend take whiskey, brandy, or beer anywhere they want.

Which friend came to your mind while reading about this amazing bracelet?

8. Love Bracelets:

Love bracelets

Who says there is no friendship in love? Well, serious and romantic relationships, when have intimacy as well as best friendship, can become the most special.

The bracelet that you offer to your loved ones is more sensual and delicate.

The shape:

Just like friendship bracelets, there is no specific shape of the love spouse bracelet; however, the main difference is the unique romantic love quote embedded in it.

Bracelet for Wife:

If you are searching for a bracelet for wife, here is a unisex bracelet that husband and wife both can wear. This can be the best bracelet to celebrate love and let the other person know how much they mean to you.

It has a decent shape with fine material quoted with You’re My Person quote. This can represent your feelings without saying a word, and also, actions speak louder than words.

Here at this link, find some more gift ideas for your loved one to make them fell in love over and over again.

9. Bohemian Bracelet:

Handmade Bohemian Bracelet

Bohemian culture contains types of handmade bracelets, big bangles, large cloaks, stylish earrings, and big necklaces, and people wear Malas.

Their overall gestures are different than usual. However, people, especially in their teens, are in love with adopting slight bohemian attires.

The shape:

Bohemian bracelets can be of any shape, but they often come with an elastic body that can be adjusted with the shape and size of the bracelet.

Popular Bohemian Bracelets:

The most popular bohemian bracelet is made with beads, crystals, and many other types of entities as well, along with having a flower at the end that’s silver in color and used to clutch the bracelet-ends together.

You can pair this bohemian bracelet with bohemian earrings to define your looks even better. They are designed with multi-colored entities hence go with each dress of yours. Wear them casually or especially; you will definitely awe the eyes of others.

10. Wrap bracelet:

Colorful Handmade Bohemian Wrap Bracelet

Wrap bracelets are often too large in size and tangled around the writs many times and make a shape of the long bracelet in your arm. They look so charming indeed.

The shape:

The shape of the wrap bracelet is based on long thin line made with different types of materials; however, not gold and silver because metals cannot be intertwined.

Types of Wrap Bracelets:

You may find many types of bracelets that can be wrapped around the arm; however, the one we are offering here is the most stylish bracelet that you cannot resist having.

It is a handmade bracelet, and very fine material is used to make it. It gets beautifully enfolded around your lower arm.

Bottom Line:

This is all about the types of bracelets you wanted to know. Are there any types you know that we are missing? Suggest us in the comment section below, and we will make them part of the blog.

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