Getting Married? Here Are 30 Types of Rings You Need to Know for Your Future Jewelry Collections

Types of Rings

When it comes to searching for types of rings, the most occurring thought in mind is how this small piece of jewelry can have so many kinds because we only know two different types of rings:

One is the band while the other one is the ring, usually used on weddings, proposals, and engagements, etc.

Well, you are right at thinking this, but rings actually have so many types that vary as per material, meaning, purpose, age, and style.

The ring types also vary for price, and people usually spend an average of $2,500 on engagement rings alone.

Do you know there are plenty of types of rings you can wear in ears? What are those? Check types of earrings, here.

Back to the discussion, rings don’t contrast on the basis of gender because we have rings for men available as well as for the women.

However, as per style, fashion, and contemporariness, we have more rings for women than men.

So, here are some types of rings men and women both can have:

Types of Rings By Material:

Now, we have the most common sorts of rings material including:

1. Gold Rings:

Gold Rings

Gold, without a doubt, is the best ring material to design a ring for special occasions.

Such as: For proposals, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and births, gifted by men to women and vice versa.

Everyone knows Gold rings for women, but do you know gold also has so many types, Like:

  • Pure gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • One Karat Gold

Pure Gold is most expensive as mostly named as 24 karats or 24K.

While one karat gold is nor pure gold but it is shiny like the real one.

2. Silver Rings:

Silver Ring

Just like a hug ring plays a key role whenever two people meet for life, there are other factors, like culture and religion, that can’t be overlooked.

For example, in some religions, golden men rings are prohibited; therefore, they go for different types of silver rings.

However, there is no prohibition in other cultures, so plenty of gold ring designs for men are easily accessible.

Just like gold, silver ring material also has types:

  • Pure Stainless steel
  • Combo of steel with chromium

Do you know

Chromium keeps silver rings from getting tarnished.

3. Platinum Rings:

Plantinum Ring
Image Source Unsplash

Platinum is a lookalike metal to silver but expensive than other jewelry materials.

The reason behind expensive rates of this jewelry is the mellow hue that appears under Platinum rings.

Platinum rings are common to make bands and rings for men and women equally.

Do you know

Most of the men’s jewelry is made with platinum material.

4. Titanium Rings:

Titanium Rings
Image Source Pinterest

Titanium is the most exclusive material to make fancy rings for men.

Though women wear titanium jewelry as well still we call it specific for males.

Q: What types of material are used to make O-rings?

O-rings can be made with all different types of metal according to the desire of the person.

The best thing about titanium is the lightweight property that makes it comfortable for jewelry to wear in fingers, toes, nose, ears, or necks, etc.

5. Diamond Rings:

Diamond ring

Diamonds without a doubt are most expensive materials available for Jewelry making.

Not whole ring is made with diamond but only prongs are made by using them.

Even the smallest diamond settings can cost thousands of dollars.

6. Plastic Rings:

Plastic Rings
Image Source Pinterest

Plastic is not a very common material for ceremonial rings; however, as it is very cheap, so some common purpose rings are made out of it.

Remember that it is not a recommended and traditional material for rings.


Nevertheless, the best thing about plastic rings is you can have it in plenty of colors and designs.

Although the material doesn’t go with traditional types of wedding rings; Still you can find cheap men’s fashion rings, made with good and solid plastic.

As we have quoted Fashion, so let’s discuss ring styles according to trends and fashion in the lines coming ahead.

Fashion Rings:

A fashion ring is something that defines your style statement.

You are single, married, or a separated cool parent, a fashion ring is your accessory.

The main aim of wearing these rings is to add extra oodles of glam to your overall stylish look.

One thing is for sure; fashion rings are larger types of rings except for stack rings.

7. Cocktail fashion rings:

Cocktail fashion rings
Image Source Pinterest

You may wonder, What is a cocktail ring?

Well, cocktail rings are bigger rings that cover your finger better. It has a colorful stone that’s large and set in the middle of the ring.

Cocktail rings settings also come with birthstones however the purpose of such rings is not just oodles fashion.

You can find plenty of men’s cocktail rings and female cocktail ring designs.

8. Statement rings:

Statement ring
Image Source Pinterest

To know statement ring definition, see its name; statement rings are also larger in size however not just with stone but they have an overall bigger size.

They are called statement rings because they are visible from a distance and outdo your presence completely from the rest.

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9. Finger Claw Ring:

Full Finger Claw Ring Jewelry For Teenagers

Claw rings are mainly popular among teenage boys and girls however all age groups can enjoy wearing them in order to add a little style to their persona. 

From one to three, teenagers carry finger claw rings in different ways, just the way they like it, such as in the first finger only or in the first three fingers. 

It comes in a metal finish and looks so cool. 

10. Cluster rings:

Cluster rings
Image Source Pinterest

Instead of one stone, in cluster rings, there is more than one stone placed that can be of one to different colors. Being a fashion ring, the cluster ring also has a larger size than usual.

Diamond cluster wedding rings are so much in demand.

11. Stackable rings:

Stackable rings
Image Source Pinterest

Stackable silver rings are different than other fashion rings that are bigger in size.

These are small, thin, and very delicate rings.

To showcase a style statement, more than one stack rings are worn in the fingers. You can call them bangles for your fingers.

Stackable child name rings are so in demand as mother’s ring.

12. Mid finger rings:

Mid-finger rings, as the name denotes, are the rings to wear in the middle of your fingers.

Do not misunderstand it with the ring for the middle finger.

They are also fine and delicate and can be thin or thick, based on the style statement of the person wearing it.

13. Reptile Octopus ring:

Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring

Three to four-layered rings have always been in fashion and now the trend has got even viral. Thanks to the Instagram influencer and MUAs on YouTube. 

These are casual rings that people can wear on daily basis. You can find different animal designs in such rings. Once again, the style is popular among the teen generation. 

14. Toe rings:

Usually, we don’t wear anything in our toes; however, people who follow fashion and want to stand out of the crowds with their attires, enhance each part of their body.

Toe rings can be small O-rings or a ring with pearl settling. Make sure to check toe ring size chart before ordering one for you. You can measure your ring size at home as well.

15. Name rings:

Name Rings
Image Source Unsplash

As you can get an idea with its title, name rings are customized rings with the first letter or all letters of your name.

Name rings are also called initial rings especially when only the initial letter of your name is beaming in the ring.

People use various kinds of materials for name rings.

16. Adjustable rings:

Metallic Adjustable Snake Ring

Sometimes, some people have extremely thin or fat fingers that they cannot find a ring apt to their size. Adjustable rings come in handy in all such situations. 

They come in various designs and styles, ample in reptile and snakelike shape designs as such designs look even cooler.

What Does A Ring Symbolize?

Rings with meaning do not have special material or designs, in fact, mean of a ring is symbolized by the finger; we are wearing it in. Here are some rings and their meanings:

17. Simple thumb ring:

A simple thumb ring denotes willpower. If you want to enhance your willpower, wear a ring in your thumb and show it off.

However, remember that wearing a thing in the thumb is now a universal sign of homosexuality.

People, gays, often wear rings in thumbs.

What is the Difference between a thumb ring gay and a simple thumb ring?

Ans: If you are straight and wearing a ring in your thumb for the sake of showing willpower, put it in your right hand however to showcase homosexual relationships, people wear it in their left hand.

18. First finger ring:

First finger rings have the meaning of leadership. People, who prefer to wear rings in their first finger are full of leadership qualities.

19. Middle finger ring:

Middle finger rings

Often very large rings for middle finger are available.

Well, wearing a ring in your middle finger means individuality.

You are a sole person, a different person, with a very fine individual personality when you wear middle finger ornament.

20. Ring finger ring:

We all know, rings in ring finger show commitment and compassion towards someone specially a person, they are in love or in relation with.

Rings in the ring finger show affection and love.

21. Fifth Finger or Pinkie Finger Ring:

Pinkie finger is the smallest finger in your hand and is often used to make pinkie promises.

The finger is also known as fifth digit as it is on the fifth number of your hand.

A ring in this finger means bonding.

Special Purpose Rings:

Special purpose rings are often gifts offered to one person by the other for the sake of a special purpose.

This is the most demanding ring-type because as friendship bonds start with bracelets, love bonds often start with a ring.

Here we have some rings that symbolize love:

22. Eternity Bands / Promise Rings:

Eternity Bands Promise Rings
Image Source Pinterest

When people change promise rings, the main purpose behind is a promise and commitment with each other.

If we check eternity rings definition¸ it means lasting affection.

Whenever, it is exchanged between two people, it simply defines, they will never let each other go.

However, here you need to understand that the eternity ring is not just given and taken by spouse.

But also to any person who have special space in your life, such as your mothers, father, or anyone you love.

Mothers ring eternity band often symbolizes love and affection and commitment of the mother towards her newborn or all children.

The design of eternity ring is based on the unbroken circle of gems.

23. Engagement Rings and Bands:

Engagement Rings and Bands

Engagements and rings are synonymies together because ring is the main part of the engagement either happening formally or just the first-time proposal.

Engagements rings can be expensive to cheap, based on the pocket size and choice of the person.

However, people spend annually a huge sum on engagement rings.

Engagement rings, as they are between people to promise each other for their presence through thick and thin.

The ring is worn in the ring finger that resides in between middle and pinky finger.

Engagement rings are available in different types of materials including diamond, silver, gold, platinum, and many others.

24. Wedding Rings / Bands:

Wedding Rings

Weddings, just like engagements are not complete without ring ceremony.

Usually, expensive bands for males and diamond ring settings for females are used as wedding rings.

The purpose once again for wedding rings is to offer each other to say each other through thick and thins.

The ring is also placed inside the ring finger.

It has same symbol and same definition as engagement rings have.

However, wedding rings are only exchanged between spouses such as husband and wife.

A wedding ring becomes the part of a person’s life because as long as the relation remains, wedding rings keep twinkling in the fingers of the couple.

25. Anniversary rings:

Anniversary rings
Image Source Unsplash

When special moments are celebrated, anniversary rings come as the best gift of all.

An anniversary ring is often given on the completion of a year to a relation.

Spouse offers this ring to each other as honoring each one’s presence in each other life.

Anniversary ring symbolizes that the couples are still celebrating to be each other.

26. Birthstone rings:

Birthstone rings
Image Sources pinterest

The rings or bands that have birthstone ring settings on it are called as birthstone rings.

The special purpose of this ring is to keep a person connected with its birth month, birth sign, and birthstone.

According to zodiac experts and astrologers, every month belongs to two signs, that are known as the zodiac or star sign of the person.

Each sign has some properties and special elements related to it including stone.

When a person wears a ring with its birthstone settings in it, evils of the worlds remain away from them while the good spirits keep surrounding them.

Therefore, such rings are so popular. You can find:

  • Simple birthstone rings
  • Birthstone Gold rings
  • Custom birthstone infinity ring
  • Relationship birthstone ring
  • Multi birthstone ring
  • Two stone birthstone ring, etc.

Remember, the ring material for a birthstone ring can be gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and many others.

27. Class rings:

Class Ring
Image Source Pinterest

Class rings are rings for school and college-going students, often work as badges on which name, roll number, class, or batch name is engraved.

You can find different designs of class rings for college in the market such as stackable class rings.

What is a stackable class ring?

A stackable ring is based on two to three different rings, worn together. Each ring has some names or numbers showcasing identity of the person from school or college, the ring belongs to.

28. Ring sets:

Instead of having one ring, people also buy ring sets in order to look cooler and more stylish.

There are many types ring sets available in the market for various purposes.

Both single and couples can order ring sets according to the requirements, choice, and needs.

You can find expensive or simple wedding ring sets as well as high or low set engagement rings, for weddings and proposals. Here, you can find same looking rings for bride and groom.

Along with this, other then wedding and engagements, ring sets are also available such as 5 finger ring set, finger claw ring set, toe ring set and hand toe ring sets etc.

The main aim of using ring sets is to find uniform rings to add amazing class to your fingers and overall persona.

29. Mood rings:

Mood Ring
Image Source Pinterest

The basic purpose of the mood ring is to detect any change in the person’s mood during a day.

These rings are usually born in first fingers.

Whenever there is change in the mood of the person, the ring changes its color.

Actually, in mood rings, a special mood detecting fluid is filled that has the ability to change color according to the mood of the person.

You can find various types of mood rings including cocktail, wedding, proposal, engagement, or simple mood ring, etc.

Types of ring settings:

Do you know rings are also differentiated on the base of ring settings on it? here are some types of rings according to settings:

30. Bezel Setting:

In types of bezel ring settings, around the rim will enclose the diamond or stone.

31. Prong setting:

In prong ring setting, the diamond mount is gripped by 4 to 6 prongs.

32. Cluster ring setting:

In cluster setting, cluster of diamonds appears around the mount of the ring.

33. Channel setting:

This is the modern type of setting, usually used for wedding rings.

Here gemstones are set under the channels that are made with two strips of metal.

Some more types of ring settings include bar, gipsy, illusion, and tension setting etc.

Before ending, here are some gender-specific rings, have a look at them:

Types of rings for men:

rings for men

Types of rings for women:

Rings For Women

Bottom line:

Before ending this content, it has to be stated that rings are not just that are worn in fingers. You can also wear them in toes, ears, and nose. Check more products related to grooming and skincare.

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