16 Strikingly Cool Types of Nose Rings to Try | Piercing Types & Aftercare

types of nose ring

Nose piercing culture is known for centuries. But recently, it got so popular that everyone around us is talking about getting one or about the one they just got.

Yes, almost 19% of women and 15% of men in America have nose piercings. Moreover, a recent study by jewelry box revealed nose piercing, septum to be #1 in the world’s most favorite piercings list.

Nose piercings have so many varieties that there is a nose ring perfect for every nose shape. Have you decided to get one? We are here to help!

Disclaimer: Find 16 types of nose rings, 13 nose piercing styles, classy jewelry to wear, and rock.

Your route to a trendy hoop.

16 Types of Nose Rings

There is a nose ring for every piercing lover. Yes, we said it. The options are endless to find nose rings according to nose shapes and piercing types.

Some of the best nose rings are twist, L-shaped, pin nose stud, nose bones, hoops, screw nose ring, barbell, horseshoe, captive bead, fake nose rings, etc.

Let’s find out details regarding nose rings you can flawlessly carry with any dres’s style.

1. Twist

nose rings
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If you are looking to find the best nose rings that don’t fall out, then a twisted nose ring should be your top pick. It gives a flush fit (no gap between nostrils and jewelry).

FYI: Twists are common nose ring types inspired by the twisty motion of a screw.

2. Fishtail

fishtail nose ring
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A fishtail nose ring is the best bet for all individuals who find nose screws and other types of nose rings hard to fit their nose shapes due to its smaller than average size.

Fishtail nose rings are considered custom nose rings as they can be personalized according to one’s nose shape and size.

You can ask your piercer to customize the 19mm straight post as per your requirements.

3. Half Hoop

Half Hoop nose rings
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Nose hoops are the latest trends of 2023, and the best part is, they suit well with almost all nose shapes.

Nose hoops are c-shaped half circles that come in different materials, i.e., gold, silver, and titanium, which means there’s a hoop to everyone’s liking.

Check this video of how you can put in half hoop nose rings


how you can take out a nose bone:

4. Captive Bead Nose Ring

captive bead nose ring
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One of the ideal starter nose rings includes hoops like captive bead rings and labrets (we have discussed it below).

A captive bead is a circular ring with a bead that you can customize according to your style preferences. These rings are considered ideal for wearing in the helix piercing.

Here’s a video on how to put on a captive bead ring:

5. L-shaped Nose Rings

l nose ring
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The secure fit shape is similar to the alphabet ‘L’ and bends at 90°.

L nose rings come in the right and left versions that make them suitable for most people. Moreover, they are easy to wear in comparison to other types of nose rings.

6. Nose Bone Stud

Nose bone stud
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The nose bone stud or nose bone ring has a straight post with a small ball on one side (goes inside the piercing) and a beautiful jewel on the other side. It provides a secure fit similar to the twist nose ring.

7. Straight Barbell Nose Ring

barbell nose ring
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As the name suggests, it has a straight post with beads on the end. This is the best piercing jewelry for nasallng piercing. You can also customize this by swapping the usual beads with something stylish

8. Nose Screw:

nostril screw
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If you are looking for something delicate yet secure for your nostril piercing, screw nose rings are ideal for you.

They aren’t straight but have a curved half-spiral that goes into the piercing, making it a nose ring that doesn’t fall out easily.

They come in left and right nostril rings (you get to choose the one according to the piercing you have). It is just like you twisting the screw into your nostril. It’s really not that complicated.

Here is a video guide on how to wear a nose screw ring:

9. Horseshoe Nose Ring

horseshoe nose ring
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A horseshoe nose ring or bull piercing is usually worn as a septum piercing. It is a curved semi-circular barbell (incomplete circle) with a singular bead on each side.

The beads are easily removable and can’t be customized for colors and shapes as per your preference.

10. Circle Nose Ring

circle nose ring
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The seamless nose ring is similar to a captive bead ring, with the difference that the circle is split and there’s no bead in the ring.

Tip: While wearing, never pull apart the rings; instead, twist them away slightly to make a spiral.

11. Corkscrew Nose ring

corkscrew nose ring
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A corkscrew nose stud or ring is different from other rings, studs, or screws you find as it is made of a metal wire which is twisted in an odd shape on one side.

The odd twist provides a flush fit against the nostril and keeps your nose jewelry secure.

Here watch a video on how you can put in and take out a corkscrew nose ring without a problem:

12. Septum Nose Rings: Clickers

types of septum rings
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Among the different types of septum rings, one of the easier you can wear is the septum clickers.

They have a straight bar that goes inside the piercing and a circle hanging with the bar that remains outside the septum.

13. Third Eye Dermal

third eye dermal
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Flat dermal tops, jeweled dermal tops, dermal spikes, bindis, and all the other similar jewelry are included in the third eye dermal or the types of nose rings you can use for the third eye-piercing.

14. Labret

labret nose stud
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They are not usually considered a type of nose ring, but most people still use them as an alternative to typical starter nose jewelry. Labret nose stud has a gemstone on one side and a flat secure plate on the other.

15. Fake Nose Rings

fake nose rings
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As the name suggests, the faux nose stud is among the fake nose ring types that one can wear even with no piercing. Usually, these are hoops that provide a tight fit to the flesh.

16. Clear Nose Retainer

skin colored nose retainer
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Clear nose retainers hide or conceal the piercing as these are flesh-colored acrylic domes or balls. These nose retainers are available in varieties of nostril screws and septum nose rings.

Now that you know about all the types of nose rings available for you. Let’s get to know which nose piercing type will suit which nose ring:

13 Nose Piercing Types

Septum, nostril, rhino, double nostril, high nostril, bridge piercing, triple nostril, third eye, Austin, nasallang, septril, and multiple nostrils are different types of nose piercings you can choose based on your style and placement preference.

Also, to make it easy for you to decide which piercing type you want to get, we have mentioned nose rings for different nose shapes.

Let’s get to know about each of them in detail:

1. Septum

Septum nose ring

The septum nose ring or bull-ring piercing goes through the thin tissue or sweet spot between the nostrils (right before the cartilage).

Although it is one of the most famous nose piercing types, it can still be quite uncomfortable and painful for some people to handle at the start.

Keep in mind, Septum nose piercings may take 1-3 months to heal entirely.

Best Suited for: A person with a broad septum nose.

Septum Piercing Jewelry Types: High-quality metal, 14k or 18k gold, titanium, horseshoe ring, clicker, and barbell for a starter.

Nose Piercing Aftercare: It is recommended to mist the new piercing with recovery sprays or saline mist in the early days to avoid infections.

Pro-Tip: Pair your fancy nose piercing with a fancy necklace type.

Nose piercings. Nose studs. Nose rings.

All the piercings can mean the same or different depending on your culture and where you reside. These are generally linked to the positive energy in India, a status symbol in Central & South America, and wealth in the Middle East.

2. Nostril

nostril piercing

The nostril piercing is one of the most common and less painful nose piercing one can choose. It is usually done on the curve of the nasal passage (outside of the nose).

Some people also get this on the dimple or slightly higher on the nose curve.

Most people observe the least nostril pain. However, some may feel slightly more discomfort than others, and the healing can take 2-5 months.

Best Suited for: A person with a narrow nose having small nostrils

Nostril Jewelry: Twist nose stud, types of nose rings, nose hoop, and nose screw

Nostril Pain & Aftercare:

For nostril aftercare, clean the pierced area twice a day with a saline solution or DIY water + non-iodized sea salt mist.

3. Rhino

rhino piercing
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The rhino piercing or vertical tip piercing is the new classy trend in the West.

A vertical alternate to the bridge piercing or a twin to the third eye-piercing. It starts from the tip or above the nose and goes underneath the nose or near the septum.

Best Suited for: A person with a prominent nose tip

Jewelry Type: Curved barbell, Straight Bar (for deeper rhino variation)

Rhino Piercing Pain & Aftercare: It has a slow piercing and healing process, which means it will hurt during and after the vertical piercing.

Rhino piercing takes 7-9 months healing time. For aftercare, clean the pierced area with a saline solution. Make sure to be gentle, or you may experience infection or pain.

4. Double Nostril

  • Double Nose Studs Side-by-side

double nostril piercing
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  • Double Nose Hoops For Double Nostril Piercing

double nose ring
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Double nostril piercing is the other form of common nostril piercing where two piercings are made in the nose crease i.e. side-by-side.

One can wear two studs or two nose hoops for a different look, just like the double helix piercing for ear jewelry. Double nostril piercing healing time is 3-6 months.

Best Suited for: A person with flared nostrils

Jewelry Type: Nose studs, double nose ring, nostril screw, nose piercing hoop, etc.

Double Nostril Aftercare: For aftercare, clean the pierced area twice a day with a saline solution or a non-iodized sea salt mist.

5. Double Nose Piercing

double nose piercing
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Double nose piercing on the same side is considered the bold and advanced form of piercing. One can try a combination of the nostril and high nostril, i.e., one perforation is made slightly higher than the standard nostril piercing.

Double nose piercing healing time is 3-6 months.

Best Suited for: It will look beautiful on all nose shapes

Jewelry Type: Nose studs, nostril screw, nose piercing hoop, stylish types of nose rings, etc.

Pain & Aftercare: The pain threshold level may vary depending on the individual. To avoid discomfort, you can opt to get one at a time.

For aftercare, clean the pierced area at least 3-5 times a day with a saline solution or non-iodized sea salt mist.

6. High Nostril

High nostril piercing
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High nostril piercing, as the name suggests, is placed higher than the regular nostril piercing. The typical placement is above the nose curve or tip. High nostril piercings take 4-6 months to heal.

Best Suited for: It is well-suited for most nose shapes

Jewelry Type: Nose studs, nostril screw, l-shaped nose rings, twist nose ring

Pain & Aftercare: The pain threshold level for this high nose perforation is higher as the hole is made into the nose’s thicker layer.

For aftercare, clean the pierced area twice a day with a recovery ointment or spray.

7. Bridge Piercing

Bridge Piercing
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Bridge piercing may look intimidating as one thinks the perforation is made into the cartilage or bone due to its tricky placement.

But, in reality, it is done into the skin’s surface and the healing time is 2-4 months only.

Moreover, it looks pretty cool and can be thought of as the horizontal third eye.

If You Decide To Get Bridge Piercing

Remember, nose bridge piercing is prone to piercing migration, i.e., it may move from its actual position, or your body might reject the new perforation.

Best Suited for: The person with fleshy, narrow, or long nose shape

Jewelry Type: Curved, circular or straight barbell (not preferred; may increase the risk of migration)

Pain & Aftercare: Bridge piercings may look painful, but it’s less painful than other nose piercings

For aftercare, sterilize the nose area regularly with a piercing mist, spray, or glycerine soap.

8. Triple Nostril

  • Triple Piercing With Nose Studs In A Horizontal Line

triple piercing in one line
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  • Triple Nostril Piercing With Hoops In A Horizontal Line

triple hoop nose
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Triple nostril piercing is a less common and modern version of standard nostril piercing where three perforations are made in the nose’s crease in a triangular form.

You can also ask for a triple piercing in line to make it look even more stylish. Triple nostril piercing healing time is 3-6 months (may vary depending on the individual).

Best Suited for: Any nose shape that allows placing three piercings closely

Jewelry Type: Triple hoops, nose studs, etc.

Nose Piercing Aftercare: Disinfect the pierced area thrice a day with an aftercare solution, mist, or warm water.

Pro-Tip: Match your unique triple nostril piercing to a unique type of earring.

9. Third Eye

third eye piercing
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The third eye piercing or forehead piercing is a vertical alternative to the bridge piercing or a twin to the rhino piercing.

It starts right above the nose bridge and goes between the two eyebrows. And, just like bridge piercing, third eye piercing is also prone to piercing migration.

Healing time is 4-6 months (may vary depending on the individual).

Best Suited for: It is well suited for all types of nose, but you have to make sure the gap between the two eyes is enough for this piercing type.

Jewelry Type: Curved barbell, third eye dermal, flat dermal top

Aftercare for Nose Piercing: Forehead piercings For aftercare, disinfect the pierced area gently twice a day with a piercing solution, sea salt mist, or warm water.

10. Austin Piercing

Austin piercing
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Nose piercing Austin is placed horizontally through the nose tip. It may look similar to the nasal Lang piercing but doesn’t penetrate the septum or nostril. The healing time is 2-3 months.

Best Suited for: Nose piercing Austin is best suited for the person with a big nose shape

Jewelry Type: Straight barbell, nose beads

Nose Piercing Aftercare: Sterilize the pierced area twice a day with the solution or mist recommended by your piercer.

11. Nasallang

Nasallang piercing
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Nasallang piercing looks similar to Austin bar piercing as it is also placed horizontally through the nose tip. But the difference is that it does penetrate the inner septum and both nostrils.

The healing time is 3-9 months.

Best Suited for: It is best suited for the person with narrow septum and nostrils

Jewelry Type: Straight barbell

Nose Piercing Aftercare: Clean the pierced area twice a day with a saline solution, warm water, or non-iodized sea salt mist.

12. Septril Piercing

Septril Piercing
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Septril piercing or nose cartilage piercing is a complicated and tricky piercing choice and requires a professional and skilled piercer. First, the previous septum piercing is stretched, followed by the piercing of cartilage on the nose’s bottom, then finally connected to the now stretched septum.

The healing time is 9-12 months.

Best Suited for: It is best suited for the person with a somewhat stretched septum

Jewelry Type: Curved barbell, eyelet, flat stud, plug, or tunnel

Pain & Aftercare: It can be painful depending on the individual’s septal cartilage and the piercing position. The healing time varies on the nose types and skills of the piercer.

For aftercare, clean the pierced area twice a day with a saline solution, non-iodized sea salt mist. It is recommended to use q-tips and be as gentle as you can.

Pro-Tip: Rock your bad girl vibes with matching full-finger claw ring jewelry.

13. Multiple Nostril

multiple nostrils piercings
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It is a combination of the standard nostril and high nostril piercing where perforations are layered uniquely to get a different yet stylish look. The healing time is 4-7 months.

Best Suited for: It is best suited for any nose shape

Jewelry Type: Nose screw, L-shaped types of nose rings, nose bone stud, nose hoop, or horseshoe nose ring

Nose Piercing Aftercare: Cleanse the pierced area twice a day with a healing solution, warm water, or piercing aftercare mist.

Pro-Tip: Your creative nose piercing needs creative bracelet types to complete your classy look.

Bottom Line:

If you plan to get a nose piercing for yourself, this detailed guide will help you in all aspects like,

Which nose piercing should you get? What types of nose rings are suitable for your style? Which type of nose piercing will look better with your nose shape? Or the primary care for your favorite piercing types?

Because we have it all covered!

Lastly, if you want to know more about such helpful guides, the latest nail trends, and all the things related to fashion, make sure to visit Inspire Uplift Blog.

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