Types of Scarves for Women (& Men) – How to Tie A Perfect Scarf


Types of scarves help us give our style a new and different statement. These headwraps specially make an ultimate winter accessory.

However, we also find amazing scarves fabrics to use in summers as well.

Scarves, are now, so much in contact with fashion and have changed their appearance over time.

Now you find opportunities amply to wear them around necklines, waistlines, arms, and other parts of the body as a style statement.

Besides, designs of scarves are now getting omnigender due to their ease of use between the sexes.

Considering this, we have brought you a guide, telling you, about all the bits and bobs of Scarf types.

Most Popular Types of Scarves – Scarves Styles

Here we have some most popular scarf types with respect to style and design. Do not forget to opt for this guide when you go shopping for scarves.

1. Regular or Antique Scarf:

Regular or Antique Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Regular scarves or old scarves are those in use from many past years and have a rich history.

They can be called the parent scarves of today’s modern cowls, snoods, and infinity scarves.

Their shape is more like a rectangular piece with enough material to wrap around your neck at least once.

Regular scarves come in both summer and winter materials, melded with different techniques, and adorned by different types of laces and fringes on the corners.

Different Types of scarves can even have pockets at their ends, based on the maker and brand.

The pockets let you keep your valuable things like passport, bank cards, and currency with you, especially during traveling.

2. Cowl:

Cowl Scarf
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A cowl is often confused with hood; however, both terms are different.

A cowl is not worn on the head like the hood but around the neck, especially during winters.

If someone asks you, “what is a cowl” you can simply tell them it is sewn fabric for winters, comfortable to wear around the neck without creating a fuss.

Cowl like types of scarves has a deeper drape than usual.

Cowls are explicitly designed for winters; hence they are often knitted with wool, jersey, or pashmina materials paired with modern dresses.

They are ready-to-use scarves as you don’t have to wrap them around your neck but simply pass the hole through your head, and Tada, you are ready to beat winters.

3. Infinity Scarf:

Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Hearing about an Infinity Scarf for the first time confuses all of us, like if it would have an unlimited piece of cloth to cloak the neck.

Well, that’s not the case.

An Infinity Scarf is also like a cowl neck scarf, however, with a bigger hole that you round not just once around your neck but twice. With a double circle, it makes a sign of infinity

It is a sewn piece of cloth with less drape but doubly surrounding the neck.

It is also a winter accessory; hence material or fabric used for it is mostly leather or animal skin.

Different techniques and styles of knitting are used to make infinity types of scarves.

These are so cool and quite popular in women’s scarf fashion, particularly as one of the must-haves.

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4. Snood:

Snood Scarf

What is a snood, and how different or similar it is from a cowl?

More or less, snood definition says that it is like a cowl; however, with a unique feature of a hood.

It means the snood is a combo of hood and cowl and gives you a piece of fabric to cover your neck as well as your head.

Here, you need to know that no separate cape or hat is attached with the snood, but the fabric has a larger width that easily sits on your neck and covers your head.

Being one of the trendiest types of scarves to wear a snood, you will need to create a loop, which is not too tricky as it also comes in the sewn form.

Pair it well with some trendy snow boots, and you are ready to rock on this Christmas and winter holidays.

5. Triangle Scarf:

Triangle Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Among different kinds of scarves, we also have triangle scarves. These are more like an accessory of fashion than fabric to keep you from cold or hot.

Due to being a fashion accessory, you can do so many experiments with the material.

From net fabric to cotton, or knitted wool to cross-stitched pashmina; get a triangle scarf in any way you like.

As the name suggests, the triangle scarf comes in a triangular shape.

Usually, the third angle covers the chest while corners after wrapping around the neck fall on the shoulders.

Male and females both like to carry such types of scarves.

However, females show it off more while males usually keep it under the shirt, and only the upper part gets visible through the collar.

6. Stole/Boa:

Stole Boa scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

The stole is also like a traditional scarf type, but with a narrow width, that shapes exactly like strip.

Stoles are also winter-season types of scarves that can sit on both or one shoulder.

The strap is too long to reach the knee; however, people also wrap it around their neck during winters to keep from cold.

These are mostly made with furs and are very soft and plush in appearance.

Mainly, fur stoles and Sherpa socks are carried with clothes during winters to keep from the cold and for style and fashion as well.

However, for pre or post winters, they can be made of silk.

For stoles, only expensive and luxurious fabrics like fur, pashmina, and silk are used.

7. Muffler Scarf:

Muffler Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

The less expensive version of a stole, muffler scarves are almost similar to the furs.

However, you can have them in common and less luxurious fabrics such as cotton, wool, velvet, etc. as well.

Another difference between them is that a muffler can be taken during summers too, but a stole is only a winter thing.

Wearing a muffler is also different than all other types of scarves.

For example, usually, Scarf is a piece of cloth that covers the shoulder, neckline, or sometimes head.

Contrary to this, you can wear a muffler around your neck, shoulders, and even head or waist.

8. Sarong:

Sarong Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

A Sarong Scarf is entirely opposite in function to all other kinds of scarves like a stole, shawl, wrap, boa, tippets, or capes.

Sarong is worn around the waistline or hipline to show off bodies on the parties around bays and beaches.

Sarong doesn’t come with any hook and is wrapped around the waist using knots as a piece of the skirt over a bikini.

Along with this, it can also be tucked in the bottom wear after wrapping. Sarongs are worn around armpits, waistline, and even on the shoulder as a free shawl.

A sarong can easily be termed as a summer scarf.

9. Shawls

Shawls Blanket Scarves
Image Source Pinterest

The shawl is the largest type of scarf you can have, and that’s why people also call it a blanket scarf.

They are so bigger in size, rectangular in shape, yet come in diverse materials for winters and summers.

Shawls like scarf materials are mostly famous in Islamic culture and Middle Eastern countries but, not limited to just here.

Calling shawls as blankets don’t make them ordinary sheets; in fact, they are more stylish, fashionable, and trendy.

To wear a blanket scarf or shawl, you can use different methods like wrapping it around your neck, on the shoulders, as well as covering the whole back.

Types of Fabrics – Scarf Material:

Best scarf material is the most important factor to count on when you are talking about different kinds of scarf names.

The type of scarf materials makes your Scarf suitable for the weather, you are looking for.

Such as, a woolen weaved Scarf would be great for snowy days while a cotton scarf is something you should use during summers.

Understanding and knowing about fabrics and materials is necessary to tell you what type of Scarf you should use. So, here you go:

  • Winter scarves
  • Summer scarves
  • All season scarves

🧣 Winter Scarves:

Winter Scarf
Image Source Pinterest

Types of scarves for winters are made of thicker fabrics like sweaters and, of course, mainly used to add coziness to the overall outfit.

Winter Scarf Uses:

  • The winter scarf is used for heating purposes.
  • It keeps the area around your neck and shoulders warm.
  • They come with hoods to help shield your head from cold.
  • They come in different styles and patterns for fashion aesthetics.
  • Scarves made of faux-fur are excellent to wear at parties during winter for panache and relief.

Here are some classy winter materials for scarves:

10. Velvet Scarf:

Velvet Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Velvet, also called chenille is the plushest fabric on earth that one can ever get their hands on.

The scarf material is not just soft but also extremely shiny. It is not like jewels but shines like a water stream without disturbing your eyes.

It is a standard fabric for winters and used in quilts, blankets, beddings, coats, jerseys, and of course, in different kinds of scarves.

Features of velvet scarf:

  • Beauty with comfort
  • Available in a massive assortment of colors
  • Decent and chic at the same time
  • The fabric is best for all genders

Cons of using velvet types of scarves:

  • Can irritate neck skin if worn for too long because of the thickness

Tip for buying:

Make sure to select a limited fabric with small width when buying a velvet scarf, or else it can be a hassle to carry.

How to wrap/wear a velvet scarf?
There are two ways in which you can wear a velvet scarf.

  • If you want to cover your head, simply put the mid of the scarf on your head and then roll it one end around your neck. This is exclusive to keep from winters.
    For style:
  • If you want to showcase style, simply drape it over your shoulders and let the ends fall through the body. A wow and elegant way to carry different types of scarves.

Scarves in winters, undoubtedly, level up your style game when specifically worn with leggings that are famous on TikTok.

11. Wool Scarf:

wool Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Wool is another famous fabric in cold regions and is abundantly worn during winters. This scarf material is obtained from mammalian fur, especially goats and sheep.

It is cozy and used in many winter blankets but quite common to use in clothing and accessories like jerseys, sweaters, scarves, etc.

It comes in an assortment of types:

  • Merino
  • Mohair
  • Alpaca

Wool is also used in making various types of socks

Features of Wool Scarf:

  • Breathable and warm
  • Very soft and lightweight that you don’t even feel if you are wearing something warm, just like this crop top by Inspire Uplift
  • Helps in regulating body temperature
  • Reliable fabric to stay for years
  • Never fade colors, stretches, or lose its shape
  • Water and dust resistance, require no often cleaning

Cons of using wool scarf:

  • It can be expensive
  • Not suitable for people with allergies as it contains animal fur.

Tip for buying:

Make sure to select only high-quality wool as only then you can enjoy all the excellent characteristics of this type of scarf.

How to wear a woolen scarf?

Here is the step by step process of wrapping a wool scarf:

  • Consider the length
  • In short, simply drape it on your shoulders with equal ends on both sides and tie a knot.
  • If long, knot both the ends and roll twice in your neck like an infinity scarf.
  • You are ready to roll.

12. Acrylic Knit Scarf:

Acrylic Knit Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Acrylic is not a natural material for winters but made in labs, synthetically, out of acrylic fibers.

This can be called less luxurious yet more casual fabric for scarves to carry on an everyday basis.

Being casual doesn’t mean it is less suitable or favorable to attire when meeting with friends; it comes in a variety of styles to look chic and fabulous on you.

Hence, you can carry types of scarves made of acrylic materials easily.

Features of Acrylic Scarf:

  • Comparatively cheaper than wool
  • Suitable for people allergic to animal furs/wool
  • Exotic and lightweight just like wool
  • Retain shape over time and doesn’t fade

Cons of using acrylic scarf:

  • It is not as reliable as wool
  • These can be worn only as casual attires.

Tip for buying:

Do not consider acrylic and woolen scarves made of the same material.

Always remember that wool is a natural fabric, while acrylic is a synthetic and human-made material.

How to wear an acrylic knit scarf?

Acrylic scarves are not too large in volume, still, you can carry them in multiple ways. Such as:

  • Wrap it on your head, like a cap or hat.
  • Drape on your shoulder
  • Spool once around your neck and let the sides flaunt.

13. Jersey Scarves:

Jersey Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Jersey is not a natural fabric but a mock fabric made by using wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers of cotton.

Jersey fabric, unlike other materials for scarves, comes with double sides.

One side is made of pilled loops while the other one is made with types of knitting, mostly rib-knit. Usually, the right side of Jersey has rib knitting and a smoother appearance.

Therefore, such types of scarves are taken from one side only.

Features of Jersey Scarf:

  • Extremely stylish
  • Available for all genders in various styles
  • Available for all weathers (in summers, made of cotton)
  • Suits all ages

Do you know?

Beans are used instead of scarves for convenience and you find plenty of types of stylish beanies to carry, easily.

Cons of using Jersey Scarf:

  • It is not an original or natural fabric.
  • sensitive to heat
  • Not a much durable fabric

Tip for buying:

In the past, Satin Fabric was available only made with wool fibers.

However, now it is made by using cotton threads. When you go for buying satin scarves, keep in mind the weather.

How to wear jersey scarf?

Most of the time, Jersey scarves are used to cover the head.

  • Hence to wear it, you can simply wrap it on your head.
  • However, another way is to slightly slit it while draping on the shoulders.

Pro-Tip: All these woolen, jersey, and velvet scarves look stylish in winters, so appreciate the winter season with quotes and sayings to dwell properly on the vibes.

14. Satin Scarf:

Satin Scarf
Image Source

Satin, once again, is not original or naturally available scarf material but made by using strands and extracts of other fabrics.

Satin is the child fabric made from Silk and Polyester, it usually offers cheap types of scarves than those made of pure silk.

Silk and Polyester, the both, have very fresh, charming, and exuberant appearance.

The satin fabric is very glossy and shiny that making it extremely suitable to wear along with party dresses or with even the dull ones to enhance their shine and feel.

Features of Satin Scarf:

  • Available in a variety of colors, all shiny
  • Makes great occasional scarves
  • It is a natural healer for skin and hair
  • Enhance the feel for the party and can make an ordinary dull looking outfit, wow.

Cons of using Satin Scarf:

  • Less forgiving for sewing errors

Tip for buying:

  • Satin Scarves are available in classy shades and shiny appearances. Buy a color that you love the most.

How to wear satin scarf?

  • There are numerous ways in which you can carry your glossy satin scarf:
  • On your head, in Malala Hijab way
  • Wrapping over your hair
  • Wearing like a tie
  • Around your hips like a sarong

🧣 Summer Scarves

Summer scarves
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Types of scarves for summers?? You might be astonished but there are plenty of styles and scarf materials that perfectly fit with your summer attire.

How??? Because scarves are no more confined to winters only, thanks to the more and better discoveries of scarf fashion.

For summers, we have had plenty of fabrics and situations to easily up do ourselves with different kinds of scarves and flaunt like a diva.

Besides this, types of scarves for summers aren’t just confined to female fashion but they also address male requirements.

Check here:

Summer scarf uses for females and males:

  • Use them as hair accessories
  • Enhance your ordinary-looking bag – the bag candy
  • Like a summer stole
  • Necktie
  • Arm wrap
  • As a bracelet
  • A sarong
  • Vest top
  • Shoulder accessory
  • Keeping from sunshine
  • To avoid sweating

Here are some summer fabric types for scarves to help you select the best one for you.

15. Crinkle/Chiffon Scarves:

Crinkle Chiffon Scarves
Image Source pinterest

Crinkle and chiffon are two types of fabrics that vary quality-wise.

The texture for chiffon is silkier and glossier, while for crinkle, it is a bit itchy. However, both materials are used for scarves in the summer.

For beaches and outdoor activities of the day, these types of scarves come in extremely handy.

Features of chiffon scarf:

  • A most popular fabric for scarves
  • Semi mesh weaves let you flaunt your hair while carrying it
  • Purely related to fashion accessories
  • Goes with formal and informal dressing
  • Available in plenty of colors

Cons of using Chiffon Scarf:

  • Require extensive care
  • Gets stained too easily
  • Difficult for sewing

Tip for buying:

When you are buying a Chiffon Scarf, keep considering its types. One is crinkle chiffon while the other one is pure chiffon.

Pure chiffon has comparatively high quality than the latter one and is expensive as well.

How to wear chiffon scarf?

Good news, there are more than 16 ways in which you can wear or tie your chiffon scarf:

  • Females and males both can carry them:
  • Let the ends fly and wear it on your neck without wrapping.
  • Drape on shoulders, make a fall around, and tie.
  • Tuck it in your off-shoulder dress.
  • Wear on one shoulder like a dupatta, like a vest

16. Silk Scarf:

Silk Scarf

The original silk is made with larva’s saliva that he develops while making cocoons, and it is the most royal and most delicate scarf material on earth used by royal houses.

That’s why, since the discovery, it is being used by royal families of kings and queens – Silk has a majestic legacy.

It has a diverse colors assortment and glossier appearance. Different types of scarves made of silk can enhance any ordinary dress, and that’s the reason it is a trendy fabric for stoles and ties.

Features of Silk Scarves:

  • It helps in retaining body moisture.
  • Silk scarves are hypoallergenic.
  • Goes with all types of attires
  • Purely a festive fabric

Cons of using Silk Scarf:

  • Difficult to clean
  • Stains easily, even with pure water
  • May raise ecological concerns
  • Expensive than other materials

Tip for buying:

When you are buying silk, make sure to find all the signs of it being original. Check the freshness of color and delicacy of the fabric in your hands before buying a silk scarf.

How to carry silk scarf elegantly?

Silk is a slippery fabric that keeps falling from your shoulder or head unless you tie a knot. Here are some ways in which you can wrap your scarf for parties and casual days:

  • Wrap and knot on the left shoulder
  • Flow on your body and wrap with a classic knot
  • Like a headband by rolling the whole fabric and then carrying on your head.

For more ways, click.

17. Cotton Scarf:

Cotton Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Cotton is the most easy-going fabric in clothing and is used not just in wearables and accessories but also in bedding and to make covers, etc.

Scarf fashion is quiet these days, but you don’t have to worry about a scarf material or fabric when it comes to cotton.

Why? Here are two types of scarves made of cotton available in winter and summer.

However, summer cotton is more popular and suitable for scarves because it is reedy and shrill.

Features of Cotton Scarves:

  • The cotton scarf adds to your persona in the most casual way.
  • Soft, comfy, and breathable material
  • Doesn’t irritate skin allergens
  • Available in plenty of tones and designs

Cons of using Cotton Scarves:

  • It can be expensive.
  • Shrinks with time
  • Not suitable for sweltering weather as It retains moisture for long.

Tip for buying:

As cotton is available in almost any color you say, choose a shade that matches well with the undertone of your skin. In this way, the cotton scarf will bring a glow on your face.

In this way, the types of scarves in cotton will bring a glow on your face.

How to wear a cotton scarf?

Cotton is a flawless fabric that stays where you put it. Hence, you can play with it in multiple ways, such as:

  • If you have a rectangular scarf, let it fall on your shoulders and support it with a knot.
  • Make a loop with the scarf in your neck and now keep tucking both ends through the loop

For more ways, you can visit here.

18. Polyester Scarves:

Polyster Scarves
Image Source Pinterest

Polyester is exclusively manmade fabric, scientifically known as microfiber, PET, or Polyethylene terephthalate.

To make this fabric, polymers are extracted from organic sources like fossil fuels.

It is a high-quality fabric, breathable, and comfy in wearing.

Features of Polyester Scarves:

  • Very thin and lightweight
  • Easy to carry throughout summers
  • Highly reliable fabric
  • Easy to clean and dry

Cons of using Polyester Scarves:

  • Harmful chemicals are used in the formation
  • Not a biodegradable fabric

Tip for buying:

  • Buy polyester from a reliable source and proper manufacturer because polyester is prone to shedding.You can also get a lint remover gadget to remove the shed fur from your scarves. 

How to wear a polyester scarf?

Polyester is also difficult to stay fabric. However, here are some ways to carry a scarf:

  • Drape it on your body and tuck with a belt on your waist – you are ready for a party.
  • No hassle manner, for this all you have to do is make an infinity loop in your neck, not too tight – your casual look is ready.

🧣 All-Season Scarves:

All-Season Scarves

Apart from summers and winters, you also find types of scarves, stoles, and shawls in fabrics that are wearable or usable throughout the year.

These fabrics have heat-resistant properties.

They get adjusted with the body and environment temperature to maintain equity between both.

By doing so, such structures never let the body feel disturbed because of the changes in the environment.

All-Season scarf uses for females and males:

  • You can feel easy
  • They go with all types of fashion outfits
  • You can showcase your sole taste by carrying these scarves.
  • They look lovely and elegant on every male and female.

19. Cashmere Scarf:

Cashmere Scarf
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Though cashmere wool is often baptized as the best fabric to use during summer and hot seasons; however, it makes types of scarves for all seasons.

The fantastic property of temperature adjustment property allows cashmere wool to let people feel fresh during summer days without sweating while cozy during winters without any problem.

Cashmere wool comes in a subtype as well called Pashmina. Pashmina scarves are originally made for winters.

Features of Cashmere Scarves:

  • Wearable in all types of weather
  • Lightweight fabric makes it easy to carry
  • Natural stuff, no additives of manmade chemicals
  • They look solely wow.

Cons of using Cashmere Scarf:

  • Need extensive care
  • Not a reliable fabric

Tip for buying:

It is difficult to put your hands-on original cashmere shawls or different kinds of scarves, so be very careful to judge the stuff before making a purchase.

How to wear cashmere scarf?

For winters:

  • Fold it in half, put your hand in the center, wrap it around your neck from the back. Now take the ends and pass them through the folded loop. Tight a bit, you are good to go.

For summers:

  • You don’t need to put much effort in summers, simply make a classic knot and make an infinity loop.

20. Linen Scarves:

Linen Scarves
Image Sources Pinterest, Pinterest

Linen once again is a type of fabric that lets you carry your stylish scarves throughout the year, without considering the weather or seasons.

However, summer linen is more prevalent in making scarves than winter ones.

If you want to carry scarves on the head, a linen scarf fits well and never affects.

Features of Linen Scarves:

  • Goes well with formal and casual looks
  • You can carry it in multiple ways like bag candy, or shoulders fall
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Available in plenty of hues

Cons of Linen Scarves:

  • Expensive
  • Not much environment friendly

Tip for buying:

Try to buy a scarf only in summer linen fabric than a winter one to look comfortably stylish.

How to wear a linen scarf?

Like a jacket

Like a sarong

Like a hijab

Types of Scarves – Shapes and Style:

Type of scarves do not vary just fabric-wise, but there are multiple shapes of the scarves as well.

These shapes are often termed as the style of your scarf.

Thanks to the fashion industry and fashionistas, who have introduced classical yet elegant types of scarves in various shapes, styles, and designs.

Pros of using different styles of scarves:

  • Styled scarves are ready to wear headscarves.
  • You don’t need to put much effort to tie or wrap it on your shoulders.
  • You can get ready with a scarf quickly.

However, you don’t get too many ways of experimenting with the style of your scarf.

Find out more about them here:

Stylish Scarves for Women

Some styles of scarves are specially offered for women. Here we are mentioning some of those:

21. Poncho:

Cozy Poncho Sweater

Ponchos are stitched and ready to wear types of scarves that let you awe the eyes of anyone passing by.

Poncho scarf is an excellent winter accessory, available in multiple fabrics, adorned with furs, patterned with checks or lines, and colored in plenty of hues.

They can go with all types of leggings, pants and other outfits.

The shape of a poncho is often squatted or cornered like a triangle.

22. Contrasted border Scarves:

Scarves with contrasted borders
Image Source Pinterest

You can have types of scarves with contrasted borders made of any material type while the shape is more like a square or rectangle.

Choose according to your preferred style.

The contrasting bordered scarves look more elegant because you can carry them with clothes having lighter or darker shades.

23. Hijab:


When it comes to finding religious types of scarves, Hijab comes on top of it as Muslim women use it to cover their heads to fulfill their religious obligations.

Hijab is the ultimate way of covering your head.

By doing so, your hair remains free from atmospheric pollutants.

Along with this, the hijab style scarf makes you look younger than your age as it cleverly hides the flaws of your face like face shape, double chin, weak chin, etc.

24. Dupatta:

Dupatta Scarf
Image Source Pinterest

Dupatta is the type of muffler scarf, mostly used by women during summers to showcase modesty or simply keep from harsh rays of the sun.

This scarf type is primarily used by south Asian women. It is very famous in Pakistan as well as some parts of India and Bangladesh.

25. Blanket Scarves:

Premium Cozy Car Heating Blanket

In winter, when you want to watch the TV, drive a car, or sit on the couch for books, blanket scarves come extremely handy.

People have used blanket scarves only as a home accessory until now.

However, now you can carry blanket scarves as your clothing accessory anywhere and parade like a diva.

What are the best ways to take a blanket scarf, find in the lines coming ahead:

Men Scarves:

Here are some types of scarves for men that they can carry during special seasons to keep from hot and cold as well for fashion purposes, all year long.

26. Shemagh:

Polyester Tactical Desert Scarf

Schmog, Shemagh, keffiyeh, or ghutrah whatever you call it, is the most stylish type of scarf for men.

Shemahz originates from Middle Eastern countries with a harsh hot climate and sandy winds such as Kuwait, Oman, KSA, etc.

The primary function of a Shemagh scarf is to protect the head from sun rays and eyes from dust.

However, now these types of scarves are carried by men for styling and fashion purposes. They are very much famous in Arabian culture.

27. Bandana:

Seamless Skeleton Face Mask Bandana

With the same function as Keffiyeh, Bandana is used to keep you from dust, sun, and over sweating.

However, men carry it for style and fashion too.

Made with soft patterned cloth, Bandana is a cool summer accessory for men suiting.

Though it is originally a male thing, women carry them as well because of the convenience and to follow trends. These are used to cover the face and head.

28. Unisex Scarves:

Unisex Scarves

Unisex scarves are omnigender scarves that are equally used by men and women. Here we have some names of scarves that are unisex and can be worn by both men and women:

Names Of Scarves

29. Square scarves

Square is the name of scarves that come in a shape that has the same length on all sides. These scarves are usually worn by old ladies in turkey as well as kids.

Why? Because these scarves can be easily carried by anyone by just adding a knot near the neck.

30. Headscarves:

Headscarves is a special attire for heads. Women wear them as under scarves just to tie their hair inside a bun and then carry a fashionable scarf on the outer side. You may call it a scarf slip.

However, these types of scarves are also used on the outer sides adorned with fun patterns, bright colors & soft fabrics.

31. Oblong Scarf

Oblong or square is a shape of the scarf with a long length and a little small breadth however enough to stay on your head or drape on your shoulders.

These types of scarves are usually carried by looping around your neck and look very elegant.

32. Fringe Scarf

The fringe scarf comes with fringes at all the edges. You can have different types of scarves, materials, and shapes in this style.

Summers and winters, all scarf styles can have fringes.

33. Fur Stole:

Fur stoles are winter accessories usually carried with maxis and long party wears in order to complete the look of your day.

These types of scarves are usually made with real animal fur however you can have fake or manmade fur scarf materials as well if you don’t like harming animals.

34. Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are larger in size and design and are often worn on the whole body to keep from cold or hot. These scarves are so in fashion these days.

35. Tartan scarves:

Tartan scarves are for both male and female and is a staple accessory. It has a special texture and comes in plenty of styles and colors.

It means you can have a special tartan scarf with your every dress to carry and flaunt like a diva. It usually have woolen material and is a winter scarf.

36. Electric scarves.

Electric scarves come with USB connections that get attached to your computers and produce heat or cold.

These electric scarves are easy to take anywhere and get attached to any power source that’s available.

37. Fancy Scarves:

Fancy scarves are usually worn during parties. These scarves are worn as means of an accessory rather than a requirement of time or season.

Scarves for kids:

Kids’ scarves usually come with caps and two dangling lines that keep flying on the shoulders or can be knotted around the neck to keep them warm.

They come ready to wear, having style and patterns of their favorite character or animal such as unicorns, fairies, Ben Ten, etc.

These scarves are purely for weather shielding and are used during winters.

37. Unicorn Scarves:

Unicorn Crochet Scarf

These scarves are specially shaped like unicorn-like an horn and some ears that your unicorn lover child can wear and enjoy.

38. Bunny Scarves:

Cute Bunny hat with Moving Ears

You can turn your baby into a bunny that comes with ears and two loose ends that you can use to tie the headgear or simply leave it like that.

Types of Scarves – Length and Width:

The length and width of your scarf don’t only make its shape, but also help in differentiating between the male and female pieces.

Here is a guide on scarf length:


Scarves come in three different measures such as:

  1. Short Scarves – sizing between 50 to 60 inches
  2. Standard scarves – size approximately 70 inches
  3. Long scarves – size around 82 inches

Width or Breadth:

Breadth or width varies for male and female scarves. Here are the details:

  • 6 inches for men
  • 7 to 10 inches for women

Scarf Wearing Guide:

Wearing a scarf is an art.

The scarf is nothing much, but a piece of cloth, the style of carrying and wearing it makes you the cat’s meow at every soiree.

Find the best ways to wear scarves:

1. How to wear a blanket scarf?

How to wear a blanket scarf
Image Source Pinterest

While scrolling the internet, you can find multiple ways of carrying blanket scarves.

However, the tips and techniques mentioned here are not that you usually find online:

Like a warmer:

  • Snowman knot
  • Shoulders cape
  • Pull through
  • Infinity loop

As a dress accessory:

  • Like a bandana
  • Cape style drape
  • Three pointy knot
  • Poncho accessorized with a belt

Cozy and lazy:

  • Let it fell – on shoulders

2. How to Wear A Scarf in Multiple Ways – Women:

Women can carry different types of scarves in the following ways:

  • Drapes and falls
  • Knots and wraps
  • Ties and bows

3. How to Wear A Scarf in Multiple Ways – Men:

Men can wear scarves in the following ways:


More for fashion than function to keep heat; however, woolen men scarf can save you from frozen heat to some extent.

You simply have to throw the scarf on your shoulder, with both ends of similar length. Best for short to regular length scarves

Once around scarf:

As the name denotes, you will tie your Scarf once around your neckline.

This can be the best way to keep you cozy.

Take the scarf drape on your shoulder with one end longer than the other and round the longer half around your neckline.

Overhand Scarf:

It is a knot-like style to carry a scarf in which you will simply tie a note on the scarf middle, near to your neck.

Some more ways are:

  • Noble knot
  • Persian knot
  • Spread on the chest
  • Infinity drape

Bottom Line:

This was all about men and women types of scarves according to weather, fabric, and styles.

In the end, here is a suggestion that you must consider and select the colors and patterns of scarves very keenly.

Colors play a vital role in making something macho or modest.

Lastly, keep visiting our site for more fashion accessories of clothing for men and women.

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We love you 🙂


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  1. I am a sewer, and I love wearing scarves, I honestly think the world can be a better place, if everyone wore scarves.
    I am working on another one of my favorites, happy holidays to all☃️☃️☃️🙂🙂🙂

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