How To Get Rid of a Double Chin Without Treatments – 9 Sure Shot Non-Surgical Methods

How to get rid of a double chin without treatments

Untightened and saggy skin results in double chin and makes us look old and dull without the matter of age.

According to researchers, a person can develop double chin as early as in their twenties however it might not be clearly visible till you reach 30.

It means, having double chin is not the matter of age but there are various triggering causes behind this issue. 

Worried? Want to find way out?

Consider the fact that our skin is living thing so it can always get healed, tightened, or beautified, using complete natural ways.

So, if you have it and want to know how to get rid of double chin, this is the guide for you having easiest tips for double chin treatment.

What Is a Double chin?

Double chin meaning relates to the appearance of your chin that evolves into a layer and looks double.

Double chin also called submental fat, wattle, dewlap, or jowl is a common condition where a layer of fat or lump forms below the chin. 

If not treated, it can further turn into a triple chin, also known as a turkey neck with layers of fat. 

But what is the thing that develops a double chin?

Double Chin Causes:

A double chin or neck fat is usually associated with weight-gain but even skinny people can have it due to genetics, aging, and overuse of steroids.

1. Fat Gain

An increase in weight/fat is bound to reach every body part, including your face and neck. And because the submental area, fat under the chin, even the slightest, will be prominent.

2. Aging Effect

Another cause for double chin is aging and this is natural. Aged skin loses its elasticity and tightness as collagen production declines.

Aged skin sags on the chin, making it appear wattle or dewlap on jowls. 

3. Bad habits:

Bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, lack of proper diet and exercise will make skin saggy or sallow, even in youngsters.

4. Genetics:

You can’t escape genetics!

You may have weak chin by birth or de develop triple or double chin faster if people in your family carry fat, have less elastic skin, or are generally inclined towards weight gain.

5. Thyroid

When the thyroid gland produces excessive hormones, it can cause lumps or fat on your face. The condition is known as Hypothyroidism.

6. Steroids:

Overuse of steroids in the form of tablets, creams, or injections can be one of the major double chin causes. Steroids make skin thin and losing its elasticity.

6. Bad Posture

One of the most common causes of fat under the chin is bad posture. With bad posture, we mean when sitting on a screen with a head bend for too long. 

Looking down at your smartphone for a long duration can cause permanent wrinkles around your chin and neck. (Times of India)

The rays emitting from such devices weaken the platysma muscles which reduce the tightness around the jaws and neck and jowls develop.

To avoid this, try using smartphone mounts to adjust the cellphone in the direction of your head without bending. 

You can also correct your postures using braces

It is also known as Cushing syndrome that causes the chin to sag or droop. 

Now you the root causes of double chin or neck fat, it is time to get into some easy daily routine work to cure this condition.

How to Get Rid of Double Chin?

If you have a double chin and fat around neck, to get rid of it, here are some easiest things you can do. It includes:

  • Exercises to target double chin
  • Non-surgical practices 
  • double chin surgery
  • Makeup hacks 
  • Beard hacks
  • Face pose hacks for pictures

9 Approved Exercises for Double Chin Removal:

By exercising the muscles around your double chin, you can gradually do away with fat bulging around your neck, chin, and jaws. Regularity is the key to get the best results of this double chin treatment.

1. Reach your nose:

Stick out your tongue and try touching your nose with it. 

  • Hold the position for 10-15 seconds until you feel a stretch on your chin. 
  • Do 5 reps
  • Get results in a month or so.

2. Neck stretch

Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Try touching the nose with your tongue.

  • Hold for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Do as many reps a day as you like.

It will tighten the bulging lumps around your neck and help your skin to reactivate its elastic powers. 

3. Jaw jut

With your head straight, move it towards the right side and jut your jaw (protrude forward the lower jaw). 

  • Hold for 8-10 seconds
  • Repeat it for both side
  • Do 5-10 reps a day

4. Kiss the sky

Sit and hold back your head so that it is facing towards the ceiling or sky. Now make a face posture as if you are kissing the sky. 

Stretch the lips as much as you can until you start feeling a strain in your chin.

  • Hold for 10-30 seconds. 
  • Do five reps 
  • Repeat this exercise 2-3 times a day

Get results in a month or two.

5. Lion’s yawn

Stand in a relaxed posture in front of the mirror and slowly open your mouth to pull out your tongue as much as possible.

The muscles of the face, neck, and chin should feel the stretch while doing this exercise. 

  • Do this for 10-15 seconds.
  • Repeat it ten times a day.

6. Fill in the air

This easy exercise includes inhaling a puff of air and moving it from one side of the mouth to another, just like you are rinsing your mouth. 

  • hold the air for a minute and then expel slowly.
  • Do five reps 
  • Repeat this exercise 3-4 times a day.

Along with removing chin fat, it is an anti-aging technique to keep your entire face from looking dull.

7. Puffy cheeks

Inhale a puff of air, close your mouth and puff up your cheeks and press each cheek with one hand.

  • Hold this position for 4-5 seconds before exhaling the air. 
  • Repeat it for 5-6 times a day.

“If your face trembles when you place hands against your cheeks, it means your body needs proteins; drink a jug of milkshake and see the difference after 2 hours.”

8. Sway and open

To this double chin exercise, sit straight and move your face to the right with your chin up. The movement should make a semi-circle.

  • Hold for 3-4 seconds before opening and closing your mouth 
  • Repeat 5-6 times
  • Now repeat with the left side. 
  • Do five reps each day. 

It will tone up the chin and neck muscles and enhance their elasticity to keep the chin fat away.

9. Fish face

Suck in your cheeks so that your lips replicate a fish face. 

Hold this position and try to smile. 

  • Do this for 10 seconds or till you start feeling a slight burn in your jaw. 
  • Repeat it 3-4 times a day.

Regularity is the key to achieve results. 

Do these double chin exercises every day, repeat several times, and see results by yourself in some weeks. 

Non-surgical practices

Don’t ever go to surgical ways to get rid of neck fat when there are non-surgical and natural ways and exercises available to help you lose neck lumps.

1. Practice Gua Sha For Double Chin:

Real Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set

People often ask, can Gua Sha get rid of a double chin? The answer is, YES! What is Gua Sha? Chinese women have been using it since ages for face slimming.

Getting rid of double chin with gua sha will be the easiest, entertaining, and relaxing way you will ever find. 

To remove puffiness around your chin, neck, eyes, or jawline, you just need a roller with Gua Sha Set

Roll it firmly upward from the jaw to the eyes. It will make skin slim by tightening its pores and stimulating collagen production. 

More collagen products mean more elasticity, and more elasticity means no fat around your neck, chin. 

You can even remove your triple chin using Gua Sha lymphatic massage technique. Besides this, it will remove the overall saggy and puffiness around your face along with brightening its tones.

Famous Instagram influencers use it in their regular beauty routine.  

To keep your skin healthy and happy, check and buy Inspire Uplift beauty & wellness and find more inspiring products and gadgets to get rid of fat around your belly, face, chin, or other areas. 

2. Double Chin Lifting With V-Line Mask:

v shape mask

Korean beauty techniques are quite famous around the world to lift the skin up, tight saggy muscles, and double chin removal. 

A mask has recently been introduced by Korean beauty gurus that helps to lift up the chin, removes fat around the neck, and helps in getting a chiseled and more defined jawline.

For instant face and chin lifts, the mask is infused with firming ingredients like collagen and Vitamin E.

For More: Best Skin And Body Care Tools

3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To strengthen the face, jaw, and chin muscles, a lymphatic massage is nothing less than a blessing. Lymphatic ginger oil is a natural solution for spider veins, varicose veins, swelling, and sore muscles.

As problematic lymph nodes can cause swelling on the face and chin, this massage is a direct treatment for your double chin.

You need to lie down straight with your tongue struck out in a “reach your nose” position as long as you can. The person doing the massage should massage upwards from the chin to the earlobe using the palm of the hands (middle and index finger).

The movement should be gentle but firm.

4. Use A Neckline Slimming Tool

Another neck fat removal way is to chew through a neckline slimming tool. How to get rid of a double chin using a slimming tool? Well, it is simple. 

You need to place the equipment between your neck and jaw and try opening and closing the mouth. The resistance of the spring tones up the muscles and tightens up the saggy skin below the chin.

It shapes up the neckline so that your face appears photogenic on camera with a chiseled jawline just like Hollywood actresses.

You can do this easy workout while cleaning the kid’s room, driving, or at the office.

It is also effective for atrophied neck muscles.

Along with using the Chinese gua sha roller, Korea mask, jaw size, and massage techniques, you can also put some extra effort by doing double chin exercises to lose chin fat faster. 

Besides this, an anti-cellulite burner can help as well to remove the excessive fat from the face and body.

Makeup hacks to get rid of double chin:

How to get rid of double chin using makeup hacks, here are the easy-peasy tips:

The right strokes of the cleaned makeup brushes can de-emphasize your jowl lines and establish a sharp neck contour hiding away your neck fat.

Here are some of the smartest ways:

Highlight other features of the face to lose focus from the double chin. You could insert a noticeable black liner or a prominent eyeshadow makeup to have a ravishing pair of eyes.

Or a sharp (but acceptable) blush and bronzer.

Contour and enhance your jawline to create an illusion of a slim chin. 

For this, use a concealer and draw a contour from the outer end of the face (down from the ears), through the jawline, till the center of the chin.

Make sure the concealer or contour pack you use is adapted to your skin tone. Such as you will have to go for a light shade if you have olive skin tone and dark if your skin tone is bronze

Watch this video for the practice of makeup for double chin:

Do some experimentation with your hairstyles because they can actually create an illusion of a slim and defined chin. 

For this: Do not have hairstyles that end near your chin as it would make the chin appear bigger. 

Go for a ponytail or bun and if you have long hair, simply let them wave behind you.

For short hair: Bob cuts or buns made using scrunchie would go great to hide away or conceal your chin fat. 

Do wear small ear accessories and go for double helix piercing to draw focus on your face rather than the neck.

Beard hack to remove double chin instantly:

How to get rid of double chin with hacks?

The answer is simple and that might be in your mind, Grow A Beard!

Beard can actually lift your personality up. Think about Keanu Raees, Jason Momoa, David Beckham, George Clooney, Bradley Cooper… uhh the list is huge. 

Also, beards are in trend right now and women also like men with beards. 

It is assertive, gives you a manly look, and improves your personality as a whole.

And with all this, it will hide away the lumpy grumpy wattled fat around your chin, neck, or jaws.

Hacks To Hide Double Chin In Pictures:

Yes, your body posture speaks a lot about you in your photos. Even a heightened smart person standing with bad posture may appear tiny and bulgy in the pictures.

How do take perfect photos? Here are some hacks secretly sneaked from celebs:

1. Raise your Tongue like Blake Lively

We bet you didn’t know she had a double chin because she shields it ever so smartly.

She touches her tongue to the roof of her mouth so that the chin and neck muscles are contracted and the chin is lifted upwards.

2. Chin Up or Down in Photos

The Italian beauty, Monica Belluci uses the trick of raising her chin up and tilting the head slightly towards one side.

You can try the same posture. This would make your pose natural while tightening the area around your chin as well.

3. Show Your Tongue

You would have seen plenty of Megan Fox’s photos where she is twisting, turning, or sticking out her tongue. It’s one of her ways of tightening the facial muscles and looking sexy at the same time.

You can do the same, less boldly by simply opening your mouth to a certain extent and showing your teeth or tongue.

4. Smile Widely

Julia Roberts smiles widely to extend her lips which pulls her facial muscles upwards and sideways.

Britney Spears is another double chin celeb but she poses with a toothy grin almost always that makes her appear mesmerizing in photos.

5. Jut the Jaw

We mentioned it in the exercise section above. You can simply extend your lower jaw to stretch your chin and make your double chin less visible.

6. Get Photographed With a Side Pose

Side poses are great; they highlight your cheekbone and nose and hide your fat chin. You can also smile and raise your chin upwards for a more stylish pose.

7. Eat healthy food:

Keep a healthy diet

You need to shift to eating and drinking fruit and veggies instead of eating artificial stuff.

Add those food items in your meal that helps you lose weight and provide complete protein intake for the day.


Keep yourself away from:

  • Unsaturated fats
  • Excess fried food
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sugary meals
  • Avoid raw seafood 

Keep yourself near to:

Concluding lines

No need to go for expensive medical treatments like lipolysis and Mesotherapy. Use our guide on “how to get rid of double chin” and actually do actually get rid of the lumpy chin. 

The discussed methods are proven techniques to remove neck fact, double neck, triple chin, or fat around your jowls. getting rid of a double chin. See our Health & Beauty Blogs for more informative stories.

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