Types Of Leggings – What Are They And How To Wear Them

types of leggings

There are some women’s fashion trends that never go out of style – leggings are surely one of them. This skin-tight legwear is worn by film actors, dressed up by gym-goers, and flaunted by attractive ladies at a party.


Types - of - leggings

There are different types of leggings that can go with every type of women fashion ranging from loose t-shirts, revealing neckline tops, vibrant scarves, bulky robes, and decorated jackets.

Not only are they comfortable but sleek and voluptuous too.

 1. Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings come to the ankles. They can also be called full-length leggings because those also terminate on the ankles more or less. They are mostly worn in winters and can be paired exquisitely with anything from shirts, coats, jackets, and tanks.

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You can wear heels with them as well as ankle-length boots because unlike the jeans, they don’t have to be tucked inside the boots. Girls who are stunted in growth can effectively wear them for creating an illusion of long legs.

A much warmer option than general cotton full-length leggings is fur leggings. Made with a blend of fleece, cotton, and fur, they are easily stretchable and very soft on the skin.

2. Knee-length leggings

Knee-length leggings

Knee-length leggings terminate just below the knees and are the best type of workout leggings. The majority of the women wear it while going to the gym, doing yoga or Zumba, dancing or hiking. It allows for enhanced leg extensions that are needed in these activities. They are made of cotton, spandex, or nylon.

Nothing is wrong in wearing ankle-length leggings during workouts, but not all variants of them are as elastic as knee-length ones.

People usually wear no-show socks while wearing boots with these leggings, as they absorb the sweat from feet.

 3. Mid-calf leggings

Mid-calf leggings

Mid-calf leggings come in between the ankles and knees and are also referred to as ¾ -length leggings sometimes. There are two main combinations you can try out with them.

Wear long shirts with them along with high heels or opt for short tops with plain shoes or formal slippers.

Don’t forget to wear laces scalloped socks with heels, for a stylish look.

Knee-length and Mid-calf leggings can also be called as short leggings because they don’t cover whole of the legs. Also known as “capris” or cropped leggings”, women wear it for high comfort and flexibility.

4. Footed leggings

Footed leggings

Footed leggings cover the whole of legs including the feet. They are a combination of leggings and socks and worn with either ballerina flats or heels.

5. Thermo compression leggings

Thermo compression leggings

For all those women who want to lose weight fast, this perspiration-triggering and fat-burning leggings are the right way to go. Made from neoprene, compression leggings remove fat from belly, thigs and hips effectually. At the same time, they are super comfy.

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6. Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

Cellulite is a medical condition that is common to about 90% of women. It is characterized by a dimpled effect on the skin just under the thighs and on buttocks. While it is genetically unavoidable, there are ways of shielding it through anti-cellulite leggings.

These compression leggings conceal those parts of the skin while you involve yourself in activities like going to yoga or gym, running in the park or doing daily home tasks. They keep the skin stretched which reduces its chances of getting layered together – in turn minimizing the “dimpling effect” and massages the cellulite away.

They are squat proof, breathable and highly comfortable. Moreover, they help with the tummy flattening and makes you move around with confidence.

Pair these leggings with ankle-length socks and a nice pair of joggers.

7. Ripped leggings

Ripped leggings

Ripped leggings feature cuttings or holes in them and are one of the most contemporary clothing items trending in the fashion world right now. But keep in mind, these trendy pieces are only meant for casual wear or informal parties.

8. Treggings:


Treggings combine features of trousers and leggings together. For women who neither want to wear baggy trousers nor skin-tight leggings, would be the happiest to know of this type. Regarded as the “work leggings”, this type is extremely comfortable for independent women who are involved in government jobs or private, corporate sectors.

What is the difference between treggings and leggings?

Treggings is a type of leggings that is actually a combination of trousers and leggings; not as skinny as the leggings and not as loose as the trousers. They are mostly worn by women working in offices and are paired the best with a formal shirt or jacket.

9. Colored leggings:

Colored leggings

We don’t need to explain to them or do we?

These are leggings that are inculcated with various color schemes. It may include 2-3 shades or a whole color palette. Although they look attractive solely, the most arduous thing associated with them is the need for a suitable pairing top.

If you go for a single-colored shirt, the legs might appear to be too vibrant and if you opt for a multi-colored shirt, chances are you might become a “clown”. Seriously, we have seen young girls becoming them. So, be very careful while pairing your top with colored leggings. The safest option is to buy the one which doesn’t have a lot of colors and complement it perfectly with a simple casual, V-neck t-shirt.

10. Leather leggings

Leather leggings

Almost every female character in an action movie has worn leather leggings for some time or the entire duration. Be it, Mila Kunis, in Max Payne, Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix or Halle Berry in Catwoman, everyone carried these magnificently.

They are shiny, elegant, and classic. Young girls can wear them with shiny jackets while women should have something composed at the top.

11. Woolen leggings

Woolen leggings

Wool leggings are must to have along with a lint remover to remove shedding wool in the winter season or for the people living in the north.  

These can be worn underpants and trousers and will keep you warm and cozy at all times. Not to mention, prevent you from catching cold and fever.

12. Jeggings


Jeggings get this name because they are a combination of jeans and leggings. These are highly versatile and available in all lengths and colors. They too can be worn on any type of occasion and go with everything just like ankle-length leggings.

Jeggings are much comfortable than skinny jeans because they are stretchable. They provide added posterior support than normal leggings. You can also give them as a gift to your mother who doesn’t like to shop much.

What is the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Leggings can be made with any fabric which includes nylon, cotton, wool, polyester or spandex but jeggings are specifically made from jeans. Jeggings always include pockets (fake or real) while leggings may or may not include them. They are also not as stretchable as the leggings.

13. Nylon leggings

Nylon leggings

Nylon is one of the most popular materials of leggings. Why one would ask? That’s because they are super durable, yet light in weight and don’t wrinkle easily. You can sit anywhere in any posture without worrying about getting wrinkles on your legwear.

There are assortments of nylon leggings available in the market, each with different washing and drying instructions. Make sure you are specific to them.

Tips on how to dress up with leggings

1. Ensure that you are wearing the right type of underwear. It should be soft with bonded seams so that no lines appear on the leggings. You can also wear a thong but one which has a high waistband and full-back coverage. Another option is to go for boy shorts.

2. Ensure that the leggings are opaque. You don’t want anything embarrassing to happen!

3. Make sure that whatever top your wearing, it covers the band of the leggings.

4. Unless you are wearing them for sports purposes, always wear mid-calf or ankle-length leggings. They give a completer look.

During winters, get a warmer fabric legging even when you go to the gym and prop it with a warmer pair of socks because cold usually reaches your body through your feet.

5. A great styling tip is to wear long boots with leggings. Don’t worry, they won’t make you look like a cowgirl or a horse stable incharge, rather it would make you look slicker than you could have imagined. Wearing a buttoned shirt with it would be a “killer” combination.

6. Leggings sure are close-fitting but they shouldn’t make your buttocks “too prominent.” Choose the degree of tightness that doesn’t embarrass you while you walk among masses of people.


1. Which legging is best?

The best legging is the one that suits your overall attire, is of the suitable length for the particular purpose (gym, formal party, casual wear), and is durable enough. An ideal legging should complement your beauty and be comfortable as well.

2. What is the difference between Ponte leggings and normal leggings?

Ponte leggings are a mixture of leggings, skinny jeans, and trousers. They are firmer than leggings because they are double knit, are tighter in the leg and posterior region unlike trousers and not as restrictive as skinny jeans.

There isn’t a marked difference between a Ponte legging and general leggings; It’s an all-in-one type if you can imagine.

3. What type of shirts to wear leggings?

That depends on the type of leggings. If you are wearing leather ones, go with short blouses which reveal the whole leggings. If you are going with full-length leggings, it’s classy to go with long, unbuttoned shirts and if it’s cold, pair them up with jackets or coats.

For knee-length leggings, tank tops, long, tight t-shirts and sports bras are the best options.

4. Which fabric is best for leggings?

The type of your preferred fabric will depend on personal desire although cotton, spandex, nylon, and leather are the most popular choices. Some people have skins that are very sensitive so they shouldn’t wear leather leggings. Others who prefer jeans should opt for jeggings.

5. What are leggings good for?

They are best to dress stylishly along with being excessively comfortable. To look graceful for an occasion, you often have to walk in a specific manner and be careful how to sit because of the upbeat clothes but not with leggings. You can be sleek and comfortable at the same time as these.

6. Are leggings going out of style?

No. Leggings are so widely accepted that they can never go out of style. They can be worn with casual jackets, formal shirts, vibrant blouses, sweaters or gym tops. At least in the near future, they can not become obsolete.

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