Types Of Socks According To Length, Function And Fabric

types of socks

No one can exist in this universe without socks.

Just recall back you previous life happenings:

      1. You were running late for your office or college and forgot to take your mobile, watch or headphones (several times it would have happened) but have you ever forgotten your socks. No!
      2. You planned to wear heels or pumps but your feet smell because of perspiration. What did you do: Wore No-show socks, right?
      3. You wore shin pads while getting ready for a soccer match but quickly covered them with calf-length socks because otherwise, it would have looked odd.

    You see, socks come handy in your life everywhere. They are one of the most common necessities.

    According to the Zion Market Research, the sock market would reach a throbbing 24.16bn by 2025 globally.


    Just like every other item in your wardrobe, there are different types of socks. Each has its own use, importance and a personal spot in your wardrobe.

    This blog would discuss all types of commonly worn socks. Ready to dive in?

    Sock Types According To Length – Sock Names:


    1. No show socks:

    Anti Slip No Show Socks 5-Pack

    Referred to as loafer socks mostly, no show socks are manufactured with the objective to be worn with shoes without being visible to the viewer. You get that, right? These are one of the top types of men’s socks.

    But that doesn’t mean ladies can’t or don’t wear it. Feminine no-show socks are worn by ladies of all ages with specific types of shoes.

    Women with sensitive skin usually wear lace socks as they prevent skin inflammation which would have occurred, have they worn any other material.

    Delicate Lace Scalloped Socks

    How to wear: They can be worn with sneakers, ballerina shoes, pump sandals, and heeled pumps. They protect against the probability of smell generated from sweat in the feet while making your legs look elegant and fashionable.

    2. Ankle length socks

    Ankle-length socks

    Slightly longer than the no-show socks, ankle length socks come till the ankles of the wearer.

    How to wear: They can be worn with Oxford shoes, sports joggers, sneakers and football studs. Kids can wear these while they go out to play in the park in the afternoons while the older ladies and men can wear it with their leather slip-on, brogues, and canvas shoes.

    3. Quarter length socks:

    Quarter-length socks

    Quarter length socks are longer than the ankle length socks but shorter than the crew socks. They are roughly 5-6 inches in size and can be worn by both men and women.

    They are worn in winters and summers with similar effects. The difference that comes in the configuration is the amount of insulation on them.

    While summer quarter-length socks are thin and usually made of cotton, winter ones are thick, and lined with insulating fabrics like Sherpa and fur.

    How to wear: Women can wear these with their block heel ankle boots and trainers, even with brogues while men can style their runners and Derby shoes with them. Let’s have a look at some interesting options we have for quarter-length socks.

    You know where we are going slowly, right? Yes, upwards till the knees. Let’s see if we get there

    4. Crew length socks

    Unisex Wool Nordic Socks

    Crew length sock types come in variable sizes from 6-8 inches and would reach different lengths of the leg depending on the height of the wearer.

    As a distinctive feature, they are longer than the ankle-length socks but that’s understood, as that is the trend that is being followed in our blog. ?

    Crew-length socks are probably the most common socks for the men because they can wear them with a majority of their college, work, and party shoes.

    Some even flaunt with unique, animal-patterned ones for festivals and casual use.

    Animal Paw Socks

    You can assign a specific pair of socks with each of your work and party shoes and keep them arranged in a shoe rack. This way you wouldn’t have to “scout” through your collection of socks every other day. Be organized and regular!

    These socks are available in both unisex and gendered styles, are ribbed at the cuffs and come in all sorts of material ranging from cotton to wool and silk.

    How to wear: Women can wear them with their ankle and Chelsea Boots while men can flaunt them with Oxfords or even sports shoes.

    5. Calf length socks:

    Calf-length socks

    Calf length socks, as evident from the name, cover up the calves. You would have often seen football players wearing these socks over the shin guards or women wearing them under skirts or shorts.

    How to wear: Calf-length socks worn by sportsmen or athletes are thick because they are worn as a protection element while playing however women wearing it as a chic fashion statement can opt for thin, cotton ones with skirts or thick, furry ones with long boots in winters.

    Unisex Chicken Feet Socks

    Women can wear crew length socks as a fashion statement

    6. Knee length socks

    Knee-length socks

    Knee length socks are considered one of the essentials in women’s clothing.


    They reach all the way up to the top of your knees for a more classy look, plus they keep you warm if the material is wool.

    They are also worn to be exposed, unlike other socks that are hidden beneath the wearer’s shoe. These are one of the most anticipated types of women’s’ socks.

    Such kinds of socks are nearly always worn underneath mini/knee-length skirts or knee-length dresses. Teenager girls and fashionable love to flaunt mesmerizing styles with these socks.

    Over the Knee Knit Socks

    They add a cute and stylish vibe to the whole outfit as well as are a perfect way to keep you warm and exceptionally flawless from the fashion point of view.

    How to wear them: Wear them with long boots in winters or even sandals in summers. Over the knee socks are also an integral part of some armies and hospital uniforms.

    Sock Styles According To Function


    7. Compression socks

    Alarmed at the sound of these? Don’t be because these compression sock types sure exist and in variable applications.

    These socks provide support to the legs and compress them to increase the circulation of blood which in turn relieves pains, stress, and fatigue.

    Assortments of compression socks are discussed below, some just reach the crew length while others can be pulled all the way up the calf.

    1. Thermal compression socks: This type of compression socks are incorporated with a smart conductive fabric technology that warms up the feet and reduces body moisture.

    Compression Socks with Copper Fibers

    2. Fasciitis Compression socks: These socks are specifically made to provide relief to patients suffering from the plantar fasciitis pain. They also prevent conditions like swollen feet, feet soreness and heel spurs.

    3. Calf Support Compression Socks: These socks improve the blood circulation to the calves and provide helpful support while lifting weights and ascending heights.

    Perfect Fit Compression Socks

    4. No-Show Compression Socks: These are a combination of leggings and compression socks. Skin fitting and longer like a legging, they feature a cut on the foot area so no one can get an idea that you are wearing socks by just looking at your feet.

    No-Show Compression Socks

    It can be worn with jeans, or under skirts as a replacement of leggings. If you don’t have long boots to wear with your favorite skirts, these socks can fulfill that purpose as well provided you have a matching pair of shoes

    8. Funny socks

    No extra marks for guessing what funny socks are? These types of socks provide a tint of fun to your attire, after all, an opportunity of a loud laugh in this fast-paced life of today is a blessing.

    The eminent feature of these socks is the inscription of fun-packed messages on them.

    Customized Funny Socks

    Like every other item of the wardrobe, socks are made from assortments of fabric too. Check out:

    Sock Types According To Fabric:


    9. Cashmere socks


    Cashmere socks are made from the fabric which is extracted from Cashmere and Pashmina goats living in Central Asia.

    Imagine the soft and warm body of a Persian Cat wrapped around your ankles to better understand the nature of this material.

    Socks made of Cashmere are usually black, gray, and sometimes white and are highly insulating. It is also known for its marvelous draping quality and has the tendency to absorb water better than most of the other materials (not wool though:p).

    Cashmere socks can effectively be worn by people going for adventures like hiking, mountain biking or orienteering.

    10. Cotton socks


    Who hasn’t heard of cotton socks? Perhaps only aliens or Pygmies (“forest people”)!

    They are soft, breathable but wrinkles easily and cannot dry themselves quickly. Seldom are socks made from pure cotton.

    Rather, they are mixed with other synthetic fibers for more durable and insulating performance. Cotton socks are not recommended to be worn for sports purposes because that would only wrinkle and tear them.

    11. Bamboo Rayon socks

    Bamboo Rayon

    Confused at bamboo rayon socks? Don’t be. You are living in the 21st century where each day brings a new invention in front of us.

    In fact, bamboo is among the most produced plants on the face of the earth. Manufacturers are making toothbrushes, bicycles, bedsheets and in this case; socks from it.

    By the way, bamboo socks are not actually made from bamboo but rayon. Rayon is derived from fibers that are excerpted from bamboo.

    These socks are silkier than cotton, available in a variety of colors and are characterized by a glossy look that renders it useful for fashion purposes.

    12. Woolen socks


    Much renowned just like the cotton fabric!

    Woolen socks are made from a master class fabric that is known for its silky appearance, wrinkle-free and draping qualities. Woolen socks retain their shape even after consistent rounds of washing.

    These are ideal for sports and gym purposes. You can choose the desired thickness of woolen socks according to the weather you want to use them in.

    One more thing; they have a unique attribute of absorbing odor so you can wear them multiple times without washing too.

    Lastly, a lint remover is must-to-have with this kind of socks. 

    No putrid smell burning your nostrils with these socks :p

    13. Polyester socks


    It’s confusing really because you would get hundreds of variations of polyester socks in the market. They are mixed with many fabrics to achieve different properties like the ease of dying, durability, and breathability.

    Generally, polyester is much stronger than cotton and wool and absorbs moisture effectively. It can be worn with all types of shoes, both male and female.

    14. Nylon socks


    Nylon is a very strong material and is used to manufacture resilient socks that can be used in tough conditions like extreme temperatures and movement.

    They are highly elastic and are commonly blended with other fabrics for improving desired characteristics like breathability, elasticity, and softness.

    Closing remarks

    Hope this guide helped with all your sock queries. Remember to consider the material along with the length and color of the socks you buy.

    And do tell us which socks do you wear often.

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