Make A Fashion Statement With Different Types Of Beanies

Types of beanies

Hats have been on the scene from a very long ago – with the appearance of the first hat on a tomb painting from Thebes, Egypt to be used as a commonly worn head accessory in Egypt, it shifted to the areas of America and Mexico by 15th century and became an icon of working class in the 19th and 20th century.

Beanie caps originated in the United States in the early 1900s starting as a constituent of student ensemble and evolved from there to become one of the most anticipated styling elements. Today, it is largely worn in winters to keep you warm with long coats, short shirts, socks, sweaters and paired exquisitely with pants and trousers.

What is a beanie cap?

It is a type of headcover which is normally worn in winters and is characterized by triangular panels threaded together and seamed around the sides.

There are several types of beanies – cuffless, slouchy, bobble, brimmed, ponytail… you can’t stop counting. If you want beanies for men, you must look at slouchy beanies and fisherman beanies. These types of beanies are stylish and simple at the same time.

If you are looking for women beanies, ponytail and cuffed might be your go-to options.

1. Types of beanies that you should style with:

Who doesn’t wishes to look smart and unique? Beanie caps can help you yield flattering styles. They can blend well with the majority of fashion trends without being tacky. The following are the different types of beanies, each explained with their applications.

Types of beanies

i. Ponytail beanies

Ponytail beanies

Ponytail beanies are normal cuffless beanies with a hole on top that makes way for your ponytail and has solved a long-awaited problem of women wishing to wear a cap that doesn’t offend their hairstyle.

Who says that caps are only meant for covering the head to protect against cold – why can’t they be used as a fashion element in women’s clothing for a flattering style?

Ponytail beanies are a remarkable way of infusing modern styling to the primitive utility of a beanie and are a great gift for hard-to-shop moms.

You can have any type of ponytail ranging from the bulky fish ponytail to sleek hightail ponytail, from the bubble ponytail to a quick messy one, along with this beanie. Click Here to Buy

ii. Slouchy beanies

Soft Knit Slouchy Beanie

Slouchy beanies are one of the top types of beanies for guys and are characterized by a long length that can be converted to multiple slouches over the head region with some still hanging below the head.

It has become one of the most modish styling features of teenagers and has been draped magnificently by renowned personalities like David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

How many of you remember the “Sorting Hat” in the Harry Potter series? Keep the bottom slouches and remove the triangular upper hat portion from it to get an idea of a slouchy beanie.

Should we tell you an ingenious way of increasing the chic of a slouchy beanie? – wear large, round spectacles with it. As uncommon as it sounds, it will be as sassy. Wear it in winters to get both warmth and style. Click Here to Buy

iii. Bobble beanies

Bobble beanies

Bobble Beanies are characterized by a cuff and a pointed shape which ends up with a ball or grouped threads of fabric at the top.

Who doesn’t remember the trademark Christmas cap of Kevin with a furry ball on the top, in the popular Home alone movie? That was a bobble beanie.

They lost their popularity in between but are back in the market now. Easily noticeable from a faraway distance because of their ball, you would see a lot of adults and kids wearing them in snowy areas along with vintage woolen socks. They are not largely fashionable like the earlier variants but are more of a warmth-providing item. Click Here to Buy

iv. Knit tactical beanies

Knit tactical beanies

Tactical beanies got their name from U.S Navy Sailors who wore them while standing on watch out. They are closely-fitted knit beanies.

But this one especially is one step further:

What if you are walking towards your car parked outside in a frosty winter night and suddenly drop the keys in the snow? You would have to take off the gloves, enter your fingertip impression on the smartphone to get it unlocked and turn on the flashlight – It’s that difficult!

What if you can wear a beanie which includes an in-built LED light that can be turned on with a single push of a button? This knit tactical beanie is just that. It would provide illumination for outdoor tasks in the winter without getting your hands out of the gloves.

More than that, children can use it while playing outdoor games, riding on a dark hoverboard or walking their dog along a pavement. Click Here to Buy

v. Bluetooth beanie

Bluetooth beanie

As evident from the name, a Bluetooth beanie contains an integrated speaker and a microphone so that you can listen to your favorite songs on the go and answer calls as well. How cool is that!

Forget about taking out your phone from the pocket to answer a call while walking on a cemented pathway on a chilly night. Just tap the Bluetooth connected beanie and you are good to go.

It might have often happened to those who wear handsfree while jogging that they keep falling off from the ear holes. This beanie can solve this long-lasting problem. It’s as stylish as it is resourceful. Constructed with attractive fabric, this can be washed after simply taking out the headphones unit from it. Click Here to Buy

vi. Cuffless beanies

Cuffless beanies

Cuffless beanies are probably the most commonly worn beanies and come in variable length but don’t feature an additional length to be unrolled. Although you can fold a portion of it, that will solely be your personal modification.

Available in a wide range of colors and stuff, it is better if you get them in single colors instead of multi-toned varieties as that would make clothing a bit more flamboyant which not everyone can carry.

They can be worn with overcoats and jeans for a composed and subtle look or if you are looking to jazz it up, wear a shimmering jacket with it. You can also uncover a portion of your hair from the front, to get a fairly stylish look.

vii. Cuffed beanies

Cuffed beanies

As evident from the name, they come with cuffs around their edges which will cover your entire forehead and ears in cold, freezing weather. You can uncover some part of your forehead but that will cause a lump to form over the head which doesn’t always look pleasing.

Cuffed beanies come either in woolen, cotton or polyester and have always got extra padding on the lowest part which is folded. It has become a basic necessity of winter attire and goes with everything you wear. That’s the beauty of it – it is versatile.

But how can you make a strong statement with this cap, one may ask. This tip is specifically for women: get a bang which sweeps across one side of the face and wear a dark black Mascara for an assertive look. If you can manage, get a 3D Silk Fiber Mascara which enhances the length and thickness of your eyelashes to look more elegant.

This simple tip can be a real beauty enhancer. If it’s too cold and you don’t feel like changing for a party, wear a sweater and apply this top look to get ready in no time for the event. It’s uncomplicated and fast.

viii. Brimmed beanies

Brimmed beanies

A brim beanie includes a brim extension like a baseball hat that provides shade to your forehead and eyes in the sunlight or snowfall. It protects the user from sunburn and frost.

There are various models available; some of which include ear flaps and are most helpful in freezing weather while others, with slouches that turn towards the back of the ears. Wear them with long overcoats for a well-dressed look.

ix. Fisherman beanies

Fisherman beanies

You might have seen characters in several Hollywood movies wearing fisherman hats that fold upwards from sides. This beanie is inspired by the same design with sides rolled up. And one thing is for sure; it is the latest of all types of beanies hats. It’s a short hat that sits over the top of your head like a crown, without covering the ears.

Majorly meant for guys. It is usually made with a heavy, thick fabric and is best suited to a jacket. It should only be worn by people who have the confidence to carry unique fashions.

Difference between a cuffed and a fisherman beanie?

Both include cuffs but the size of a fisherman beanie is always smaller than a cuffed beanie. It would never cover your ears and merely sits on top of the head while a cuffed beanie may or may not cover the ears.

x. Earflap beanies

Earflap beanies

These beanies include flaps on both sides that are for the sole purpose of covering the ears. Mostly worn by teenagers and kids who are too careless about their health, they usually come with strings attached to the flaps.

There are available in all sorts of colors, prints, sizes, and designs and are a great Christmas gift for young boys and girls.

2. How to wear beanies without looking absurd?

1. Wear according to the size of your head:

The same beanie is seldom suitable for both you and your brother with a large head. A beanie should cover the majority of your head unless you are draping a fisherman beanie.

2. Match it with the dress:

A bright green beanie will kill the spice of your brown outfit! Choose a color that goes with the rest of your dressing. A safe trick is always to choose a non-shimmering color that can go with the majority of your dresses. Colors like light brown, black, white, grey are the safest.

3. Choose the one suitable for your face cut:

If you have a round face, a slouchy beanie or bobble beanies are the most suitable as they would add a “lengthening” effect. If you opt for a cuffed one, leave a lock of front hair uncovered.

For people with long faces, slouchy beanie is a no. You can choose from cuffless, cuffed or fisherman beanie because they wouldn’t make your face any longer.

4. Choose according to your hair

Each person has different hair, we can’t deny that and there are ways of styling with each type. If you have short hair, consider large slouchy and bobble beanies a big no because they would cramp your head. Close-fitting beanies like cuffed and uncuffed will be better.

For people with long hair, slim-fitted beanies are a good option like fisherman beanies because it balances the length of the hair.

As for those who have curly hair, baggie options like slouchy beanies would do wonder because they would even out the “chunky effect” of the hair curls.

5. Always clean excessive fur with lint remover

Beanies are something used years after years. However, they usually come in wool kind of fabric that’s prone to shed. 

Hence, you are recommended to remove the lint from your beanies before using them every next year.

6. Choose according to gender

If you are a woman, you can afford to style with funky options of high styling magnitude (like beads on the beanie or multi-colored) but as males, you must always opt for simpler, single-colored beanies.

Women should always show some part of their hair beneath the beanies even if they have shorter hair like from the front or hang some strands from the sides.

3. Benefits of beanie caps

  • Let’s get straight to it; they prevent your head from cold, chilly winds of December and is the perfect wearable for going out in your Christmas holidays.
  • They allow you to get ready fast. You needn’t spend time on doing your hair but simply put it over your head by matching with the dress and voila, you are done dressing.
  • It helps you to be fashionable and protected from cold at the same time. We have already discussed how effective these caps can be in making a fashion statement above.
  • It can be given as a Christmas gift to your loved ones.

4. Where to Buy:

Although beanies are available on many forums but Inspire Uplift provides you with a wide range in them at affordable rates.

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