240+ Easy Spring Nail Ideas for Beginners 2023 (Guide for Those Who Suck at Doing Nails)

Spring Nail Ideas

‘Nail’ your springtime with these 240+ creative and cute spring nail ideas for beginners 2023!

Stop your search for nail art ideas and start stocking spring nail colors because we have all the coolest spring nail designs, colors, suggestions and DIY tutorials on how to nail in spring!

Spring, the period for blooming, flowering, colors and a new beginning. So, why not try something gloomy, flowery, and unexpected this springtime with your nail art too?

▶️ 240+ Spring Nail Ideas for Beginners 2023

News Flash, Not All of Us Are Manicurists!

Yes, we have binge-watched all the nail trends 2023, but we also suck at doing our nails. (Hey, stop judging. Yes, we exist!)

For that very reason, we have come up with an easy to try nail art guide for teens, moms, kids, and every woman!

Disclaimer: We have included toenail designs and tutorials too!

Pro Tip: Do not pass through spring by only planning different outfits and accessories for the flowering season. But, try trendy spring and summer nail ideas!

Here you go:

1. Trendy Barely There French Nails

Spring Nail Ideas for Beginners 2021
Image Sources instagram

There’s nothing more nostalgic than barely-there simple spring nail ideas, and when they are this easy to do, it’s just a bonus.

Firstly, trim your nails into a round shape and add a pastel shade on the tips instead of the usual white to make it more classy. Finally, secure it with the top coat to have your easy and modern French tips nails.

2. Subtle Nude & Gold Combo

Nail Trends 2021
Image Sources instagram

A subtle mix of gold and nude shades is one of the creative and cute nail ideas for spring. To achieve this glamorous nails look, paint your nails with neutral nail colors and leave your ring finger to add a sparkly pop of gold glitter.

3. Spring Flower Nails Art

Spring Nail Art Flowers Ideas
Image Sources instagram

Adorable spring flower art designs look cute even on the short nails or kids’ hands.

For this pretty design, add a nude beige color to your nails, pop a gold dot in the center with your bobby pain, followed by white flowery dots. Lastly, secure it with the topcoat.

4. Gorgeous Foil Strip Spring Nail Art

cute nail ideas for spring
Image Sources pinterest

Classy strip nails are an everlasting fashion trend, making it one of the simple spring nail ideas every neophyte can try.

Paint your nails with typical white or pastel color, let them dry and paste a thinly cut piece of regular scotch tape or nail foil over it. You can also fill in the spaces between the strips with floral spring colors or black nail polish.

Pro-Tip: Get classy spring nails and treat yourself with 39 cheap wow woman gifts.

5. French Accent Nails

nail ideas for spring 2021
Image Sources pinterest

If you are a newbie and looking for some inspiration on spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 guide, then this is it.

Even a man can get this modern French tip nails idea right. Yes, it’s that easy. Use a polygel nail kit to get those perfect salon-ready designer nails, paint them with a nude base and get a squared tip to coat the corners with floral colors.

6. Modern French Nails

nail art ideas for spring
Image Sources pinterest

French nails are one the easiest nail ideas for spring. Try an updated version of it by painting the nails with a nude base coat, leaving the ring finger for a dark color.

Cover the nail tips with the same dark color, followed by lining it with a gold or silver color line. This flawless nail design is Pinterest and Instagram approved.

7. Plain Yet Cool Acrylic Nails

nail art ideas for spring acrylic
Image Sources pinterest

The stylish fall 2021 nail trends are still continuing in top spring nail colors 2023 ideas among the fashionistas.

This is one of the plain and classy acrylic nail ideas that are perfect for those who like to try new designs but don’t want to put much effort into it.

Use a neutral but bright shade as a base coat and top it off with a glitter color on the alternate nails for the final look.

8. Starry Night

nail ideas spring 2021
Image Sources pinterest

This starry night spring nail art is guaranteed to garner a myriad of compliments from your friends because they look elegant and simple.

To have these trendy nails, add a clear base coat to your nails, place the star stickers on top, and finally secure the stars with a protective topcoat. And, bob’s your uncle, your personalized starry night spring nail design is ready to rock.

9. Shimmery French Manicure Nails

simple spring nail ideas
Image Sources pinterest

We all love French manicure nails, but sometimes they seem too subtle for our liking. Step up your game with our spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 guide.

Use the clear gel as a base coat, then apply a neutral glitter nail polish as your second coat, and finally apply any shimmery color like rose gold to your square nails or round-shaped nail tips.

10. Beautiful Touch of Polka Dots

spring and summer nail ideas
Image Sources instagram

You don’t have to avoid dark winter colors just because you didn’t see any deep shade in your search spring nail colors 2023 list. Instead, make your own style!

Choose a bright shade like matte green and lime green. Paint your nails with olive green while leaving the middle and ring finger for lime color. Lastly, use a bobby pin to place the neat polka dots to complete your lime green nails design.

11. Perfect Lazy Spring Nails

nail ideas for spring flowers
Image Sources instagram

If you are not feeling to put any effort into it but still want to have those perfect spring nails, this lazy spring flower nail idea is exactly for you.

To get these nude nail designs, all you got to do is apply a single coat of any neutral nail color of your choice and then place 3 dots of highly pigmented colors like black, white, and shimmer gold in random places on your nails. And, you are done!

12. Red French Tip Square Nails

short nail colors
Image Sources pinterest

Nothing can beat the easy neutral base and red French tip nails. And, they are so easy and require minimal effort to pull off.

Let your cool spring nails and stylish summer outfit do all the talking!

Cut the scotch tape into small asymmetric sections and place one on each nail closer to the cuticle. Apply your pastel nail colors like usual and remove the tape.

Lastly, use a thin nail polish brush to add deep color lines on top of every nail. Secure it with a clear top coat. And, there you have it, your classy geometric colorful pastel background.

13. A Hand Full of Cute Spring Nails

summer nail ideas bright spring
Image Sources instagram

Yes, you got to make the minimal effort to get these spring and beach nails. Apply the alternate colors to each nail and pair it with an olive tree ring to complete your springy summer vibe.

14. Cute Nude Mismatched Colors

nail color ideas for spring 2021
Image Sources pinterest

This is one of the easiest nail color ideas for spring 2023 and perfect for every ‘ah, I messed my nails again’ person.

Apply any pastel, beige, or nude color of your choice and complete your bright spring nail art by making lines of different nail polishes on top.

15. The Oh-So Simple Nail Design

nail designs 2021
Image Sources pinterest

This is one of the simple spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 that even older, teens or little women can try.

Apply the base color of your choice and draw vertical or horizontal lines of dark color over it.

16. Match-Every-Outfit Nails Design

spring nail ideas simple
Image Sources pinterest

This super easy nail art for beginners is something even your siblings can do for you. Yes, it is that simple!

Just paint the nails with a nude base color and apply dots with a toothpick over it closer to your cuticle. You can also try a vertical or horizontal line for your ring finger.

17. Little Spring Hearts

spring nail ideas 2021 2021
Image Sources pinterest

It was popular in the top spring nail ideas 2021 guides and is still trendy in the latest spring nail ideas 2023 beginners guide.

Apply a clear spring gel nail color to all the nails and let them dry. Next, you can add heart-shaped stickers. Or utilize bobby pins to place two dots and join them at the bottom with a toothpick.

Tip: You can also try this super easy, simple spring nail idea on Valentine.

18. Vibrant Spring Ombré Nails

spring ombre nails
Image Sources pinterest

This striking design is something everyone can try. Pastel, vibrant colors always remind us of spring. Why not give them trendy Korean ombré touch?

Paint your nails with pastel blue nail polish and lightly press the sponge (on which you have applied two spring colors of your choice; one at the top half and one at the bottom half). Now, finally, add the protective topcoat. And, there you have it, your DIY spring and summer ombre nails.

Nail Care Tip: Remember to add a peeling gel base to the sides of your nails to make your fingers mess-free.

19. Polka Dot Rainbow Nails

spring nail ideas gel
Image Sources instagram

This is one of those spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 that gives off cool, beachy, and fresh vibes.

It is as simple as painting each nail with a different vibrant color to have a rainbow polka dot background. Then adding dots randomly over it with a bobby pin or toothpick.

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20. Spring Floral Nail Designs

nail design spring flower ideas
Image Sources pinterest

Are you looking for easy spring nail art flower ideas? This one is for you! All you need is bobby pins, toothpicks, clear gel, and of course, two nail colors of your choice.

Apply clear gel, place a dot on the center of your nail tip. Use bobby pins to draw dots away from the tip. Lastly, connect the dots to the center dot to make the flower.

Tip: Don’t forget to apply the top coat.

DIY Spring & Summer Nails

Here, watch a video of 100 easy nail ideas you can try to enjoy the spring and summer seasons. You can also pop your beach outfit with these nail styles:

Now, continue to see some more in our spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 guide:

21. Welcome Easter & Spring Nails

easter and spring nail ideas 2021
Image Sources pinterest

Celebrate Easter and spring with these bright spring flower nail ideas.

To have these Easter nail designs, choose a pastel color as your base and place multicolor polka dots on one side with the help of bobby pins.

22. Wavy Beach Nails

beach spring nail ideas
Image Sources instagram

The next on our spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 guide will surely remind you of beachy waves.

Cut wavy stripes of the paper foil or scotch tape, and place them over your nails. Paint them with pastel shades of the same color family.

Lastly, remove the strips, and there you have it, your gorgeous beachy ocean nails.

23. Bright Spring Galaxy

spring nail ideas pinterest
Image Sources pinterest

Can’t decide on a single best nail color for the beach? Just apply them all! Start with a pastel blue nail polish as your base shade. Use bobby pins for big bright dots and toothpicks for small, vibrant ones.

24. Vibrant Diamond Nails

spring nail ideas for short nails
Image Sources pinterest

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Yeah, right, there is no such person! Well, you can’t add them to your nails (or can you?), but indeed, glitter stones would look equally beautiful.

Pro-Tip: Match it with a classy claw ring accessory for the perfect cool vibes.

25.  Fresh Pastel Diagonals

spring nail ideas with foil
Image Sources Pinterest

This is one of the nail color ideas that just screams spring! It looks as fresh as a summer morning. Apply scotch tape diagonally on the nails, and paint them with any of your favorite vibrant spring nail colors.

Remove the tape and fill in space with a darker color. Lastly, secure with the top coat.

26. Floral Nude Nail Designs

spring gel nail ideas 2021
Image Sources pinterest

For the nude florals, simply paint your nails with any neutral color shade. And, once it is dry, place small multicolor dots up to the center of your nails with the help of a toothpick.

27. Happy Smiley Nails

nail color ideas for spring 2021 2021
Image Sources pinterest

If you can’t decide on anything, try these happy, smiley spring gel nail ideas 2023 on your nails.

Simply, paint your nails with a dark yellow aesthetic color and place a smiley sticker in the center of your ring finger. You can also paste the smileys on all your fingers.

28. Black & White Coffin Acrylic Nails

spring nail ideas coffin
Image Sources pinterest

The stunning white and black coffin nails are creative, chic, modern, and one of the tip-top nails that can be tried in spring too. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to do that.

Paint the nails with the usual black nail polish, and paste skeleton stickers on them. Use a LED nail polish dryer to avoid smudging your trendy nail art. Lastly, cover it with a protective coat to make it long-lasting.

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29. Spring Minty Freshness

top spring nail colors 2021
Image Sources pinterest

Although you can try any other color for these spring nail art designs, minty green just screams it is among the top spring nail colors 2023.

Pro-Tip: Celebrate the arrival of spring by styling your pastel nails with a handmade bohemian bracelet.

30. Pastel Easter Eggs

lastest nail trends 2020 2021
Image Sources instagram

Once, every Instagrammer was obsessing over the latest nail trends 2023 ideas, but honestly, these easter color nails are still trending.

Paint your nails with alternate pastel colors. Apply a dark shade color on the toothbrush and lightly sprinkle the color over the top. Lastly, secure it with the top coat.

31. Spring Cherry Nails

cute spring nails 2020
Image Sources reddit

This is one of the cute spring nails 2021 fashionistas have seen. You can try this with the trendy barely-there French nails. Use bobby pins to place two dots and join them at the end with the toothpick for the cherry.

Lastly, use green pastel color to draw the branches and leaves. And, that’s it, your spring nail design 2023 version is ready to rock with a paired wrap bracelet.

32. Stripey Springy Stripes

bright spring nail ideas for beginners
Image Sources pinterest

Cut the usual boring winter colors with bright spring colors! This is one of the cute and easy-to-try spring nail ideas for beginners 2023.

33. Double Barely There

Double Barely
Image Sources pinterest

Double-painted French tip nails are perfect for rocking your summer outfits. It is one of the bright nail designs of 2023 that are so easy to try.

Paint your nails with alternate pastel colors them add small and medium-cut tape to the tip. Apply any of the spring colors between the pasted tape. Lastly, remove the tape and coat with the protective base.

34. Hearty French Tip Acrylic Nails

spring nail art idea
Image Sources pinterest

The spring nail art idea that vibes with all summer colors for nails. Paint your nails with clear gel and paste heart stickers on the tip for pastel heart background. Finally, secure with a top coat.

35. Go Sparkly Nails

fancy spring nail art designs
Image Sources instagram

We all love fancy nail art designs to enjoy the arrival of spring, but nothing can beat the classy pinky, sparkly, and glittery nail polish.

Bonus: It requires minimum effort! Perfect for every lazy girl out there. :p

36. Zero-Effort Nails

nail art ideas for spring and summer
Image Sources pinterest

Bright and elegant nails will remain trendy among the spring nail ideas 2023, and it even requires almost zero effort.

Apply typical white to your nails and place three black vertical dots on the side. You can also swap black with your favorite pastel color.

Pro-Tip: A solar system bracelet will highlight your simple yet elegant nails.

37. Delicate Pinky Whites

cute spring nail art 2021
Image Sources pinterest

How elegant these pinky-white nails look? Well, pink is the best spring color; it looks simple, delicate, and classy. But you can also try them as your summer nails.

To recreate this cute spring nail art, start with light pink as your base color. Then add vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines with typical white. Lastly, use a toothpick to create any shape on the ring finger to complete the design.

38. Paint the Sky

cute spring nail design for beginners
Image Sources instagram

The easiest way to try this super cute spring nail design is by applying a sky blue color as the base. Then, using a bobby pin, place two dots over it.

Finally, with the help of the toothpick, make it look like a fluffy cloud.

Pro-Tip: Pair it with a beautiful lava stone bracelet to enhance the colors.

39.  Vertical Polka Dots

Picture Idea:

nail design summer 2021
Image Sources instagram

When nothing seems to work, this one right here in our spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 definitely will!

Apply white as your base color. Add bobby pin dots in a vertical line using the same color pastel shades.

40. Maple Leaf Nails

cute spring nails 2020 2021
Image Sources pinterest

Spruce up your nail ideas for spring with the next design in our easy spring nail colors 2023 guide for beginners.

Apply a purple beige color to your fingers, leaving the ring and pinky finger for the green beige shade. Lastly, apply the maple leaf sticker on the ring finger and secure it with the top coat.

Pro-Tip: Style it with a flask bangle bracelet to make it pop!

41. Celebrity Styled Almond Spring Nails

spring nail colors
Image Sources instagram

These classy and modern spring pastel nails are Instagram, and Dove Cameron approved. All you have to do is apply the alternate beach colors to your nails. Lastly, secure with top coat to make it long-lasting.

Pro-Tip: You can rock this simple spring nail design with a classy silver octopus ring.

42. Clear Butterfly Acrylic Nails

acrylic nail ideas
Image Sources pinterest

Butterfly, clear French manicured nails, and spring is the perfect combination for having glamorous nails.

43. Pretty Summer Nails

Pretty Summer Nails
Image Sources pinterest

When it comes to easy summer acrylic nails that you can also wear in the spring to match the beachy, floral, and fresh vibe of the season, this right here can be one of the perfect acrylic nail ideas to try.

44. Trendy DIY Dip Nail Designs

Trendy DIY Dip Nail Designs
Image Sources pinterest

This is one the trendiest and easy to try dip powder spring nails. It will match well with all your summer fashion and beach floral prints.

Here’s a DIY video for you:

45. Wedding Spring Nails

hot pink and silver nails
Image Sources pinterest

If you are looking for some elegant, simple, sparkly, cute spring nails to attend your friend’s wedding, you are at the right place. Try these!

46. Spring Acrylic Nails

cute acrylic nail colors
Image Sources pinterest

Acrylic nails are one of the top nail trends 2023 has seen. These look like stunning designer nails but are easy to try at home.

47. Matching Hands & Toe Nails

toe nail designs
Image Sources pinterest

How awesome is that to match pastel nail color on your fingernails with feet nails to have some of the cool toe nail designs?

48. Pale Yellow Aesthetic

toe nail design pictures
Image Sources pinterest

Spring toe nails look as vibrant and chic as spring fingernails look! Don’t believe it? Try this pale yellow aesthetic toe nail design.

49. Toe Nail Art Designs

toe nail art designs
Image Sources pinterest

Painting your toe nails with some of the bright and vibrant spring nail colors is the cutest trend of the nail designs 2023.

Here is an easy tutorial of 23 toe nail arts you can try this spring:

50. Go Nude

nude nail designs
Image Sources pinterest

51. Rock Your Wedding

nail trends
Image Sources pinterest

52. Yellow Neon Aesthetic

yellow neon aesthetic
Image Sources pinterest

53. Purple French Acrylic Nails With Ombre Touch

ombre purple nails
Image Sources pinterest

54. Rose Gold Spring Summer Vibes

pretty nails art
Image Sources pinterest

55. White and Glitter Nails

wedding nails
Image Sources pinterest

56. Cute Toe Nail Art

toe polish design
Image Sources pinterest

57. Glittery Nude Purples

metallic purple nail polish
Image Sources pinterest

58. White and Blue Chic Nails

chic nails blue springs
Image Sources pinterest

59. Add Some Glitter to Your Life Nails

gray nails with glitter
Image Sources pinterest

Now, that you know some of the basic spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 let’s see more pastel nail colors every grandmother, mom, teen, or kid can rock.

Simple Nail Art Designs For Moms

Mothers are special persons for every kid. They taught us pretty much everything. But when it comes to their self-care, a mother often ignores it. Don’t worry, we got your back, ladies.

Celebrate this mother’s day with these easy pretty nail designs that every mom can try. Rock your May 9th!

60. Mom’s Special Spring Nails

spring colors
Image Sources pinterest

Give yourself a new image and a fresh spring nail design to celebrate your day.

61. Pastel Nail Trends

Pastel Nail Trends
Image Sources pinterest

The personality of moms requires such an elegant spring art design like this!

62. Minimal Manicure Nails

Minimal Manicure Nails
Image Sources pinterest

Even a busy working mom can get these cute spring nails right in few minutes.

63. Cool Red Matte Nails

Cool Red Matte Nails
Image Sources pinterest

Perfect for every woman who is tired of polka dots, hearts, flowers, and other common patterns.

64. Soft Pastel Purple Nails

pastel purple nails
Image Sources pinterest

It’s fun to try different shades of same pastel nail colors.

Before moving further to see some more simple and classy glamorous nails. Here is a video of 5 easy nail art designs for all the mums out there:

65. Reverse French Tip Acrylic Nails

French Tip Acrylic Nails
Image Sources pinterest

Step up the game of your French tip nails with cute almond nails!

66. Sprinkly Pearl Tip Nails

pearl tip nails
Image Sources instagram

Replace your glitter and stone nail designs with pearl tip nails.

67. When-French-Tips-Go-Wrong Nail Art

curved French tips
Image Sources instagram

Don’t want to have the classic French manicure nails? Try these modern curved French tips.

See 4 easy nail designs you can try at home easily:

68. Aesthetic Rose Nails Design

rose nails design
Image Sources instagram

69. Spring French Nail Designs

Spring French Nail Designs
Image Sources instagram

70. Starry Neutral Nail Art

Neutral Nail art
Image Sources instagram

71. Stoney Neutral Nails

neutral nails
Image Sources instagram

72. Daisy White Flower Nail Design

white flower nail design
Image Sources pinterest

73. Metallic Gold Nails

glitter nails
Image Sources instagram

74. Golden Hints

Elegant Nail Color Ideas & Designs for Granny’s
Image Sources instagram

75. Stunning Spring Nail Art

cute spring nails
Image Sources pinterest

76. Cute Almond Nails

almond nail colors
Image Sources pinterest

77. Fashionable Almond Nail Art

Almond Nail Art
Image Sources pinterest

78. Class Sideways French Manicure Nails

summer nail designs pinterest
Image Sources pinterest

Cute Spring Teen Nail Designs

Nail art designs are so versatile and creative that even kids and teens can find numerous cute, sparkly, and fun nail trends to follow this spring. Here we have gathered some of the funky, cool, and easy nail designs for teenage girls.

79. Keep It There

Easy Nail Styles For Kids
Image Sources instagram

Be simple, be awesome. This minimal art is the perfect example of stylish teenage nails.

80. Purple Butterflies All the Way

pretty purple nails
Image Sources pinterest

These bright, vibrant, yet fancy acrylic nails for teenage girl is perfect to wear in all seasons!

81. Funky Acrylic Summer Nail Trend

summer acrylic nails
Image Sources pinterest

Spring nails can be made funky, fun, and super cute by following these summer acrylic nail trends.

82. Cute Spring Nails for Teens

cute nails
Image Sources pinterest

This is one of the simple nail design ideas that even a teen and kid can rock!

83. Disney Nails for A Disney Lover Teen

pink and white nails
Image Sources pinterest

Add some glam to your life with these super cute, super fun, and super easy Disney nails.

84. Pastel Ombre Rainbow Nails

rainbow ombre background
Image Sources pinterest

It’s colorful, it’s chic, it’s a rainbow ombre background for every treen to try!

85. Mini Moni Nails

cute nails ideas
Image Sources pinterest

This Disney nail design is perfect for every teen who’s in love with Minnie mouse.

86. Yellow Yellow Daisy Fellow

mustard yellow nail polish
Image Sources pinterest

This is the cute almond nail design for every teen that is too lazy to put effort into nail art trends.

87. DIY Nail Art Designs for Every Teen

The best thing about nail designs for teenage girls is that they are just so simple and easy to try at home. Don’t believe it? Here are 10 nail art designs you can try using your household items. Yes!

88. Add Some Pop

neutral manicure
Image Sources pinterest

89. Spring Manicure with Black Tips

spring manicure
Image Sources pinterest

90. White and Purple Toe Nails

white and purple nails
Image Sources pinterest

91. Classy Almond Nails

almond nail colors2
Image Sources pinterest

92. Spring Forever Nails

almond nail art (1)
Image Sources pinterest

93. Beautiful Square-Shaped In Style Nails

in style nails
Image Sources pinterest

94. Blue and Gold Nails Design for Toe

blue and gold nails
Image Sources pinterest

95. Cute Bunny Nail Art

chic nails blue springs2
Image Sources pinterest

96. Purple Flowers

purple nails
Image Sources pinterest

97. Nude Nails With Design on Top

Nude nails with design
Image Sources pinterest

98. French Tips With A Twist

classy manicure tips
Image Sources pinterest

99. Pinky Glittery Toes

toe nail designs for spring
Image Sources pinterest

100. Pink Marble Nails

pink marble nails
Image Sources pinterest

Bottom Line

That’s it from our side, nailaholics!

Welcome your spring or Easter with our easy spring nail ideas for beginners 2023 guide. Have fun trying these nail ideas for spring 2023 with some pastel, bright, and spring nail colors.

Lastly, tell us which creative nail ideas were your favorite? Try them and let us know in the comments below!

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