Should You Get Double Helix Piercing? Yes or No? A Complete Guide

Double Helix Ear Cartilage Piercing


Double helix piercing is in trend; it looks good on everyone, yet all males and females adopt this style to look awe-inspiring, to pair it with a beautiful rock bracelet, or to try different yet cool.

Double helix piercing also refers to cartilage piercing, which happens when you get pair of holes done at one time. Often, Double Helix Piercing is done vertically, especially on the areas like:

  • Rooks
  • Orbital
  • Snug
  • Scaffold
  • Industrial
  • Conches
  • And of course, the helix area

Tip: Trace your finger from your earlobe to the upper end; this is the area where all the points above resides, and you can choose the points of your double helix piercing.

But is it actually safe for your ear to get pierced doubly at one time?

This blog will let you know everything about it, such as Double helix piercing types, preps, process, healing, limitations, do’s and don’ts, etc.

Double Helix Piercing:

double ear cartilage piercing
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You have two helix points on your ears; both reside next to the industrial point of your ear.

However, that doesn’t mean Dual piercing will be done only at these points of your ear; rather, any point on your ear that needs two holes around the cartilage at one time for one piece of jewelry will require double helix piercing.

You can say that helix piercing doesn’t relate to your ear’s helix point, but it relates more to the ornament you will put in your ear for fashion that has a helix shape.

It can be:

  • Forward double helix piercing
  • Backward double helix piercing

Also called

  • Cartilage piercing

Limitations of Getting Two Helix Piercing at One Time:

Is double helix piercing safe
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Fun fact: Double Helix Piercing is safe; people even get a triple helix piercing at one time.

Anyone can get two holes pierced at one time.

In fact, sometimes dual helix piercing is recommended so that the ear can get heal faster than waiting for piercings to heal one by one.

However, limitations mean you need to do some pre-preps before going for double piercing.

Note: they aren’t any different than a single piercing, except you get dual penetration around your ear at one time.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Finding Double Helix Piercing Location:

To Find Piercing Location

Usually, they are done along the helix of your ear, and that’s why named like this. Both the holes are pierced near each other. Thus, it looks more like one hole than two.

Also, if you already have holes in your ear, you will have to determine the distance between your old holes and the new ones you are about to get.

Tip: When marking the distance between holes, think of the jewelry you will carry along. Ensure the length b/w holes is enough that no jewelry pieces get tangled with each other while wearing.

Moreover, you can ask your piercer or the artist to suggest to you a perfect place with no cartilage disturbance.

Tip: Do not finalize the ends until your expert artist approves them.

2. Booking Your Appointment:

The second thing you will do is book the day of the appointment with your piercer beforehand.

It is best that you book your day of the piercing one week ahead so that you can get yourself ready and make up your mind to think about the upcoming things more deeply.

Moreover, make sure the artist you select to get your double helix piercing done is well-trained and owns a license to do the job.

Tip: Here, you will not rush to find an artist and select anyone you see at first or second place. Remember, good things are for those who wait, and it’s okay to stay and research than suffer later.

Ask him certain questions that assure you the person or artist you are choosing is worth it. Such as:

  • How long are you working in the niche?
  • How many people do you help getting piercing a day?
  • How much does a double helix piercing cost?
  • Is there any unfortunate thing that ever happened in his/her career, such as piercing went wrong?
  • How did you cope with the situation, and did you solve the issue of your client.

Tip: Ask them about the apparatuses they use for piercing, ointments if they recommend, and check physically onto the things they tell you.

3. Talk To Your Artist Beforehand:

find the best piercing artist with license

Once your artist is selected, and the date has been fixed, now it is time to have another meeting with your expert and consult him about:

  1. Double helix piercing pain
  2. Does double helix piercing hurt double?
  3. How long does it take double helix piercing to heal?
  4. Should I get one or two helix piercings?

These questions will help you configure if you are ready to give this thing time to look stylish.

On a simple note: pain for the piercing is different for different people, just like injection pain. So, none can configure that.

On the other hand, the healing time can take as long as 6 months, but sometimes, the ears get entirely healed within 3 months.

Lastly, as far as your question is concerned, this isn’t a big deal to get two cartilage piercing at one time if done by professional and taken care well.

Tip: ask the piercer to invite you when doing cartilage or double helix piercing of another client so that you can see the process by yourself to seize nervousness and fear.

Getting Cartilage Double Healing Piercing – The Day:

How To Get Double Helix Piercing

On the day of your cartilage or helix piercing, do not be nervous or feel anxious at all. There are plenty of people who have done the process already and got healed.

When you wake up,

  • Take a deep bath and clean yourself deeply.

A cleaned body heals faster.

  • Reach your piercer at least 15 minutes early.

You may need some time to get used to the surroundings of pins, needles, and guns, etc.

  • Get yourself familiar with the apparatus your piercer is going to use.

Make sure the person doesn’t use a gun but a needle.

  • Let your piercer know if you are feeling nervous

By doing so, your piercer may chatter casually to keep your attention from the process.

  • Do piercing using a needle instead of the gun

As it is your soft bone, the gun can make a crunch that can take even more ages to heal.

  • Make sure the needle and other piercing tools are sterilized properly

It is necessary because a less-cleaned tool means more infection

  • Remain calmed during the process

Following these things will help you feel at ease while the process is being done.

How is double helix piercing done? Check this video below:

As you see, the process is smooth, easy, and wound-free, but… depending upon the piercer or artist you select.

Double Helix Piercing After Effects – The Healing:

As it is said, double helix piercing can take from 3 to 6 months in healing; during this time, you will need to take care of your ears to keep from pain and aches and exhilarate the recovery.

It may look like a long journey at the start, but after some days, you will get used to the routine and wonder when you are healed.

When you are done with piercing, make sure:

Clean your ear thoroughly inside out. For outside, use a cotton swab dipped in mildly warm salt water and rub it softly on your cartilage near the piercing, followed by a thorough massage of warm oils like almond and tea tree twice a day.”

Here are things come in “Dos.”

  • Proper cleaning routine for at least two months regularly
  • Be prepared to make twice-daily salt baths
  • Warm almond, tea tree, or tamanu oil treatments occasionally so that your skin doesn’t get dry to ache more
  • Keep revolving your earrings in the holes from time to time so they don’t get stuck in one place
  • Keep hairs tied properly from tucking into the earrings of your newly made holes

Here are things come in “Don’ts.”

Proper healing takes time, and you need to be patient while the skin comes back to normal. Also, you will not do the following things:

  • Don’t change earring until you are properly healed
  • Don’t stop spinning the earrings but wash your hands properly before doing so
  • Don’t fiddle around the pierced holes too much
  • Sleep on the pierced side (at least for a weak)
  • Don’t panic; pus is a common issue when you have a cartilage double helix piercing
  • Don’t use harsh chemical enriched solutions on your ears
  • Don’t play with your piercing
  • Avoid taking double helix piercing with a gun

If you don’t avoid the don’ts, you may end up getting double helix piercing infections.

Cartilage Piercing Infections:

How To Get Double Helix Piercing
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Infections of double helix piercing include:

  • cartilage piercing bump
  • intense pain

A little swollen gland on the area of infected cartilage piercing (it is common)

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Dryness
  • Mild pain

If poorly handled:

  • A pustule
  • Keloid
  • Scab

In case any of these issues occur, make sure to consult your artist and a doctor immediately.

Cartilage Double Helix Piercing Risks:

There are no particular risks associated with double helix piercing. It is as normal as lob piercing or single helix piercing.

However, the only thing that can bother you from getting it done is the healing time.

In some cases, healing can be as quick as one month, but it can last up to a year in rarest cases.

It is up to you if you are ready to stay patient, follow a proper cleaning routine, and flaunt like a diva or don’t want to have it.

Double Helix Piercing Jewelry:

Double Helix Piercing Jewelry
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Tip: to keep from the infections and make healing faster, it is better to choose small earrings with no big back-tip to stuck in your ear.


The jewelry you select to wear after the piercing should be made of original metal like:

  • karat gold
  • stainless steel
  • titanium
  • niobium

Once the piercing is completely healed, choose from immense trendy types of earrings and flaunt like a diva.

Bottom Line:

Grooming yourself from time to time is not a bad thing, and also trying onto things that appear new in the fashion will make you more confident and awe-inspiring.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to try stuff due to some pain or precautions you will need to take on the way.

Get yourself ready for the day, wash yourself up, wear your favorite dress, do your nails for a good-look.

So, did you decide to get a double helix piercing? Or you have any sort of cartilage piercing before? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below:

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