Siblings Day Special: Last-Minute DIYs + Celebration Ideas + Manly & Caring Gifts for Brothers

Gifts for Brothers

April 10 or siblings day is dedicated to celebrating a tom-and-jerry-like relationship. Yes, we are talking about the unique bond between brothers and sisters.

It was created by Claudia Evart from New York, who devoted her day to the siblings she lost early in her life.

Indeed, it is a blessing to have brothers and sisters. Even if they are not with you, nothing should stop you from making this sibling day memorable for them and yourself.

Find out how later in our guide.

Unique & Thoughtful Gifts for Brother That They Will Cherish Forever

Choosing presents for a guy is picky, and if he’s your brother, it can become even tricky because brothers are just annoying and weird humans to exist.

They are only here to frustrate their siblings. (We see you making faces remembering all the times he annoyed the heck out of you. :p)

Still, he is your brother, and it is only fair you do the same to him. (Joking!) Check these ideas and gifts for brothers that they will love, cherish, and adore for a long, long time.

Make this sibling day memorable for your brother!

1. Show How Much You Care for Him: Give Him A Drive-Safe Keychain

Drive Safe Keychain

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What could be the best gift from sisters to brothers on this sibling day? A sentimental and thoughtful drive-safe keychain.

Because let’s be honest, guys forget everything on the wheels! And this small gesture will keep reminding your brother he’s precious, and you care for him.

2. Let Him Know His Posture Matters

Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Stand For Desks & Home Office

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One of the perfect men’s gifts or something ideal for every brother? Adjustable laptop stands!

Because they are just obsessed with games or laptops in general, and, while they are at it, they forget everything, even their posture!

It is adjustable, it is anti-slip, and everything your screen-addict brother needs.

3. Surprise Your Technology-Enthusiast: Get Your Fussy Brother a 3D Lamp Gift

3D Illusion LED Gorilla Lamp With 7 Switchable Colors

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Guys are obsessed with technology, illusion, and all the 3D stuff. (That includes your fussy brother too :p)

They just want to share with their besties, ‘oh, you heard they have this new technology’ and him being the good old friend says ‘yes yes, do you know about that..’ and it goes on and on and on.

Well, if you gift this 3D illusion LED gorilla lamp to your brother, he might be talking about it next. :p

4. Let Him Be Cool, Stylish, and Classy

Digital Paper Watch

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If your brother is one of those cool guys that are so into anything and everything as long as it’s something unique, then this paper watch would be the perfect gift to share with him.

He will remember you every time he’ll wear it and even when someone will praise his trendy styling choice.

‘I am a cool guy.’ (Imagine your brother saying this while wearing your gifted cool paper watch. Hehe.)

Do you know? For brothers, who are medical students, this paper watch is one of those innovative gifts which make them punctual and more efficient in a true sense. 

5. Share Some Laughter with Him This Siblings Day

Futuristic Shield Visor Sunglasses

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Not every gift has to be sentimental or personalized. Sometimes you should do things that will help you have a good memory to enjoy next time.

Thinking of how? Well, try gifting these cute, funny, yet useful shield visor sunglasses to your brother. Surely, you both will end up laughing together.

6. Help Him Care for Her Baby: Car! We Are Talking About His Car (Jeez, Relax!)

Suction Cup Dent Puller

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Whether he’s your father, husband, friend, boyfriend, or brother, every man shares one common love. Cars!

And they can’t see even a small dent on their babies. Help your brother remove every dent from his car and get him a dent puller for this sibling’s day.

Pro-Tip: It could be a perfect wedding gift for your future husband or brother who wants nothing special on occasion. Besides, such casual things he always admires. 

7. Your Brother Will Thank You for This: Help Him to Make Biceps & Triceps

Wonder Arms Workout Fitness Machine

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Gus will do anything and everything for fitness, abs, and muscles.

Don’t risk his health by letting him go out to work out in the current pandemic situation. Instead, bring his fitness home by gifting him an arms workout machine.

Hello to biceps and triceps!

8. Gift Him Something Funny Yet Useful

Lazy Shoe Helper Horn

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If you are still unsure what to get for your brother this sibling’s day or how to make his day memorable, unforgettable, and fun, get him something that at first he will laugh and then it will hit him (not really) that it is actually useful.

It can be anything you can think of. The choices are endless. However, a lazy shoe helper can be one of the funny yet useful gifts for walker brother.

9. Help Him Have A Dirt-Free, Smell-Free, & Mess-Free Car

Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner For Car

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Get this handheld auto vacuum cleaner for him, which can help him remove everything that’s not needed in the car (hey, hey, don’t remove your sister!)

It is one of the perfect gift ideas for brothers who treat their car like their baby; with love, care, and affection.

10. Bring Your Protective Brother a Cool Quoted T-Shirt

Don't Mess With My Sister That's My Job

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Brothers are weird creatures; they would do anything to annoy sisters but won’t let anyone else even have a bad eye on her. 

This t-shirt is the pure depiction of every brother’s slogan “don’t mess with my sister it’s my job.”

To check more weird but interesting things like this, click the link.

11. Brothers Are Unique, So They Deserve Something Unique

Steampunk Pocket Watch

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Is your brother in love with collecting vintage and unique things? Yes? Give him something that he can add to his personalized collection.

And a time traveler’s pocket watch is one of the perfect gifts for brothers as it has a beautiful look of a steampunk pocket watch but with modern bohemian style.

12. Make Every Room His Practice Room: Gift Him This Boxing Reflex Ball

Boxing Reflex Ball Headband Set

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One of the few things brothers are sensitive about includes their cars, jeans, and muscles. So, what could be the best gift for your fitness freak brother? A boxing reflex ball headband set!

Let your brother have his customized and personalized boxing practice room wherever he goes.

13. Help Him Safely Navigate and Reach to the Destination

Rear View Mirror Phone Mount

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If your brother is one of those men that are just awkward with using google maps or looking at live directions on their phone, he needs this rearview mirror phone holder.

Help him look at the navigational map on his mobile and the road for a safe arrival at his destination.

14. Bring Something Useful for Your Brother Who Always Forgets to Organize His Clothes

5-In-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Pants Rack Hanger

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When it comes to shopping, brothers only buy one thing, pants! But their love for pants is only limited to buying and wearing. Organizing? Nay nay. This word is not even in their dictionary.

Gift him these multifunctional pants rack hanger this siblings day with a ‘please, organize your clothes’ card. This is one of the useful gifts for brothers and sisters too. 😉

15. Keep Him Warm in Cold Weathers Without Compromising the Fashion

2-Piece Warm Beanie and Scarf Set

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If you are one of the sisters who want to get a thoughtful yet different and unique gift for their brothers, get this 2-in-1 beanie and scarf set that will become your brother’s next fashion and comfort accessory.

Because it is stylish, comfy, and warm.

16. Even A Brother Who Has Everything Will Appreciate This

Triangular-Overlord Handle Multifunctional Drill Bits

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Drilling is one of the simple yet annoying tasks for brothers because most of the time, the material gets cracked, frustrating them even further.

Not anymore! Get him these multifunctional drill bits to make sure nothing is cracked. (because it’s you who’s going to get troubled after :p)

17. Create a Funny Memory: Bring Him a Quoted T-Shirt

The Thoughts In My Head Get So Bored T-Shirt

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Many surveys and researches have shown that guys love to wear cool, quoted t-shirts, and yes, your brother is one of those cool men.

So, what should you get for your brother this sibling’s day? A T-shirt with a hilarious quote on the front.

Bonus: This shirt has the exact quoted words that every sister wants to say out loud to their elder brothers; IT SUITS YOU.

Last-Minute DIY Gifts for Brothers

All along, you had that feeling at the back of your mind

I have to get something for my annoying younger brother and sweet (or not so sweet :p) elder brother.’

But, you always got caught up in something, and it got pending and pending till the final 2-3 days. Now, national siblings day is just around the corner, and you can’t order anything in such a hurry.

What would you do? Skip the gift? Nah! Buy something cheap with quick shipping? Nay nay! Then what?

Our Last-Minute DIY Ideas has entered the chat. :p

1. A DIY Picture Frame Is The Best Last-Minute Gift Idea To Celebrate Siblings Day:

You still haven’t got anything for your brother!

Although you were thinking for days about the coming siblings’ day and what to gift your brother, suddenly you realized it’s just around the corner, and here you are with nothing in mind.

Don’t worry. We got you!

All you need is glue, a chart, cardboard, a precise scissor, beads, and of course, the picture you want to frame. Here, see an easy DIY how to make a picture frame:

2. Your Brother Will Cherish This Funky Tie Dye Shirt Forever

Tie-dye clothes are one of the trendy and fun gifts for men.

Make one for your brother this sibling’s day, and he can pair it with a cool stargazer watch or unique space bracelet to further style it.

Pro-Tip: You can also use a hydro dip painting water paint set to soak the shirt, and it will give similar colorful results.

Here are 3 ways to tie-dye shirts:  

3. Personalized Stamped Napkins or Handkerchiefs To Make Him Feel Special

A personalized napkin or handkerchief can be a special birthday gift for your brother or even a present for Christmas. You just need a plain napkin, fabric paint, or stamps, and that’s it.

Yes, It is as simple as painting.

DIY: Either stamp directly onto the napkin or use paint to make his favorite emoji on the fabric. The options are endless!

Pro-Tip: Let your masterpiece dry for a few hours, followed by ironing before you finally wash it off.

4. A Special Painting Made For A Special Brother By a Special Sister

A Special Painting Made For A Special Brother By a Special Sister

Your DIY gift doesn’t need to be perfect in all sorts, but what matters is your effort, love, and of course, the painting.

If not anything, at least this can be one of the funny siblings day gifts for your brother. :p

DIY: All you need is a canvas sheet and lots of colorful watercolor brush pens. Set your canvas and start painting whatever you think he’s going to love. (or hate :p)

5. Nothing Beats a Sentimental Card Made With Love (And Effort)

Nothing Beats a Sentimental Card Made With Love (And Effort)

This sibling’s day, relive your memories and make a thoughtful and emotional card for your brother.

Surely, all the gifts for brothers are special on their own, but nothing can beat the happiness he will feel after seeing a card prepared personally for him from his sister’s DIY.

DIY: Chart, glitter paint markers, stickers, glue, and scissors are all the things you need to make a brother’s day card.

Pro-Tip: Write your favorite childhood memories inside.

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Now that you know what you can do to make your bro feel loved, cherished (or embarrassed) with all the ideas and gifts for brothers.

Let’s find out what more you can do to make this sibling’s day special or how you can celebrate it with your brothers and sisters.

Celebrate Siblings Day & Make Your Bond Stronger

We agree, siblings are annoying, frustrating, weird, and painful to have around, but we still share one of the purest, fun, and caring connection with them. (okay okay, evil and mean also)

Even if you ask your brothers and sisters about the sibling’s day, they will tell you it is like a typical day for them with all the fights, bickering, cat and dog fights.

But doesn’t it only make the bond stronger? Yes! At the end of the day, we still love them and will do everything to help them in difficult situations.

So, what can you do to celebrate a happy sibling’s day?

1. Spend Time Together & Watch Siblings Special Movies

Spend Time Together & Watch Siblings Special Movies

We all have heard about movie night out with friends, and we all love them, right? So, why not make a sibling’s day version of it?

Select a movie, set up your home theatre, grab some popcorns, and there you have it, a special movie night with your family.

Have some quality time with all your brothers and sisters!

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2. Remember the Ones That Are Far Away from You

Remember the Ones That Are Far Away From You

It doesn’t matter if they are with you or not to celebrate the special day. What matters is you remember them even if they are not around.

Set up your mobile phone or tablet on the table and video call them. Let your brothers or sisters know that you always cherish the beautiful bond you have with them.

Pro-Tip: You can also prepare their favorite meal and ask them to do the same beforehand. This way, you can have a digital national-siblings day dinner!

Bonus: Here, check some fun movies to binge on April 10.

3. Siblings That Cook Together Stays Together

Siblings That Cooks Together Stays Together

Who doesn’t love food? At least, not your foodie elder brother or younger sister. To celebrate this special day, prepare your favorite meals together and make your bond even stronger.

Here’s what you can make:

How can we forget the sweets??

We haven’t because without cakes, puddings, popsicles, and cookies, no special event can be fully enjoyed.

Aren’t you and your brother a cook? If not, then don’t worry. Find 100+ unique kitchen gadgets that will make your cooking effortless, manageable, and fun.

4. Play Games & Have Fun (With Some Fake Fights :p)

Play Games & Have Fun With Some Fake Fights

Another great idea to have fun with your siblings is to play childhood games.

National siblings day can be the perfect time to relive some of the good old memories you had with your brothers and sisters.

You can play cards, ball shooting, flipblock, tic tac tongue, puck games, and so many more.

Bottom Line:

Choose this coming national siblings day and decide to do something that will be remembered forever.

Check these siblings day gifts for your sister or look for some inexpensive but useful woman presents.

Tell your brothers and sisters how much they mean to you. Share your love and appreciation to have their presence in your life.

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