The String of Hearts Care & Propagation (4 Tips You Should Never Ignore)

String of Hearts Care

Are you a plant parent and love to be surrounded by greeneries and shrubs?

Well, plants aren’t just superb additions to the family, but they have got energies.

Some of them are known to bring good luck to your home, like Jericho, some are forever living plants, while we also have plants that look like cannabis.

In short, every plant comes from a different habitat, has a different nature, and needs special care.

So, from the immense varieties, today we will discuss String of Hearts Care – a houseplant used for decorative purposes and to grow greeneries indoors.

The String of Hearts Plant:

string of hearts care guide

First of all, you should know that String of hearts is a succulent plant. That means it can be added to any living space regardless of taking much care of light, water, and air conditions.

The vines can reach up to 12″ long under natural settings, and tiny bulbs on the structure make it look like a beaded necklace.

String of Hearts Plant Info
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Succulents store water under their fluffy leaves, due to which they can survive for many days without irrigation, just like strings of turtle, peperomia Prostrata plant.

It is said that sometimes, this rosary vine succulent plant can give a hard time to plant parents for growth and care; however, once you get the hang of it, they prove to be one of the most tolerant houseplants.

But how to make this plant tolerant? Here are methods to take care of the String of Hearts Plant:

String of Heart Care:

1. Placement:

String ofHearts Plant light condition
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Being succulents, the Chain of Hearts Plant requires around 80 to 85 degrees temperature most of the time and a bright window receiving indirect sunlight. This is to be done when you are keeping this colorful plant indoor.

On the other hand, if you are placing it outdoors, ensure to search for a partially shaded hot area.

Sweetheart Vine, with perfect sunlight and heat, grows broader leaves and has more marbles or beads.

If you see leaves aren’t wide enough and there is less marbling, make sure to transfer your rosary vine plant to another place. Also, too much sunlight can cause leaves to scorch.

2. Watering:

String of hearts watering
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From the first water to regular watering, you need to be a little sensitive about this plant.

Some people may not consider it as succulent, technically; however, it stores water inside its heart-shaped leaves.

It is better to let the soil dry off 1/3 every time before watering.

During winters, the plant goes into dormancy; hence letting the soil completely dry is suitable enough.

What Happens If You Underwater Chains Of Heart Plant?

It hates to be underwatered, and in case of overwatering, the leaves can turn yellow, just like it happens in other Peperomia species.

What Happens If You Overwater Strings Of Heart Plant?

It is more like Peperomia Rosso in the attitude. So, if you overwater your plant, the mold can grow on the roots and hamper beauty and overall growth.

Hence, let your plant drink water when it is entirely or partially dried.

3. Fertilizing Sweetheart Vine Plant:

Fertilizing Sweetheart Vine Plant
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The good news for you is that the hearts’ chain plant doesn’t require so much fertilization during half of the year because, in winters, the plant goes into dormancy.

On the other hand, during summers, the plant requires half-diluted fertilizers once a month, as it is a growing period. The active growing months are May, June, July, and August.

4. Repotting and Soil Requirement:

String of hearts plant growth
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The string of hearts plant growth is more on the upright than on the wider side. Therefore, the plant can grow well, even in a small hanging pot with drainage holes.

However, if you want to transfer this marvelous plant to another pot, you will have to wait for summers as it is easy to get used to a new environment quickly during their growth period.

As far as soil is concerned, this rosary vine can sprout well in average potting soil amended with one-third sand.

Again, remember the water-related requirements after repotting your plant. Do not under or overwater your rosary beads plant.

What Results Will You Get From Proper Care – Variegated String of hearts Plant:

Variegated String of hearts Plant
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When you will do the right care and provide the right environment to your plant, the string of hearts Ceropegia plant will thrive beautifully, and you will see a curtain effect erupting on it.

It will produce immensely impressive leaves shaped like a heart, blooms in magenta tone, and tiny little beads all over the plants, making it enchanting to look at and satisfying to have.

Bottom Line:

Variegated String of hearts plant appears in various colors and looks so enchanting and cool.

There can not be a more sensing gift for your loved one than this string of hearts plant. Add some quotes to a card and present this year on valentine’s day.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below:

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