5 Senses Gifts That Will Make Your Lover Fall In Love With You Over Again

5 senses gift

If you have landed on this page, most probably you are either a husband looking for a heartening gift for your special other, a wife looking to do the same for her husband or a boyfriend who desires to make this Valentine’s unforgettable.

Whoever came with the concept of 5 senses gift was an emotional genius. But what are these exactly?

What is a five senses gift?

“Five senses gift” is a gift that is bought with the intention to attract one or more of the basic five human senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell. It can be DIY created or purchased from the market and can solely, or in a group, make your lover feel special on a particular occasion.

There could be 5 separate gifts each associated with a specific sense, a single gift versatile enough to tantalize all senses or a combination of 2-3 gifts.

5 senses gifts are usually given as a romantic gesture. So, are you ready to widen the eyes of your lover when she/he sees their gift? Hopefully, these gift ideas will help in doing that.

5 senses gift ideas for sight

gift ideas for sight
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A famous saying goes “What you see is what you get”

which means until you “see” a gift, it wouldn’t matter what it is. But what is a good gift for sight? To please the eyes of your special other, you would want to give something that is attractive and relatable.

Here are some of the items you can consider getting.

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

Who doesn’t like flowers? They are one of the most decorative elements of nature and whoever says you can’t bring gardens and natural scenery inside homes haven’t heard of these frames.

Precisely placed in 6 x 6’’ white enclosures, are resin-made succulent plants that are available in a wide range of colors and types. The receiver can place it solely on a side table, on top of your work table or on the wall of your bedroom.

Multiple frames can be intermixed and arranged to give a highly appealing ambiance to a room. Either place them in rectangles, diamonds or a heart shape; whichever pleases you. Bright flowers with a mesmerizing hint of green are sure to soothe up the souls and absorb the tensions. Buy now.

Owl wooden tree

Her birthday is only days away and you haven’t still decided what to give her? Here’s a cute, expressive yet inexpensive gift that is sure to cheer her up without draining your wallet.

This cute little owl wooden tree consists of a well-polished tree statue with three white ceramic owl bowls in which plants of any type can be grown. It’s small in size so she can place it almost anywhere.

The most refreshing thing about this gift is that it doesn’t contain artificial plants but gives you the freedom to pot anything you like. It could be a scentful flower plant, a cactus or a branched bush. Maybe you can buy seeds and plant them together to enjoy just the perfect romantic moment with her. Buy It Here

Personalized Alphabet Pillow Cover

We get that a necklace or bracelet passes for a romantic gift for your wife with your and her initials but do you want to know of something which is even more convenient!

These pillow covers with huge letters scripted on them and enclosed by a crown and vine are not only a cheaper gift but the first thing she would see when she wakes up. They can also be her clutching partners while watching a movie or talking to you on the phone. How very passionate!

Imagine how relaxing it would be for her to come back home after a tiring day at the office to find out plump cushions resting peacefully on the bed with your and her initials on them. Wouldn’t it just expel all her tantrums and bad mood? Buy your piece now.

Engraved Solar System Sphere

Is your boyfriend obsessed with space and planets? Is he an astronaut or a pilot? Does he fly frequently from one place to another? If he is anyone of these, this crystal ball will be a befitting sight gift for him.

It features a cutting-edge 3D laser engraving technique that produces a realistic model of the solar system. Every time he sees it, he would remember how considerate and loving were you to give this type of a gift to him.

The sphere is available without a base or a silver and gold base upon which it can lay elegantly. Buy now.

Levitating Moon Lamp

That’s another visually alluring gift option to be given on Valentine’s Day or Wedding Anniversary. This levitating moon features a lifelike representation of the moon and provides precisely the accurate amount of nighttime illumination.

Apart from being a captivating sight, it’s slow rotating pattern is really relaxing and reassuring. You have the option of keeping it fixed at one point as well.

The receiver can place it on the bedside table, on the entertainment center or a corner stand. Wherever placed, it will make him/her remember the other person and that’s what gifts are for. Aren’t they? Get It Now.

5 Senses gifts Ideas for the smell

gifts Ideas for the smell
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Jean-Jacques Rousseau said,

“Smell is the sense of memory and desire”

 If you can manage to get your hands on a gift that appeals to the sense of smell to your lover, chances are you will always remain in their memory. But what’s those smell gift ideas?

Lotus Fountain Incense Holder

If your partners are involved in a hectic job, remains stressed due to a newly-set business or often returns back home after being subjected to a tiring series of events, this would surely assuage them.

The incense holder fountain follows an eye-catching mechanism of scented smoke cascading down like a waterfall, only more refreshing and relaxing. Apart from cleansing all the negative energy of the body, it also grants a decorative touch to any space.

Although the effect of incense cones doesn’t last for very long, the time they survive is enough to blow away tension. The product is unique, its scent is fascinating and it surely qualifies for a great birthday gift for your girlfriend. Shop now.

Travel perfume atomizer spray bottle

Is your girlfriend leaving for a family holiday or for a work presentation in another city? You are heartbroken that you wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday with her but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your presence with her on ‘the’ special day!

This travel atomizer bottle can hold a small quantity of her favorite perfume you bought for her birthday but the bottle itself is a bit large for her purse. Don’t worry, the atomizer bottle will act as a sweet volatile memory of you whenever she sprays it over her. “So far yet so near”, No?

It’s so easy to fill as well. Simply hold the atomizer over the sprayer of the large perfume bottle and push it downwards. A small amount of liquid perfume will be pumped in it. Repeat this until the atomizer is full. Order now.

Women love aromas and can’t seem to get enough of them. They never go out without wearing some sort of scent. This is their natural instinct and men should respect that.

This diffuser necklace is a great responder to this instinct. It contains a pad inside the necklace that will be moistened with 2-3 drops of their favorite scent oil to provide a revitalizing ambiance around them.

Along with tens of slick necklace designs that you can choose from, there is an additional sense of smell you are catering to as well. How very smart!

Imagine the happiness on your wife’s face when she looks at her favorite sunflower-designed necklace and would be enthralled to know that she can use it as a scent carries as well. In fact, it is one of the best valentine gifts for your wife. Buy It now.

USB Candle Diffuser Lamp

Diffusers are good but wouldn’t it be just great if we can combine a lamp in it that runs on your daily electronic devices? Surely, it would be. This Candle diffuser lamp is exactly that. A great gift for your loved one and a clever one too.

It will hold a mixture of water and one’s favorite essential oil to produce a quiet mist of aroma that engulfs the whole room it is kept in. Simply connect it with a socket or with the USB port of your laptop to experience the magic.

Read books, complete your work presentation or watch a movie with an upbeat experience through this Diffuser lamp. It lasts for a long time which makes it even more usable. Purchase now.

Little Beetle Humidifier

Yet another Aroma Diffuser and a cuter one too. Available in colors of red, blue and yellow, this will transform your surroundings into a pacifying one.

The beetle would seem to spray a mist from his mouth but instead, it would be moisturizing your skin, discarding foul smells out of the space and increasing the humidity of the room. It works with a USB cable and insertion of oil in the water. Get It now.

5 senses gift ideas for touch

gift ideas for touch
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The sense of touch is probably the most romantic of all. Gifts related to this sense will be worn physically by your lover and nothing is more personal than that. It’s an expression of acceptance and trust. Let’s get on with them then.

Customized Funny Socks


Nice cozy socks with a glass of wine or hot coffee while watching your favorite movie – An ideal relaxing scenario for winter but how great would it be if you don’t have to get up for that beverage!

These socks will do the talking and chances are, you can claim what you desire from your boyfriend. These unconventionally amusing gifts can produce a perfect moment of laughter and intimacy with your loved one.

Choose the socks with your preferred beverage or get all of them. Buy It Here

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

A brilliant pairing item for your Funny Socks! This braided blanket is not only increasingly chic but warming and comfy as well. Available in different sizes, you can buy a smaller one for your wife or girlfriend or a larger one to cover both of you in the cold, chilly nights.

What is more romantic than cuddling in the same blanket with your partner, holding her hands and watching a movie on a freezing December night?

If you can match the color of her sofa or rocking chair where she likes to read, it would be even more lovely. Order Now.

3D Silk Fiber Mascara

One of the reasons film actresses appear to be stunning is their eyelashes. Either they are wearing artificial ones or increasing their volume through some other method. Do the same for your lover through this 3D Mascara.

It increases the length and thickness of the eyelashes and makes them stand out at a party or formal reception. Wouldn’t you feel confident while walking aside an attractive looking woman? Sure, you will so get this product now. Buy from here

Ginger Oil

Young girls in a relationship are often thinking to themselves “How can I surprise my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?”. We have got a sensual answer to that.

Welcome your boyfriend with a smiling face and have him rest on a table. Take this ginger oil and massage his body really well with your own hands. This will not only relax his body but he will also respect this unique gift of yours.

Enjoy a passionate moment of intimacy with your boyfriend on ‘the’ special day with a simple, cheap but considerate item. Buy now

Body massager

If you want to be a little less expressive, maybe this portable massager is the right item for you. This speaker-like massager is ingeniously manufactured to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and alleviate stress.

Thanks to its contours, it can be used to massage the foot, neck, back and the posterior. This could also be a very good gift for touch if your loved one usually complains about back pains and stiff muscles. Shop now.

Gift ideas for sound

Gift ideas for sound
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Whenever we are asked what a good gift for sound is, our mind instantly goes to music. Now instead of going to a Concert with your partner will be only a one-time thing. How about getting him/her something that remains alongside them for a long time.

The following are some of the cool gadgets you can select from.

music bluetooth beanies

You would have seen various types of handsfree fitting in the caps or ones that are not easily jumbled up but have you ever heard about a beanie fitted with Bluetooth speakers. We bet you haven’t.

Arguably one of the best and thoughtful birthday gifts for your boyfriend if he is crazy for music, it is sure to make his eyes shine and ear smile!

They don’t have to worry about misplaced handsfree while jogging or run bareheaded for the sake of listening to music on the go anymore. This utilitarian beanie solves both of these issues. This is one of the best 5 senses gift ideas for him.  Order now.

Vintage Bluetooth speaker

How about a retro-styled, pocket-sized speaker that can easily be connected with your smartphone, for a gift to your special other? Sure, it seems quite a standard option but it’s only because you haven’t observed these speakers closely.

Immersed in a vintage traditional design scheme, it is rechargeable via USB cable and can handle calls as well owing to the built-in mic. It can be shielded in the pocket while you are working out in the gym or cycling as your morning routine. Buy It Now.

AquaSound Bluetooth Speaker

You might not know it but boys love to hear music while they shower. While we discussed how males should respect the instinct of women to always wear a scent, women must also regard this particular male habit.

So, what’s the first thing you should give your boyfriend now? Yes, it’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker!

This comes in various colors, provides unobstructed connectivity and onboard controls that make showering and bathing even more fun. It’s also great if your boyfriend loves swimming and dedicate a daily portion of his day to it. Click Here to Buy

Magic Speaker Bulb

Consider you are having a party. You connect your smartphone with a Bluetooth connection named “room” and suddenly the whole room starts echoing with music. Your guests would try to locate the source of this sound but couldn’t. How thrilling would that be!

This speaker bulb will silently continue to spread its magic without being decipherable. You can change the colors of the bulb through the app as well which will further uplift the mood of the ongoing party.

It could be a smart gift for anyone who likes to have frequent parties at their place. And when the guests ask about the source of the sound, they can get pranky and say “I have speakers in my walls” Buy now.

5 senses gift ideas for taste

gift ideas for taste
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One might say, that’s easy, let’s get them their favorite sweet, snack or food as a gift but we are a bit far-sighted in this regard. How about a gift that is not edible but can be used to make a variety of eatables? Or provide ease to their food preparation practices. Interesting, right!

Self-stirring coffee mug

Want to know what is amongst the best gift for a boyfriend? It’s something that renders convenience to his daily routine.

This automated coffee mug stirs the content efficiently and evenly which helps in making morning coffee quickly. Every second count while getting ready for office or college and this mug could be a big, speedy booster to your prep routine.

Choose the color that your boyfriend likes the most and commit yourself to give this to him on his next birthday. Get It now

Russian Tulip Icing nozzle set

You might have prepared chocolate cookies or a vanilla bake cake with your girlfriend. If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the most intimate events. The heat that is exchanged between both of you while you prepare the dough together and that intimate moment when she holds out the spoon to check if the mixture is sweet enough, can’t be explained truly in words.

This nozzle set is there to fire up things even more! Available in assortments of decorative icing designs like roses, snowflakes, and torches, you can hold each other hands and add the final touches to a cake together.

Life is too short to ‘wait’ for romantic moments; you have to ‘create’ them. Shop now

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug


To all the music lovers out there, this is the gift for you! Engrossed in a wholesome music aura, this coffee mug will convince you to come up with new beats, rhythm, and lyrics every day.

The handle is molded in different musical instruments and you can choose the most desirous one. There is a motif consisting of music notes which doesn’t dissolve or wither away even after months of washing.

If your lover is a professional musician, that’s an ideal and cheerful gift for him. Buy It now

Christmas 3D Rolling pin

Another gadget for your baking routines and another chance of making that process memorable! This rolling pin will produce enchanting designs of Christmas trees, snowflakes, swirls, and dog bones on the prepared cookies or pancake, to make them even more appetizing.

Eating imprinted cookies on New Year’s or Christmas would be fun. Don’t you think? Purchase now

H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Recall how we talked about the importance of ‘convenient’ gifts for your boyfriend at the start of this category; this water bottle is another item that falls in that class.

Drinking water alone is boring however with this bottle, you can infuse your favorite fruits like lemons, strawberries, berries, watermelons, and oranges to it. The bottle allows the drinker to remain hydrated deliciously.

If he works out daily, is a runner or a sportsman, there should be no reason stopping you to purchase this item as a gift for him. Click Here to Buy

Concluding words:

Many of these gifts are meant for more than one sense. Make a combination of 5 senses gift and startle your other half with a charming gift box on any upcoming occasion. Happy gifting!

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