5 Senses Gifts That Will Make Your Lover Fall In Love With You All Over Again (45 Ideas)

5 senses gift

If you have landed on this page, most probably you are either a husband looking for a heartening gift for your special other, a wife looking to do the same for her husband or a boyfriend who desires to make this Valentine’s unforgettable.

Whoever came with the concept of 5 senses gifts was an emotional genius. But what are these exactly?

What is a five senses gift?

“Five senses gift” is a gift that is bought with the intention to attract one or more of the basic five human senses: sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell.

It can be DIY created or purchased from the market and can solely, or in a group, make your better half feel special with presents on a particular occasion. 

There could be 5 separate gifts each associated with a specific sense, a single gift versatile enough to tantalize all senses or a combination of 2-3 gifts.

5 senses gifts are usually given as a romantic gesture. So, are you ready to widen the eyes of your lover when she/he sees their gift? Hopefully, these gift ideas for everyone will help in doing that.

We have divided the gifts according to gender for your ease.

5 senses gift ideas for him

If you are a female and looking to surprise the man of your life with something that he can cherish more years, here are some options.

For sight

A famous saying goes “What you see is what you get”

which means until you “see” a gift, it wouldn’t matter what it is. But what is a good gift for sight?

Here are some of the 5 senses gift ideas for sight for him you can consider getting:

  • Succulent plants

Your husband’s birthday is only days away and you haven’t still decided what to give him? Well, cheer him up with succulent blossoms like peperomia, echeveria, stonecrop, etc.

If he is a plant fanatic, this could really turn him on. Place the plant in a cute pot or a unique table stand that can hold three of them.

The most refreshing thing about this gift is that it improves the internal atmosphere of the room.

Owl wooden tree

  • Fake Plants

We know it’s quite difficult for men to take care of plants despite loving them. That’s why Inspire Uplift offers this amazing fake plant levitating pot as a gift for your men on any occasion. It would be one of the best 5 senses gifts for your hubby or boyfriend. 

He can further grow artificial plants in it, and on levitating, the pot mesmerizes the viewers. So, having it for a man isn’t a bad idea.

Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants

  • Collapsible Sunglasses

You know the specifications of his spectacles, right? So, amaze him with classy glasses. Wrap it up nicely and position it over his eyes yourself.

Or you can also opt for the collapsible lens if he travels a lot on his bike and cycle.

Collapsible Lens

When finding foldable glasses, we bet you won’t regret hovering over to another option that is fashionable and foldable pocket glasses, sleek in design and very comfortable to wear. 

Collapsible Fashionable Foldable Pocket Glasses For Reading

If you must know, glasses are surely the best gift for sight, making them one of the durable 5 senses gifts of all time.

  • Table/accent pieces

This never gets old. Decoration pieces are everlasting – the choice would change over time though.

You could startle him with a crystal ball if he loves space or likes to fly from one place to another.

Engraved Solar System Sphere

Other pieces could be a watch stand, a tree sculpture, or lanterns. These are not just decorative items but infuse a soul to the entire embellishment and adornment of the room. If you must know, such minimalistic gifts won’t only awestruck the recipient but also woo them to do the same for you.

Tree Sculpture Table Ornament

Every time he sees them, he would remember how considerate and loving were you to give such 5 senses gifts to him.

  • Memory Books / Photo Strings Or Frames

You will have to do a bit of work, but this Valentine’s Day could become quite special if you can pull off a memory book or a photo collage that could take him down the memory lane.

Also, he can hang his memorable photos in the string to decorate the room wall. These photo frames and memory books are indeed unique add-ons to the list of 5 senses gifts.

Photo String Lights

For taste

One might say, that’s easy, let’s get them their favorite sweet, snack or food as a gift but we are a bit far-sighted in this regard.

How about a gift that is not edible but can be used to make a variety of eatables? Or provide ease to their food preparation practices. Interesting, right!

Check these 5 senses gift ideas for best friend and boyfriend:

  • Bagel Slicer For Him

Let your man do some basic chores of the kitchen himself. Thereby, we suggest you buy this bagel slicer cutting tool to make his job easier and faster. 

Allow your man to serve you with the best bagel on Valentine’s day using the 5 senses gifts given by you.

Stainless Steel Bagel Slicer For Small & Large Bagels

Tip: Finding gifts for your forever crush? Check here and pair these presents with some wonderful valentine’s day quotes for him.

  • Coffee mug

Want to know what is amongst the best birthday gift for a boyfriend? It’s something that renders convenience to his daily routine.

Coffee mugs will come in handy in his office and home alike. And wouldn’t it be good if you can get hands-on a self-stirring mug? It reduces the preparation time.

Self-stirring coffee mug

  • Fruit Infusion Water Bottles

Drinking water alone is boring however with these bottles, you can infuse your favorite fruits like lemons, strawberries, berries, watermelons, and oranges to it.

If he works out daily, is a runner or a sportsman, there should be no reason stopping you to purchase this item as a gift for him.

H2O Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

Beer or wine is an unavoidable part of a male’s life.

Get a nice vintage bottle of wine, the one he likes the most, and gulp it up together. You can always cool it beforehand.

Beer Chiller Stick For Bottles (Single Piece)

  • Chocolates or anything he likes to eat

Delicious chocolates, candies, lollipops, cookies – gift whatever he most craves for in food.

Don’t forget to add these snacks, sweets, and candies to the 5 senses gift ideas for him list.

5 Senses gifts Ideas for the smell

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said,

“Smell is the sense of memory and desire”

 If you can manage to get your hands on a gift that appeals to the sense of smell to your lover, chances are you will always remain in their memory. But what’s those smell gift ideas for best friend, aka lover?

  • Perfume or Cologne

Nothing beats a good fragrance on a romantic anniversary celebration. You can pair it up with an atomizer bottle that will act as a sweet volatile memory of you whenever he sprays it over him.

Travel perfume atomizer spray bottle

  • Aromatherapeutic pieces

Calm him up with such pieces if he comes back from work all tired up everyday. It could be in any shape; a mountain river, a monk, flowing clouds, etc.

Mountain River Handicraft Incense Holder

  • Car Fresheners Or Humidifiers

Allow your man, your forever driving partner, to maintain his car’s environment by bringing this cute animal-face humidifier for him. It will expel the foul smells in his car. It gives a calming ride, even if it lasts for hours, by creating a romantic ambiance in the car. 

Little Beetle USB Humidifier Aroma Diffuser

  • Beard Oil

It’s personal, sensitive, and considerate – all at the same time. But be sure to choose the scent he prefers. Besides, you can also gift him a beard bag to help him retain the oil in his beard. 

5 Senses gifts for touch

The sense of touch is probably the most romantic of all. Gifts related to this sense will be worn physically by your lover and nothing is more personal than that.. Let’s get on with them then.

  • Custom Funny socks

Nice cozy socks with a glass of wine or hot coffee while watching your favorite movie – An ideal relaxing scenario for winter but how great would it be if he doesn’t have to get up for that beverage!

These socks will do the talking. Buy now

Customized Funny Socks

  • Bracelets

They are stylish and classy – a perfect combination of male fashion. Choose between leather, metal, rubber, or beads ones.

Men's Leather Vintage Bracelet

He can wear it with shirts, jackets, t-shirts and what not. Get here. Get here

  • Playing Cards

Is he into card games? If he is, you are in luck because you can get him excited easily.

Gift him a pretty deck of cards. Some are even waterproof so he doesn’t have to be wary of wine spills.

Waterproof Black Diamond Playing Cards

  • T-shirts

Nothing funky, nothing outrageous!

Shirts are a go-to fashion accessory for causal parties, homecoming gatherings and holiday meetups. Choose the one with a meaning.

Blessed T-Shirt

  • Caps

Style comes with a sense, and a sense of touch requires you to be super mindful of what you’re wearing on your head in summer.

It could be a beanie cap, a cow-printed hat, a beret, or a derby. Make sure to stand out no matter what type of cap you use to cover your head.

Types of caps and hats

  • Antique Necklace

What else is better to make up your man’s mood than this necklace? This anchor chain will help him stay strong by making him look classy.

Stainless Steel Unisex Anchor Necklace

It is indeed another must-have gift for men who want nothing

  • Gardening tools

Get him all jazzed up with gardening gadgets if he is a plant lover and invests some part of his day in the yard/lawn.

For example, you can gift him tree grafting tape to enhance the growth of the plant or a leaf grabber to collect all the leaves from the yard. 

gardening tool essentials

For sound

Whenever we are asked what a good 5 senses gifts for sound is, our mind instantly goes to music. Now going to a Concert with your partner will be only a one-time thing.

How about getting him something that remains alongside him for a long time.

  • Music Beanie

These would remain with him while he jogs, walks, or does exercise. They come in an assortment of colors.

music bluetooth beanies

This is one of the best 5 senses gift ideas for him.

  • Language Translators

This is a dream come true if your boyfriend/ husband is an avid traveler or is going to another country for a job. Buy an ergonomic one to make his out-of-country stay a better one. Such 5 senses gifts do a miracle to life. 

Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

  • Headphones

These can be bought for many purposes; watching movies, doing gaming or listening to songs while working.

5 senses gifts for her

If you are a male and looking for romantic gifts for your girl, below is a great list for you.

For sight

Are you looking for 5 senses gifts for sight? Get a wing to the below-mentioned options:

  • Wall Pieces

Which lady doesn’t like wall adornments? They spruce up the place real nice. How about getting the wall decorations of her choice.

Maybe succulent plants, a scenery, or light fixtures.

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

  • Sofa covers or Pillowcases

We get that a necklace or bracelet passes for a romantic gift for your wife with your and her initials but do you want to know of something which is even more convenient!

Cute sofa covers or pillowcases. Sofa covers are available in a variety of colors and designs and same is the case with pillowcases. Get alphabet ones, embroidered ones, or plain ones.

Personalized Alphabet Pillow Cover

  • Table Lamps

That’s another visually alluring option to be given on Valentine’s Day or Wedding Anniversary.

5 senses gifts include such amazing lights to not only enlighten your place or give you a good sight, but such presents do wonders to life as well. 

Apart from being a captivating décor item, it also provides nighttime illumination. Levitating lamps, globe lamps, halide lamps, magnetic lamps, or night lights – choose anything.

Adorable Lamps for 5 senses

5 Senses gift ideas for smell

  • Incense Holder

Just like males, females also need to relax. And incense holders do a fine job in providing that. Burn incense cones of any scent in beautifully crafted ceramic holders.

Lotus Fountain Incense Holder

  • Oil Diffuser Necklace

Women love aromas and can’t seem to get enough of them. They never go out without wearing some sort of scent. This is their natural instinct and men should respect that.

Integrate that scent into a necklace now.

Antique Oil Diffuser Necklace

  • Scented candles

You could light them on side of a romantic dinner this anniversary. Isn’t that thoughtful?

Do you want to create the same environment at home? Go with scented candles as one of the sensational 5 senses gifts, and decorate your dining table with all the love. 

  • Diffusers

They provide a nice, fresh hint to the room. Women love to be around scent at all times. Get unique ones for her. It would surely be a great gift for your wife and a clever one too.

USB Candle Diffuser Lamp

  • Perfumes

Choose feminine ones according to the choice of your lady – musky, woody, citrusy, or flowery.

Cool Gifts for touch

  • Blankets

Braided blankets are not only increasingly cute but warming and comfy as well. You can buy it for your wife or girlfriend.

Handmade Chunky Knit Blanket

What is more romantic than cuddling in the same blanket with your partner, holding her hands and watching a movie on a freezing December night?

  • Bathroom robes/lingerie

You can be as personal and seductive as you want with these. Have her done the type of robe or lingerie you want.

  • Massage

Young boys in a relationship are often thinking to themselves “How can I surprise my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”. We have got a sensual answer to that.

Welcome her with a smiling face and have her rest on a table. Take a ginger oil and massage her body really well with your own hands.

Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

  • Relaxing instruments

It could be a massager of any kind. Legs, neck or scalp. Either it could be a massager of any kind, or you can gift comforting pillows that eliminate pain from the neck and shoulder. 

3D Memory Foam Car Neck & Back Pillow For Driving

Tip: Make sure to buy astonishing gadgets and gears for older women and surprise her on this love-day. 

  • Soap

Not the general grocery ones. The special, luxurious ones that come in a set.

5 senses present for sound

  • Portable speaker

How about a pocket-sized speaker that can easily be connected with your smartphone, for a gift to your love?

Sure, it seems quite a standard option but it’s only because you haven’t observed retro-styles ones.

Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

  • Musical Instruments

Maybe a piano if she loves to practice on it or a guitar trainer. If you are an expert guitarist, you can teach her yourself.

Portable Digital Guitar Trainer

  • Opera ticket

Only if she likes and values it.

  • Movie ticket

Take her to a romantic movie night and hold hands together while watching it.

Gifts For Taste Sense

  • Cake with Frosting

You might have prepared chocolate cookies or a vanilla bake cake with your boyfriend If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of the most intimate events.

The heat that is exchanged between both of you while you prepare the dough together and that intimate moment when he holds out the spoon to check if the mixture is sweet enough, can’t be explained truly in words.

Decorate it with frosting in different shapes.

Russian Tulip Icing Nozzle Set

  • Cups or Mugs

You can go for funky character mugs, music mugs, metal mugs, or stone mugs when it comes to choosing 5 senses gifts for your lovely partner. 

Novelty Guitar Ceramic Mug

  • Cookies

Make and bake them yourself using decorative and interesting ideas like a decorative dough signaling the feelings of love, or lighting a candle in the dish in which you present them to her.

Christmas 3D Rolling pin

Maybe singing a romantic song alongside.

  • Candy box

She would love it surely. Get it wrapped in a red gift paper with a ribbon and card on it.

DIY 5 Senses Gift Ideas You Can Try

If you have the time and skill to craft personalized gifts for him/her, check out these DIY options.

  • Create a candy bouquet with chocolates and wafers in it. Attach a love note and red ribbon with it.
  • Get a blank deck of cards and express your feelings with a personalized diary made out of them.
  • Choose each of the 5 senses gifts from above and pack them in cardboard boxes labeled with each sense.
  • Decorate a glass jar with ribbons, glitter and pack jellies, sweets or any wearable in it.
  • Make a heart out of nuts on a card.
  • Prepare a special romantic dinner for her on Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or her/his birthday.
  • Perhaps a mixed CD of her/his favorite songs.

Concluding words

Many of these gifts are meant for more than one sense. Make a combination of 5 senses gifts and startle your other half with a charming gift box on any upcoming occasion.

Before leaving, we would suggest you have a look at some more exciting gift ideas for the people you love the most. 

Happy gifting!


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