17 Unique Planters for Indoor, Outdoor, Balcony & Roofs Décor

Unique Planters

You are looking for some unusual planters for sale yet don’t know where to buy unique planters, right?

The click has brought you to the very right place to get some cool, classy, unusually unique, but tremendously ornate pots and planters for indoor and outdoor placement.

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We have unique planters with or without drainage holes, hanging or non-hanging pots, and garden pots in eccentric shapes.

So, without any further explanation, check these unique planters that you can buy at Inspire Uplift, the number one marketplace to get inspiring products:

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Unique Planters:

Inspire Uplift has some of the most unusual garden planters for sale. Check below:

1. Levitating plant pot is an unusual planter that keeps floating in the air magically.

Magnetic Levitating Plant Pot For Bonsai, Real & Fake Plants

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A magical pot in your garden that’s not hanging neither placed on the surface but floating in the air, letting you grow real plants – astonished?

Well, this levitating pot is one of the best things you should have for your garden.

2. Put your succulents or cactuses in these unusual planters shaped like a hedgehog.

Resin Hedgehog Planter


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Hedgehog shaped planter is made of resin. It doesn’t come with a drainage hole.

Hence, the best plant you should put into this pot is a cactus.

It will look like a real hedgehog is sitting on your table with all of his spikes.

3. This simple flower bottle can be pasted on your favorite wall and refilled with fresh flowers every day.

Silicone Flower Bottle

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Keep your place embedded with fresh flowers every day.

Don’t worry about the small area because this unique pot can be pasted on any wall, door, or surface and refilled with fresh flowers every day.

What else a nature lover needs?

4. Unique animal planter enticed with bohemian touch are unique planters for succulents.

Boho Animals Planter

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Bohemian culture enriched these planters are available in various animal shapes.

These include elephants, fox, bear, raccoon, rabbit, and deer.

These are excellent pots to keep succulents.

5. Teardrop terrarium is unique planter for indoor spaces that comes with a stand for easy placement.

Teardrop Glass Terrarium

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Teardrop terrarium can be kept in the indoor and outdoor places without needing to have separate chain, hook, or rope for hanging.

It comes with hanging stand easy to place anywhere.

So, you can transfer it wherever you are expecting guests from indoor to outdoor places.

6. Not a planter but a complete machine to spout beans overnight – unique pot to grow food faster.

Multi-layered Automatic Bean Sprout Machine

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Here is a unique electric planter that you can use to sprout edible plants overnight.

Put seeds into it, turn it on, and within 24 hours you will have ready to eat bean sprouts.

Isn’t it amazing yet the most unique planter you have ever seen?

7. Get your kids into love of planting with this unique planter pot toy made of plushy material.

Silly Succulent Plushies

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This plushy toy is not a planter but it can surely make your kids nature lovers in real sense.

This plushy is made like a pot of succulents.

Your kid can have it as a toy or you can use it as an indoor decoration of plant intimation.

Unique Hanging Planters Outdoor & Indoor:

There are many benefits of having unique hanging planters at the outdoor and indoor spaces of your home.

They take less space, look elegant, and let you have as much greenery at your place as you want.

So, considering the fact, here we have brought you unique hanging planters for outdoor and indoor use.

8. This disco ball is actually a unique hanging planter for outdoor and indoor décor.

Hanging Disco Ball Planter For Home & Office Decor

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First and foremost unique planters we are adding here are shaped like a disco ball that comes with a chain.

When sun shines on the surface of these planters, it reflects in various directions and various colors.

You can hang them around the trees of your garden, with the standing post near your entrance door, in the balconies, or windows that receive sunlight.

Get ready to satisfy your aesthetics with the addition of this unique planter.

9. Sloths showcase peace and relaxation – these sloth like hanging planters will portray serenity.

Sloth Hanging Planter For Succulents & Indoor Plants

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Sloths are calmed, cool, and always smiling animals that want nothing but hanging on their trees and chill.

Bring this chill to your home with unique sloth hanging planter.

You can use it to grow succulents or the plants that need direct sunlight.

The planter can be hanged outdoor using a simple rope or kept indoor on tables, etc.

10. The hanging bulbs are actually planters to sprout greenery indoors without taking too much space.

Modern Light Bulb Planter


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Hang these bulbs and get ready to have aesthetical reflections in your space, thanks to the unique and elegant bulb planter.

It can be used for small plant vines, just to create green vibes at your place.

11. Get these hanging frame like pots if you are looking for some unseen and unique planters for succulents.

Succulent Wall Hanger Frame

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If you don’t have so much space in your home to have plants, these frame planters are all you need.

They carry succulents so well and let you add real greenery in your small apartment.

Isn’t it better than bringing artificial plants?

Unique planters with drainage holes:

Drainage holes are an important part of pots because they let you grow real plants indoor.

But do unique planters for sale are available with drainage holes? Yes!

Here we have unique planters with drainage holes:

12. These diamond pots are unique planters with drainage holes.

Ceramic Diamond Planter For Indoor Plants

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Diamond shaped unique planters with drainage holes are offered for large plants.

These can be placed in the indoor and outdoor places to show of greenery.

13. These Owl like unique face planters come with tree like stand to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with plants.

Owl Wooden Tree

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A tree where three owls are sitting with their large eyes, yes we are talking about the unique owl planters by inspire Uplift.

For perfect indoor décor, you can grow three different plants in these pots.

Isn’t it what you are looking for?

14. For all animal lovers here we have small yet unique planter to grow succulents, the corgi shaped pot.

Cute Resin Corgi Planter Flower Pot


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Small corgi planters are for small plants.

It can be kept on work desk, study table, décor shelves or anywhere you want.

Thanks to the small size, it doesn’t take so much space in your home.

Unique Face Planters:

Unique planters having face like shapes are so much in fashion these days.

So here you go with some ideas on unusual garden planters to buy at wholesale rates with no delivery charges.

15. These thinking Groot men are most unique face planters for home and office table decor.

Groot Man Planter Pot

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Groot men planter is one of the famous pot you may have seen on Tiktok or Instagram.

This unique pot is made like the human face body shape sitting in a thinking posture with one hand under the chin.

The planter is mimicry of famous fictional superhero that appears in American comics.

16. Get these cartoon pots when you need unique face planters for your home.

Cartoon Animal Shaped Ceramic Flower Pots

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Cartoon face pots are also unique planters you can place inside or outside the house.

These are made of manmade ceramic material, with very shiny surface to add to the uniqueness to the decoration of your home.

17. When looking for unique head planters, do not forgo having these human shaped ceramic flower pots.

Human Shaped Ceramic Sitting Flower Pots

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These human shaped ceramic pots can be used to grow large plants.

These large unique planters are excellent pieces of art.

You can grow two plants at one time under this pot.

Bottom Line:

This is all about unique planters you can have indoor, outdoor, or for hanging purpose.

These unique planters can be purchased from Inspire Uplift on wholesale rates with free delivery.

So what are you waiting for?









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