Rose Of Jericho – Resurrection Plant: Facts And Spiritual Benefits

Jericho Rose

A house plant, Rose of Jericho, brings good luck and fills the home with positive energy, spirituality, and breaks the path of negativism to enter the secure walls of your sweet-heaven.

It refers to two resurrection plants Anastatica Heirochuntica and Selaginella Lepidophylla, both come back to life from their dead ends when moistened.

What is Jericho rose, what powers it holds, how to work with it for benefits? The blog will give you a detailed glimpse of every aspect:

1. Rose of Jericho History:

Many plants regrow from their dead ends and can be a fabulous addition to a garden such as Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma.

Just like that, Jericho rose is a resurrection plant, which means the plant never dies and comes back to life once gets in touch with water, making it one of the most sought-after house plants.

You can find two Rose of Jericho Plants (false and True).

  1. Anastatica Hierochuntica from genus Anastatica
  2. Selaginella Lepidophylla from genus Selaginella

Both plants look similar but are different. Here are some points they differ for:

2. Rose of Jericho Spiritual Meaning and Importance:

Rose of Jericho
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Rose of Jericho possesses a repeating process of hibernation which is why it is known as the “resurrection plant.” It symbolizes transformation, resumption, and success to Christianity, Santeria, and Hoodoo.

This rose has an extraordinary ability to erase negative vibes, bring peace, harmony, and abundance.

In short, Anastatica Hierochuntica has a strong connection with the holy spirits, ancient teachings, and strong gravity towards Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, and Fatima, Daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Propagating it with love, care, and belief will pay you back for your good deeds.

Q: Which Plant Is Dinosaur Plant?

Ans: Rose of Jericho is also called a dinosaur plant.

3. Jericho Rose Spiritual Uses And Benefits:

In many traditions, Jericho plant rose is known to be used to: call wealth, get protection, bring good luck, and sucks out the negative energies.

Many people use it in spells to bring changes in personal life, such as: for romance and income.

Its benefits are enormous; it is used in many medical, therapeutic, and religious practices.

Having it in the home means bringing good luck inside and removing negative energies and wrongness from your surroundings.

“Rose of Jericho associated with the names of religious females like Mary, Maryam, and Fatima.

It shows the plant itself is a female, remains closed, and disperse its seeds to produce babies after each rain, or whenever gets wet.

The traces of its usage in helping humanity meet with the ancient formulas of childbirth, women’s health issues, and bringing good luck in the home.

i. Brings Good Luck:

Use against envy, evil-eye, bad vibes, and negativism – Keeps bad-luck away:
Use against envy
Image Source Pinterest

Take the help from Jericho rose to help against envy:

All you have to do is,

  • Reborn your Anastatica hierochuntica (Jericho rose) by placing it into a dish with water
  • Let it stay there for as long as it takes to open up completely. (almost 4 hours)
  • Take the plant out once you see that the water changes its color and gets brown in texture.

Change the water of your plant, and use the brown turned water in the entrance of your home and office, sprinkling.

Remember the best day to start this Evil-Eye Off Spell is Tuesday and Friday at 9 A.M or 3 P.M.

The beautiful black dahlia flower is also known to remove negativities from your life.

ii. Prosperity In Life:

Use in Abundance of Money
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To increase money,

  • Put Jericho Rose into a deep dish with water to open up
  • Get some coins; you want to increase
  • Wait for the plant to open up
  • Place the coins in opened plant

Let it close

  • After some days, open it up again
  • Draw your coins out

You can put these coins with the rest of your currency and see the resurrection of your money.

iii. Calls In The Happiness:

Use for Prosperity in Your Life
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Different people use it in different ways. If you get a chance to have this miraculous plant in your home, use it to bring happiness and prosperity.

Though it looks like magic and spells, however, the thing is proven by the experience of many people.

You don’t need to do much.

Simply do the process that you did with the money but, use crystals this time instead of coins.

“Put crystals in the womb of the Jericho rose, let it close, and reborn it.”

Get the crystals out and put them at the entrance of your home, in your car, as well as in your wallet to see positive changes.

iv. Brings Love of Life:

Use it for Love
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We all love someone at some point in time in our lives.

We all wish to have desired partners, and along with loving them, we also want them to give us all of their love.

To get the desired feelings from your desired partner, the Rose of Jericho again comes for help.

Here, you will have to use the “Prayer of Rose of Mary for Love.

For this,

  1. Get a pink candle and love oil
  2. Gently massage candle with love oil
  3. Concentrate on your desired feelings while massaging
  4. Lit the pink-massaged candle
  5. Meditate for ten minutes
  6. Invite the person your while candle is lit

Repeat this for five consecutive days and see the magic.

When you are performing all the affairs above with the Jerusalem Rose plant, make sure to say the Rose of Jericho prayer:

v. Safe birth and safe pregnancy:

Use for Safe Birth Safe Pregnancy Period
Image Source

In the Christian religion, the plant symbolizes the resurrection of Christ.

It is very similar to the womb of Mary.

Hence, the plant will bring blessings of Mother Mary for the child to be born and the pregnant mother.

The process is simple.

All you have to do is;

1. Put the dish with some water and Rose of Mary under the mother’s bed where delivery has to be conceived.

2. Once the plant starts blooming, take the infant Jesus’s statue and put it inside the plant.

This thing will ensure the safe birth of the child.

“Mother can reperform the process of resurrecting the Rose of Jericho at each birthday of the born-child for child’s safety.”

3. It is also used to treat the fertility issues in males and females with the blessings of Jesus and Mary.

vi. Help from dead relatives:

To call spirits for help
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We all believe in life after death.

Dead people who are dead are just away from the eyes, but they remember us, and we do them as well. Such as kitchen witches call spirits to get help in the sanctuary and enhance their food taste. 

This miraculous rose will help you to call the spirits of your loved ones for help.

All you have to is,

  1. Take some shredded parts of the Mary Rose.
  2. Put them on the graves of your dead-relatives you seek help from.

The thing is not scary; you will see them appearing in your dreams and helping you through the things you always wanted.

You will find signs in which they will send you signals of help.

Q: Do you know what is Resurrection Plant?

Ans: Resurrection Plant is something that can come back to life after death. Jerusalem rose plant is the resurrection plant.

Q: How long does a resurrection plant live?

Resurrection plants are forever plants.

They can survive thousands of years of neglect and drought. They are perennial plants.

You can keep rose of Jericho, for more than 24 hours, without water. It will turn brown just like other resurrection flower and perennial plants.

4. Jericho Rose Prayer:

When you are using this legend in spell and magic, you must recite special prayers of love and wealth to let the magic attain successful results. 

Here is the prayer:

“Divine Rose of Jericho, The blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ we receive, you enclose the virtue and the power that has given you, help me overcome the difficulties of life, give me health, strength, happiness, love, and peace in my home, my luck in business, ability to work to earn more money to meet my all needs.”

5. Where to find Jericho Rose?

Jericho rose can be found in different plant stores and nurseries in Mexico and Arizona, inside the Chihuahuan desert – make sure to judge if it is the true or false one.

When the weather gets dry, the plant goes into the dormancy period by curling its stems into a tight ball.

False rose or Jericho belongs to the genus selaginella that offers beautiful indoor and outdoor plants. Click and read all about selaginella plants you can grow at home for luck

However, Jericho’s True Rose hailed from Jericho (Middle East), is rare and very difficult to find in the real sense.

Jericho’s true Rose is not very attractive; it looks dry and old, just like a tumbleweed.

But you cannot deny its magical powers for health and spiritual energies for life, indeed.

6. How to grow Rose of Jericho

Easy as it should be!

To grow rose of Jericho, you need:

  1. A bowl or pot without any drainage holes in it
  2. keep it in indirect light
  3. Put some  gravel or pebbles in the bowl
  4. Fill it with water until the stones are sparsely submerged
  5. Place Jerico plant in the container

Voila, you are done!

7. Rose of Jericho Care:

Rose of Jericho Care
Image Source Pinterest

Rose of Jericho Care required:

  • Change water all six days of the week
  • On the seventh day, give your plant a water-free rest day
  • After some weeks, let your plant get dry completely
  • Repeat
  • Store your false plant in moist soil.

For your information:

Though it is a survival and resurrection plant, you need to take care of it against shredding, placement, and mold.

The plant doesn’t require extensive care, but some very simple cautionary-steps can help to long its life.

With proper care, the plant can live for centuries and centuries.

To keep Jericho rose from mold, make sure:

  1. Never let Rose of Jericho reside in the same water for too long
  2. Change the water once you see the water has turned brown
  3. Keep your plant from shredding

These simple instructions will help you to have a reviving beneficial plant at home.

People Also Ask – Rose of Jericho – FAQs:

1. How big does a Rose of Jericho get?

Ans: Rose of Jericho naturally grows up to 6 inches to 12 inches. Therefore, it is necessary to control the size and shape of rose of Jericho when growing.

2. Can rose of Jericho die?

Ans: Rose of Jericho is a flower come plant, that’s incredibly hard to die or kill that even if you keep in dark cupboard for ears, it will revive back whenever gets in touch with water.

It takes only four hours to revive back. However, the longer it will stay in water the more chances for it are to rot. Hence, do change the water.

3. Does rose of Jericho need soil?

Ans: No, rose of Jericho doesn’t need soil. It grows well without a touch with earth and revives back every time moistened.

When buying rose of Jericho, you may see its roots, however, the roots simply don’t need an attachment to water.

4. Is resurrection plant poisonous to cats?

Ans: Yes, Hydrophile Jericho Rose plant that’s resurrection plant, is toxic for cats and also poisonous for dogs.

5. How long does Rose of Jericho Take to open?

About 4 hours as a whole, in water.

However, the duration can vary slightly for different plants based on their health.

A happy, healthy plant starts turning green and opens up in 4 hours.

If a plant is too much old, it can take a few days to open up. Don’t worry, you will keep seeing the signs of openness in your plant.

Bottom Line:

Modern people, modern life, and modern science, though it doesn’t believe in magic, spells, and asking for good luck from plants.

However, if we see critically, the rose of Jericho has survived for thousands of years.

It means there are some energies and powers that it holds.

Therefore, using it for something good is not wrong.

Do you believe in the power and energies of the Flower of Mary? How did it help you?

Let us know in the comments below.

Also, do not forget to pin/bookmark and visit our blog for more interesting yet authentic information.

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  1. I believe in the magic and power this plant holds. If something has the ability to survive with no water and come back to life within minutes of touching water, then nothing is impossible. This plant is a blessing.

  2. Hi guys where can i buy this plant im in south africa plz i realy want it in my life i blv it can solve most of my problems

    • Hi Sandile,
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  4. I am excited to have found this information. I have the Jericho water in a bottle that I spray in my home, on my money plant and on myself for prosperity, protection, and wealth. It seems like everything is going in the right direction. My home feels light, happy and now I have plenty of energy to do what I need to do. God bless you all and thank you for this much needed information.

    • Hi Drea, we’re extremely overwhelmed to help you. Rose of Jericho, without a doubt, is a wonderful plant to keep in home and gain prosperity in life.
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